Witches Of East End Season 2 Episodes 5 Thru 6 Recaps: Being Stabbed In The Ear By A Mandragora Is No Fun

Uh, I'm Pretty Sure This Is Not How You Do a Head Massage

When we last caught up with the witches, Victor sacrificed his life to save Freya (how sad). Dash and Killian were learning about their magical powers. Ingrid was still spending time with that blue tentacled man (although she doesnt remember any of it). 

In "Boogie Knights" we have a fun 70s flashback thanks to Freya's altering of Ingrid's brownie recipe. Freya is certain that Killian is her soul mate since they are together no matter what time period they're in. 

We find out blue guy is a mandragora. Odin tamed the feral creatures in Asgard and turned them into soldiers. One was sent through the portal to get Frederick.

Owl Girl (Eva) is in town and vagina blocking Freya's every attempt to get close to Killian. I usually like owls, but that one cannot be trusted.   

Dash revives a dead cancer patient. Too bad he doesnt think about the consequences first. Ingrid tells him balance in the universe must be restored (so someone must die in the boy's place). But have no fear. He finds the perfect substitute. It's some loser who robbed a liquor store and killed the clerk. Too bad it doesnt work like that in real life. A lot of our problems would be solved. 

Frederick's King's symbol starts glowing and he has a seizure. Wendy sees this and starts to warm up to him. Apparently these have been occurring since he came through the portal. Can Frederick be trusted? I'm still not sure. 

Joanna and Wendy go in search of someone to help with the mandragora. Her name is Alex and she is a mandragora expert. We learn that mandragoras survive by feeding off their mates while having sex. If you kill the blue guy, the mate dies as well (which is a bummer since it's Ingrid). Also stay away from the blue guy's tentacles. They use them to inject neurotoxin into the victim's brains (causing psychosis and eventual death). 

In the 70s, Freya is adding a little magic to the coke before distribution making it VERY popular. In this time period Dash is a big wig drug dealer (and NOT a very nice person). 1970s Alex tells Freya that she and Killian are star crossed. No matter how much they love each other, it will never end well. Freya tries to run away with Killian but he is shot and killed by Dash. 

Alex and Joanna share a kiss. Alex says "passion was never an issue with us was it?". Very interesting. I didnt see that coming. We need more of this back story please. 

And right when they are ready to kill the mandragora, Joanna stops them because she figures out that Ingrid will die too. Back at the mansion, Dash is patching up Ingrid's gunshot wound when she becomes possessed. The mandragora appears and injects his tentacles into Dash's ears. Uh oh. This is definitely not going to end well. Alex and Joanna track Blue back to Fair Haven. But the mandragora and Ingrid disappear into a puff of smoke. 

The title of episode 6 is "When A Mandragora Loves A Woman". Too funny! Blue is busy tonight as he manages to sting pretty much everyone on the show-- Hudson (may he RIP), Dash, Joanna and Alex. 

Alex and Joanna are trapped inside the library due to the toxin's psychotic effects. There they are forced to process their feelings for each other. Alex says "we really did have a good thing". But Joanna pushed her away and hurt herself in the process. It seems Joanna was trying to protect Alex from all the heartache in her life. Note to writing staff: you dont really have to lock them a room together for them to share their emotions. That's just what two women do naturally... all the time. Then they have to process what they just processed.  

Freya heads over to Dash's house to check out the spell book (as a way to release Ingrid). Who thinks that's a good idea? Not I. Of course Dash was previously injected by Blue so he goes all crazy and tries to kill Freya. But let's be honest. Those two have lots of unresolved issues so Dash doesnt really need another excuse to attack her. After a battle, Freya finally gets the best of Dash and injects him with the anti venom. 

Then it's back over the Beauchamp house so the gang try to help Ingrid. Hmmm, setting her on fire while in her underwear seems to be the thing to do. If I was Ingrid, I dont think I'd like that plan. 

Meanwhile Owl Girl has her heart set on being a mommy. She continues to drug Killian. What is she really up to?

And the award for best use of a stiletto in fending off a mandragora attack goes to... envelope please... Aunt Wendy the Cat. You go girl! Frederick does manage to save Wendy and release everyone else (including Ingrid) from the spell by stabbing Blue in the stomach. I assume that's the last we'll see of Blue?  

Frederick is having more seizures (which Aunt Wendy sees). Wendy may trust him a little more. Remember previously in the episode she told him to hit the road. However, Daddy Odin wants him to kill the family. Will Frederick be able to resist? 

Points To Ponder:

  • There didnt seem to be a lot of mourning for Victor. I know they had a mandragora attack to deal with but still. 
  • Will Alex be back in the future? I hope so. I'd like to know her back story since she's immortal too. 
  • Poor Rachel Boston gets run through the wringer on this show. I hope she gets paid extra for being set on fire in her underwear. Great actress though. I really enjoy watching her.
  • With the death of Hudson, there arent that many supporting characters left on the show. I suspect the rest of the town folk run screaming when they see the Beauchamp family coming. Wise choice! 
  • I image Asgard is a pretty rough place with all the mandragoras running around stabbing people in the ear. Ouch!
  • "Witches of East End" dont even think about killing off Aunt Wendy ever. DONT EVEN TRY IT or I'll go all mandragora on your asses.

Grade: 4 1/2 Monsters (out of 5). Yes this show is a supernatural soap opera. I love it anyway. It's quirky and sexy and fun. 

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Under The Dome Season 2 Episodes 7 Thru 8 Recaps: Dropping The Dome


Dome, you and I have been through a lot. We've seen the deaths of numerous characters (bye Ang), the resurrection of Melanie, and the pseudo deaths of others (we knew you werent really gone Barbie). Big Jim has moved from town baddie to dome prophet to victim of a stalker and back to sheriff for the umpteenth time. Oh come on! Who didnt know that Phil the ex DJ/cop was his stalker? Didnt he blow up the food supply and try to kill everyone a few weeks ago? Julia (who previously was the chosen one) is currently relegated to deciphering cryptic notes from Barbie. Junior (who had serial killer potential) now spends his days running around with the hands and dealing with mommy issues. Half the town was almost wiped out by Science Teacher Rebecca and her population control cure. We've seen dark dome, magneto dome, and baby dome. There 's also a seemingly endless supply of butterflies, stars, obelisks and eggs. 

Maybe I was expecting too much of you Dome. I was hoping the town would eventually run out of resources. Then we'd have a dramatic survival story as the Chester's Mills residents fend off cannibals. Instead we have Barbie, Sam and Lyle going through the bottomless pit into Zenith to meet up with Pauline. Curse you Pauline! You started this whole mess and then left town. Now the dome jumpers are all suffering strange side effects from leaving (so everyone else needs to stay inside). 

And who is behind this whole Dome mess anyway? Is it the government? Maybe its big business. My vote is it's an alien child's experiment. Yes the Dome is really a giant snow globe. But let's be honest. Does anyone really cares at this point? The Dome seems to have no direction. There's just one obstacle after another to overcome each week. The characters have no substance. I dont feel an emotional connection to any of them. If the dome blew up tomorrow, I would be OK. 

Dome, I say all this to say, I'm just not that into you any more. Sure we had a few good times (yes I cried when Alice died) but we need some time apart. It's not you, its me. I might check in from time to time but please consider this our official breakup. I've already changed my Facebook status. 

Grade: 0 Monsters. GMonster has left the building. 

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The Strain Episode 6 Recap: Total Eclipse Of The Heart

Time For A Light Snack

The episode opens with Eichorst (sans nose and makeup) dining on some poor guy he fattened up with candy bars and Gatorade. Mental note to self: Stop eating junk food immediately! 

For those who are interested, the title "Occultation" is just a fancy word for an eclipse. Since FX marketed this episode as the beginning of the end. I must say I was a bit underwhelmed. Vamps did not chase people through the streets in mass. But at least they became a bit more visible. 

The police/feds are after Eph. He warns his ex wife and son to get outta town. Kelly's loser boyfriend calls the FBI. Off to jail they go. They're stuck in traffic when the medical examiner (remember him?) reappears and throat sucks the cops. Eph manages to unlock his handcuffs and RUN!!!! Meanwhile Kelly's boyfriend (I refuse to learn his name) may not be long for this world. Good I say! Will Kelly and Zach make it out of season 1 alive? Not if she continues to take time out to hang with her BFF (who incidentally is Detective Angie from "Orphan Black"). 

Gus and Felix meet up with Eichorst. They quickly learn he is not to be trifled with. Extra bonus points for Jim and Gus trying to dispose of Eichorst's latest victim. Dude, NEVER unzip a body bag. That was pretty funny when Jim tried to cram that stinger back in the bag. And seriously throwing a body with infected worms into a public waterway doesnt seem very hygienic to me (but again I dont work for the CDC). 

Abe goes into the house of a recently deceased person and finds all the vamps in the basement. Abe, has no one ever told you NOT to go in the basement during horror shows? He barely escapes and drops his heart medication. Please dont let Abe die! The world needs him. 

Take This Job And Show It, I Ain't Working Here No More

Fet the exterminator continues to be the smartest guy on this show. He goes back to his office to find his boss and coworker are now vampires. He opens the blinds and they're scorched. Dear coworkers: I like ya but if you turn into blood thirsty vampires, you're toast. And poor Fet has daddy issues too. Why will no one believe these people? It's very frustrating. 

Why I Am Always Surrounded By Idiots?

Nora and her mom leave their apartment. They are  reunited with Eph at Abe's place. Has Nora finally decided that killing vamps is a good idea? 

Grade: 4 Monsters (out of 5). I know some complained of the show's slow pace and extra miscellaneous scenes. But I dont care. I'm still loving it.  

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TV:  Heavy On Sci Fi, Horror & Adventure; Light On Reality

Defiance Season 2 Episode 9 Recap: I See Dead People

Kenya Sees Stahma From Across The Room. Hmmm This May Be An Uncomfortable Meeting. 

In "Painted From Memory" Irisa and her cult make a brief appearance. They discuss if "he" will show up. Do we know who "he" is? Meanwhile Nolan and Tommy fight over Berlin and Irisa and anything else they can think of.  Quentin is back in town. He confronts his dad Rafe about leaving their mother. Rafe says Pilar tried to kill them so he chose the kids over her. Linda Hamilton will be playing Pilar next week. I cant wait.  

And the rest of the episode is dedicated to Kenya. Nolan attempts to interrogate her but many of her memories are gone. She thinks she has been away a few weeks but its actually a year. The last thing Kenya remembers is the night Amanda lost the election. This means she has no recollection of Stahma trying to kill her. 

Speaking of Stahma, she cant believe her eyes when Kenya shows up at the NeedWant. Kenya runs into her at the market. Kenya kisses and hugs Stahma. Kenya says when she regains her memory they'll have a proper reunion. Stahma seems genuinely shaken (which is not something that happens often since she's an ice cold Casti drug boss).

Kenya later recalls being in a room where others were killed. The man with goggles said not to shoot Kenya since she is more valuable alive. Nolan determines (by looking at Berlin's tattoos) that the man with the three headed screaming eagle tattoo was in Earth Republic Special Forces.  

I'm Sure She's Buried Around Here Somewhere. Give Me A Break, All These Trees Look The Same

Meanwhile Stahma and Datak search for Kenya's grave. Datak doesnt believe Stahma killed Kenya because she "fancied herself in love". Stahma insists she did kill Kenya and buried her under a bed of lavender. It's fun to see Stahma come completely unglued. After a lot of digging and cussing in Casti, they finally find a skull. Is it really Kenya though? I'm sure there are lots of dead bodies out there. Stahma sniffs the few hairs left on it's head. Yep it's Kenya. But if she's dead, who's the chick at the NeedWant?

Yewll starts a procedure to retrieve Kenya's memories (but actually she's going to give her a lobotomy). Before they can get started, Kenya sees a face and it's Yewll herself. 

I'm Going To Help You Permanently Forget, As I Pretend To Help You Remember

In the biggest surprise of the season we find out that Kenya is not really Kenya at all. Nolan sees that there are no scars on Kenya's back (as you will recall she got them from her abusive ex-husband). FakeKenya is an Indogene that has Kenya's DNA and Amanda's memories implanted into her. FakeKenya is justifiably upset. And it appears that her hair/skin is coming off. She has probably three months to live. 

FakeKenya confronts Yewll about the truth. She is a captured Indogene spy. Niles shows up and disarms FakeKenya. His plan was to get into Amanda's pants by rescuing FakeKenya and reuniting the two sisters. OK that's a pretty elaborate plan just to have sex... but whatever. I guess he's desperate. But how was this supposed to work with the New York bombing plot? I am confused. 

Amanda finds FakeKenya stealing everything out of the safe. Amanda tries to convince her that she's still Kenya. That doesnt work well. Kenya snaps her arm and says "next time it will be your neck". 

Yewll asks for Datak's help. He and Rafe take her to a large abandoned building and say "welcome to your new home". She cant go back to Defiance because Niles, Amanda, and Nola are all after her.   

Back in town, Amanda holds a memorial service for Kenya (as we see FakeKenya on a bus looking at photos of the two of them). Will she be back? I hope so. 

Stahma goes to visit Kenya's grave. It seems Stahma really did love Kenya after all. This is the most emotion (excluding hate) we've seen her display about anyone.  

And in the final scene, the guy with goggles who captured FakeKenya is... wait for it... it's Quentin. Your guess is as good as mine as to how this all works. When did he join the Votanis Collective? I hope we get some answers in later episodes.  

Favorite Quotes:

  • Kenya: "Was there something between us?" Stahma: "You could say that, yes." 
  • "I didnt need her dead. I needed her under control"- Datak to Stahma. 
  • "Dont tell me I killed Kenya for nothing"- Stahma. "She's not dead"- Datak. 
  • Quentin: "You should have just shot her." (referring to his mother). Rafe: I didnt have the guts. Anyway, welcome home"
  • "Such a tiny human head"- Stahma after Datak digs up her skull. 
  • "You are my only friend."- Yewll to Datak. 
  • "Im not interested in playing house with some human"- FakeKenya to Amanda. 

Grade: 4 3/4  Monsters (out of 5). Almost perfection. I must say I REALLY didnt see that twist coming. I thought Stahma could not bring herself to kill Kenya and had instead sold her off somewhere. And I know some people thought this was one of the weakest episodes this season but I dont care. Anything with Kenya and Stahma together gets a thumbs up from me. 

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Doomsday Preppers Season 4 Episodes 3 Thru 4 Recaps: Shepherd And Wolves And Back To The Dark Ages


Note: Season 4 episodes of "Doomsday Preppers" are now available on Amazon Prime. Not sure how long it takes before the most recent episode is added though. 

Episode 3 "Shepherds & Wolves"

Roger's house was destroyed in a fire seven years ago. Everything was lost including his wife's wedding rings. This started him on the path to prepping. He fears an attack on the US power grid. Roger and Jenni are third generation farmers. Texas is the only state in the US with a completely self contained electrical grid. I did not know that. They have an underground bunker made out of two shipping containers. And have food stockpiled for 24 people for 3 months (with 3 meals per person per day). Roger is developing an air intake system (to pull fresh air into the bunker). Their escape hatch is an old beat up dog house. Ten members of the family conduct a 24 test in the bunker. Being locked in the bunker teenagers is a fate worse than death. They all survive the night and hopefully learned a few lessons. 

Curtis says he stared prepping during Y2K. He and his wife have 10 children. They are also surrounded by some 60 other family members. They have rabbits, chickens, and goats on 15 acres.Curtis is also stocking his ponds with fish-- bluegill (eat insects) and catfish (eat minnows). They also have all the family members practice self defense skills (such as archery).  

Karissa was laid off from her job and lost her condo. She then moved in with her parents and starting prepping. Karrissa and her husband are located outside of San Diego. The family raises chickens and goats. They also grow meal worms for the chickens to eat. Humans can also eat them and they are high in protein (25%). They also want to make their own clothes and stockpile dog and goat hair. The hair is not the right consistency for spinning though. Karissa volunteers some of her own hair to clump the other hair together. They end up making about 6 feet of yarn. 

Episode 4 "Back To The Dark Ages"

Chuck in Texas is building a wind turbine to generate electricity. They also grow moringa (which I had never heard of before). It has a number of nutritional benefits and also helps purifies water. Additional info is here: maringa They are also stockpiling silver and gold for bartering and make their own wine. 

Lisa and her partner and 3 sons live in Minnesota. Their bug out plan it to go to a remote island. They can built wigwams out of trees, trap for beaver, etc. They have a number of useful native American skills. They also stress the importance of not sleeping near their main camp in the event of invasion. Due to their current lifestyle, they are well suited for survival. This is reflected in her PP score (75) which is the highest in the episode. 

Tom and Beth are in Vermont. Tom is a retired physics professor. They have built a structure (which they call the eco-dome). It is impervious to MOST weapons. They also tap trees for maple syrup (since they're in Vermont) and have rice patties. 


Practical Preppers scores: 5 categories with 20 possible points in each category-- food, water, shelter, security, x factor. See other prepper scores here: Nat Geo Prepper Leaderboard Note: season 4 is not listed yet. 

94 is the highest rank achieved so far (by Rodney in season 3). 43 is the lowest (by Brian in season 2). However, even a low score means you're doing something to prep (so I dont necessarily thinks that's a bad thing).   

  • Roger- 75 (out of 100)
  • Curtis- 63 (out of 100)
  • Karissa- 49 (out of 100)
  • Chuck- 60 (out 100)
  • Lisa- 75 (out of 100)
  • Tom- 63 out of 100)

Next episodes up are: "You Said It Was Non-Lethal" and "There Will Be Chaos". 

Grade: No grade assigned since this is reality show. 

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Extant Episodes 5 Thru 6 Recaps: What On Earth Is Wrong And Nightmares

What Does This Symbol Mean?

Episode 5 "What On Earth Is Wrong" featured an unexpected turn. Yasumoto's doctors take the alien baby and remove all traces of Molly's pregnancy. OK then. I thought that would be end game. Meanwhile Dr Barton plays dumb when Molly seeks confirmation of her story. Sam is being blackmailed by Director Sparks. Her brother (who is in a metal hospital) is doomed if she talks. 

After being in a coma for a while, Robot Boy regains consciousness. An argument erupts between John and coworker/ possible love interest Julie (ie Meryl Steep Jr). We see Julie has two artificial legs. No wonder she feels so close to Ethan. 

We finally get a look at the aliens. They are sparkly blue energy streams. I was hoping for a scary looking alien but who know what they could turn into. 


Episode 6 is entitled "Nightmares" because Ethan has one. He was never programmed for dreams or nightmares so what does it all mean? The scene with Molly trying to comfort Ethan was touching. Great acting all around. 

Meanwhile Gordon (the head of security at ISEA) goes to a drug den/hair salon. He orders some gas (sorry I dont remember the name). As soon as he's unconscious Kryger appears. He copies Gordon's fingerprints and is later able to break into ISEA and steal the Aruna file. 

Thanks to some robot skin (no I dont know how that works), Molly is able spy on Sam and learns that she had no choice but to remain silent. They later make up during an EEG. 

Over at the alien nursery, one scientist goes crazy and kills a coworker. We see the strange symbol on the back of his head. Was he trying to kill the baby too? Mental note: stay away from that baby!

Gordon confronts Alan about bringing an astronaut  that is still in orbit back to earth. Alan will have none of it. 

Ethan is able to decode the flash drive that Kryger gave Molly. We see footage of Alan's daughter Katie on the spaceship Aruna. The alien entity attacked them as well. They all killed each other. Katie has that strange symbol on her stomach too. We're not sure if she is really dead or escaped in a pod and is still floating through space.  

Julie meets a guy (Odin) with an artificial arm at the gym. She invites him back to the lab. He's definitely a plant but I'm not sure what his objective is. He is WAY too interested in Ethan. 

Points To Ponder: 

  • Where is Yasumoto these days? We havent seen him in two weeks. 
  • What does that wierd symbol mean? We saw it on Molly's and Katie's stomachs. Kryger also saw it in space and then drew it on his trailer wall. Ethan also drew it after his nightmare. It apparently causes people to hallucinate and do crazy stuff (like kill other people). 
  • Did the alien do something to Ethan too? He seems to be more human. His cognitive abilities are heightened as is evidenced by his completing the video game more quickly and decoding the ISEA file. 
  • And I've said it before but I'll say it again. I STILL think John is in on the whole plot. When he discovered Molly and Robot Boy in the woods, who did he run to first-- Robot Boy of course

Grade: 4 Monsters (out of 5). The show is picking up speed. Two episodes will air each nite on August 20 and August 27. I believe there were 13 episodes originally planned for season 1 so not sure when the other three will be. 

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Penny Dreadful Favorite Quotes From Season 1

The Penny Dreadful Cast

I hope you enjoy these quotes from "Penny Dreadful". Does anyone know when season 2 begins:

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"Penny Dreadful" Favorite Quotes:
  • "Do you believe a soul can be taken over by another? ... I believe in curses. I believe in demons. I believe in monsters. Do you?"-Vanessa asks of a priest. He replies "You must look into your heart... if you have been touched by the demon it's like being touched by the backhand of God... It makes you sacred in a way. It makes you special... So here is my question. Do you really want to be normal?"
  • "I would choose her over you. I might even hope I get the chance. Until then, you are invaluable to me."-Sir Murray tells Vanessa he would trade her for Mina in a New York second. 
  • "Poor Dorian, you've never felt this feeling before have you... it's rejection."- Vanessa to Dorian.
  • "I would rather be the corpse that I was than the man that I am...Pull the trigger. It would be a blessing."- Caliban to Victor. 
  • "Dont worry, I'll take care of the body."- Victor to Ethan about Brona. Yeah, I bet you will.  
  • "If I can save her, I will. If I cannot, I will ease her suffering."- Malcolm to Vanessa about Mina. 
  • "I am who I was meant to be. You will understand when you join the Master, when you all join him. And now that he has his bride, he will sire generations."- Vampire Mina to Pops.
  • "Miss Ives is manifesting a deep psychosexual response".- Victor when asked what is wrong with Vanessa. Why thank you Dr Freud. Note: that would never say that about a man.   
  • "What's wrong with her?"- Evan. "She's been possessed by the Devil."- Malcolm. Ya think? And not sure minor devil but the big guy Devil.  
  • "You dont know what it feels like to have this thing inside me scratching. It's like an animal scratching to get out".-Vanessa to Ethan. I think he knows exactly how that feels because he's a WEREWOLF.  
  • "I want you to be the Mother of Evil. I want you to rule by my side. Ruling over a black, scorched world"- the demon to Vanessa. 
  • "This is what happens when you murder your way across a continent"- Victor to Malcolm. 
  • "How cruel you are"- Vanessa to Malcolm about him trying to cause her possession in order to locate Mina. 
  • "No doctor, I dont have a shred of decency left"- Malcolm to Victor. 
  • "There cannot be a happy end. The claw will slash. The tooth will rend."- Vanessa. 
  • "What will you do with this little bit of my soul"- Vanessa to Dorian about being photographed. 
  • “Do you believe in fate? I don’t mean justice. I mean retribution. I mean facing the consequences of your actions that have produced a catastrophe.”- Victor to Van Helsing. 
  • "Hello my child. I'll be waiting. What games will we have now?"- demon to Vanessa while she's in a compromising situation with Dorian.  
  • "She will cease being who she is"- Malcolm about Brona. "Then I will love what she becomes"- Ethan. 
  • "If I had a son, I would wish him a long and easy life. I think your life will not be easy, but it should be long.”- Van Helsing to Victor. 
  • "You must name a thing to make it live"- Vanessa and the Devil.
  • "God didnt answer her, another did"- Vanessa's mom. 
  • "I love Mina in a different way. I love her enough to kill her"- Vanessa.
  • "I betrayed her one time but you ignored her her entire life"- Vanessa to Malcolm about Mina. 
  • "I suppose we all play parts" exclaims Dorian. "What's yours?" asks Ethan. "Human" says Dorian.
  • "We have all been brutalized by loss. It has made us brutal in turn."- Vanessa
  • "No one in this room is kind. That's why you're here."- Malcolm
  • "Death is not serene."- a young Frankenstein
  • "Do not test me Frankenstein. You have not known horror until I have shown it to you."- Caliban. 
  • "Jesus you're not an actor are you? I dated an actor once, always sucking up the oxygen out of the room"- Brona.
  • "Ive never f#%ked a dying creature. Do you feel things more deeply I wonder? Do you feel pain?"- Dorian Gray. 
  • "Im not asking her (Vanessa) back...but if one is to engage with the primordial forces of darkness one must deal with a little social awkwardness"- Ferdinand.  
  • "There is some thing within us all"- Vanessa
  • "Do you believe there is a demimonde, a half world between what we know and what we fear?"- Vanessa to Ethan. 
  • "Well, it would appear you have an Egyptian man of no particular age who at some point in his indeterminate lifespan, decided to sharpen his teeth, cover himself in hieroglyphics and grown an exoskeleton. Or you have something else altogether."- Dr Frankenstein
  • "You have made my visit truly memorable. I shall never forget you."- Ethan. "Perhaps you'd like to know my name, then."-woman he just had sex with. 

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The Strain Episode 5 Recap: Neeva Is The Smartest Person In New York City

Evil Descends Upon New York City

This week's episode entitled "Runaways" was aptly named since many of characters were fleeing from the vampires as quickly as possible. Abraham's first encounter with the creature is revealed (and it's pretty disturbing).  

We once again check in on unisex Gab and Mean Lawyer Lady. Gab chomps down both on the urologist that visits him (and the guy that comes to dispose of the urologist's body). Run Regina King. Run for your life! Looks like you'll need to reschedule your mani-pedi. 

Mean Lawyer Lady is at home with her kids. Maybe she's not so mean after all. Neeva (who I assume is the housekeeper) is one of the few people on this show with any smarts. When she sees what's happening she grabs the kids and leaves ASAP.  Neeva is the smartest person in NYC. Why cant she be the star of the show?

Abraham schools up Eph on the "Master". He calls the creature a "stigoi" (a vampire like creature from Romanian folklore that feeds on the living). See Wikipedia entry Strigoi Vampires apparently dont like silver. Their reflections wobble in mirrors? I didnt really understand that one. They dont like sunlight. That's usually good news but an eclipse is coming. And haven't we seen Echorst during the day? The virus affects different people at different rates (which explains why Lawyer Lady still hasnt turned yet). 

And what's the Master's end game? He let four passengers survive on the plane in order to distract the public while the undead all heading home to infect their loved ones. He plans to eat all the humans (or at least eat a LOT of them). Then he'll join Weight Watchers and take off a few pounds.  

My Retirement Plans Did Not Include Vampire Hunting With An Emotionally Needy Alcoholic Scientist

We see a flashback to Abe in a concentration camp in WWII. Echorst is the head of the camp. Abe sees the stigoi feeding on the sick at night. The special effects with him scurrying about snapping necks were very effective.  

Nora goes to visit her mother who apparently has Alzheimer's. Uh oh. The vampires have arrived at the nursing home. Nora and Mom run out into the street. Will the outbreak finally be covered on the news?

Fet tries to figure out why all the rats are exiting in mass.He descends into the subway tunnels where he narrowly escapes a nest of vampires (who look a lot like zombies). Instead of "nest", I vote we refer to them as a "chowder" or vampires or perhaps a "murder" of vampires. Who's with me?

Abe and Eph go vampire hunting. They find Ann Marie who has hung herself. Ansel is still locked up in the shed but not for long. He and the rude neighbor are quickly dispatched. 

How Do You Like My New Necklace? 

Eph tries to take his video of the vampires to his CDC boss Everett. But it's too late. They think Eph killed Captain Redfern. Uh oh. That's not good.   

Eldritch finally gets his transplant. I'm not sure where his story line is going. It seems like there's plenty enough else going on to spend any time on this ancillary character. 

Favorite Quotes:

  • "It's Gabe. I think he hurt somebody bad...permanently bad"- Regina King. 
  • "The Master excels at the manipulation of disinformation"- Abraham.
  • "The Master, is that a proper name?"- Eph. Why yes it is. First name "The" and last name "Master". Just like "The Rock".  
  • "Stop looking for monsters. We are already surrounded by them."- friend to Abe in the concentration camp.
  • "Do you believe it now... the evil we're facing?"- Abe to Eph. 

Grade: 4 1/2 Monsters (out of 5). The vampire at the concentration camp was particularly frightening. Like those poor people didnt have enough to deal with without him showing up. 

The World According To GMonster
TV:  Heavy On Sci Fi, Horror & Adventure; Light On Reality

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