Constantine Episode 1 Recap: If You Dont Listen To Me Youll Be Dead By Morning (Season Premiere)
Give Em Hell

"Non Est Asylum" opens with John Constantine in a mental asylum in northern England. He's a self described "demonologist, exorcist and master of the dark arts".  He wanders away from group and finds a spirit doing some art therapy. "Liv" is written on the wall. After driving said demon from the woman's body (and completely destroying the room in the process), John takes the first plane to America.
What A Lovely Place For A Mental Health Facility

Over in Atlanta we meet Liv Aberdine. We know its her because her nameplate says so. A pit to hell opens in her parking lot. John arrives and gives her his business card. He says "if you dont listen to me, youll be dead by morning". An angel named Manny appears. He is John's guardian angel. Manny is also trying to get John's help to fight something big that's on it's way (but we dont know specifics). Those angels... always with their cryptic messages. 

Liv's next door neighbor gives her a ride home only to be killed overnight by an unknown assailant. Liv was protected from it by a symbol (the Eye of Horus) on her apartment door and salt around it. It that really works, I'm putting salt around my door every night. 

Liv's father Jasper just died. He was able to see the spirit world. He left her a pendant because she has the same gift. John's sidekick Chas is killed by a possessed power line. John takes Liv to his hideout. 

Manny suggests that it might not be too late for John to save his soul. He was condemned to hell for sending a nine year old girl (Astra) there. Chas is back and he's not dead (apparently he's immortal). We also meet a hacker/drug addict friend named Ritchie.
Almost Got Ya!

The demon comes for Liz. John traps it in a circle. He initially thinks Astra is with him but its a trap. He sends them both back to hell but not before saying "tell Astra and Nergarl (or however you spell that) I'm coming for them". And in the final scene we see a girl/woman who is frantically drawing pictures of Constantine. Yes we know who it is but dont ruin it for everyone else.
What Do You Mean I'm Not In The Rest Of The Show?

What are your thoughts on the premiere? I saw the 2005 movie version with Keanu Reeves so was already familiar with the basic plot. I think casting Matt Ryan as the  British Constantine was a great choice. He even looks like Constantine. I'm not sold on Lucy Griffiths (Liz) though but no worries. She wont be back. I also enjoyed Manny. Yes that's Harold Perrineau or you may know him as Walt from "Lost". He also made a brief appearance in "Z Nation".
Waaaaalt! I Mean Manny. 

Did you notice that John carries around his lighter but doesnt actually smoke any cigarettes? Have we gotten too politically correct or what? He's fighting demons for God's sake. He can be shown smoking a ciggie once in a while. 

The special effects were pretty good for a TV show. I especially enjoyed the slow mo rain scene. Liv's nanna's appearance with black oozing slime was freaky. And watch out for the ghost train!
It's Raining Demons

Favorite Quotes:

  • "If You Dont Listen To Me You'll Be Dead By Morning."- Constantine to Liv. 
  • "There are worlds beyond ours. Parallel planes of existence."- Constantine. 
  • "There's a reason why Chas is my oldest friend."- John
  • "If youre not confused, you're not paying attention."- John to Liv. 

Grade: 4 Monsters (out of 5). A fast paced season opener. I'm interested to see how this universe pans out (and what other treasures are in John's/Jasper's layer). If you didnt know, "Constantine" is a DC property. It joins "Arrow", "The Flash" and "Gotham" (which is one of my favorites). Not sure I'll watch the show every week but time will tell. It's also on opposite "Z Nation" so that's another strike. You know how I feel about "Z Nation"! 

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The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 3 Recap: They Could Have Been Us
St Sarah's Episcopal Church

"Four Walls And A Roof" picks up right where we left off last week. Gareth and his crew are hiding out in an abandoned schoolhouse and chowing down on Bob's leg. Gareth says women taste better than men (maybe because of the extra layer of fat used for childbearing). Gareth says he cant wait to sample Sasha. Bastard! Bob starts laughing hysterically. He points to his shoulder. The joke's on them. He was bitten and they just ate "tainted meat". They all start spitting it out. Gareth says it was cooked so they should be OK.
Dinner Time

Team Rick finally realizes that Bob, Carol and Darryl are missing. Gabriel recounts what happened the night the zombies attacked. The church was locked and he did not unlock the doors to help his congregation. Instead he watched whole families be torn apart and eaten.

The termites take Bob back to the church. I assume they did that in hopes he would turn and attack everyone else.  Abraham says he, Rosita and Eugene are heading to DC that night. Glenn talks them into staying for 12 more hours and then Maggie, Glenn and Tara will join them.
I Already Made You A Promise

Most of the survivors head out to attack the school. But uh oh, the termites are planning to the do the same to them. As soon as Team Rick leaves, Gareth and crew enter the church. I have a really, really bad feeling about this. Gareth calls everyone by name saying Rick and the rest walked out with a lot of the guns. Judith cries alerting them to the hiding spot. But before they can get into the room Team Rick attacks and shoots several people. Of course Gareth and a badly beaten Martin (plus a few others) are still alive. Rick, Sasha and Michonne stab and machete them to death. Rick says "they could have been us". Father Gabriel looks on in horror. Michonne finds her sword among their belongings.
Gone Too Soon

Everyone says their goodbyes to Bob. He tells Rick that, even in the light of current events, he's still a good man. Bob and Sasha share an intimate moment and then he dies. Sasha is about to stab him so he doesnt turn when Tyrene takes the knife instead. Poor Bob. Just when I was starting to really like him. 

Team Abraham heads out in the bus. Inside are Eugene, Rosita, Tara, Glenn, Maggie and Abraham. Left at the church as Rick, Carl, Michonne, Tyrese, Sasha, Father Gabriel and Judith.  

In the final scene Daryl returns. Is Carol with him? I think its someone who cant be trusted because of the way he says "come on out". And per next week's previews we get to see at least some of what happened to Beth.
Where's Beth? 

Favorite Quotes: 
  • I've been bitten you stupid pricks. I'm tainted meat."- Bob to the termites. 
  • Gareth: "We can walk away and I promise you we'll never cross paths again." Rick: "But you'll cross someone's path. Besides I already made you a promise." Remember he said he would machete Gareth back in Terminus?
  • "I didnt wanna waste the bullets."- Rick about why he didnt shoot Gareth. 
  • "They could have been us."- Rick about the termites.
  • "Before the prison I didnt know if there were any good people left and you took me in."- Bob to Rick.  
  • Father Gabriel: "This is the Lord's house". Maggie: "No its four walls and a roof". 
  • "The new world is going to need Rick Grimes."- Abe's note on the map to the CDC. 

Grade: 4 1/2 Monsters (out of 5). An emotional thought provoking episode. At what point do you become the thing you're fighting against? I cant wait till next week to find out about Beth. 

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ZNation Episodes 4 Thru 7 Recaps: Cloudy With A Chance Of Zombies
Will Anyone Make It To California Alive?

In episode 4 "Full Metal Zombie" our rag tag group has their truck stolen by some hooligans. They are forced to all ride in the only transportation available-- a tiny Volkswagen bug. Too funny.
Zombie Clown Car

Later the previously mentioned hoolligans are harassing a family with two small children. Our crew tries to help only for the family to turn on them with some heavy firepower. But they dont get far. Zombies feast on them a little later.  

Citizen Z continues to hang out in his Arctic fortress and pine for Addy. Apparently the internet still works even though there is no one to manage it. That's a good trick. The team contacts him through the hookup at a restaurant drivethrough. He sends them to a nearby base in VA where they can get a helicopter since the roads are far too dangerous. But as we've learn in most every zombie movie, the humans are more dangerous than the zombies.
You're Marshing My Mellow Man

They first encounter a drug addicted soldier who wont let them in. Then the general is more bat shit crazy than him. In the best scene of the episode, Doc ends up down an elevator shaft and trapped with a zombie (who was previously an obstetrician). Doc is freaking out. He first attempts to meditate but that doesnt work. He then finds a blunt in his pocket and smokes up. Meanwhile the zombie is inches away from him trying to gnaw off his face. Doc blows smoke into the zombies face. It seems to calm him down. Ladies and gentleman, we now have the cure the the zombie crisis. Get them all high. However when they get the muchies we're all screwed again. 

We also see a flahback to 10K and his father. 10K promised he would kill him before he turned into a zombie. What a sad scene. We also learn that Doc had a son when he was 19. I'm sure we'll be seeing him later.
Morning Coffee

In "Home Sweet Zombie" the crew is in Illinois. They arrive at Warren's home town of Castle Point. She's not sure if her husband Antoine is still alive. They encounter a group of fireman zombies but Antoine is not among them. Murphy is starting the become more and more zombie-like all the time. He also shaves his head.
Where's A Good Zombie Therapist When You Need One?

Addy and Mack start to have sexy times but she is haunted by memories of "you know, zombies".

The best part of this episode was the zornado. I also liked the electric fence home security system. Zombies approach and then fry themselves. Warren bashes them in the head with a broom and then pushes them off. The sounds the zombies made when frying was hilarious. Too bad the electric fence only works if you have power.

We see flashes of other people listening to Citizen Z's broadcast to Addy and crew (so there are more people alive than I thought). Two people are hold up in Warren's house when they arrive. One is seriously injured. Doc relieves the swelling in his brain by using a drill. Ouch! Doc has watched a lot of "ER" on TV.
Everyone Survived The Zornado... Somehow

Warren refuses to go the basement when the storm approaches. She imagines seeing Antoine and says "I waited for you". Cassandra and 10K manage to survive the storm by hiding in a car. Murphy makes a connection with a zombie and cant kill it. Later he hugs him. That was a little freaky. Roberta miraculously survives the storm. Roberta and Charlie have a budding love connection since she's made peace with her husband. Later we see a zombie in the distance. I couldnt see his name tag but I assume it's Antoine.
Always Being Interrupted By Zombies

In "Resurrection Z" the group encounters the nut jobs of the New Resurrection Church. Instead of killing zombies, they worship them. Ok then. The zombies attack right in the middle of Garrett and Warren's sexy times.
You Sir Are A Dumbass

Our team looks like goners for sure when Murphy emerges saying his is the true Zombie Messiah and should be worshiped. In the commotion Garret jumps in front of Murphy and takes a bullet. He dies in Roberta's arms. He says "I love you" and she says the same. How sad. Later before they drive off, Roberta uses 10K's gun to give him mercy.
I Am Your Zombie Messiah. Bow Down And Worship Me!

In "Welcome to the Fu-Bar" the group is in Kansas. Warren is still reeling from Garrett's death. They happen upon a settlement that's having a shooting contest. The grand prize is a 50 caliber gun. Our team needs a new ride so 10K enters the contest (since they can trade for it).
Zombie Shooting Contest (& Potential 10K Love Interest)

There wasnt much of Addy and Mack in this episode. They were scouting on a motorcycle and ended up on a different road. Mack says their chances of survival are better on their own but Addy refuses to leave the group. She asks Mack how long it will be before he decides his chances are better without her too.  

Murphy (who is becoming some sort of zombie/human hybrid) bites a guy. But the guy doesnt turn. Later the guy is shot and Murphy digs the bullet out of his body and swallows it. No sure what the significance of that was.  

All the crazy shot angles in this episode were fun. My favorite was outhouse zombie. That's a bad way to go. 

And as if the zornado wasnt enough, now they have to worry about a zunami (its a swarm of zombies). Before the contest can end the zombies attack. The ice cream truck driver is the first to go. 10K saves the life of his main competition's father. He then gives her his gun. For that she gives him a kiss on the cheek. Someone is smitten.
Robert Trying To Drown Her Sorrows

Warren works out her emotions on the zombie bartender. He acts as a surrogate for Garrett. She says he gave her hope but thats what made him weak. She finally decides that she will find something to live for but it wont be as good as the reason he gave her (because she loved him). When the zombies attack she wipes out a large number of them single handedly. Doc says "you're looking better". Warren replies with "who's next". The team leaves but still dont know that Mack and Addy are on a different road.
RIP Garrett. You Were A Good Egg

Favorite Quotes:
  • "Amish zombies? Really? Really?"- Addy.
  • "Come here you Godless brain eating scum"- General McCandles before he plummets to his death while taking out some zombies. 
  • "How is it out there?"- Warren. "Cloudy with a chance of zombies."- Addy.
  • "I give you mercy. May God give you peace."- Warren. 
  • "If we breed those two it will be all over for the zombies."- Doc to Murphy about Cassandra and 10K. 
  • Garrett: "Is that what I think it is?" Roberta: "Well they aint sharks."- Warren and Garrett discussing the zornado.  
  • "I need to go."- Murphy's battle cry. 
  • "If youre hearing this congrats. Youre the baddest of the badasses, fearing man nor twister nor living dead."- Citizen Z. 
  • "You gave me hope."- Warren to a zombie bartender. She's really talking about Garrett. 
  • "This is not a test. This is the Citizen Z emergency broadcast system. There's a flood, a zombie flood. A zunami of biblical proportions."- Citizen Z. 

Grade: 4 1/2 Monsters (out of 5). I'm still loving this crazy show. Not only is there nonstop zombie action but I've also gotten attached to the characters. I definitely didnt see Garrett's death coming. 

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American Horror Story Freak Show: Episodes 2 Thru 3 Recaps: Dont Mess With Miss Patti LaBelle
One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others, One Of These Things Doesnt Belong...  (Feel Free To Sing Along)

So far AHS is keeping up it's momentum. Previously it's had a very strong beginning, only to run out of time and quickly wrap up everything (or just forget about some story lines) in the end. I hope that doesnt happen this year. 

In episode 2 "Massacres and Matinees" we are introduced to strongman Del Toledo and his girlfriend/wife/partner Desiree Dupree. She has three breasts and is a hermaphrodite.
New Besties

Meanwhile the killer clown is still on the loose. My absolute favorite scene is when Gloria drives by Twisty on a lonely dirt road. In her sugar sweet upper crust voice she says "Yoo hoo clown! Do you do children's parties". Hilarious! I mean seriously, why would you try to pick up a clown that looks like that? Anyway I thought Gloria was a goner. Instead Twisty is at her house waiting to play with Dandy. Dandy is doing his usually "Im bored" and "entertain me" bit. The clown humors him for a while and when Dandy tries to look in his bag, Twisty whacks him the head. And did you recognize Patti LaBelle as Dora? I wasnt sure too but it is her. Run for your life Patti LaBelle! Get out of Jupiter as quickly as possible. 

Twisty takes off with Dandy in hot pursuit. Back at the bus/prison the clown shows the robot he stole from the toy store to his captives (followed by a severed head). The kids escape but Dandy grabs the girl and drags her back in. See I told ya that Dandy was a bigger freak than the freaks!
That Dot Is Actually A Great Singer. I Really Enjoyed This Song. 

At the circus Dot or Bette (I cant tell them apart) sings a Fiona Apple song "Criminal" to a packed tent. The boys all form a mosh pit and dance. Later Elsa tells Bette (or Dot) that she is the real star and suggests she off Dot (or Bette). Elsa even gives her a knife. Uh you do know that if you kill her, you're killing yourself right?

Jimmy tries to frame Del for killing the detective (whom Jimmy actually murdered). But the trick's on Jimmy. Del finds the badge and puts it in in Meep's trailer. Meep is sent to jail. A bunch of baddies kill him. The police later drive by the circus and throw Meep's tiny body out. How sad. I didnt know Meep well but he didnt deserve that (even if he did bite heads off of chickens). Del you have got to go!!! Jimmy, Elsa and I all agree.
These Guys Better Lay Low Until Maggie & Stanley Leave

In episode 3 "Edward Mordrake Part 1" we meet several new characters. There are two con artists. Stanley is played by Denis O'Hare. He hasnt arrived at the circus yet . All we know about him thus far is he has a large dangling appendage (oh and that he likes boys). His cohort Maggie is pretending to be a fortune teller named Madame Esmerelda (Emma Roberts). She already has Elsa hooked with visions of fame. Stanley and Maggie are on the lookout for medical curiosities they can steal/kidnap/sell. And of course Dot and Bette fit the bill perfectly.
Poor Ethel (This Was A Great Scene)

Ethel finds out she's dying of cirrhosis of the liver. She wants Del to man up and be  a father to Jimmy. Speaking of "manning up" there's marital troubles between Del and Desiree. He needs the 1950s equivalent of Viagra (whatever that is).
Eddie Should Consider Joining The Cast Of "Penny Dreadful". He'd Fit Right In. 

Dont ask the freaks to perform on Halloween because they wont. If they do, one or more of them will be killed by Edward Mordrake (the man with two faces). Edward apparently was a real person. See Poor Edward for more info. However this whole tie in with freaks and Halloween seemed convoluted to me. How bout you? Of course Elsa has to do a little Lana del Rey number (Ryan try to remember this is not "Glee") and so Eddie shows up. Somebody's gotta die (and it's not Ethel).
Dandy, You Are Getting On Patti Labelle's Last Nerve!

In clown news: Twisty has kidnapped some kid who was tormenting his little sister. See that's what ya get. Dandy dresses up a clown and threatens to kill Dora. But its a dull knife and Patti LaBelle isnt taking any shit off of anyone (especially a whiny punk ass white teenager). Im an seriously love Patti on this show. It would be BRILLIANT if Dora ended up killing Dandy (or at least punched him in his spoiled face). However I fear Dandy will get Twisty to off her instead.
You Might Want To Reconsider This Surgery

Bette and Dot dream of being separated by a surgeon. One thinks its a wonderful idea and the other knows its a nightmare. One says she'll miss the other. My goal for next week is to be able to finally tell them apart. Yes, I know I aim high!
Pepper Wants Meat Loaf!
Favorite Quotes:
  • "Yoo hoo clown! Do you do children's parties."- Gloria Mott to Twisty the Clown. 
  • "Puppetry is a sad cousin to a live performance."- Dandy to Twisty. 
  • "Three titties, proper girl parts and a ding a ling. I'm a full blown hermaphrodite. Put that on your banner."- Desiree. And when Elsa asks Del what that makes him he says "the happiness man on earth". 
  • "Snails, how boring" and later "babies are more boring than anything"- Dandy to his mother. 
  • "If it aint old Honest Abe herself"- Del to Ethel (the bearded lady). 
  • "Your silence is utterly provocative but youll have to earn your keep Clown."- Dandy to Twisty. 
  • "That boy's working my last nerve."- Dora about Dandy. 

Grade: 4 Monsters (out of 5). I would have given the show a higher rating if it werent so long. You know I love ya AHS but when am episode gets to 1 hr and 20 minutes something needs to be edited. I continue to enjoy Patti LaBelle looking thoroughly disgusted at Dandy. Ryan Murphy I dont know how you got her on this show but you sir are a genius!

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The Walking Dead Season 5 Episodes 1 Thru 2 Recaps: The Butcher Or The Cattle (Season Premiere)
The Survivors (Although We're Not Really Sure About Beth)

At the end of season 4 most of the survivors were locked in a boxcar in Terminus. See, I told you not to trust those people! They are indeed cannibals. 

In "No Sanctuary" Rick, Daryl, Bob and Glen are lined up over a feeding trough. They will each be  whacked in the back of the head and then butchered for food. Nothing personal.  

Luckily Carol saves the day. She covers herself in zombie innards and walks into Terminus. She blows up a propane tank and frees everyone. She later confronts Mary who says she could have joined them. Carol shoots her in the leg and lets the zombies do their thing.

Speaking of Terminus Mary, we see a flashback to when baddies attacked them. She and her two sons were brutalized. The attacker says "you're either the butcher or the cattle". Did they become cannibals due to their experiences? I'm still not buying that you have to eat people to survive but it does makes me a tiny bit more sympathetic to their story.
The Once Beaten Down Wife Has Become The Strongest Character On The Show

I've said it before but I'm really happy with what they're done with the Carol character. Typically on horror shows it's all the boys saving the day while the girls are delegated to the sidelines. They tend to do a lot of cowering in the corner and handing the menfolk guns. I dont understand why Carol keeps trying to leave though. We know Carol has guilt over what happened back at the prison but I think she's redeemed herself at this point. The group's best chance of survival is to stick together. And they need Carol as the voice of reason. 

Rick also finally has a change of heart. Sure he's still bat shit crazy, but at least he's woken up to the fact that ya cant always coexist peacefully.
Bye, Bye Terminus

At the end of episode 1, it looks like our group can finally have a little well deserved R & R. Rick and Carl are reunited with Judith. Daryl and Carol are reunited in a touching scene. But dont get too happy. On this show trouble is always brewing right around the corner.
In episode 2 "Strangers" we see several new/recurring characters. Remember Morgan from way back when? The last time we saw him he had a mental breakdown (to which I wasnt sure he'd ever recover). Well he's back in the picture and heading somewhere.
Can Father Gabriel Be Trusted? I Dont Think So. 

We also meet Father Gabriel when he's saved by Team Rick. He says he's never killed a human or a zombie and takes them to his church. What is Fr Gabriel really up to? 

Gab takes everyone to a warehouse to find food. There are lots of zombies in the flooded basement. They are a nasty slimy bunch. What's the backstory of the zombie woman with the glasses and Gabriel? My guess is he locked her out of the church and she wrote the message on the wall. 

Bob appears to have been bitten and later tries to leave. He is captured by Terminus Gareth. Rick was definitely right in suggesting they kill every one of the Terminus people.
What About Bob?

Let's face it. We knew something was going to happen to Bob and/or Sasha since they're a couple and too happy. You should always remain very, very depressed if you want to stay alive. But good news from bad news... If Bob was bitten in the leg, it may have just been cut off so he'll live. And he may knock out the Termites at the same time if they all turn into zombies from eating his leg. However, I would think they'd notice a bite mark when they were chomping down.
Stop Talking About DC Or I'll Stab You In The Head

Abraham says they need to get Eugene to Washington DC. What else is new? They can fix up the school bus and go. Im still not convinced that Eugene knows much of anything about a zombie cure. Is there anyone still alive in DC?
Can These Two Kids Get Back Together?

And I really hope we find out what happened to Beth soon. Now that Daryl and Carol are in hot pursuit on the car with the cross on the back, it shouldnt be long. 

In other post apocalyptic news:

  • Tara has been accepted into the group (even though she was Team Governor previously).
  • Michonne left her sword at Terminus and is now using a machine gun to smash zombies heads. She doesnt miss the sword. It wasnt hers to start with. 
  • Im sure those three silences Glen found will come in handy later. 
  • Any bets on if Carol will make it to adulthood? I'm still not sure. He is far too trusting. 

Grade: 4 1/2 Monsters (out of 5). An excellent season premiere and a good second episode. I hope they keep up the momentum. In past seasons they staying far too long at the farm or the prison so I'm hoping a mobile group will help the story's momentum. 

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Intruders Episode 8 Recap: What Goes Around Stays Right Here (Season Finale)

Nine Is My New Favorite Number

Sorry this review is a little later than usual. I was traveling last week and did not have access to TV or wifi (which put me WAY behind in my television viewing). 

We have come to the end of "Intruders". With only 8 episodes, our time together has been far too short. I'm seriously hoping for a season 2. If that doesnt materialize at least a number of questions were answered with "There Is No End".
The Last Thing Bix Sees. Is This A Great Visual Or What?

Flashback to Queens NY 1931. Bix is in a jazz club and plays a quick number. Is it just me or was that the worst impersonation of trumpet playing you've seen? Anyway Bix is downing drink after drink. He promises Rose he's making a comeback but two weeks later he's dying. Rose grabs the trumpet mouthpiece and makes him look at it so she can resurrect him later.  
Back in present day Washington, we're seeing the aftermath of Gary's jump from the Crane building. Strapped to his chest is all the Qui Reverti info. I personally think he could have brought more attention to the cause by remaining alive (but that's just me).  

Meanwhile inside the Crane building, Todd continues to have the worst day ever. His daughter Meadow escapes but Madison stabs Toddie in the leg. Jack finds him surprisingly still alive. He tells Jack to take the key and open the mailboxes on the wall. This leads to the secret passage. 

Jack hides in the hallway where he hears two shepherds discuss killing Richard right after Cranfield's ceremony. How long can a person be dead before they do the final ceremony? I thought they were done with Cranfield weeks ago. Anyway, Jack finds a room filled with Books of 9. He randomly opens them and see Tesla's, Reagan's etc. I was hoping he would spend more time in the room to see who else is there. Later Detective Blanchard mentions John Adams and Ghandi as well. Next door Jack finds the trigger room. He starts opening drawers and crushing the triggers saying "you're not coming back" and "goodbye" and "goodnight". That was pretty funny. 

Jack hears Madison hammering on a wall. He tells Jack he's now Marcus. It turns out Rose had Marcus sealed inside the wall as punishment for all his misdeeds (so he would never live again). Richard showed up later with Marcus' trigger (the sand dollar) and said "See ya in 18 years". We know it was only 9 though since he ended up in Madison's body. Marcus tells Jack they've both been wronged by Rose and he's going to kill her. Marcus, who of course cant be trusted, slashes Jack and runs off. There's nothing worse than a stabby serial killer in a nine year old girl's body.
Confrontation In The Crypt Room

On a related note, exactly how long has Rose had control of Amy's body? She killed Marcus some 9 years ago. It seems that Amy has been gone for a lot longer than we were lead to believe.
Jack We Really Wanted To See All Those Books Before You Torched Them

Jack sets fire to a book in the QR room and it quickly spreads. There is a confrontation amongst all the main characters but of course no one dies. Richard (armed with two guns) guides Rose out of the building. Marcus escapes. Detective Blanchard and Madison's parents are outside. Richard shoots at Marcus but Jack manages to shield her. She falls to the ground and is not breathing.
Is This Heaven?

We next see Madison and Marcus in a peaceful setting by the water. Is this heaven? Marcus says only one soul can survive when the body dies and it will be him. Madison tells Marcus that despite all his lives he hasnt learned a thing. Nothing is more powerful than a kid who wants her parents. And with that, Madison reenters her body and Marcus is nowhere to be seen.

Rose and Richard head back to the hotel. Bix is however gone. Me thinks he really didnt want to be resurrected and spend any more time with Rose. Cant say that I blame him. 

Jack opens his eyes in the hospital. Detective Blanchard sits nearby reviewing Gary's intel. He asks Jack if he's a part of this cult. Jack says no. He's just trying to get his wife back. Give it up already dude! You're turning into a stalker. Blanchard has to make sure Marcus is really dead. They go to Madison's hospital room. She says Marcus is gone (at least for now). When Jack leaves the hospital he passes a young patient in a wheelchair. He is apparently the spirit of the guy Jack killed back in LA. Uh oh, that's not good. 

The last scene has Jack back at home. I thought the nice couple next door told him to get out or else? Anyway, Jack calls Gary's family and leaves a message. No matter what they hear about Gary just know that he loved them very much. Richard is quietly sitting in Jack's living room. He asks Jack why he thinks he's lived this long (since they could have killed him at any time). Hint: it's because of his mad skills. Richard gives Jack a "9" card and on the back is printed "Jack Shepherd". Does this mean that the soul that is currently in charge of Jack was previously a shepherd or Richard is asking Jack to decide if he'd like to join them now? Amy/Rose previously did refer to Jack as her "shepherd" so I'm not sure.
Call Me Shepherd, Jack Shepherd 

Favorite Quotes:
  • "It's not faith, it's science. It's how it works."- Marcus on how souls come back. 
  • "Rose ruined both of our lives and I'm here to kill her"- Marcus to Jack. 
  • "What goes around, stays right here."- Madison to Marcus when they discuss who will survive.
  • "In the end, there is no end"- Richard to Jack. 

Grade: 4 1/2 Monsters (out of 5). "Intruders" is my new favorite of show of 2014. The only reason I didnt give the episode of "5" is because the pacing seemed a little off at times. I REALLY, REALLY hope there is a season 2. There is much more in this story to explore. What did you think of "Intruders"? Please leave your comments below. 

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