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SuperGirl Season 5 Episode 7 Review: You're As Cold As Ice

We're seven episodes into "SuperGirl's" newest season. I've said it before but I find it very challenging these days to watch shows with this many episodes. Blame it on my ADD but I think the network TV model (22-24 episodes per season) is WAY too long. There is too much filler. If you cant say it in 10-12 episodes it probably doesnt need to be said. 

Anywho, here's what's happening in National City. SuperGirl is now sporting bangs and a new superhero suit (complete with pants). You go girl! Kara has won a Pulitzer for taking down President Baker and Lex. 

In possibly the biggest reveal of the series, Kara FINALLY breaks down and tells bestie Lena Luthor that she's SuperGirl. But not before Lena develops some bad feelings since she found out on her own. And she's not done seeking her revenge. Is their relationship salvageable?    

Alex is in a relationship with James' sister Kelly. James/Guardian quit Cat Co after it's new owner took control. James is struggling with what to do next with his life. A visit to his hometown motivates James to buy the local paper and fight for justice there. Nia/Dreamer and Brainy are still trying ot navigate their relationship. It is fun to watch him try to figure out human behavior.  

J’onn J’onzz /Martian Manhunter finds out his memories were wiped regarding his brother 
Ma’alefa’ak/Malefic. It turns out J'onn did it to himself after exiled his brother to the Phantom Zone. J'onn says he and his family didnt accept his brother and that's what caused him to turn bad. And he turned REALLY bad-- wiping out almost the entire race of green martians. J'onn tries to reason with his brother but Malefic still has hard feelings. J'onn thinks he has exiled him again but Lena is secretly hiding him. She wants to control peoples thoughts and actions the way he can. Lena is also putting a lot of trust in her AI program Hope. J'Onn eventually finds his brother and after a mind meld they reconcile. That seemed like a quick wrap up.  

The new owner of Catco is Andrea Rojas. She's not interested in journalistic integrity. Instead she's generating traffic for her Obsidian virtual reality lenses. They're all the rage. Kelly also works there. A new employee arrives. He's a jerk to Kara but she eventually finds out what he is up to.  

We see Andrea and Lena's back story. They both have very complicated family and business lives. They head to Costa Rica together in search of the Medallion of Acrata. Andrea finds it but is sworn to secrecy. At some point Leviathan will show up and ask for a favor. Years later Leviathan forces Andrea/Acrata to kill someone. Lena unexpectedly sees Andrea at a party and demands the medallion. No wonder Lena  has so many trust issues. She is betrayed at every turn. Leviathan then catches up with Andrea and boyfriend Russell/Rip Roar. They shoot him in the chest(but I guess he's still alive). I thought Andrea was a big bad but she's much more sympathetic now.      

It turns out Levithan is a group of five aliens from Jarhanpur (a planet near Krypton) who have been on Earth since they wiped out the dinosaurs. Rama Khan (yes, that is Skinner from "The X Files") can bend the earth. He is responsible for most of the major natural disasters such as Noah's flood. What is he up to? The earthlings are destroying the planet and it needs to be put back into balance. 

Meanwhile Kara takes Lena to the Fortress of Solitude to pick up some of Luthor's old weapons. Bad idea. Lena finally reveals how hurt she is at Kara. Lena killed her brother in order to protect Kara/Supergirl. That was a powerful scene. 

Lena takes the Myriad weapon (remember it from season 1?) and escapes. She leaves Kara trapped there. I know Lena doesnt see herself as a villain but she's currently blinded by hurt feelings. Brainwashing everyone on the planet isnt something a hero would do-- even if it is to rid them all of hatred and anger. Luthor has headed down a dark path from which she may not return.

I understand they are making Lena act this way for dramatic purposes but come on people. Just because you're besties with someone doesnt mean you're entitled to every detail of their life. They should be able to choose what they want to share with you. Lena could benefit from a good therapist.  

Grade: 4 Monsters (out of 5). Despite my complaining about the excessive number of episodes, "SuperGirl" continues to do what it does best-- provide heart felt character arcs. The dissolution of the friendship between Kara and Lena is a long time coming. Hopefully Supergirl will win her back with the power of love before Lena brainwashes everyone on the planet.  Katie McGraw continues to knock it out of the park with her acting chops. Even when the dialogue comes off as a bit hackneyed, she makes it work.  

"SuperGirl" will be back with it's midseason finale in December and then head into to this years big crossover event "Crisis In Infinite Earths" on December 8. It will be in five parts and will include all the CW shows including one of my favorites "Black Lightning".  

TV: Heavy On Sci Fi, Horror & Adventure

November 23, 2019
SuperGirl Season 5 Episode 7 Review: You're As Cold As Ice Reviewed by GMonsterTV on 8:40 AM Rating: 5 We're seven episodes into "SuperGirl's" newest season. I've said it before but I find it very challenging these ...

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