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Naked And Afraid Episode 15 Recap: If You Cant Work As A Team You Are Doomed (Season Finale)


This episode marks the end of season 2 of "Naked & Afraid". There arent many episodes per season since there aren't that many people crazy enough to attempt this. See my previous recaps here: Naked And Afraid Recaps

Episode 15: Meltdown in Bolivia

Vincent and Sabrina try to survive in the Bolivian jungle. There's lots of flooding. It's super hot during the day and freezing at night. There are poisonous snakes, spiders, pumas, and scorpions. Right off the bat the couple DO NOT work well as a team. Vince talks  a lot and didnt bother to find out Sabrina's skill set. 

For survival items Vince brought a container for sticks for fire and Sabrina a hatchet. Why couldnt he bring a fire starter like everyone else? Anyway, it turns out he's good with the sticks. 

Vince left on day 16 due to malaria (it was later diagnosed).  Sabrina lasted 20 days. She had to quit due to horrible abdominal pain. It was probably the parrot head she ate. If you're walking along and you see a parrot head on the ground, a big alarm in your head should go off that says "Don't Eat This!"

I must confess I didn't really like either of these people much. Vince talked too much and Sabrina sat on her ass too much. If you eat, you better help kill the food too (or at least do something to contribute to the team). 

Beginning PSR (primitive survival rating):
Vincent: 8.2
Sabrina: 6.7

Ending PSR:
Vincent: 7.6
Sabrina: 7.5 

So what did we learn from "Naked And Afraid" thus far?

1. If you cant work together as a team, you're dead.
2. We saw the first person survive without a partner for 21 days (Alana).
3. While the men have better skills (in general), it seems they take more risks and thus end up out of the game earlier. The women (again, in general) are more cautious and seem to survive longer. 
4. Don't go to any of these locales on vacation ;)
5. And why do contestants get such high PSR scores when they flunk out? They should get a zero since in the wild they would be dead. And Sabrina gained .8 points in the end. Say what? 

Grade: No grade is assigned since N&A is a reality show. This does seem like a strange choice for the season finale though since neither person finished the challenge. 

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Dual Survival Season 4 Episode 1 Recap: Mangroves Are Not Man Friendly (Season Premiere)


Cody and Joe are at it again. This makes their second season together and the fourth season total of "Dual Survival". The shows airs on Wednesdays at 9 PM ET on the Discovery channel. I probably won't review the show weekly but try to catch up with past episodes every once in a while (since obviously I already have WAY too many shows to watch already). See my previous recaps here:  Dual Survival Recaps

This week they're in the Mangrove swamps in Sri Lanka. The main challenges are: the swamp (of course), jellyfish, alligators, cobras, no drinkable water, etc. They salvage some parts from a capsized motor boat. 

Joe and Cody finally find some fresh water but its not drinkable so have to boil it. Cody cuts down some bamboo trees which are great for holding water. They think they've found a good shelter under a big rock but hear a big cat growling. Better make a FAST run for it. Joe makes a trap and catches a tasty crab. 

Also per this http://tvruckus.com/2014/04/23/dual-survival-star-cody-lundin-not-happy-with-discovery-channel-following-firing-video/ it looks like Cody will only be in the first four episodes. 

Next week is the second parter of their Sri Lankan adventure. The official episode title is "No End In Sight". 

Grade: No grades assigned to reality shows.

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The Americans Season 2 Episodes 7-9 Recaps: God, Country, And Apple Pie

In these three episodes, "Arpanet", "New Car" and "Martial Eagle", most things are not going as the Jennings had planned. Their son breaks into a neighbor's house to watch video games. Their daughter has found religion and gives all her savings to a local church. The propeller blueprints they stole were fake and resulted in the deaths of 160 sailors. 

Larrick says he's been transferred to Nicaragua but can get them access to the contra program before he leaves. Lucia wants to kill him for all his past transgressions. Elizabeth says they need him alive for the good of the mission. But Lucia goes to his house instead. He overpowers her and calls Liz. Elizabeth has to helplessly watch as he strangles Lucia. 

Oleg trains Nadia on how to pass the FBIs polygraph test. I still think Stan is either the biggest sucker in the world or he has something up his sleeve. I hope it's the latter of the two. Meanwhile Mrs Beeman says she's leaving him to spend time with a man she met at EST. What a great counterintelligence agent you must be Stan! He really has treated Sandra badly. And did you notice that Sandra was listening to Dr Ruth while packing? That was a great addition. 

Phil gets a Camaro Z-28. That was funny. Me thinks someone is liking the USA a little too much. And Liz forcing Paige to clean house in the middle of the night and lecturing her on what it means to be a grown up was entertaining. 

I previously thought Phillip/Clarke was trying to speed up his mission with Martha and that 's why he played her the faked tapes. Remember the one where her coworkers call her ugly and say they'd only do her if they were really drunk and she had a bag over her hear? But now I'm not sure of his rationale. Was he just trying to hurt Martha?

Phillip also makes a late night visit to Paige's church. He was so angry I was worried he would kill the reverend. Dude, get some therapy. I thought Elizabeth had done just that (sorta) when she shows up at an AA meeting. Nope she's pumping her sponsor (who works in a high security department at Northrop) for info. 

The mentioning of stealth, ARPANET, and Nicaragua all helped integrate the show into what was really happening in the 80s.  The scene of Phillip and Elizabeth watching Reagan's speech was an especially good one. 

I'm not sure of the death toll in these three episodes. There is Lucia (killed by Larrick),  computer tech guy who surprised Lip, septic truck driver (died from exposure while tied to a tree), and Numerous casualties at Martial Eagle. 

Favorite Quotes: 

"Get that body out of my house"- Larrick to Liz

"You respect Jesus but you dont respect us?"- a ballistic Phillip before he starts ripping pages out of the Bible. 

"No one ever imagines they will betray their country."- Stan to Fred (one of the stealth scientists).

Grade: 4 Monsters (out of 5).  Excellent acting by Matthew Rhys. He better get an Emmy for this season. 

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Salem Episode 1 Recap: Witches Are The New Zombies (Season Premiere)


"Salem" airs Sundays at 10 PM ET on WGN America. I've said it many times before but WHY OH WHY do all the shows I like have to be on at the same time? Dear Television Programmers, there are some other days in the week ya know (six others to be exact). I must confess that before this show I never even knew that WGN America existed. It is apparently a local Chicago channel. Kudos to them for going out on a limb with original programming. 

Witches are indeed the new zombies (who were the new vampires). So everyone is trying to cash in on the witch craze before it's whisked away on a broomstick."Salem" retells the story of the Salem Witch Trials beginning in 1692. Note: it is not a historical recreation (which is why its not on the History channel). If you're expecting that, you're going to be VERY disappointed. 

John Alden returns to his home town of Salem after being away for seven years fighting the Indian Wars. His one time girlfriend (Mary Sibley) believed he was dead and married a much older man. Mary and her friend Tituba are up to something but we're not sure exactly what. There is also a possessed girl in town. She ends up on the ceiling a few times. The town reverend (Cotton Mather) parades her around town on a leash in a crazy "Silence of the Lambs" type getup. Instead of pointing to Mary, she accuses a guy who threatened to spill Mary's secrets about what happened to her baby in the woods. It was turned over to some demon--- I think. As a punishment for witchcraft the puritans "press" him (which means he's squeezed to death under some heavy rocks).

Oh and did I mention that when Cotton is not busy digging up witches he's visiting the Salem equivalent of the Mustang Ranch? A fine reverend indeed. On a related note, the show has a surprising amount of violence, nudity and sex. That would keep me tuning back in if for nothing else. Like Cotton, I'm a perv. 

So what do you think after one episode? I've read a few reviews and they were mostly negative. I must say I'm enjoying "Salem" so far. The cinematography, costumes and acting are great. The actors are very easy on the eyes. The plot is kinda all over the place but who cares. "American Horror Story" didnt make sense most of he time and that never stopped me from watching it. 

Grade: 4 Monsters (out of 5). I dont care what the critics say. So far I'm really liking "Salem". We'll see if my opinion changes over time.

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Naked And Afraid Episode 11-12 Recaps: The Best Survivor Is Not Always Evident


Im behind on "Naked and Afraid" recaps. I really wish all the best shows were not all on at the SAME TIME on Sundays. 

Note: I had previously listed the items that each person brought but it's always a fire starter or a machete/ knife so I'll give up on doing that. 

Episode 11: Damned In Africa

Jeff and Eva are in the the Massif D'Isalo desert in Madagascar. There is immediately a culture clash because Jeff is a devout Mormon and Evan is a tree hugger. They must deal with the extreme heat of the desert as well as snakes (ground boas), black widows and scorpions. 

They find a cave but it contains lots of black widow nests. Jeff wants to set a fire and smoke the spiders out. Man, I REALLY HATE SPIDERS!!!! I'm all for good karma too (but that doesnt apply to spiders). Smoke the little bastards!

He finds a snake but over cooks the meat. After two weeks without food, Jeff finally finds a little lizard. They have found water in the cave but if they stray too far outside they get extremely dehydrated. 

Jeff kills a second boa. Eva has eased up on her desire to not eat animals since they are starving.  They plan to smoke the snake but unfortunately end up burning up much fo the cave and their snake at the same time. Just when I think they have the worse luck on the planet they at least find some edible snake eggs. 

In the end Eva and Jeff manage to put their differences aside and are able to complete the challenge (again proving that those who can adapt survive, and those who cant die). 

Beginning PSR (primitive survival rating):
Jeff: 7.0
Eva: 7.2

Ending PSR:
Jeff: 7.3
Eva: 7.4

Episode 12: Paradise Lost

Keith and Alan are in a deserted island in Fiji. One of the big issues is the extreme heat (even very early in the morning). Keith wanted to quit at one point but got through it after they found some bananas. Stay FAR away from the poisonous sea snakes. There is the usual bickering when everyone is exhausted and starving. 

Alana finds Keith in the middle of the night suffering from what looks like a seizure. He is taken to a local hospital and is suffering from possible brain damage and severe dehydration. He has to tap out on day 11. Alana is left alone. 

Alana manages not to starve by eating whatever she can find (small crabs, termites, etc). She goes to the extraction point and is picked up. She becomes the first person to survive for 21 days without a partner. 

Beginning PSR:
Keith: 6.3
Alana 6.1 

Ending PSR:
Keith- 4.5 (had to quit early due to medical reasons)
Alana- 7.0

Grade: No grade is since this is a reality show.

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Bates Motel Season 2 Episode 7-8 Recaps: What (Or Whom) Will Norman Stuff Next

"Presumed Innocent" and "Meltdown" began ramping up the action. We'll hit full blown crazy in the next two episodes. I'm already sad that season 2 is almost over.   

Romero seems to believe Norman's story of self defense in killing Cody's father. Behind the scenes, Norma tries to get Cody to not say anything to the police about Norman's blackouts. Cody leaves town to live with her aunt but not before telling Norman that he really should find out what Norma is hiding. Norman feels Norma has betrayed him by keeping secrets. This is OBVIOUSLY going to end badly. 

Zane Morgan and crew pay a visit to Nick Ford's HQ and murder all the occupants. Zane hits Dylan in the head before they enter so he was unconscious and did not kill anyone. I have never been a big fan of the drug story line but it does have potential in that it puts Dylan, Norma and Norman all in jeopardy from an outside source. Otherwise we're left to wonder when Norman will black out again and kill someone. Nick Ford goes to Norma and tells her he wants a meeting with Dylan. She is of course estranged from Dylan (for the hundredth time) but goes to see him at the pot warehouse. Dylan finally meets with Nick. Nick wants him to kill Zane.  Uh well, better check with Zane's sister and Dylan's current bed buddy (Jodi) first. OK Jodi says go ahead and kill Zane so it's all good.  

Norman puts some of his stuffed animals around the house (passive aggressive much?). That is still a VERY STRANGE hobby for a young man. Norman has yet another confrontation with Norma and locks himself in his room. Norma is losing her control over Norman. She had previously been at George's for dinner. She left but after the fight with Norman ran straight back to George's where they have sex against a wall. OK, then. That didnt take long. Oh was a seriously, seriously screwed up relationship Norma and Norman have. 

Romero (who seems to genuinely be a good guy) finds out that the semen in Mrs Watson is a match to Norman. Oh dear! I was wondering if they were even going to investigate that poor woman's death. He confronts Norman at the hotel. He tries to be as sensitive as possible. Norman bolts upstairs though to look at his Blair stash. He hears a creak and go downstairs and is knocked out from behind by one of Nick's flunkies. Nick is a very dangerous man and both Dylan and Norma have threatened him (and he hasnt gotten around to killing Zane yet). Also let us NOT forgot that Mrs Watson was Nick Ford's daughter so if he thinks Norman raped and killer her, well, you know what will happen. However, in the Bates clan's favor, Norman is completely bonkers and might kill his captures (and never remember a thing about it).

Favorite Quotes:

"That's the great thing about taxidermy, it goes with everything."- Norman to Norma

"It was all just a game, a game that we were devoted to each other... that we loved each other. more than anyone else in the world..."- Norman. "But we do love each other more than anyone in the world."- Norma

"Ive been waiting to do this for a long time."- George. "Well do it."- Norma 

Grade: 4 1/2 Monsters (out of 5). "Bates Motel" is one of my most favorite shows (and I obviously watch a LOT of TV). Who else will Norman kill this season?

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Once Upon A Time Episode 18 Recap: Regina Seems To Be Doing Just Fine Without A Heart


This week's episode entitled "Bleeding Through" was the best thus far this season. For a woman without a heart, Regina still managed to wear it on her sleeve. Great Lana Parrilla performance!

Here's the highlights:

Emma is still learning magic. Hook is none too happy but doesnt tell her his lips are cursed. Zelena pays Regina a visit. After insulting her decorating skills, they get down to it. Regina asks what Zelena plans to do to her. Zelena says nothing. She's just keeping Regina occupied while Rumple steals her heart. And indeed we see that Rumple has the upper hand with Robin when he threatens to kill his son if Robin doesnt fork over Regina's heart. 

Regina calls a seance to try to find out what her mother really did and while she gave Greenie away. But Mommy doesnt want to talk then. Instead she waits until everyone but Regina and Snow leave. They find GhostMom in an empty room behind a spinning wheel. Regina tries to protect Snow by poofing them into another room but Cora still has the upper hand and enters Snow's body. This gives Snow some insight into what happened from Cora's perspective. This is where everything gets even more confusing. 

Snow is Leopold and Eva's daughter. However it turns out that Leopold almost married Cora before Eva. Meany Eva told Leopold that Cora was with child (which was true but still). We FINALLY find out the identity of Greenie's father. He was a one night stand gardener who wanted nothing to do with Cora or the baby.  I had previously incorrectly hypothesized that Rumple was Zelenas father.

We finally find out WW is making a potent to take her back in time. She wants to kill Eva before she was born (and get rid of everyone else in the process). The potent apparently involves courage (David's), a heart (Regina's), a brain (she is controlling Rumple's) and a baby (Snow and David's).

After Snow's little pep talk, Regina makes a beeline for Robin and they share a passionate kiss. Yeah! I'm a diehard Swan queen shipper but Regina and Robin do have great chemistry together. And I'm all for Snow and Regina getting along but wants that a little quick?

Favorite Quotes:

“I’m not in the mood for a heart-to-heart.”- Regina. “I’m not sure that’s physically possible right now.”- Snow

“And he told me that I have a tough placenta… which somehow came out creepy"- Snow.

"What’s to talk about? You officially have a less-damaging relationship with my mother than I do (and you killed her)”- Regina to Snow.

Grade: 5 Monsters (out of 5). The best episode of the season. Very well acted moment between Snow and Regina. If I had been hating some for that long, I'd want to take a break too. 

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Heavy On Sci Fi, Horror & Adventure; Light On Reality 

Orphan Black Season 2 Episode 1: Rash Is A Genetic Trait (Season Premiere)


The first episode on season 2 of "Orphan Black" is entitled "Nature Under Constraint And Vexed". It picks up right where season 1 left off. Mrs S and Kira are missing. I still think Siobhan knows more than she's saying. Cosima is sick but Delphine is still by her side. Does she really have feeling for Cosima or is this part of the original plan? Sarah is being chased all over town by the baddies. Rachel speaks to someone on the phone in German and has Paul under her thumb. 

Alison takes over the lead role in the community play after her neighbor Aynsley suffered an unfortunate run in with a trash disposal. Of course no one else knows Allison was present and did nothing to help her. Sarah asks Alison to get an unregistered gun. She knows a guy named Ramon. 

I thought the Dyad Institute, Dr Leekie and Rachel had Mrs S and Kira but apparently its that crazy cult (the Proletheans). And the shocker of the episode is Helena is still alive but badly wounded. 

Art and sidekick Angie finally pick up Sarah. Who's side is Art really on? I'm not sure we can trust him (and I definitely dont trust Angie). 

Favorite Quotes & Miscellaneous Observations:

"Normally I’d say don’t do anything rash, but rash seems to be a genetic trait."- Alison to Sarah.

"Your chickens have been interfered with."- Baddy #1. "They're not my chickens. They're just my eggs."- Cook (before he gets shot). 

The scene where Sarah pulls a gun on Rachel (ie ProClone) and then gets her in a choke hold in the floor was seamless. Watching a person fight with themselves is always entertaining. 

That's quite a fashion statement Felix makes with those assless chaps.  

Grade: 4 1/2 Monsters (out of 5). A great season opener. I cant wait to see what happens next. 

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