Sleepy Hollow Favorite Quotes From Season 1

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"Sleepy Hollow" Favorite Quotes From Seasons 1:

  • "Gentlemen, we don't wish to violate your Constitutional rights but we must commandeer this lantern"- Ichy to the militia members who had Ben Franklin's lantern.
  • "Lying is a sin. I can sense a sin a mile away."- Henry The Sin Eater about the librarian who appears to be hiding something.
  • "You embroidered my name on some over sized hosiery."- Ichabod to Abbie after she gives him a stocking.
  • "What hellish form of torment is this?"- Ichy after spotting himself in a fun house mirror.
  • “God may have a plan, but we have one too.”- the demons to Frank in the park.  
  • “Rumors of my demise have been… pretty much true”- Andy Brooks. I love that guy!
  • "Paul Revere, you rum beggar"- Ichy. I guess that's a term of endearment.
  • "I am dead. Is that not apparent?"- Officer Andy.
  • "The Regulars are coming"- this is what Paul Revere and crew apparently shouted instead of "the British are coming". Is that true? 
  • "The next time you see that witch in a dream tell her to be more specific."- Jenny to Abbie about Katrina's cryptic message. That was funny. 
  • "I am sanctified"- what ya say after the Sin Eater is done with you. 
  • "The life you know will never return"- Bernard to Ichabod before he switched sides. 
  • "If a building is left standing for 10 years they declare it a historical landmark"- Ichy to Abby.
  • "The Truth Shall Set You Free"- Ichabod to Abbie while in Dream Land.
  • "Before the Four Horsemen can ride, an army of evil will make way for their arrival. The first dark spirit rises with the Blood Moon. She’s one of us. You must stop her before she kills again.”- Karina. 
  • "What's an outrage is the 10% taxation on baked goods. Why are the people not taking to the streets?"- Ichabod 
  • "When did women start wearing trousers?"- Ichy to Abbie.
  • "You can't kill Death."- Andy to Abbie.   
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The Bridge Episodes 10 Thru 11 Recaps: Eidolon And Beholder
Let's Be BFFs

We are nearing the end of season 2 of "The Bridge". There are only two episodes left. This year the Big Baddies have been Eleanor and Galvan. Both are appealing to watch as they spin their webs and destroy everyone in their paths. 

Episode 10 (entitled "Eidolon") answers a number of our questions from earlier in the season. When we originally saw Monte enter the model home at Red Ridge, we werent sure what had happened. It turns out that scene occurred directly after the bloodbath in which the feds, Galvan's men, Charlotte and a poor innocent notary were killed. Eleanor and Hank were also badly injured. We also learn what happened with the dead guy in the car that Marco and Sonya found. That guy was hired to work for Eleanor but he read her ledger and tried to touch her. Definitely not something you want to do.
I Gotta Get A Different Job

Monte hires a questionable doctor to try to keep Eleanor and Hank alive (because he has Eleanor's ledger). Sonya and Marco find them and ram the car. Eleanor tries to escape but she's too weak. Sonya holds a gun on her. Eleanor turns around and collapses.
I Bet There Is A Family Of Mice Living In That Beard

In "Beholder" Linder and Eva stake out Robie's house. They see children so whatever plan they had is postponed. Linder later gets a shave from Eva. Wow he looks like a completely different person. They have sexy times but poor Eva still has issues due to what happened to her. Hopefully she can now move past the incident and get on with her life. 

Sonya goes to see Eleanor and tells her she has the ledger. Hank who is still recovering in the hospital, told Sonya where it was hidden. Sonya  also confronts Eleanor about following her mother (who is homeless). The two bond (sorta) over their rough childhoods. Eleanor tells Sonya she cant stop all the violence. Sonya says at least she'll try. Sonya later gives her mother money and tells her leave town for a while. 

Galvan sends Cerisola a video of his daughter. He know that she is Cerisola's weakness. She could die any minute since she's a heavy drug user. Fausto later crashed a nearby quinceaƱera and asks to dance with the girl. That scene was scary but also funny. Does Galvan just want to live a quiet, normal life?
I'm Worried That These Two Will End Up Dead Soon

Frye and Adrianna are still on the trail of the DEA/CIA/FBI/Galvan/Cerisola connection. And of course the government is deeply involved. Adrianna goes to see Lucy and tells her she should move back in with her parents. The case they are working on is way too dangerous. Adrianna, whats wrong with you? Get back with Lucy immediately.

Eleanor is sprung from jail. She says she understands that her work is there and that she will make it right. Why is Sonya driving around with the ledger on the front seat of her car? That's just asking for trouble.
I Assume These Two Will Survive The Season

Marco learns where Galvan is. Hes at on old ranch where Galvan and Marco's father uses to hang out. They drive up there just to get shot (except for Marco). That was stupid. Im not sure those guys are very good marines.  

Grade: 4 Monsters (out of 5). I especially enjoyed episode 10. I'm interested to see how it all ends. There are two episodes to go till the finale. Will there be a season 3? The ratings are apparently pretty low so not sure.. 

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Extant Episode 13 Recap: Lame Ass Aliens (Series Finale)
That FakeKate Is Seriously A Stalker!

"Extant" I have been with ya since the beginning. I had high hopes for last night's finale entitled "Ascension" but to be honest I was seriously disappointed. 

To Halle Berry's credit she did as much with the material as possible. She is still the best part of this show. Too bad the writing in the finale was a bloody mess. The spores have invaded the Seraphim. They cannot let the ship reenter the Earth's atmosphere or the spores will spread. So the ISEA sends Molly (who is our only hope) back into space. She's now wearing a cool prototype space suit so she cant be infected by the spores again and she can distinguish between reality and spore illusions. 

Molly frees Sean from the cargo hold where FakeKatie locked him last week. Molly encounters FakeKatie. They fight and Molly's glove is removed in the process. Uh oh. Now the spores are going to infect her again. 

There's lot of running around and talking to "Ben" (who's the onboard computer). Ben are you related to Hal? The alien spores keep throwing illusions at Molly but she shakes them off. She locks FakeKaie in the shed. Am I the only one wondering why they went to all this effort? The offspring is already on Earth. Just blow up the space station and move on. Sorry Sean. But that would have fixed the issue. Anyway, moving on.
Why Dont You Love Me As Much As You Love That Freaky Eyed Alien Kid?

There's a robot boy vs alien kid smackdown at the ISEA control center. And I thought the Offspring was trying to help Molly. It seems sometimes he helps and sometimes he doesnt. Ethan is the only one who can save Molly since the building was evacuated. He activates his "hand warmers" to start the manual override. This of course will cause his robot boy body to have a meltdown. And remember he still has a bomb inside of him.
I Really Hope FakeKate Doesnt Survive The Explosion. She's Such A Stalker. 

For those of you who predicted that the robot boy would act more human than the humans and save everyone, you are correct. For your correct guess, you win a trip to outer space. The shuttle leaves on Tuesday.
Circles And Molly In A Touching Moment. Molly, Get A Grip. Circles Is A Bad, Bad Alien Baby/PreTeen. 

Meanwhile the Offspring (AKA "Little Red Riding Dude" or "Circles") is roaming the city and is picked up by a nice family. That way there can be a season 2 if CBS so deems it. Sorry but I wont be watching.  

In the final scene, Ethan pops up on all the screens on the planet and says "I'm everywhere". Uh, we've seen this ending numerous times before. Isnt this the same exact ending as "Lucy" with Scarlett Johanssen? 

Favorite Quotes:

  • "If you dont believe in anything believe in her." Yes Molly is our only hope to save the world. 
  • "I think I know my purpose"- Ethan who then saves his human mother and blows himself up in the process. 
  • "Im everywhere"- Ethan after his core meltdown. 

My Favorite Things About "Extant":

  • Halle Berry- nuff said.
  • Ethan- robot boy was great!
  • Dr Sam
  • Kate/FakeKate- Kate was fun. 
  • There were some cool sci fi gadgets that I wish I had.
I Prefer to Worth With Robots Because I Am One. 

My Not So Favorite Things About "Extant":

  • John- sorry dude I'm not sure you're human either. You remind me of a grown up Pinocchio. 
  • Blue space spores- as a villain you suck! I'm personally not afraid of spores. 
  • I love the actor that played Yasumoto but what is the point of that character? Seemed like filler to me. Also what happened to his girlfriend (who was also a double agent for the terrorists)? She disappeared.
  • And we never learned what those circle symbols mean? Does anyone care?
  • I seriously think the finale should have been rewritten for better impact.  

Grade: 3 Monsters (out of 5). Sorry "Extant" but you should have kept the next to the last episode as the finale (because it was excellent). We never got any answers as to where the spores are from and what they really want. If they can travel all that distance and attach themselves to a spaceship, they can probably head on down to earth by themselves. 

And no appearances by Sparks and Odin and Yasumoto? Does anyone care?

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Witches Of East End Season 2 Episode 9 Recap: Death Scorpions Are Way Cool
Where Can I Buy Some Of These?

We knew someone would die during "Smells Like King's Spirit" but I didnt expect this. And a good thing too cause that was crazy. 

Dash finds some spell books that belonged to grandpappy Archibold Browning. He also sees a picture of Ingrid and confronts her. Yes she and Archie had a thing. No, she is not Dash's grandmother. She advises Dash to burn the spell books. We all know that wont happen.
Spike (I Mean Tarkoff) You Are One Mean Warlock

Frederick cant bring himself to kill Caroline. The plan was to kill her and then let King Daddy manifest in her body. Are you sure he wants to be in a woman's body? Just checking cause he might not like that. Tarkoff is none too happy about the failure and beats the crap out of Freddie. Turns out Tarkoff is a telepath and has been communicating with the King for centuries. He decides that Tommy would be the perfect vessel instead.   

Joanna brings out her death scorpions. One sting paralyzes the victim and the second kills them. They are way cool. 

While using the spell to find Tarkoff, Freya discovers that Frederick was sent by their father to betray the family. Should they kill him? Joanna throws a scorpion at him. Now he is paralyzed for a few hours.
I Thought Owl Girl Would Put Up More Of A Fight, Didnt You?

Freya goes snooping at Eva's house. She finds the potent and encounters Eva's grandmother/daughter. We finally get the full back story of Eva. She is centuries old. She was given eternal life by a warlock if she continues to get pregnant by a warlock before her current child dies.Well that didnt happen so she reverts to her old lady self and croaks. Given how much time they're spent previously on this story, wasnt that a little too easy? 

Joanna and Wendy meet Tarkoff at a bar. He says "the vessel (Tommy) is safe". He still professes his love for Joanna but his allegiance has always been with the King. She tries to scorpion him but he blocks her and disappears.  

Dash tells Killian the truth about what happened on the boat that night  They have a smackdown and destroy the mansion in the process. They also knock over the jar that kept whats-his-names body under water. So they'll have to deal with him next week too.
Last Week When I Said Congrats To Freya For Not Dying Before Her Birthday, I Was Just Kidding

Tarkoff goes to the Beauchamp house. Freddie finally is able to ambush him with a scorpion and then makes him swallow it. Bad way to go. Tarkoff's dying words are "I left you a present in the garden". Uh oh. That's not good. Freddie runs outside and then tells Joanna and Wendy. They run to the garden where they see Ingrid and Freya hanging from a tree D-E-A-D. Well I didnt see that coming. They have to be back...right? They are two main characters after all. Oh dear. 

We know from next week's previews that they attempt to resurrect Freya and Ingrid. I'm sure Archie's spell books will be involved. I really hope Aunt Wendy does not sacrifice her last cat life to save the girls. They'll be reborn anyway. And she wont... so I vote keep Aunt Wendy if they have to chose!   

Favorite Quotes:
  • "Im so relieved to know that I didnt have sex with my grandmother last night"- Dash to Ingrid. 
  • "I left you a present in the garden."- Tarkoff to Freddie. 

Grade: 4 1/2 Monsters (out of 5). Lots of dying going on and a killer ending. I thought that was a great episode. Extra bonus points for death scorpions. 

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The Strain Episode 10 Recap: Kelly Girl You In Danger
Too Bad I Dont Care That Much Since The Writers Havent Made Kelly A Very Likable Character. Sorry, I'm Sure You're A Nice Enough Person. 

This week not a whole hell of a lot is going on except we see Kelly's story. "Loved Ones" opens with Zack desperately trying to reach his mother. He sees her phone's location (nice product placement Apple!) but she wont call him back. Eph goes to look for her. Nora reminds him to take his weapons. Seriously, does he really have to be reminded of that during the vampire apocalypse? Because I would not have to be. I already feel the strong urge to arm myself while watching the show (just in case). 

Flashback to Kelly at home. Matt has turned but luckily locks himself in the bathroom before he chomps down on her. School lets out early since so many kids are out. Anyway, Kelly returns home but is attacked by Matt. She manages to fight him off but one of those pesky worms ends up in her eyeball. Uh oh, she's a goner. 

And what's up with the TV and internet? I thought Dutch brought them down. So do they just work sometimes? If so she's not a very good hacker. Nora and her mom are watching TV where they are talking about a massive financial collapse. The internet works a little because Zack sees Kelly's phone's location. And what about the mayhem being caused by the vampires? We see a few vampire attacks but it's business as usual for many people. If I saw a vamp I'd be running down the middle of the street screaming.
Arent You Dead Yet Palmer? I'm Not Sure Exactly Why You Exist On This Show Except As A Way To Get The Master To New York. 

Fet and Dutch sneak into Palmer's building. But they dont get very far. Security is waiting at the elevator. Some secret spies they are. I see Palmer hasnt kicked the bucket yet. And just when we think Dutch and Fet are about to be shot, Fitzwilliam lets them go. Will he and his men join TeamAbe down the line? 

Kelly heads over to Diane's house looking for Zack. Yep Ang is dead. That's what ya get for trying to do in the clones over on "Orphan Black". Although in her defense she did seem to be a decent person on this show. And Kelly, eating small children? That's just low. 

Kelly develops infrared vamp vision. Have we seen that before? The Master summons her into the subway saying "come to me". You can bet he will use her against Eph. And poor dumb Zack will be in the middle of it trying to save his mother. Hey I'm all for saving my loved ones BEFORE they turn into vamps. After that, sorry but I'm putting a cap in your ass.
Whatever You Do DONT Go Looking For Your Mother (Although We Know That Is Exactly What You'll Do At Some Point). 

Eph finds Diane and her son the basement and puts them out of their misery. Diane was holding Kelly's necklace so he knows what happened. Eph tells Dutch she's not wanted there so she gets mad and leaves. And now Fet is even more pissed at Eph than usual. During the vampire apocalypse it nice to have a warm lady to snuggle up with. Eph has a talk with Zack. Yep that kid is going to be the death of him. 

Grade: 3 1/2 Monsters (out of 5). The writers never portrayed Kelly as a full and likable character so it was hard to be really sad when she became a vamp. I think if they had given her additional air time at the beginning of the season it would have been more effective. There were no sightings of Eichorst or Gus or Nanny Neeva or Bolivar this week. And where is the Vamp Ninja Squad? Come on people! There's a vampire epidemic out there. Less talking, more vampire whacking!  

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Intruders Episode 4 Recap: I See Dead People Thanks To My Ghost Machine
This Inconspicuous Looking Building Is the Key. Lets Just Walk Right In And See Whats Up. 

This week's episode gets us a little closer to some answers but then brings up more questions. I have not a clue what's going on but I keep trying none the less. "Ave Verum Corpus" (which apparently translates to "Hail, true body") refers to the Mozart motet. Remember Madison previously referenced it when talking to Karen. Marcus says he was in the orchestra the first time it was played in 1791. A little girl was also murdered that night (my guess is by Marcus). 

Gary gives Jack some much needed clues. Conveniently Gary has a wealthy client named Joseph Cranfield who recently asked him to dispose of all of his assets and give a large sum of money to an obscure charity know as the Psychomancy Trust. The trust goes back some 300 years. They lease a building from Todd Crane (Amy's boss). This is the same building that Gary spotted Amy at when she disappeared. The three trustees of the building are listed as: Todd Crane, Marcus Fox, and Joseph Cranfield. When Cranfield dies then Amy becomes the third trustee. Gary and Jack go to the building but it is completely empty. 

Next Jack heads over to Bill Anderson's house. He gets a freaky call form what sounds like a woman. She says he should still away form the house unless he wants the same thing to happen to him. Next the voice calls Richard. She says Anderson should have been killed previously and that Richard should do his job. We learn that the person behind the voice is named "Rose".  

The struggle for Madison's soul continues. Madison just want to go home. She calls her mom but says "the man inside me wont let me". Marcus wants to visit Crane.

Amy is at home watching TV when the biography of a jazz musician from the 1930s comes on. She touches the screen and says "soon". She then has an image of a miscarriage and destroys the TV with a fireplace poker. She later gets a call with weird static on it and smiles.
Never Tangle With A Nine Year Old Girl Who Is Possessed By A Thousand Year Old Possible Serial Killer And Pedophile. 

Madi-Marcus goes to see Crane. He lefts loss with some choice phrases that a little girl shouldnt be saying. Was Marcus a pedophile that is now in the body of a 9 year old girl? Remember he alluded to a girl's murder earlier. If that's true, this is wrong on so many different levels. Marcus wants to talk to Cranfield but Crane wont budge. After Madison leaves, Todd immediately goes to speak to Rose saying that the problem them never thought they would have again is back.
Just A Thought But You Might Want To Close The Curtains Before You Wrap Someone Up Like A Mummy And Kill Them. 

Gary and Jack later hide outside Cranfield's house. They see through an open window that Cranfield is wrapped up like a mummy and then killed. Its some sort of ceremony and Shepherd is there. It looks like Cranfield was suffocated. Amy then appears and closes the curtains. Jack and Gary barely escape the guards at Cranfield's house.
Yeah I'm Thinking Maybe We Shouldnt Have Seen This. 

Jacks sends a coded message to the Oz Turner podcast and meets with Bill Anderson. Bill shows up at a restaurant. He was working on a Ghost Machine. We're not sure exactly what it does but I think the gist is it uses infrasonics sound (within the 19 hertz range) to detect souls. Bill refuses to cash the check from Cranfield for $10 million. He wanted Bill to cease his research. But Bill doesnt have much time to talk cause he's blow away by Richard Shepherd. Bill says "Qui Reverti" right before he dies. 

Points To Ponder:

  • Are certain people born with a second soul intact? We learn that Marcus has been gone for 9 years (buried alive?) and his spirit seemed to be activated inside of Madison on her 9th birthday. 
  • Do both people continue to inhabit the same body or does one eventually win out. There's a big struggle inside of Madison and Marcus but the struggle does not seem as intense between Amy and the Russian secret service agent.
  • "Sherpherd" seems to be a job title instead of a real last name. So far we have Richard Shepherd and Frank Shepherd.
  • What's up with this "Rose" that calls everyone and tells them what to do? Do we know her? Is she Amy? 
  • How exactly does the ghost machine work? Are there souls just hanging around waiting to inhabit their new bodies? Are they congregating at some ghost bar? 
  • Wrapping Cranfield as a mummy was an interesting choice. Are the writers telling us this is what the ancient Egyptians were doing during mummification? Is so, were some members of the 9 alive during the time of the Pharaohs?
Favorite Quotes:

  • "Not forever... soon."- Amy to the TV when the biography of a jazz musician comes on. 
  • "There are places on earth where its easier to cross from the living to the dead and back again. The world has many such places."- Madison reading from the Book Of 9. I see one of them is the Psychomancy Trust Building. 
  • "Do your job Richard."- Rose to Richard.  
  • Marcus: "Who's next? Was Rose triggered?" Later followed by "Hey Todd, what goes around, comes around."  
  • "Never forget."- Jack calling into the Bill Anderson podcast. 
  • "I made a ghost machine. I know it sounds goofy and needs a better name but that's exactly what it is... a device that sees ghosts"- Bill to Jack and Gary right before he's gunned down. 

Grade: 4 Monsters (out of 5). Yes the pace is slow. Yes I have no idea what is going on. But I still love this show and am committed till the end. 

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Sons Of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 1 Recap: Rubbing Salt In The Wound (Season Premiere)
Who Will Be Left Standing In The End?

So we begin the final season of "Sons Of Anarchy". I love ya SOA but did "Black Widower" really have to last ~110 minutes? My attention span isnt that long. If you much over an hour I may wander off. Anyway here's we're at since last year:

The episode opens with Jax in prison. He is carving a swastika into some guy's stomach and pulls out two of his teeth. He then has a quick sit down with the head of the Aryan Brotherhood. It looks like their previous beefs are ironed over for now but he may ask for a favor later. And did you recognize that the head of the AB is Marilyn Mason? I thought that freaky dude looked familiar.  

Jax is released from jail since Patterson couldnt pin anything on him. He misses Tara's funeral (Gemma says it was a nice ceremony) and doesnt go see his sons (even though he's always professing to love them). He doesnt have time for such things because he's set on revenge. 

SAMCRO meets around the table. Jax says his attempts to steer his family and SOA away from a life of crime and into legitimacy have failed. Now he's out to avenge Tara's death. He needs to know if everyone is with him. They say "we're all in brother". SOA tries to patch up their relationships with black, brown, yellow and white (as they refer to the other MCs). There are too many clubs to keep track of with the Mayans, the Triad, the Aryan Brotherhood, the Grimm Bastards, etc.
Does Everyone Do Pushups In The Nude? I Didnt Know. 

Juice is staying at Wendy's house. She leaves rehab and finds him there (did she just leave in ~10 days because I dont think she completed the program that fast). Juice begs her not to tell Jax where he is or SOA will kill him. Will she keep her word? Unser becomes suspicious of who else is in Wendy's house. When we last see Unser he is tied up by I'm sure Juice. Will Unser eventually go to Patterson and tell her everything he knows?
Let's Have The Junkie Take Care Of The Kids Again. She Was After All In Rehab For Nine Days.

Gemma's speech to Juice about why she cant go to jail *because the boys need her) is an interesting one. That woman can really justify anything. I hope she gets hers in the end and in a big way. Katey Sagal is a great actress though. I love to hate her. 

Gemma and Nero have a romantic moment. Are they getting back together? Nero is busy playing peace keeper but will it get him killed in the end? Gemma also breaks down in front of Nero due to all the stress of killing Tara etc. I wonder how she will explain that away later.
Run Dude! Run Screaming Away From Gemma Now!

In the final scene, Jax tortures (literally rubbing salt in his wounds) and kills (stabs him in the head with a carving fork) a man he thinks is responsible for Taras death. We know he's innocent. The real culprit is the woman that just kissed Jax good night and went off to bed. 

Grade: 3 1/2 Monsters (out of 5). A good start to the season. The episodes are too long though. I dont think the extra run time adds much to the episodes. I cant wait to see how it all ends. 

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ZNation Episode 1 Recap: Beware Of Cute Cuddly Zombie Babies (Season Premiere)
Not Your Grandma's Zombie Apocalypse

"Z Nation" premiered Friday at 10 ET on SyFy. I wasnt sure what to expect since a number of critics have panned it. This is not "Masterpiece Theater" people! It's a show about zombies. And its from The Asylum (the people who brought us "Sharknado" so we shouldnt be shocked). I very much enjoyed the first episode. It went into high gear at the beginning and never slowed down. There was massive amounts of zombie violence with some camp thrown in for good measure. Here's the overview:

The show takes place some three years after the Zombie Apocalypse. We have the usual societal breakdown, no communications, and the government is in shambles. Its every man, woman, child for themselves. There is still one soldier true to his mission though. Lieutenant Mark Hammond must get a criminal named Murphy to California. I think theyre somewhere in the East currently. Why does he have to do this? Thanks to an experimental serum, Murphy is the only known person to ever survive a zombie attack. And they need to use him to develop a vaccine.
Poor Hammond. You Survived For Three Years Only To Be Done In By A Zombie Baby

I thought Hammond (Harold Perrineau of "Lost" fame) would be the main character in the series but alas he got chomped on by a zombie baby. That's a bad way to go. To round out the cast of survivors, we have Charles and Roberta (they are ex-National Guardspeople). There's also two college kids, an older guy and a sniper. A guy in the Arctic named Citizen Z monitors what little surveillance equipment is left and tries to coordinate the military. He also likes to play records and wax philosophical about the Zombie Apocalypse. 

These are not your traditional zombies. I prefer my zombies slow and decaying so that out-of-shape-me could run away if need be. Apparently zombies also like to play dead. Remember where they were all washed up on shore (only to attack when people came closer)?
If You See A Baby Like This, You Should Run! If You Don Believe Me, Ask Hammond. Oh Wait, You Cant Because He's D-E-A-D!

The zombie baby was a hoot. I think it might be Chucky's little brother. And why were they so freaked out about killing it? If its a zombie it's not a baby anymore. Put a cap in its ass. 

Hmm this plot about getting someone to a far away destination to save mankind sounds familiar. Where did we see this before? Of yes, "The Walking Dead" (except they have a scientist and not a guy who has survived zombie attacks). 

Favorite Quotes:

  • "Dont hold him like he's a live grenade" Charles to Roberta about the baby (before he turns into a zombie). 
  • "Its not sad. Its a zombie"- discussions on what to do about the zombie baby.
  • "Here baby, baby, baby. Come to papa"- Hammond. That's apparently how you call a zombie baby.  
  • "Genetically predisposed badasses" Citizen Z's description of those who have survived the Zombie Apocalypse. 

Grade: 4 1/2 Monsters (out of 5). If you're into mindless zombie entertainment and arent interested in a plot, this might be the show for you. This is just zombies doing what zombies do best. It's B grade fun and I'm loving it so far.    

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