Warehouse 13 Season 5 Episode 1 Recap: Endless Terror (Season Premiere)


"Warehouse 13" airs Mondays at 9 ET on the Syfy channel. This is it's fifth and final season (with only six episodes total). While I have watched numerous episodes previously I am not a die hard follower (so dont beat me up if I get anything wrong). 

Pete goes to get Myka at the hospital. Remember she had a cancer scare last season. Is she really OK? They head to South Dakota and find Artie and Jinx trying to get back into the warehouse and through the protective shield. Thank goodness Myka actually read the manual since there is an addendum that describes a way around it. I dont blame Artie, I dont read manuals either.  

Back inside, Claudia and Paracelsus are fighting. He gains control of Claudia and makes her spill her guts. Remember Paracelsus was the caretaker way back when it was Warehouse 9. He's now using all the artifacts to gain more power. Para makes a time machine and goes back to 1541. 

Meanwhile the present day warehouse has been altered thanks to Paracelsus' time travel. Our gang is not affected during the time shift thanks to creative use of Louis XIV's forks. Para's face is splattered all over the place. There are Borg like sentrys on guard now. They are lead by Benedict Valda (from Warehouse 2). Lots of freaky human experimentation is being conducted (including on Artie). 

Pete and Myca follow Para back to the 1500s. Lisa Da Vinci played by Rebecca Mader (the Wicked Witch from "Once Upon A Time") is there. Yeah! I squealed with delight when I saw her. She is the grand daughter of Leonardo and a warehouse agent. She's not sure what's going on since there are lots of dead bodies laying around. She finally agrees to help Pete and Myca get the upper hand. There is a helpful artifact retriever named Isabella (she's a giant purple bird). Paracelsus is bronzed again. Didnt that seem a little too easy? And I'm sure that's not the last we've seen of Valda (especially since he has one of the forks). 

Favorite Quotes:
  • 1. "Don't try to explain time travel. It never makes sense and it always makes my head hurt."- Pete.
  • 2. "You're wasting my time Voldermort."- Claudia to Paracelsus. Good one!

Grade: 3 1/2 Monsters (out of 5). With only five episodes to go, there's not much time for long, drawn out plots. I'm interested to see how it all ends. 

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Once Upon A Time Episode 17 Recap: Hot For Teacher


This week's episode entitled "The Jolly Roger" was Hook centric. I have to be honest here and profess that I dont really care about Hook. He seems a nice enough chap but he's just not as much fun to watch as Regina. So to my lizard brain, the recap of this episode looks like this:

Blah blah blah, Regina, blah blah blah, Emma, blah blah blah, swinging bridge, blah blah blah, magic, blah blah blah, family dinner, blah blah, blah Regina blah blah blah pretty, blah blah blah soft, blah blah blah I bet she smells really good...

However, I hear that some other story lines occurred:

  • 1. Regina casts a protection spell on the loft so what do the Charmings do except take a long walk on the beach. Her description of them as the "two idiots" is pretty accurate. 
  • 2. Arial is looking for Eric. Blackbeard has the Jolly Roger and was apparently going to ransom him. Hook and BB fight. They never find Eric. We think he has drowned. Ariel is not happy.
  • 3. No one knows how to put a crib together. Is that crib from Ikea? I think I saw it there. 
  • 4. Emma agrees to let Regina help her with magic. I'm a little frightened by Regina's teaching methods but they appear quite effective. Where can I sign up?
  • 5. Speaking of teaching, David helps Henry learn to drive. He plows down a defenseless mailbox. Regina is not amused (but of course Henry doesnt remember she is his mother).
  • 6. Hook apologizes to Ariel for what he did. She makes him swear on the person he loves. He swears on Emma. Ariel then turns into Zelena. Did you see that coming? She has cursed Hook. When he kisses Emma she will lose all her powers. And if he doesnt do it, everyone else will die or have something horrible happen (I'm not sure what). 
  • 7. And apparently Ariel and Eric were happily living under the sea all along. 
  • 8. What is Zelena really up this? I'm confused. Does she even have a plan?  I dont think so.
  • 9. Family dinner at Grannys. And it's about time Regina finally got invited (after all the times she's saved everyone's asses).  

Favorite Quotes:

  • 1. "This is a way of life. You have to fully commit."- Regina to Emma. Are we sure we're talking about magic here or something else? 
  • 2. "Reach in with your gut and know you can do this."- Regina to Emma. 
  • 3. "He's impulsive, violent and has a hook for a hand. What about him would a 12 year old not like?"- Emma describing Hook.

Grade: 3 1/2 Monsters (out of 5). I have this a lower score since not enough Regina. Yes I know i sound like a broken record. But I'm not the only one. See #EvilRegals

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Resurrection Episode 6 Recap: When Good Church Folk Go Bad


With two episodes left in the season, things are really heating up on "Resurrection". This week's episode entitled "Home" finds Caleb still missing, Rachel still pregnant and the good church folk of Arcadia still brainless. Maggie Langston  consults with an old friend (Dr Eric Ward) from the NIH. Eric wants to take Jacob to Bethesda. Eric says he can calculate when someone will show back up based on their death date. Say what? I dont trust Eric and neither should Jacob's parents. 

Henry finally accepts Jacob. When Jacob is being tucked into bed he says "I missed you, Dad", Henry kisses him and replies "I missed your too son". What a great scene.  Fred Langston takes his wedding ring out of a box and puts it on the nigth stand. Looks like he's expecting his wife to show up soon too. 

Meanwhile Tom tells Janine that Rachel is pregnant. Poor Janine is stuck in a bad spot. She tells Helen who then shows up at Rachel's house. I wasnt sure if she was going to try to kill Rachel or what. Instead Helen announces Rachel's pregnancy in front of everyone during church. She says Tom is not fit to be pastor and leaves with most of the church behind her. Better keep an eye on Helen. She may be the spawn of Satan herself. 

Paul shows Fred his secret weapons stash in the basement. I am envious. It's a prepper's dream. Rachel is kidnapped by Gary (the cousin of the guy that Caleb beat to death) and Carl and taken to a house out in the woods. What do they plan to do with her?

Grade: 4 Monsters (out of 5). Another solid episode. Is Bellamy going to have to hold off the Feds next week? Is Fred's wife the next to return? Is Caleb coming back? Why is Helen so mean? Looks like we'll have to tune in next week to find out. PS I've said it before but I still like the French "The Returned" best. 

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Game Of Thrones Season 4 Episode 1 Recap: Two Swords (Season Premiere)


I'm a little late in posting this recap but here ya go. Much of episode 1 "Two Swords" is spent setting up stories to be revealed later. The Stark family sword is melted down into two swords. Jamie has one and I assume Joffrey has the other. Jaime wants to stay in the King's Guard but his father says no. He wants Jamie to rule Casterly Rock instead. 

Cersei is giving Jaime a hard time too. I have no idea what she's upset about but she says "you left me alone" and "you took too long". Uh he wasnt on holiday ya know. He was being tortured. The good news is he gets a gold hand courtesy of Qyburn. Jaime says "a hook would be more practical". I have to agree.  Joffrey calls Jaime (Joffrey doesnt know Jaime is really his father) old and one handed. 

Sansa is not eating after hearing what happened to her mother and brother. Shae is still trying to get back with Tyrion. They are overheard by another maid. Her days may benumbered. Margaery Tyrell is planning her wedding with Lady Olenna's help. Brienne of Tarth interrupts and tells  Margaery that Lord Renly was killed. Margaery doesnt really care. I was interested in Lady Olenna's reaction to Brienne. She seems delighted that she was so different from everyone else. I'm glad. Brienne catches too much crap from everyone.   

Prince Oberyn Martell is in King's Landing to avenge his sister and her children's deaths. Ella was married to Rhaegar Targaryen. He was next in line to be king. He left her for another woman. Robert Baratheon killed him though when they attacked the city. Then Gregor Clegane the Mountain raped and killed Ella (and the children). Oberyn stabs a Lannister in the hand before Tyrion arrives and interrupts him.

Jon Snow is tried by the Night Watch for desertion and sleeping with the enemy. He is eventually released (although some of the council want him executed). He tells them the Wildings are planning their attack. Per Jon "There's a band of wildlings south of the Wall already led by Tormund Giantsbane. I killed their warg and three others. They shot me full of arrows. Their orders are to attack Castle Black from the south when Mance (Rayder) hits it from the north. (There are some 100,000 men total) The signal for the attack will be a bonfire. Mance said it would be the greatest fire the North has ever seen".The cannibals sneak up on Ygritte and Giantsbane. Everyone knows cannibals make really bad business partners. 

Daenerys marches her army to the city of Meereen. One of the dragons snaps as her. They are getting too big and uncontrollable. Daario (played by a new actor) tries to romance her. I'm glad they called him by name. Otherwise I would have no idea who he was. One dead slave child per mile is on the road to the city. Daenerys does not shy away from seeing this. 

In the Riverlands, Arya Stark and the Hound (Sandor Clegane) get in another altercation over chicken. Arya notices one of the men has her sword (Needle). He is the name that killed Lommy. After a few dead Lannister soldiers, Arya gets her sword back and her own horse. 

Favorite Quotes:

  • 1. "I dont want Casterly Rock. I dont want a wife. I dont want children."- Jaime. "What do you want"-Tywin. "Supper would be nice"- Jaime. 
  • 2. "A one handed man with no family needs all the help he can get"- Tywin
  • 3. "The Lannister's aren't the only ones who repay their debts."-Prince Oberyn

Grade: 4 Monsters (out of 5). My how I have missed you GoT. We really need more episodes of this show per season. 

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Vikings Episode 6-7 Recaps: Shifting Alliances


In "Vikings" episode 6: "Unforgiven" and episode 7 "Blood Eagle" we see a number of shifting alliances. King Horik wants Ragnar to join forces again with Earl Borg so they can raid England (since Borg has a lot of ships). Did we conveniently forget he almost wiped out Kattegat? Rollo is sent to Borg who agrees to rejoin them (after consulting his dead wife's head). Do we know if he killed her? Siggy is still sleeping with King Horik. He's had such a good time he invites his son along. Well that was uncomfortable. It appears Siggy will do whatever it takes to move up in the world.

Lagertha returns home but without Bjorn. He stays with his father and is interested in a slave girl. Earl Sigvard makes Lagertha pay big time. First he has a gang beat her up. Then he publicly humiliates her. She has finally had enough and stabs him the eye during dinner. Someone pulls a sword and we think Lagethan's a goner. Instead he chops off Sigvard's head.

Horik persuades Ragnar to hold off on killing Earl Borg until they can find another ally (to help them defeat King Ecbert in England). Remember all Borg's men were burned alive and Borg was taken prisoner at the end of episode 6  Ragnar did not forget about their past deeds after all. A mysterious Earl Igstad surfaces. It turns out to be Lagertha. Yeah! You go girl. Helga is pregnant with Floki's baby so they get married. There is also a wedding in England between King Ecbert and King Aelle's children (but I dont really care). Rollo confronts Siggy about sleeping with Horik. I thought he was going to strangle her. Earl Borg finally gets his in the end via the Blood Eagle ceremony. I'm with ya Helga. I would have passed out during that too.  

Points To Ponder:

  • 1. When will Horik betray Ragnar? What side will Siggy and Rollo come down on? And will they all live to fight another day?
  • 2. How is Aslaug going to take the return of Lagertha? Let's hope she doesnt put a curse on her.
  • 3. How long before Athelstan joins back up with the Vikings? 
  • 4. Is there going to be trouble between Ragnar and Floki? Floki did not invite Ragnar to the wedding ceremony.
  • 5. How many babies is Aslaug going to squeeze out? And how does she meet her final end. Is it in childbirth? 
  • 6. And for the record, Lagertha is my favorite character. She doesnt take any crap. I think she'll be a fine earl. I do want to see the back story though. We dont know what happened  between when she stabbed Sigvard and when she met Ragnar as Earl Igstad. 

Favorite Quotes:

  • 1. "My anger is like stone, stone that I carry inside me that weights me down. I cannot lift it."- Siggy. Poor Siggy could use some therapy. 
  • 2. "We have lost more knowledge than we ever had"- King Ecbert to Athelstan. 
  • 3. "He cannot have everything. He cannot have you and me."- Floki
  • 4. "The offendent gets down on his knees. Then his back is opened with knives and then with axes his ribs are chopped away from his spine. Then his lungs are pulled out of this huge bleeding wound and laid upon his shoulders so they look like the folded wings of a great eagle."- Ragnar describing the Blood Eagle ceremony to Bjorn. 

Grade: 4 Monsters (out of 5). The show keeps me coming back for more. I love Vikings. I just wouldn't want to run into one IRL. 

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GMonsters Week In Sci Fi/ Horror/ Mystery Television (April 6 Thru April 12 2014)

Don't have time to keep up with your favorite TV shows? No problem, that's what I'm here for. Here's what happened in the sci fi/horror/mystery universe the week of 3/30/14 (Sunday thru Saturday). Note: Major spoilers below so be forewarned.

Agents Of SHIELD- 
 First I thought Victoria Hand was definitely a baddy (since she took over the bus and ordered everyone but Coulson killed last week). Then I thought May was a baddy since she was spying on Coulson. Then I thought Coulson was a baddy (as did Hand). Then we find out Garrett was part of Hydra all along. He is the Clairvoyant. Ward asks permission to escort him to prison because he feels responsible. Then in the shocker of the season, he shoots Garrett's guards and fills Victoria Hand full of bullet holes.  Agents Of SHIELD Recaps

Bates Motel- Lots of sexy times all around-- Norman and Cody, Emma and Cupcake, Dylan and his boss lady. Romero tells Norma he can see through her curtains at night. Norman has had several blackouts in front of Cody. She tells Emma who tells Norma. Norma then tells the driving instructor so Norman cant get his license. Emma almost drowns. Norma gets a seat on the city council. What will she have to do as repayment? Norman accidentally pushes Cody's father down the stairs. Is he dead?
    Bates Motel Recaps

Game Of Thrones- This week was the season 4 premiere. Much of the episode is spent setting up stories to be revealed later. The Stark family sword is melted down into two swords. Jamie has one and I assume Joffrey has the other. Jaime wants to stay in the King's Guard but his father says no. Cersei is giving Jaime a hard time too. The good news is he gets a gold hand. Sansa is not eating after hearing what happened to her mother and brother. Shae is still trying to get back with Tyrion. They are overheard by another maid. Her days may be numbered. Jon Snow is tried by the Night Watch for desertion and eventually released. 
Daenerys marches her army to a new city. Daario (played by a new actor) tries to romance her. They see there is one dead slave per mile on the route to the city. Arya and the Hound get in another altercation.  Game Of Thrones Recaps

Hannibal- Will is sprung from the asylum. Jack believes either Chilton or Hannibal is the ripper. Hannibal sets up Chilton by putting Gideon's body at his house and killing two FBI agents. Chilton plans to flee the country but Will turns him in. Jack chases him through the woods and finally captures him. During his interrogation Miriam has a flashback, steals Jack's gun and shoots Chilton in the head. I think he's dead. He looked pretty dead to me.  Hannibal Recaps

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit- I dont typically recap Law & Order but this week's episode ended the Billy Lewis storyline. Billy broke out of jail by faking his own death and made a beeline for Benson. She agreed to meet him at an abandoned building (since otherwise he would kill a little girl). They play Russian Roulette with a pistol. That was rough to watch. Billy FINALLY shot himself in the head. Bye, bye Billy! You can bet Olivia is going to need more therapy after that.  Law & Order: SVU Recaps

Lost Girl- In the season finale, the end of the world is coming thanks to Bo's daddy (the horsey). Massimo kills Rainer but no one seems to care. Bo rescues Lauren. She does some reverse chi sucking and then kills Mass with Hale's sword. Evony is apparently still alive and still human. Kenzi discovers from some ancient book that she can stop the apocalypse since she has Bo's "heart". She walks into the light and is killed. Tamsin goes full Valkyrie and takes her to Valhala. Dyson later finds her at the gates. She says Kenzi is really gone and they cant let Bo get the other Hel shoe. We still dont know what Bo's daddy looks like. Maybe next season.   Lost Girl Recaps

Once Upon A Time- The battle of the witches continues. We get to see some of Zelena's back story in Oz. Walsh was the Wizard of Oz but he was a fake (so Zelena turned him into the first flying monkey). There is a showdown in Storeybrooke. The Wicked Witch tries to steal Regina's heart but... surprise! It's been removed and is being held by Robin Hood for safe keeping.  Also Zelena and Regina's fight outfits were FABULOUS! The emotions are ratcheting up between Regina and Robin. Next week's episode is Hook centric.  Once Upon A Time Recaps

Resurrection- Elaine gives 
Bellamy and Langston back the stolen money. Caleb tells Bellamy he knows about the boy in his nightmares. He then disappears from his prison cell. Rachel visits Dr Maggie and finds out she is pregnant with Tom's baby. She must have been pregnant when she committed suicide. Jacob continues to have nightmares about being taken away from his family.  Resurrection Recaps

The Americans- Not a great lot happened this week. Phillip is trying to gain access to ARPANET.  Larrick is headed to Nicaragua. Luisa wants to kill him but Elizabeth says he's more valuable to them where he is. Nina passes Stan's lie detector test (thanks to help from Oleg). Later she and Oleg have sexy times.  
 The Americans Recaps

Vikings- Horik persuades Ragnar to hold on killing Earl Borg until they can find another ally (to help them defeat King Ecbert in Englad). A mysterious Earl Igstad surfaces. It turns out to get Lagertha. Yeah! You go girl. Helga is pregnant with Floki's baby so they get married. There is a wedding in England too (but I dont care about that much). Rollo confronts Siggy about sleeping with Horik. Earl Borg finally gets his in the end.  Vikings Recaps

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Hannibal Episode 7 Recap: You Have The Right Box But Youre Looking In The Wrong Corner

Hannibal has done it again with another stellar episode entitled "Yakimono". One main character and one recurring character bit the big one this week. If they keep going at these pace, everyone will be dead by the end of season two. I believe Bryan Fuller had mentioned in an "Entertainment Weekly" interview planning the show for seven seasons total. If so they have to add some more main characters.  

At the conclusion of last week, Jack found Miriam Lass alive (but not so well). And for anyone who bet that she would NOT be able to identify Hannibal, you were absolutely correct. Hannibal was even brought in to help her recover repressed memories but no dice. The last thing she can recall is the "Wounded Man". 

Will is exonerated of all charges and released from the mental asylum (thanks to Hannibal planting clues to free him). Opps sorry about that Will. Please dont sue that state of Maryland for your unlawful imprisonment. Will warns Alana to stay away from Lecter. She wont listen to him though since she and Hannibal are still having sexy times. Alana is in for a really rude awakening. 

The noose tightens on both Chilton and Lecter as being the ripper. Jack wants them both brought in for questioning. Chilton arrives home to... a bloody mess. He finds Gideon's body (well what is left of Gideon's body). As you will recall, Hannibal made Gideon eat his own leg last week. Hannibal drugs Chilton and kills two FBI agents who were supposed to apprehend him. When Jack and crew arrive, one has his intestines pulled out and one is posed like the "Wounded Man". 

Chilton awales and runs to Will's house for help. He plans to leave the country. Instead Will calls the FBI. Jack chases Chilton through the woods until he finally gives up. I thought Jack was going to shoot him for sure. For a few minutes I actually felt sorry for Chilton (even though he is such a sleazy weasel).

Instead they take him to the police station for questioning. Miriam is watching the interrogation through a one way mirror. All of a sudden, she has a flashback and believes Chilton is her torturer. She grabs Jack's gun and shoots him in the face. Do you think he's dead? He looked pretty dead to me. Great camera shot of Miriam's face though the bullet hole in the glass.  

This scene of course take a major departure from the movie "Silence Of The Lambs" in which Chilton dies at the hands of Hannibal. He calls Clarice and he says he's "having an old friend for dinner". 

In the last scene Will visits Hannibal and asks to continue with his therapy. Say what? How is that going to work? I'm sure Will has a plan but, let's face it, Hannibal is smarter. 

The Good News:

  • Will gets to frolic with his puppies again
The Bad News:
  • Is Alana next on the menu? Not that she doesnt deserve it since she's dumber than a box of rocks. Please eat Freddie first though. 

Grade: 4 1/2 Monsters (out of 5). An excellent suspense filled episode.This is the stuff I've been waiting 1 1/2 seasons to see. Everything was acted and shot brilliantly. Special kudos to the actors who play Chilton (Raul Esparza) and Miriam (Anna Chlumsky). They have some major acting chops. 

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Continuum Season 3 Episodes 1 Recap: The Tale Of Two Alecs and Two Kieras (Season Premiere)

I don't review "Continuum" weekly but definitely wanted to check out the season 3 premiere (which was entitled "Minute By Minute"). See my past recaps here:  Continuum Recaps  The main challenge with watching "Continuum" is keeping up with WHEN everything happens (since people are moving back and forth through time and affecting history).

Alec jumps into the time stream (or whatever ya call it) in Escher's lab and goes back in time one week. He sees another version of himself and Emily (who died in the alternate time). Jason (his son) meets the time shifting Alec and offers to help. An easy way to keep track of the two Alec's is one has a head wound from his encounter with the Freelancers. 

Kiera and the other members of Liber8 are being held by the Freelancers. The clear cells and white prison uniforms made for a cool visual. Kiera finds out Curtis Chen is still alive. He takes her to meet Catherine. She is the "Keeper Of The Cells" and head honcho. Catherine says the Freelancers have been guarding history for a thousand years. Kiera comments that it sounds more like a cult. 

Prisons Of The Future

Great stairs fighting scene with Kiera, Garza and the guards. I thought that was excellently done. Garza is later shot though. Kiera is apprehended by Chen again. Their world is falling apart due to Alec's time jumping. Catherine tells Kiera that when Alec jumped time he erased Kiera's original life with her family. They no longer exist. Therefore Kiera needs to help the Freelancers restore everything to its natural order. They give her an updated multitool, tattoo her, and put her in the time egg. 

Kiera arrives in the past to do it all over again. This time she frees Garza who gets away successfully. Garza says she wont forget this. You can bet this come up again later. Kiera tells Catherine she sent Kiera back. They verify from her tattoos that she is telling the truth. Alex 2.0 goes to the lab to gather passports and money to escape to Thailand with Emily. There he finds Kiera laying dead in a pool of blood. He is very upset but then looks up and there is Kiera 2.0. OK everybody got all that? Like I said, it takes some work to keep track of. 

Did Kiera 2.0 have to shoot herself? That would be really freaky. I hope that's what happened. Or did Alec 1.0 shoot Kiera 1.0? Did Emily shoot Kiera? She already shot one person this episode (Escher). Did Kellogg shoot her? 

Grade:4 1/2 Monsters (out of 5). A great season premiere. I hope it can keep up the pace. If you havent checked out "Continuum", its definitely worth a look. One disadvantage though is that it's in the same time slot as "Hannibal" (Fridays at 10 PM ET). I'm sorry but nothing else trumps "Hannibal".

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