The Strain Episode 2 Recap: Hi Im Eph And Im Powerless Over Vampires
Dont Mind Me, I'm Just Going To Soak In The Bath For A While (Said The Dead French Girl)

In episode 2 entitled "The Box" the coffin has made it across the river (thanks to Gus). Eph and Nora are still trying to figure out what's up. Both the dead and those released from quarantine are starting to infect others. In other happenings:

  • The political higher ups (encouraged by Eldritch) determine that everyone on the plane died of carbon monoxide poisoning. Yeah right. They release the four quarantined passengers since nothing strange is going on with them. Apparently bloodshot eyes and blood hacking are commonplace in the big city. 
  • What's left of Bishop is found. His head has been stomped by that vampiry thing we saw last week. 
  • Eichorst visits Abraham Setrakian in prison. They go WAY back. Apparently Abraham was in a concentration camp in WWII and Eichorst was a Nazi guard. Eich keeps referring to Abe's wife/girlfriend Sardu (I may have the name spelled wrong). Hers is the heart we saw Abe feeding previously.  And if there were an Emmy for finger pointing, it should go to Eich. That was super creepy and very effective. 
  • Later Eichorst takes Eldritch Palmer to meet the box and the "Master". Eldritch is seriously afraid of the big tall vampire. Hmmm. Maybe this wasnt such a good plan (causing the extinction of the human race and all).  
  • Everyone has forgotten about Dr Bennett from the last episode. He's long dead. Some friends you guys are. Oh and there's nothing unusual about all those missing dead bodies. 
  • Eph goes to an AA meeting. "Hi I'm Eph and I'm powerless over vampires." "Welcome Eph!" In other news Eph goes to see his son. His wife and her new boyfriend are doing home renovations. Who cares? Not me. 
  • We meet Vasiliy Fet who's a health inspector. He has lots of vermin catching experience so better keep him around. They're going to need him later. 
  • Why hello Regina King (Ruby). I hope she plays a bigger part on the show. And what about Sean Astin? His contribution to this episode was upchucking after finding Bishop's body. 
  • The best scene award goes to the french girl chilling in the bath tub. She very much reminded me of an alligator patiently awaiting it's prey (which in her case was Daddy). 

Favorite Quotes:
  • “A good story always trumps the truth, just give the press a villain to hate."- Eldritch.
  • "You're not a hero or a savior. You're just a number."- Eichorst to Abraham. 
  • "Ive never felt more excited about a meeting in my entire life"-  Eldritch about meeting the "Master". 

Grade: 4 1/2 Monsters (out of 5). Yes the show is slow at times but so far it has enough going to keep me coming back. "The Strain" is scheduled to run 13 episodes so I guess they have to stretch it out with some miscellaneous scenes. 

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Witches Of East End Season 2 Episode 2 Thru 3 Recaps: In Asgard It Is Acceptable To Wear White Before Or After Labor Day

In episode 2 "The Son Also Rises" Frederick continues his sneaky ways. Wendy thinks he cant be trusted but Joanna wants to give him the benefit of the doubt. Love is sometimes very blind. In episode 3 "The Old Man And The Key" we finally get a glimpse of Daddy Odin and he's none too pleasant. 

In other goings on: 

  • Dash is still being blackmailed with a video of him fake-killing Killian.  He fights back and sets the guy's car on fire with his new electrically charged hands. Henceforth, I am calling Dash-- Electro. The guy later shows up at Dash's house. He's not connected to the main story in any wya. He's just some random guy who wants money. Electro gives him a few bolts to the body and kills him. Dash then pushes his body off a cliff while Ingrid conjured a spell to keep him hidden. 
  • We learn that Freya and Frederick are twins. They do some cool spells together. 
  • A killer is loose at the Fourth of July picnic. Dr Foster is dead. He was rude anyway. See "Orange Is The New Black" for another example of what happens to rude people. Anyway, several of the dead have the same king's symbol branded into their skin as Frederick. It means they have pledged allegiance to the king (ie Odin) forever. 
  • Frederick does something to one of Wendy's earrings. Is Aunt Wendy the only one with any sense in this family? Do NOT trust Frederick. When Joanna says she loves him, Frederick just says "thanks". Ouch!
  • Killian and Owl Girl win money gambling. She does a spell on him to determine if he's a brujo (a male witch). Yep he is and no you shouldn't trust Eva either. Freya goes to find her soul mate Killian. When she arrives she learns he has married Eva. Major heartache. She covers it up by saying she wants to let him know that his mother is dead. Killian, your mother passed when she was accidentally on purpose shoved into a furnace. Sorry about that. 
  • Ingrid consoles Freya after her discovery. What's that strange look in Ingrid's eye though. And what's up with the locked door in the closet? Is that how you get to Asgard?
  • Killian returns home. Dash yells at him (since he thinks it's the hallucination that has been hounding him). The two brothers have a stare down. Will they try to kill each other again. Nope, this time they hug. 
  • Flashback to long, long ago when our witches escaped from Asgard through the portal. Victor is with them. They must close the portal before Odin gets through. Here comes Frederick. Joanna wants him to stay but he betrays the women (and Victor) but throwing the key back through the portal. Here comes Odin. For their betrayal he curses everyone (so Joanna is immortal, the girls are always dying before their 30th birthday and Wendy has nine lives). What about Victor? I think Odin forgot to curse him. And lest we forget, Wendy or Joanna (I cant remember which) chops off Odin's hand while he's holding the serpent key. This family has some serious emotional issues.  
  • And in the last scene someone kidnaps Victor. We next see him strung up and bleeding. Uh oh. Did Frederick do that too?
  • Will we see Asgard in the future? I hope so. 

Favorite Quotes:
  • "How nice to have the family together again"- Daddy Odin.
  • "I want you to live a long, long time in misery and fear and pain. I want to suffer as you have made me suffer"- Daddy Odin. 

Grade: 4/12 Monsters (out of 5). "Witches Of East End" is still bringing it this season with two great episodes. The cast live tweeting last night during the show was an added bonus. Not to drop names but there's nothing like Rachel Boston, Madchen Amick, Melissa de la Cruz and Maggie Friedman retweeting my snarky comments to keep me coming back for more. Meow. 

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Dominion Episodes 4 Thru 5 Recaps: 8 Ball Shopping Spree
Do Y'all Offer Any Shopping Discounts To 8 Balls? I Am A AAA Member.

In episode 4 "The Flood" Micheal's stab wound mysteriously heals. Later "someone" tries to kill Becca is her sleep but Micheal intervenes. It's his Angel Sister Uriel. Uriel tells both brothers she will join them in battle. She tells Michael she will join him if Michael teaches Alex how to unlock his tattoos. She tells Gabriel she will join him if he convinces Alex to turn on the humans. Neither brother knows what she said to the other. Now might be a good time to be an orphan.

Arika flirts with Noma. Arika says someday she will be the leader of Helena and will need a loyal bodyguard. I see a hookup coming between those two. Claire gets Alex (ie the Chosen One) out of jail. 

Senator Frost who is apparently in charge of crop production says he will flood all the crops and kill David and the General in the process if his demands arent met. What does he want? To meet the Chosen One. Claire sends in Alex as a negotiator. Frost doesnt believe he is the one until he says "she died for you". Frost understands the message. His daughter sacrificed her life for him. Crisis averted. But General Reisen kills Frost since no one can know who the Chosen One is.  And in the final scene David visits Bixby in the hospital and kills her. Why kill a little girl? 

In episode 5 "Something Borrowed" all sorts of craziness is going on. The Chosen One is in the desert training with Michael. He's cant focus after Bixby's death. 

We see a flashback of a family under 8 Ball attack. The youngest child's cries alerts the demons to their location. The father tries to defend them with a hammer but the mother is dead and the other two kids are gone. He seems to briefly consider killing his son. We learn that the father is David and the son is William. Hmmm talk about needing some family therapy. And remember this scene since later the two scuffle. David basically says to William be glad I didnt kill ya way back then. Williams counters with he is his father's son and kisses David's forehead. It is Judas kiss. 

Claire goes to see Alex in the barracks. There's lots of crying. They break up for the umpteenth time. Later David springs on Claire that everyone knows about her father's medical condition. He will be asked to step down from the Senate. She will become "Lady Of The City" (which seems like a stupid title but no one asked me). 

Speaking of breakups, Becca tells Michael she's leaving. Michael, say something to get her to stay...nothing. It seems angels have a hard time expressing love. Isn't that ironic?  

Clementine goes on a shopping spree. She tries to purchase a music box. The shopkeeper notices her black eyes and pointy teeth so she has to kill him. Cant a lady shop in peace? The General goes to her crib. They have a bit of a spat. She knows he's going to die soon. Who will take care of her afterwards? How bout Claire? Nope the General doesnt like that idea. 

Later the General finds Clementine in Claire's room. She was leaving the music box. Again, he doesnt like that idea. In fact he thinks it's such a bad idea that he asks Michael to kill Clementine. Geez, dont ya think you're over reacting a little? He previously loved her but now he wants her dead. That is harsh!

Claire blackmails David and says if he doesnt lay off Daddy General, she will out him as a Gabriel lover (and she has the scarf to prove it). What she doesnt know is her fiance (William) planted the scarf on David in the first place. And now David knows what his son is really up to. In hindsight a hammer to the head would have been the right decision. 

While Noma and Alex are out looking for 8 Balls, we find out they were previously an item. And now we're up to a love quadrangle. Claire and Alex love each other. William loves Claire. Noma at once point loved Alex. 

They finally corner Clementine after she does some cool wall walking. Clementine pleads for her life saying she has a family and a daughter. We dont know what that means until we see Claire at dinner talking about how much she misses her mother. A picture is unveiled. Its her as a child with the General and with Clementine. That 8 Ball is inhabiting Claire's mother's body. No wonder the General loves (loved) her. 

Grade: 4 1/2 Monsters (out of 5). Episode 5 is probably my most favorite episode to date. I especially enjoyed the shocker at the end. See additional info about the founding of Vega, the Extermination War, the V caste system, etc at Dominion History

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The Bridge Episode 2 Recap: A High Price To Pay For Booby Touching

Episode 2 "Ghost Of A Flea" opens where we left off last week. Eleanor Nacht is naked and washing blood off herself. Two boys discover her. She says "help me". One boy turns and quickly rides away on his bike (the smart kid). Another stays to help her (the not-so-smart kid). 

I was at first confused by the episode's title. But "Ghost Of A Flea" is the name of a William Blake miniature portrait from 1819. It depicts the demon on Eleanor's back. See additional info about the painting here: Ghost Of A Flea

Back to the story. Sonya and Hank are still trying to figure out what happened to the dead guy in the hybrid. Sonya see the bloody hand print of woman on the car window. They later discover a dead DEA agent being stripped by beetles at a taxidermist's business. How many people has Eleanor killed? And why would she want a stuffed DEA agent and his K-9 dog partner? 

It turns out this is all related to Fausto Galvan. Eleanor is his employee. Galvan wants Marco to work on investigation to find Eleanor (so he can get to her before the DEA/CIA/El Paso Police Department do). In exchange he will help Marco avenge his son's death. This gets Marco and Sonya back together as a crime solving duo. This is also good for Marco because cops in his police department are still trying to kill him.  

Poor stupid Kyle. Dude, there are much easier ways to touch a booby than this. Kyle takes Eleanor to his house (where his family is sleeping). He gets her some clean clothes but she refuses to wear pink. He finds her hoovering over his little brother. She asks if Kyle can see the light emanating from him. Kyle says no cause he's not crazy (unlike others). When Kyle says goodbye to his brother, we know it's Kyle's last goodbye. 

In other news Frye and Adriana are looking for Millie's nephew. They want to ask him questions about their family's involvement with the drug cartel. Raul is working as a drag queen and is not interested in answering questions. Raul sucker punches Frye. Later an out-of-drag Raul gives the reporters some intel. They should check into a man named Chuchito. They later find Chuchito dead in a body bag at his house. 

Lt Wade tells Jack Dobbs he'd better stay away from Sonya or else. Cant the woman have a little enjoyment in life? I know he's trying to protect her but still. 

Eleanor takes Kyle to a storage locker. But first she gets his friend's address (so she can wipe out the only other person that saw her). When they enter the storage area there is a pungent odor which Eleanor says is a dead raccoon. Uh, no.  She draws Kyle into the storage area with promises of having sex. The poor thing doesnt realize he's standing on a plastic sheet. Have you not seen "Dexter"? That's serial killer 101 stuff. Kyle says it's dark and he cant see. Eleanor says no worries. Soon you will see the light... especially after a quick stab to the neck.  
Favorite Quotes:
  • When asked about her many tattoos Eleanor says "they're marks to remember all the demons i have known."
  • "I dont wear pink. Its for whores or little girls who want to be princesses."- Eleanor to Kyle. 
  • "One thing this job teaches you is that bad doesnt just happen. It's bred in."- Wade telling Jack Dobbs to stay away from Sonya. 

Grade: 4 1/2 Monsters (out of 5). Eleanor continues to kill everyone in her path. Im still very interested in finding out how she got this way and what her real objectives are. 

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Defiance Season 2 Episode 5 Recap: Whole Lotta Crazy Going On

Yep I Think I'm Really Going To Like It Here

In terms of sheer WTF moments, this week's episode entitled "Put The Damage On" is hands down the best to date. Every time I tried to leave the room, some new craziness started.

The scene opens with Amanda enjoying a little Adreno while bathing. A guy breaks him. Amanda becomes SheHulk and beats the crap out of him. Next she has an encounter with Nolan. He is behaving very strangely and saying horrible things to her. He attacks her. What the hell? Oh it's OK. It wasnt really Nolan. Looks like Amanda got hold of some bad drugs and is hallucinating.   

Over at Casa Yewll, the doc is bandaging up Datak after his beatdown from last week. She tells him to stop reading the old Casti religious scrolls and find a way to reconcile with his family. On the way out the door she sees another Indogene named Lev. Apparently they were previously an item. Lev has returned because she is dying.
Indogene Foreplay

Since Rafe got kicked out of his house, he's staying with the Tarrs. While bathing he is joined by none other than Stahma. Talk about uncomfortable. She asks Rafe to consider making his stay a permanent one and kisses him on the head. 

In barges Datak with some flowers. He says some Casthi scripture stuff and Stahma reluctantly takes him back. Christie is none too happy after what Datak did to Alak. Stahma says this does not mean he is the head of the household again. It's a right of visitation thing.  

Next Datak heads over to the NeedWant and kisses an Irathi guy full on the lips. Again, this show is completely off the rails. I didnt see that coming. What is Datak planning now? 

Amanda has another hallucination. She shoots Tommy and Irisa and runs off. She later collapses at the NeedWant. Nolan takes her to Dr Yewll. Amanda has an "ego implant" that needs to be removed stat. Meh's MIA because she's on the roof with Lev. Nola tries to remove the ego implant himself. 

Next Pottinger runs into Connor (who we know is dead so this is another hallucination). He apparently was in school with Connor. Niles had a crush on him. Connor was at times kind but also made fun of Niles with the other kids. Pottinger also sees flashbacks of the Votan's experimenting and/or molesting him. 

Lev tries to talk Meh into jumping off the roof with her. We later learn that Lev is dead and this is another hallucination. Lev slit her wrists eight years ago because she couldnt live with what they were doing to the humans. Meh returns to her office just in time to keep Nolan from killing Amanda. 

Datak later corners Rafe. He wants them to work together to take down the Earth Republic. Does this involve working with the Votan Collective (cause I dont think that's a good idea). 

Amanda has quickly healed. Nolan tells her someone could have infected her on purpose. Cut over to Meh who is removing Nile's ego implant. Flashback to when they installed Amanda's implant. Because it was defective it also replicated inside Niles and Meh. Yewll assures Niles that she has all of Amanda's memories recorded. 

In the last scene Meh tells Lev she will not remove her implant yet because she doesnt want to let Lev go. And she wont kill herself because she is doing penance by helping the humans that she once tortured. 

Important Questions to Ponder:
  • Did Pottnger rape Amanda to get back at Connor for rejecting him? 
  • Was Yewll one of the Indogenes who we saw experimenting on Niles? 
  • What was Alak's radio station employee (sorry cant remember her name) suggesting to Christie? It seemed like a little sex on the down low to me. And remember she previously tried to seduce Alak.
  • What is Pottinger's master plan and why does he need Amanda's memories to accomplish it? What did he want Meh to build? It was something that would "make history".  

Favorite Quotes:
  • "Now I want you to burn the Castithan crazy scrolls and fix your family from the inside."- Yewll offering counseling advice to Datak. 
  • "Your breathe smells very Irathient by the way."- Datak to Irathi guy after he kisses him. 
  • "Im not allowed to die for a good long time. These people need me.. penance."- Meh to Lev. 
  • When Nolan asks Yewll where she was, she replies "booty call". That Yewll is hilarious. 
  • When Lev asks Meh why she hasnt removed her own defective ego implant she says she will remove it but not now "because I'm not ready to let you go yet."
  • Datak: "Well I hope my home has provided you comfort during a difficult time. Do I look insincere?" Rafe: "Your face is kinda built that way."
  • "You are a disgusting troll!"- Christie. "Well what family doesnt hit a rough patch now and then?"- Datak. 
  • Meh: "This parable is the one where the just man cooks his unfaithful wife and serves her body parts for dinner?" Datak: "It's inspiring." Meh: "It's disgusting."

Grade: 5 Monsters (out of 5). One of my most favorite episode to date. There was lots of craziness going on with everyone except Irisa. She and Irzu had some wild times a few episodes back.  

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Naked And Afraid Season 3 Episodes 3 Thru 4: 21 Days Of Hell If You Cant Work As A Team

In episode 3 "Blood In The Water" the couple must survive on the island of Andros in the West Indies. There are wild boar, Bahama snakes and some sort of poisonous trees. In the water there are sharks and stingrays. For their survival items, Dani brought a machete and Justin brought a fire starter. 

The initially find a "Blue Hole" (which is a water filled cave system). Fresh water exists on the surface while salt water sinks to the bottom. They take their chances and drink the water since it has been purified by the sun. That was the correct move since they dont get sick. 

Dani catches a sand crab. There are lots of them on the island. You have to stick your arm in their burrow holes to retrieve them. Justin/Dani heard the grunting of wild boar in the night. Justin is not able to kill a pig.  

There are large numbers of gnats near the water hole. Dani and Justin are being eaten alive by them. Justin finds a termite mound which he burns in order to use as insect repellent. It apparently gives off the same chemical that is in moth balls. But the gnats keep on coming. 

 Dani started her period. How exactly does that work in the wild cause that would NOT be fun. 

The Blue Hole cannot support them since there is so little food. They head to the beach. They survive off of coconuts and sea snails. There is also lots of trash that has been washed on shore so they can use some of that. 

They encounter a very serious issue when Dani loses the fire starter. That's not good... AT ALL! You should never take your eyes off your survival items. Luckily they're able to get another fire started which Justin then tends (which means he cant go out and hunt). 

Justin appears upset because Dani catches a fish. Dude who cares who catches the food (as long as there is some food). Justin doesnt want to eat the fish so gives it all to Dani. Again, stupid move. 

Justin continues to spout off. "In the South the man is the head of the household. The woman takes care of the dinner and the clothes".  His father never fixed his own plate of food until the day he died. Seriously? 

The couple argue but are able to work together despite their differences. Dani challenges Justin's ability to hunt. He eventually finds a boa though so they are able to eat. 

They finally make it to day 21. They must paddle two miles off shore to be picked up by the plane. Justin steps on a sea urchin so there is blood in the water. Sharks are starting to appear. Luckily they make it safely to the plane. 

Dani: beginning 7.6 ending 8.1
Justin beginning 7.4 ending 7.8 

While both people made it to the end, I think Justin's rigid gender roles would seriously hurt them long term. Be happy that your partner has some skills. 


In episode 3 entitled "Hearts of Darkness" the couple (Tom and Carrie) must survive in Cambodia. There are poisonous snakes (cobras), spiders and lots of crocodiles. For their survival items Tom brings a fire starter and Carrie brings a machete. 

They make a shelter out of bamboo next to a stream. The temperature at night in Cambodia can drop into the 50s. Tom is uncomfortable sharing body heat with anyone other than his wife. Dude, you're just trying to stay warm. If she was out there, I'm sure sh'ed be doing the same thing. 

They must boil any water before drinking it since stream water contains bacteria. Tom believes there's a huge difference in work ethic between he and Carrie. Carrie goes off on her own. She wants  to do something other than hang out at the camp site for 21 days. She ends up in a cove where crocodiles hunt. She does find some clams though. But she doesnt come back with any tinder for the fire. 

And so the bickering starts. Carrie freaks out. She says Tom has no survival skills. She tells Tom if he left tomorrow, she would be just fine. Tom asks if she wants to go forward as a team or go off alone? She finally calms down. Her severe mood swings might be due to the lack of food. 

Tom finds a few more clams but several are bad. Tom accidentally knocked over the bamboo they were using to carry boiled water for their hike to the extraction point. They have to reboil more. Carrie gets mad and leaves WITH the extraction map. 

She finally comes back and they head to the extraction point. They are 1 1/2 miles from where they should be. They cross the river and manage not to get eaten by crocodiles. Tom builds a signal fire. They are picked up by the helicopter. Obviously this will NOT be a lasting friendship.  
Carrie: beginning 6.4 ending 4.8
Tom beginning 6.6 ending 5.4

I feel really sorry for anyone who has to be partnered with Carrie. And I dont think it was due to editing cause she really did say that stuff. She has no concept of teamwork. Apparently she was absent the day they went over it in basic training. Both Tom and Carrie's PSR scores dropped due to their inability to work together.  

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The Strain Episode 1 Recap: CDC Battles Vampiry Parasitic Worms (Season Premiere)

The scene opens with a plane from Berlin landing at JFK. There is no movement aboard. And that is because... cue suspenseful music... almost everyone is dead. An unidentified biological agent has mysteriously killed all but four of the passengers. 

But have no fear, the CDC will figure out what happened and save the world. I find myself wanting to work for the CDC. They have lots of cool gadgets. Where can I get one of those HAZMAT/space suits? They're also very good at branding themselves. Notice "CDC" stamped all over everything. Their employees apparently dont have personal lives (Ephraim's wife is divorcing him and taking custody of their son because Eph works too much). Somehow I have the suspicion that working at the CDC is not as exciting as "The Strain" or "World War Z" or "Contagion" would have us think. You guys are still doing a great job though. Keep it up! 

Anyway back to the story. Ephraim and Nora discover a nine foot tall intricately carved box (can you say coffin?) that was in the plane's cargo hole. So they just open the box. They dont even put on their HAZMAT suits or even gloves. HELLO!!! Inside the "cabinet" they find dirt. There is also a latch INSIDE the box. Nothing suspicious here. Time to move on. 

We meet Abraham who is a bad ass octogenarian. He has some strange creature that looks like a heart with tentacles. He feeds it blood. Maybe it's Audrey from "Little Shop Of Horrors". Abraham heads to the airport. He tells the CDC people that everyone on the plane (both dead and alive) must be destroyed. And the heads must be separated from the bodies. He also knows about the coffin. It must NOT be allowed to cross the river. Unfortunately no one listens to Abraham. If I was there Abraham, we would have done exactly what you said. Of course, we'd have no show to watch but we wouldn't have any stinkin' vampires either.  

Nora and Ephraim are still investigating. They find some worm type parasites in the plane. These could be the culprits. They call over to the coroner's office where he's autopsying the bodies. The Soon-To-Be-Dead-Pathologist finds something has punctured everyone's carotid arteries. The organs of the dead also seem to regenerate. And in the worst possible way for a coroner to go, all the dead surround him and eat him to the tune of "Sweet Caroline". Eeeeek, that gave me the heebie jeebies. 

Across town, the evil Stonehart Group, Eldrich and Thomas are busy masterminding what appears to be the spreading vampire infection. The want to get that coffin across the bridge STAT. Are those two already dead or just really, really eccentric?

I'm happy that we at least got a glimpse of the vampire creature in episode 1. It is one strange looking thing. I'm not even sure how to describe it. I am positive I dont want to run into it. And what's up with this voice over about love? What does that have to do with vampires and parasitic worms? 

Favorite Quotes:
  • "This is bad, really bad. We've got ourselves a dead airplane."- Bishop 
  • "Lines have been crossed."- Eph
  • "Yes I miss breathing sometimes."- Thomas. Haaa, that was hilarious. 
  • "How did the old man know about the coffin?"- Nora. "You mean that cabinet?"- Ephraim. Yes Eph. That is a very large cabinet created by the Amish for a nice Satanic family. 
  • "Love is going to guide them all back. Love is our grace. Love is our downfall."- Abraham
  • "I look out on this island and I savor what it is to become."- Eldrich

Grade: 3 1/2 Monsters (out of 5). I didnt have high expectations but was pleasantly surprised. If you're in the market for a few good shocks (like the creepy coroner scene) than this Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hagan produced/written show might be for you. Just dont expect any high brow story telling. This is good old fashioned horror. 

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Under The Dome Season 2 Episodes 2 Thru 3 Recaps: Thin The Herd Beginning With Lyle And Rebecca
My Science God Is Better Than Your Pestilence God, Dwight Yoakum!

A lot is happening to/with the citizens of Chester's Mill. Here's the latest from episode 3 "Infestation" and episode 4 "Force Majeure". 

Angie is really dead and Lake Girl is the prime suspect. However I think Big Jim's brother-in-law (Sam) is the real culprit.

A large # of butterflies descend upon the town. Science Teacher (Rebecca) says the caterpillars will eat their crops and all the citizens will starve. Julia and Barbie have sexy times. Lots of butterflies look on through the window. Junior discovers Angie's body. The butterflies like it too. Big Jim asks Junior if he killed her. He says "No I loved her!" Dude, dont be all offended. You did lock her in a basement last season. Junior later finds Angie's bracelet under his bed so still thinks he had something to do with her death. 

Norrie and Joe kiss and dead butterflies fall from the sky. Apparently the butterflies dont like that. And poor Joe is having a hard time with his sister's death. Someone please give him a hug. Not you butterflies! You stay where you are. 

Next Science Teacher is being all pushy and making everyone fill out census forms. But what she's really doing is figuring out who they should kill (so there's not a drain on resources). Im thinking Rebecca should be at the top of that list. 

Big Jim gets a close shave from the local barber. We have never met Lyle before. He's one of those characters that pop up at opportune times. Seriously all your people should know each other by now! Anyway Big Jim and Lyle have a past. Apparently they both were competing for the hand of Pauline when they were young.  

Is it raining blood in the dome? Cause that looks like blood. Nope it's acid. Lyle says God is sending plagues. Rebecca says it's due to "science". Here we have the classic science vs religion argument. Religion initially wins out when Lyle makes Jim crash his car and then kidnaps Rebecca. He wants her to repent. The crew arrives just in time to save Rebecca. She throws a container or acid in Lyle's face. Science has won this round. 

Next Lyle is being held in jail and Big Jim's brother in law Sam shows up. He has some cryptic conversation with Lyle in which he says "what we buried 25 years ago was supposed to stay buried". What does it all mean? Are they talking about Lake Girl?

Next Joe, Norrie and Lake Girl head to the high school. Yes they are all required to start taking classes again. Blah! Junior is there lurking around. All of a sudden they have internet. A number of emails come from someone named Hounds Of Diana. Joe gets one from his father. That was sad. Junior opens one from Diana and finds out his mother is still alive. 

And in a somewhat related note, Lake Girl instinctively knows the combination to the locker that Angie touched before dying. When they open the locker its empty and their internet connection is gone. Next they check the list of the locker's owners in the past 50 years and cross reference that with old yearbooks (cause that's the logical thing to do when someone guesses a random number right...NOT). What do they find in the 1988 yearbook but someone named Melanie Cross. And she looks exactly like Lake Girl. Is Lake Girl a ghost or what? Bonus points if you noticed that Lake Girl didnt know what the internet was. And that locker number was Pauline's birthday wasnt it? 

Grade: 3 1/2 Monsters (out of 5). The last two episodes have held my attention more than some so that's a good sign. The writing is still at times horrible though. Who says "by my calculations" over and over again? By my calculations, I'd say that's no one. And any bets on how long before the Dome Dwellers start eating each other?

The World According To GMonster
TV:  Heavy On Sci Fi, Horror & Adventure; Light On Reality

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