Defiance Season 2 Episodes 11 Thru 12 Recaps: Its The End Of The World As We Know It (Season Finale)
And This Speck Of Sand Represents Belize...

We have sadly come to the end of season 2 with a two part finale entitled "All Things Must Pass" and "I Almost Prayed". And what a finale it was! They had promised the shtako would hit the fan and they werent kidding. Let me know if I missed any major plot lines below. There was sooo much going on. 

The episode opens with Stahma and Datak having sexy times. She says he can come back home but she has several demands. 1. She wants to bathe alone (heaven forbid). 2. She wants to still be in charge of the family's business affairs. Datak doesnt agree and kicks her out. Next we see bags thrown over each of their heads. The Tarrs are being kidnapped!
My Spidey Senses Tell Me That Strange Girl Is Nearby

Mordecai (Cai) the Irathi-Jewish lawyer from Omaha makes a reappearance. He has another dream of Irisa on the Kaziri spaceship. They whack the ghost creatures and then all the pods start releasing from the capsule. Cai and Irisa must vow to never see each other again or something terrible will happen. 

Rafe's wife Pilar visits him at Camp Revere (the prison). They share a kiss. Will those two whacky kids get back together? Pilar is also reunited with Christie in a touching moment. Can Pilar be trusted though? I'm still not sure. 

Yewll and her EGO induced girlfriend are back and trading snappy banter. I've said it before but Yewll's one liners are the BEST! Meh and Lev go in search of food and discover the buried Kaziri. It must have been activated by Irisa since she had both keys inside her. Kaziri then hacks into Lev and says all the life on earth will be terraformed (ie destroyed). But the good news is if Yewll crawls into one of the pods she will be saved. Yewll doesnt agree with the whole us vs them scenario and yanks out her EGO implant (so her "imaginary wife" cant be hacked anymore). 

As we check back in with the kidnapped Tarrs, Stahma and Datak are tied together back-to-back in what looks like a grain silo. They fight but obviously cant get away from each other. Then they sorta make up. Those two have the best/worst marriage on television. I just love all their scenes together. They drip with so much gooey venomous attraction. 

Meanwhile Nolan is STILL dragging a seriously injured Tommy through the woods. There are lots of flashbacks so yep poor Tommy is a goner. Niles is busy trying to woo Amanda by making her dinner and giving her a rose. WAKE UP AMANDA!!! And it's even worse than I had suspected. Niles kidnapped the Tarrs. He takes Amanda to them saying they killed Kenya. He hands her a gun and leaves. Amanda FINALLY learns the truth. She is close to killing them but does not. At least Datak grew a pair and offers to be killed in place of Stahma. Amanda tells Pottinger that if the Tarrs are killed, a power vacuum will occur in Defiance and there will be bloodshed in the streets. Of course that's not the real reason she cant kill them. 

Datak and Stahma are released (not sure exactly how that happened). Datak celebrates by killing off all of their crew (including the Sensloth). No! Not Raiga! Well he did turn the Tarrs into Niles. And with that, the Tarrs are OFFICIALLY back together.  

Nolan finally drags Tommy back to town only to find out that Tommy has died. Oh my goodness. At first I thought he might be resurrected in some way... but it appears he's really dead. Berlin is devastated and heads to the bar to drink. She hated Irisa before but now she REALLY hates her.
Run For Your Lives, It's a Giant Purple Laser Pointer

Speaking of Irisa she sitting on a hill destroying the planet thanks to her creative use of telepathy and gravel. Bye bye New York. So long Belize. I never knew you well. And with that it looks like most of the E-Republic is destroyed as well.
Just Your Average Happy Family (If It Included A Terrorist Who Framed His Father, A Murder With Casti Baby Super Powers, & A Crazy Sarah Connors Mom)

Pilar has a run-in with the Tarrs. Haaa great fun! Then she tries to talk Christie and Alak into moving away from Defiance to some place where a child such as theirs will not feel like an outcast. She attempts to lure Christie with talk of horses. Alak says all the horses died during the plagues. But Pilar says Indogene technology brought them back. And here we begin to see what we had previously suspected. Pilar is not just interested in a loving family reunion. Quentin knocks Alak out and stuffs him in the back of the car. Pilar draws a gun on Christie. Off they drive.
Are You OK With My Plan To Save The Earth By Killing Your Daughter (And Does This Hat Make My Head Look Too Silver)?

Yewll has a plan to save the world but it involves killing Irisa. Nolan doesnt go for that. He pulls a gun on everyone and holds Mercado hostage. Amanda pulls a letter opener on Cai. Craziness ensues. Nolan beats down a few red shirts (and later twarts Amanda shooting Irisa). He ends up with Cai and rescues Irisa.  She exchanged mouth metal with Cai. They go into the cave where they see the ship. They need to find the arkbrain to stop it from destroying the planet and controlling Irisa. Then that irritating munchkin Irzu shows up again. Irisa is whisked off to jail (but she's really just dreaming). Tommy appears and says he deserved better than to die, she's his beautiful wife, blah, blah, blah. Luckily she resists and is back among the living.
The Most Bad Ass Crime Family On Television

Berlin arrives at the prison to find prisoners being executed by the guards. She tries to stop them but they beat her and plan to shoot her and Rafe next. Just then the Tarrs arrive, take out the guards and free the prisoners. Datak looks at Berlin and says "family emergency" and drags Rafe away. Hilarious! Where are these people going to learn to NEVER, EVER mess with the Tarrs?

The reunited Cai and Irisa lay down inside the Kaziri and mind-blast the orbiting ships out of the sky. Earth is saved! But of course then the Kaziri explodes, there's an earthquake or something like that. Run for your lives!

And here's where everyone is at the end of season 2:
  • Christie and Crazy Mom and Quentin (with an unconscious Alak in the back) are speeding through the desert in the middle of the night. In hot pursuit are the Tarrs and Rafe. 
  • Berlin has been beaten to a pulp but she's OK. 
  • Tommy is apparently really dead. I hope he finds a nice police gig in heaven. 
  • Nola and Irisa are in one of those little pod things WAY, WAY, WAY under ground. 
  • Amanda has sexy times with Niles. Yuck. 
  • Irisa and Cai have saved the planet from destruction (but where did Cai go at the end)? 
  • Yewll is hanging out back in her office. Is she in everyone's good graces again?

Favorite Quotes:
  • "I should have left Defiance with Kenya Rosewater last year."- Stahma to Datak. 
  • "I loved Kenya"- Stahma to Amanda. To which Amanda replies "It was a business. She didnt love you any more than Rupert the Miner or Datak." Ouch that hurt. I died a little inside. 
  • "Did you just hack my imaginary wife?"- Yewll to Kaziri. 
  • "Tell the Kaziri to take her 3000 year old instructions and shove them up her virtual ass."- Dr Yewll. Yewll,  you are simply the best!
  • "I think of you as a carnival act.. You two are funny white faced clowns."- Pilar to Stahma and Datak. 
  • "It's not like I dropped a whore from the top of the gateway arch."- Datak to Christie. Too soon Datak, way too soon!
  • Nolan (after seeing Amanda hold a letter opener against Kai's throat): "Is that a weapon?" Amanda: "Its a popular weapon in this office."
  • "Family emergency" says Datak as the Tarrs storm the prison and kill the guards. 
  • Datak (in reference to Pilar): "You should have killed her all those years ago." Rafe: "Well live and learn."

Grade: 5 Monsters (out of 5). Two excellent episodes. I just wished they hadnt killed off the Sensoth. RIP big guy. The special effects were at times hokey and it was surprisingly easy to disarm the big brain of the Kaziri. But I dont care. The good far outweighed the bad. 

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GMonsters Television Viewing Schedule For September 2014 (Updated Monthly)
When Families Apparently Dressed Up To Watch Television

8 Utopia, Fox, NEW, premiers Sunday 9/7/14 at 8 PM, then Tues at 8 & Fri at 9 weekly
  • 8 Once Upon A Time, ABC (season 4), begins 9/28/14
  • 9 Resurrection, ABC (season 2), begins 9/28/14
9 Witches Of East End, Lifetime, season 2 ends 10/12/14
10 The Strain, FX, NEW, season 1 ends 10/5/14
  • 10 Naked & Afraid, NatGeo, season 3 began 6/29/14
  • 10 The Leftovers, HBO, NEW, season 1 ends 9/7/14
  • I am anxiously awaiting the return of Penny Dreadful (Showtime), Game Of Thrones (HBO), & Salem (WGN)

8 Gotham, Fox, NEW, begins 9/22/14
8 Running Wild With Bear Grylls, NBC, NEW season 1 ends 9/8/14
  • 9 Sleepy Hollow- Fox (season 2), begins 9/22/14
  • 9 Scorpion, CBS, NEW, begins 9/22/14
10 Under the Dome- CBS, season 2 ends 9/33/14
I am anxiously awaiting the return of Bates Motel (A&E) 

9 Rizzoli & Isles- TNT, season 5 ends 9/2/14
10 Sons Of Anarchy, FX, season 7 (and final season) begins 9/9/14

Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, NBC (season 16), begins 9/24/14
10 Extant- CBS, NEW, season 1 ends 9/17/14
10 The Bridge, FX, season 2 ends 10/1/14
I'm anxiously awaiting the return of American Horror Story

Grey's Anatomy, ABC (season 11), begins 9/25/14
  • 9 Doomsday Preppers- National Geographic- season 4 began 7/24/14
  • 10 Haven, SyFy, NEW, begins 9/11/14
  • I am anxiously awaiting the return of Defiance (SyFy) and Dominion (SyFy)

10 Z Nation, SyFy, NEW, begins 9/12/14
7/11/14 Hemlock Grove- Netflix- season 2- all episodes releases simultaneously
  • 6/6/14 Orange Is The New Black- Netflix- season 2- all episodes releases simultaneously
  • I'm anxiously awaiting the return of Hannibal and Helix

9 Intruders- BBC America- NEW, began 8/23/14, 8 part series
  • I'm anxiously awaiting the return of Orphan Black (BBC America) and In The Flesh (BBC America)


  • Off The Grid With Jesse Ventura- Ora- Tues thru Fri at 3 PM ET

  • All Crystal Chappell projects- Inn The Series (season 3 ended,, Grove The Series, Venice The Series (season 4 ended, season 5 may be the last of the series)



  • 10/1/14 Criminal Minds, CBS (season 10), 9 PM
  • 10/1/13 Stalker, CBS, 10 PM, NEW
  • 10/8/14 American Horror Story: Freak Show (season 4), FX, 10 PM
  • 10/12/14 The Walking Dead, AMC (season 5), 9 PM
  • 10/24/14 Grimm, NBC (season 4), 9 PM
  • 10/24/14 Constantine, NBC, 10 PM, NEW
  • 10/25/14 How To Get Away With Murder, ABC, 10 PM, NEW
  • 11/24/14 Ascension, SyFy- 6 part mini series
  • 1/15 CSI: Cyber- CBS, 10 PM, Sundays, NEW

  • ? America Unearthed- History (season 3)
  • ? America's Book Of Secrets- History (season 4)
  • ? Ancient Aliens- H2 (season 7)
  • ? Bates Motel- A&2 (season 3)
  • ? Continuum- SyFy (season 4)
  • ? Defiance- SyFy (season 3)
  • ? Dominion- SyFy (season 2)
  • ? Downton Abbey- PBS (season 5)
  • ? Dual Survival- Discovery (season 5)
  • From Dusk Till Dawn, El Rey (season 2)
  • ? Game Of Thrones- HBO (season 5)
  • Hannibal- NBC (season 3)
  • ? House of Cards- Netflix (season 3)
  • ? In The Flesh- BBC America (season 3)
  • ? Lost Girl- SyFy (season 5, final season)
  • Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D- ABC (season 2)
  • ? Marvel's Agent Carter- ABC, NEW
  • ? Orphan Black- BBC America (season 3)
  • ? Penny Dreadful- Showtime (season 2)
  • ? Sharnado- SyFy (the 3rd one)
  • ? The Americans- FX (season 3)
  • ? The Fall- Netflix (season 2)
  • ? The Returned- Sundance, season 2, may have to wait till 2015 to see in the US.
  • ? Salem- WGN (season 2)
  • ? Survivorman- Science (season 6)
  • ? Vikings- History (season 3)

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Defiance Favorite Quotes From Seasons 1 Thru 2
Defiance Main Characters Excluding Christie, Yewll, Berlin, Pottinger, Tommy & Kenya (RIP) 

I hope you enjoy these quotes from "Defiance". Has anyone heard yet if it's renewed for a third season? It better! The story cant end like this. And if you missed my past quote compilations they're at:  

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"Defiance" Favorite Quotes From Seasons 1-2:

  • "I should have left Defiance with Kenya Rosewater last year"- Stahma to Datak. She should have added at the end "instead of KILLING HER!" 
  • "I loved Kenya"- Stahma to Amanda. To which Amanda replies "It was a business. She didnt love you any more than Rupert the Miner or Datak." Ouch that hurt. 
  • "Did you just hack my imaginary wife?"- Yewll to the alien ship Kaziri. 
  • "Tell the Kaziri to take her 3000 year old instructions and shove them up her virtual ass."- Dr Yewll. Yewll,  you are simply the best!
  • "I think of you as a carnival act.. You two are funny white faced clowns."- Pilar to Stahma and Datak. 
  • "It's not like I dropped a whore from the top of the gateway arch."- Datak to Christie. Too soon Datak, way too soon!
  • Nolan (after seeing Amanda hold a letter opener against Cai's throat): "Is that a weapon?" Amanda: "Its a popular weapon in this office."
  • "Family emergency" says Datak as the Tarrs storm the prison and kill the guards. 
  • Datak (in reference to Pilar): "You should have killed her all those years ago." Rafe: "Well live and learn."
  • When Tennety asks Amanda if she wants a job as a secretary. Amanda says "No thanks, I already work with prostitutes". 
  • Stahma: "Youve had Alak's whore Treasure Doll". Datak: "Yes she is skinny yet enthusiastic. I suggest you give her a try". Stahma: "I'd snap her like a twig". 
  • "The devouring mother has come. She is glory made flesh."- Irisa   
  • "The most we can hope for is what we want is worth the evil we do."- Stahma
  • Kenya: "Was there something between us?" Stahma: "You could say that, yes." 
  • "I didnt need her dead. I needed her under control"- Datak to Stahma about Kenya. 
  • "Dont tell me I killed Kenya for nothing"- Stahma. "She's not dead"- Datak. 
  • Quentin: "You should have just shot her." (referring to his mother). Rafe: I didnt have the guts. Anyway, welcome home!"
  • "Such a tiny human head"- Stahma after Datak digs up her skull. 
  • "You are my only friend."- Yewll to Datak. 
  • "Im not interested in playing house with some human"- FakeKenya to Amanda. 
  • "Dont shoot yourself in the face again, OK honey?"- Nolan to Irisa (since she is immortal).  
  • Yewll calls Amanda "pudding". Too Funny. 
  • "This is where it will begin...arkrise"- Irzu to Irisa. 
  • "There are two types of friends in this world-- the kind that helps you hide a dead whore  and me"- Yewll to Datak.
  • "The one that stole Jalina's eyes. Promise me that you will make their suffering... magnificent."- Stahma to Datak.
  • "I dont paint my face pink"- Alak. "I am not pink!"- Christie.  
  • "Our friend is a Votan cross dresser."- Rafe about Lambert. 
  • "Im Indogene, we are squirrely by nature"- Yewll. 
  • "I promised the wife."- Datak to Rafe before he thumbs the killer doctor's eyes out. 
  • "I have prepared a special blend of fragrant tea."- Stahma to the other ladies before she kills them.
  • "Irisa is real. That is made a spare parts and a few stem cells"- Nolan referring to Churchill the Bioman. Very harsh Nolan!
  • "Still I come form a culture that worships dicks"- Stahma to Amanda when they're talking about women's lib. 
  • "There's nothing more dangerous to people like us than an honest man"- Datak to Stahma about Favi Kurr. 
  • "What kind of world do we live in where women conspire to overthrow the church?" says Datak. "A world of great change" replies a smiling Stahma. 
  • "Now I want you to burn the Castithan crazy scrolls and fix your family from the inside."- Yewll offering family counseling advice to Datak. 
  • "Your breathe smells very Irathient by the way."- Datak to Irathi guy after he kisses him. 
  • "Im not allowed to die for a good long time. These people need me.. penance."- Meh to Lev. 
  • When Nolan asks Yewll where she was, she replies "booty call". That Yewll is hilarious. 
  • When Lev asks Meh why she hasnt removed her own defective ego implant she says she will remove it but not now "because I'm not ready to let you go yet."
  • Datak: "Well I hope my home has provided you comfort during a difficult time. Do I look insincere?" Rafe: "Your face is kinda built that way."
  • "You are a disgusting troll!"- Christie. "Well what family doesnt hit a rough patch now and then?"- Datak. 
  • Meh: "This parable is the one where the just man cooks his unfaithful wife and serves her body parts for dinner?" Datak: "It's inspiring." Meh: "It's disgusting."
  • "Do not look away"- Stahma to Alak while Datak is being beaten. 
  • "You should have made me your partner"- Stahma to an injured Datak. Dude, your wife is more of a man than you. Give it up. 
  • When Yewll is asked how she got out of prison she dryly replies "raw sex appeal". I love that woman! More air time for Yewll. 
  • "We both know we can never allow your father to come home"- Stahma to Alak. 
  • "How many people do I have to kill? How big is my debt"- Irisa to Irzu. Apparently it's really, really big.  
  • "She's probably off doing teenage girl things."- speculating on where Irisa is. 
  • "Youre just a nasty old bastard"- Alak to his Datak. Way to stand up to daddy! But you know there will be hell to pay later. 
  • "How's the finger?"- Datak. "Feels like someone cut it off."- Yewll. Probably because someone did. 
  • "Why do you think I saved your pasty ass?"- Yewll telling Datak that he is now her bodyguard. 
  • "Do you want me to check you for lumps... you're good"- Yewll to Datak when he wants her to finish what Stahma started. 
  • "Mom, do you have to sit so close"- Alak to his mother in the bath when her boobs too close to Christie. Where can I sign up for a mother-in-law like that???
  • "You children are so particular about your personal space"- Stahma's response to Alak. 
  • "I've heard of Berlin. I've always wanted to visit."- Nolan. Haaa good one.
  • Berlin calls Nolan a "happy cowboy" and then says "I bet you watched 'Star Wars a hundred times... driving around in your busted ass roller with your hot Chewbacca". Too funny and spot on. 
  • “There's only one other person who's done what you just did, and I pay her by the hour"- Datak to Stahma after he realizes she's been with Kenya. 
  • “What's a golf ball?”- Doc Yewell after someone threatens to pound her "golf ball" head in.
  • "We've got a killer out there and his weapon of choice is hellbug"- the Doc upon examining the exploded john's remains. 
  • “I’d be busy too, if I had to choke on this otter"- Datak criticizing Christie's cooking. Unfortunately he didn't know she bought Castithan on Rosetta Stone (so she knows exactly what he said). 
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Heavy On Sci Fi, Horror & Adventure; Light On Reality 

The Strain Episode 8 Recap: And This Is Why Quickie Marts Should Carry Guns And Ammo
I Hope The City Pays Me Overtime For All This Extermination Work. I'm Union Ya Know. 

"Creatures Of The Night" picks up right where we left off last week. Eichorst is feeling pain from a shot of silver to the leg. Team Abe heads to a medical supply store to look for UV lights. After breaking in, who do they encounter but Fet. Yeah! They're finally all together. 

Next everyone is trapped inside a Quickie Mart as a swarm of vamps encircles the building. Not-so-coincidentally the blond hacker chick (Dutch) who brought the internet/cell phones down is also there. When someone runs outside and manages to evade death, Abe says the swarm was sent by the Master to kill them as revenge. Soon the vamps will overrun the store and Team Abe will be goners.
Maybe Taking Down The Internet/Cell Phones Was Not Such A Good Idea After All

The vamps are getting smarter. They're learning to use tools. Abe says the Master can see through each strigoi's eyes (and they can all mentally communicate with each other). The vamps will mature in about a month. But they will not become like Echorst. A few strigoi are granted special powers and allowed to retain parts of themselves. Abe says Echorst is one of the chosen. 

A vamp climbs to the top of an electrical pole and then the power is off. No more using the UV lamps. Oh wait. They have batteries. Good!  

Jim is scrapped while fighting off one of the monsters and has a worm inside of him.They remove it but soon there are many more. Jim knows he's a goner. Abe says to do the humane thing and kill him before he turns. Eph/Nora say the human thing is to try to save him. While they're all debating what should be done, Fet pulls out a gun and shoots Jim in the head. Bye bye Jim. While its sad to see ya go, you werent really very useful and you did help cause the vampire epidemic.   

Everyone manages to escape in the bread truck except for poor Hasaan (who wont leave his cage in the Quickie Mart). Now they have Dutch in tow (who is able to access Eldritch/Echorst but they dont know that yet). 

There were some funny moments in this episode as well. Like when Fet had to use Eph's credit card to get gas for the truck. Fet says he is "currently in dispute on my credit limit". And since it's not his card, Fet chooses premium gas instead. Dutch drinking half the alcohol in the bottles (instead of pouring it out) was fun as well. And the Abe/Fet mutual admiration society was a nice addition. They eat admire the other's badassery.
If Any Of You Vamps Make Fun Of My Hair Again, You've Had It

And In Case We Need A List Of Things That Are Effective Against Strigoi:

  • Sunlight
  • UV Lights
  • Beheading (severing the spinal cord)
  • Silver (preferably silver bullets but silver in a nail gun works too)
  • Gun shots to the head (gun shots elsewhere will slow them down some if it hits bone, flesh wounds heal quickly)
  • Fire (Molotov cocktails slow them down)
  • Rebar to the head
  • Punching them in the face slows them down a little

Favorite Quotes:

  • "I work alone."- Fet
  • "When will you decide to believe me?"- Abe to Eph
  • "Burglars, vigilantes, vampires killers, just add it to the list"- Eph
  • "If you get stung I wont hesitate to return the favor" says Eph (referring to Fet killing Jim). Fet replies with "That's the spirit doc!". I love Fet!
  • When Dutch asks if its vampires or people with a disease outside, Eph says "It's a transformative disease that makes people predatory and extremely dangerous." They're freaking vampires dude! Sometimes I want to feed Eph to them just to shut him up. 

Grade: 4 3/4 Monsters (out of 5). One of the best episodes to date. "The Strain" just keeps getting better and better. Focusing on one locale (instead of jumping all over town) helped increase the feeling of being trapped. "Creatures Of The Night" is reminiscent of zombie shows where the main characters are all isolated together and must become a cohesive team in order to survive.  

We also learned from Abraham the basics of how vamps work (although we dont know anything new about the Special Forces Vampires we saw last week).  And for those of you saying this show is becoming too much like "The Walking Dead"... who cares? It's still better than a lot of other shows on TV. Yes I'm looking at you "Under The Dome". 

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TV:  Heavy On Sci Fi, Horror & Adventure; Light On Reality

Extant Episodes 9 Thru 10 Recaps: Baby Goes On His First Camping Trip
This Little Girl Is Not Real Sparks! Get Some Therapy Dude. 

This week's twofers are entitled "Care and Feeding" and "A Pack of Cards". Even though we had two hours of "Extant" not a whole hell of a lot went on.  Has "Extant" reached the end the line? Maybe so. There's only so long they can keep up this plot. 

Molly wants to find her baby. What she plans to do with it when she finds it, I'm not sure. Sparks wants the Offspring because of its projection of Katie. He has still not accepted that his daughter is really dead. Yasumoto wants the Offspring to prevent his death. Kryger wants to kill it so others wont be harmed. John just wants Molly to care about  him and Ethan as much as she does her job.  Odin wants to kill Ethan because he hates AI. Julie just wants a boyfriend. And we're not sure what the Offsrping wants. That's basically it in a nutshell. 

Here's the specifics of what happened:

Sparks steals the baby and runs off to a campground with his imaginary daughter. He calls his ex-wife Anya so Yasumoto and company are able to track her to his location. 

Julie and Odin babysit Ethan. Ethan shows Odin how to change his batteries. They begin to bond. Little does Julie know that Odin plans to kill Ethan as part of his I-Hate-Technology campaign.
Molly This Man Cannot Be Trusted

Meanwhile Molly spends some time trying to escape the secured building through the elevator shaft. She eventually whacks one of Yasumoto's henchman. Yasumoto calls and says they need to talk. He comes clean about removing the baby from her. But now they're on the same side. They both want to find the baby. Yasumoto sends Molly off with someone named Dr Mason. He should not be trusted.
And These Two Guys Cant Be Trusted Either. Basically No One Can Be Trusted.

We see a flashback to when Molly was in the car accident and Marcus was killed. She delivered the baby but it was too small to survive. Dr Sam had to break the news to Molly. That was an excellent scene for both actors. I smell an Emmy nomination.   

Back at the campsite, Sparks talks to his old friend Esther. She hears something in his cabin and goes to investigate with her shotgun. The baby makes her see an image of her dead husband Earl. Sparks then struggles with her and Esther is accidentally killed. Why did you have to kilil Esther? Next a cop visits the camp but Spark knocks him out too. I thought the cop would be baby food since FakeKatie says "he's hungry". Instead we see him back at the police station where he shoots another officer and a robot. It seems the Offspring is controlling his actions. 

The birds descend upon Molly and Dr Mason's van and force them off the road. (Remember birds are a recurring theme for some reason.) Molly makes a run for it but ends up back with Mason (after making a quick call to John). FakeKatie tells Sparks he wont see her again unless he finds someone else for the baby to feed on. 

Molly and Mason arrive at the camp site. Mason gets whacked in the head by the guy who was previously baby food. Sparks tells Molly that the baby is waiting to see her. The Offspring shows Molly a different reality in which Marcus and their baby lived after the car accident. 

Sparks leads Molly away in a stupor and has enter what looks like coordinates for the space station into a computer. What's that about? Sparks gets his gun and is going to shoot Molly but FakeKatie stops him saying "Its better if we bring her with us. He wants his mother." 

Just then Kryger and Kern arrive. There's a shootout. Harmon is killed (I think). Sparks, Anya, FakeKatie and the Offspring escape in the car. And we still havent seen what the baby looks like. 

Favorite Quotes:

  • "Im not one of those blue marble ladies."- Molly referring to astronauts who come back to earth and think everything is about love and peace. 
  • "Everything comes with a price"- Sparks to Anya while smiling at FakeKatie as they hear screams in the background. 
  • "99.9% of all the earth's species are extinct"- Molly to Mason. 

Grade: 3 1/2 Monsters (out of 5). There are two episodes to go till the end of the season. I really hope we get some answers soon. I havent heard of this show going into a season 2. I dont think there's enough plot to be able to sustain that. Let me know if you think otherwise. 

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Intruders Episode 2 Recap: In The Beginning There Was Death
Madi-Marcus From The Opening Credits

In episode 2 "And Here You Must Listen" we are treated to a few tidbits about how the Qui Reverti works and what it all means. The opening credits now make sense. Henceforth should we refer to the combo of Madison/Marcus combo as Madi-Marcus?  What are your thoughts thus far? Is "Intruders" a keeper? Please leave your comments below. 

The scene opens with Madison's mother frantically running along the beach screaming. Madison is missing. We next see her at a bus station staring up at a clock. When it strikes "9" (which is a recurring number in the series) she snaps back to reality. She finds a bus ticket from her home to Portland in one pocket. In the other she finds a book with "9" embossed on the front. Inside there are keys, cash and a train ticket to Seattle. Madison opens the book to the page that reads "In the beginning there was death." She thinks back to her trip to visit an Asian woman who handed her the book while saying "Welcome back". 

Jack is still in search of Amy. He goes to her office in Seattle but she is not there and they are not expecting her. When he leaves there are two shadowy characters keeping tabs on him from behind the frosted glass. 

Next we see Jack asleep with Amy beside him. She's speaking Russian and is weirder than usual (if that's possible). She too says "in the beginning there was death".  Is she back? Nope, it was just a flashback. 

There's a new guy taking of Oz's podcast duties. Oz's death is "officially" ruled a suicide. Coincidentally he was found dead right after revealing a secret society known as Qui Reverti. 

Over at Madison's house her parents are working with the police to uncover any leads. "Special Agent Shepherd" shows up at their door. It quickly becomes evident that he is NOT with the FBI when he begins asking such questions as: Did Madison ever speak in a foreign language she never learned, Did she say that she had to go to Portland to visit a Mrs Ing in Chinatown? Did she use any coarse language? Did she say "What goes around comes around"?

Jack meets the cab driver that found Amy's phone. He says Amy freaked him out. She said she was with the Russian secret police and assassinated a labor strike leader in 1883. Nothing unusual there.
Mental Note: Dont Piss Off Thuggish Spirits Who Are Masquerading As Little Girls

Madison opens the "Book Of 9" and reads. "This book begins at the point you began before in another life. There is a lie they tell... a lie that is believed for the sake of control. People believe death to be His (God's) final punishment. That this book is in your hands proves death is not punishment. There is no such thing."  Madison is not allowed to board the train to Seattle because she's an unaccompanied minor. She is not happy.
What Goes Around Comes Around Shepherd

Next the Shepherd breaks into Madame Ing's house. She says "I know who he is. No book was created for Marcus Fox and he will not understand". Mrs Eng also adds "They'll kill us for what you've done". Marcus shoots her (and someone I assume was her son). That Shepherd is vicious.  He later follows Madison but she finally escapes by paying a woman to drive her to Seattle. 

Jack and George (the cab driver) team up up to find Amy. They head over to a condo where Amy and her male friend could be. Here comes Tom Crane (Amy's boss). He shouldnt be trusted. Just then two black suited guys (did they remind you of the "Men In Black"?) beat the crap out of Jack and George. One pulls a gun but the other says "She said no". George has had enough and hits the road. So far George is the smartest person on this show. Next Jack is talking on the phone to the guy whose car he borrowed and the phone clicks over to Amy. She is at home just like she said she would be. OK then...

Favorite Quotes:
  • "In the beginning there was death."- Madison reading from a book (and Amy after she woke up)
  • "We will never forgot."- the guy doing Oz's podcast after Oz was murdered.
  • "Go home, even if you find Amy she's gone"- mysterious caller to Jack. 
  • "What goes around comes around"- Marcus/Madison. This must be his catch phrase. 
  • "People believe death to be His (God's) final punishment. That this book is in your hands proves death is not punishment. There is no such thing." words from the Book of 9. 
Grade: 4 Monsters (out of 5). After two episodes what do you think of "Intruders"? So far I'm intrigued. I'll keep checking back. Next week we meet Marcus and learn what kind of deal he made with the Shepherd. 

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Witches Of East End Season 2 Episode 7 Recap: Hair Ball
One Man's Art Is Another Warlock's Obsession

In the "Art of Darkness" Joanna catches Frederick and his girlfriend Caroline in a compromising position. She tells Wendy (who says she already knows about Caroline). Joanna feels left out of the family happenings.

Meanwhile Dash asks Ingrid to an East End art gala. She agrees since they're just going as friends. Freya protests saying that, after last week, Dash can not be trusted. Ingrid ignores her warnings. Wendy also gets tickets to the from a secret admirer and takes Freya.  

Next we see Joanna, Caroline and Frederick at dinner. Tarkoff (an old family friend) shows up saying he wants to pay his respects regarding Victor. Its turns out that Tarkoff has been hanging around East End for 400 years and is working for the King. Tarkoff is none other than Spike from "Buffy The Vampire Slayer". 

And just as we suspected, Frederick has been conspiring with Daddy Odin all along. The mandragora was sent to East End to find a suitable body for the King to inhabit (so he could surprise the fam). Tarkoff tells Frederick he better put a spell on Joanna so the two girls can be taken back to Asgard or else! Frederick reluctantly puts some poison in Joanna's wine but later breaks her glass so she cant drink it. 

The evil Tarkoff pretends to hug Joanna but gets one of her hairs. What is he going to do next? And hasnt poor Joanna been through enough this season already?

Meanwhile over at the bird house, we think Killian is about to break free of the owl (after having found a video he himself made saying she could not be trusted). But Eva pulls another fast one and spells him into oblivion again. We also see Eva as an old lady. Is that how she really looks? In which case Killian should be glad he's under a spell. 

Back at the art fundraiser, Wendy notices something strange about the pieces. It turns out they were created by her thrice divorced warlock husband Ronan (using her hair in each piece to make them magical). He's back after 40 years saying he loves Wendy, he's changed and to please give him more hair. And yes Ronan is Pete from "Warehouse 13". But Wendy is not phased by his smooth talking and good hair. She is in love with Tommy so cool your jets warlock! On a related note, I really wish we could see more of Wendy's back story.  

Who else shows up at the art festivities but Kyle's daddy. He still thinks Dash had something to do with his son's disappearance (and he is correct). So Dash takes him outside and kills him (making it look like a heart attack). Of course this is going to come back to haunt Dash later. 

And the moment we've been waiting for. Ingrid and Dash finally kiss. Fan fictioners, start your engines. What do you think of their pairing? I personally like it.
The Beauchamp Ladies

Grade: 3 1/2 Monsters (out of 5). Not my most favorite episode but Im sure the pace needed to slow a bit after the mandragora attack last week. PS @auntwendythecat retweeted another one of my tweets. My life is now complete.  

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The Strain Episode 7 Recap: Strigoi Ninja Recon Delta Squad
So We Meet Again Number 1356-73-666 and 2/3rds!

"For Services Rendered" opens with Neeva (one of the smartest people on the show) calling Joan's hubby to say he must return home immediately. Joan is not well. Mr Luss arrives just in time for vamps to attack his cab. The driver decides to go all Dirty Harry on them. Well that didnt end well did it? When someone yells "DRIVE!!!" you should just drive and ask questions later.
Joan I Simply Love What You've Done With Your Hair.

Hubby get IN the house but there's Joan. Wow Joan, you've really let yourself go. Mr Ludd gets tongued (and not in a good way). They then set down to watch some TV till the kids return home. 

Back at Casa Setrakian, Abe tells Eph and Nora that vamps are susceptible to silver. It burns them. Good to know. I thought that only worked on werewolves. Abe also tell them that if the Master is killed, all the other vamps will die. Eph retorts with "That makes no biological sense". Dude, get with the program. This show doesnt make any sense. If it did, you'd have already notified the police, the National Guard and the president of the vampire threat. 

Flashback to WWII. When Eichorst finds a "Hand of Mriam' talisman in the barracks, he learns that Abe has mad carpentry skills. He makes Abe build the Master's coffin. Too bad he couldn't have carpentered the Iron Maiden model instead. Eichorst gets drunk and goads Abe saying he is weak and cant make a decision for himself. 

Back in present day we see Jim and his sick wife. Abe and company arrive. They need Jim's help to locate the Master (actually he's the bait). Its about time Jim did something useful. Mrs Jim is upset and drives off in a cab. Is that the last we see of her? 

Eichorst approaches Jim in the subway station. He knows it's a trap and confronts Abe. They fight. Eph shoots him the leg. And the award for best escape goes to Eichorst who jumps on the outside of the subway car, digs his vampire nails in and hangs on until it reaches it's next stop. That was cool. 

Cut over to Gus and Felix in jail. The corrections officers dont believe a word Gus says about the vampires. And if I was Gus, I would not like to be locked in a cell with Felix (who now has worm hand thanks to the coroner). This is not going to end well.
I Love You Nanny Neeva. Live Long And Prosper!

Neeva, her nurse daughter and the white kids head over to Joan's house.  There they encounter VampJoan again. You've got to admit, VampJoan is pretty amusing. She's one of those people that has a much better personality as a vampire. Just when we think Neeva and company are goners, some hooded vampire ninjas show up and shoot Joan and Mr Joan in the head with a crossbow. SAY WHAT? I honestly didnt see that coming. So how do these vampire ninja work? It seems like they're good guys. Are they trying to rid of the planet of bad vamps? I guess we'll have to tune in next week to find out.  

Points To Ponder:

  • The episode title "For Services Rendered" refers to Abe making the Master's coffin. In present day, Echorst says he'll let him live another day "for services rendered" way back then. 
  • RIP nurse daughter Sebastiane. We didnt know you for long but you were a brave soul.
  • Is Eichorst super creepy or what??? I just love watching Richard Sammel act here. He's almost the best thing about this show.
  • I dont really buy that Jim first risked everything to save his wife and now ignores her to help out the Vamp Squad. He could have at least tried to stop her from leaving in the cab. 
  • I also dont buy that a group of hackers slowing the internet to "dial up speed" can prevent the vampire videos from being released to the public. We saw TV is up somewhat (since Mr Ludd watched it at the bar). Cell phones sometime work. I know they need a reason to keep Team Abe in the forefront but I wish there was a different plot option. 
  • I assume that Eichorst was human during WWII but then became a vamp after that. How is he able to maintain his senses while the rest are drooling idiots?
  • Those hooded ninjas are surprising good with children. Maybe they should open a day care center. 
  • Why do we still have poor Eldritch Palmer on the show? He seems to be the weakest link.
  • Where is Fet? And what is Bolivar up to these days?
  • Mr Quinlan is apparently the name of the head vampire ninja. I didnt want to keep referring to him as "head of hooded vampire ninjas". 

Favorite Quotes:
  • "We kill the Master and his spawn will die, I promise you."- Abe to Eph. 
  • "Logic is not the issue here. It's your desire to always be in control."- Abe to Eph. 
  • "Did you see that dead dude? He had a six foot long frog tongue"- Gus to correctional officer. His response is "This is New York City. Weird shit goes down out there all the time". I guess you cant argue with that. 
  • "Consider your wife dead."- Eichorst to Jim.
  • "If you see something, say something." Words to live by people!
  • "Do not touch her. She is corrupted." says Quinlan to Neeva.  

Grade: 4 1/2 Monsters (out of 5). Neeva gets a 5, the hooded vampires get a 5 and the creepy Eichorst gets a 5. Eldritch and sick Mrs Jim, not so much. Overall a great episode with a surprise ending (no I havent read the books). And I'm happy to report that "The Strain" has been renewed for season 2. Woooo Hoooo!

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