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Narcos Episodes 1-2 Reviews: Im A Poor Man With Money (Series Premiere)

"Narcos" premiered on Netflix this week. It tells the story of Colombian Pablo Escobar and his rise to fame in the 1980s as head of the Medellin drug cartel. Pablo eventually amassed some $30 billion and became known as the "King of Cocaine". Along the way we meet a host of other characters on both sides of the law. There's DEA agent Steve Murphy and his Colombian partner Javier Pena (Oberyn Martell from "Game of Thrones"). 

I'm two episodes in (out of 10 total) and so far I'm really enjoying it. The show is gritty, violent and very addictive. Brazillian Wagner Moura is excellent in the lead role. He's not an over the top villain. He is quiet and calculating in his dealings (which actually makes him more frightening). Escobar is beloved by the poor members of his community because of his good works. On the other hand, he is feared for his extreme violence by the police, rival drug dealers and several governments. 

Some people have complained about the extensive use of voice overs by Agent Murphy (Boyd Holbrook). They didnt bother me but, on a related note, I dont find Murphy to be a very interesting character. I assume his sole purpose is the clarify for the audience what is going on (since "Narcos" moves between a number of countries and spans several decades). Murphy is also the obligatory "white guy" who's out to save the world. Why we need one...I'm not sure.    

Favorite Quote:
  • "I'm not a rich man.I'm a poor man with money."- Pablo Escobar

Grade: 4 Monsters (out of 5). If you like gritty crime stories, "Narco" is worth a look. I would suggest watching it in small dosages though (instead of binging it all in one sitting). Also just a reminder, much of the show is in Spanish so be prepared to read lots of subtitles. How did you like "Narcos"? Please let me know in the comments below. 

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September 1, 2015

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Defiance Episode 13 Review: To Infinity And Beyond (Season Finale)

We have reached the end of another season of "Defiance". That went by way too quickly. SyFy has thus far not renewed the show. I cant imagine Friday nights without our favorite aliens. I really hope we get at least one more year. But if not, "Upon The March We Fittest Die" serves as a satisfying series finale.

Thanks For The Burrito

Last week Kindzi welcomed more Omec from the orbiting ship. It's been a long voyage and they're famished. Yewll procures snacks including Datak and Samir. Luckily none of the main characters die. Datak spikes an Omec with his bionic arm and runs off. Samir is rescued by Nolan and crew right before hes about to be eaten. Yewll joins the good guys again when Amanda pulls the Omec control stem out of her neck. Meanwhile Kindzi is obsessed with revenge against Stahma for the death of her father (which is funny because Kindzi is the one that killed him). When we last see Kindzi she is holding baby Luke and things arent looking good.

Stahma is BEGS Kindzi to spare her grandson. She will do anything-- up to and including being Kindzi's sex slave and/or dinner. Kindzi thinks that's a good idea but she's going to eat Luke anyway. Just then, Datak runs in and spikes Kindzi in the neck. The Tarrs make a speedy escape as an even more angry Kindzi tries to free herself.

Sorry, I'm Shipping Amanda And Stahma

Yewll devises a plan to stop the Omec. She, Nolan, Amanda and Datak will travel to the ship via their transport pods. TeamEarth will set it to self destruct and then hope they can escape in time. But while they are planning, the Omec in Defiance are wreaking havoc. Amanda jumps in the way and gets sliced in the belly. Yewll saves her. Amanda and Nolan share a quiet romantic moment. Then its off to the ship. Irisa will take Amanda's place. 

When Is Yewll Going To Get Credit For Saving The World?

The four board the ship. Nolan heads to the engine room. Datak and Irisa plug Yewll into the ship's control system. This is why Yewll was so tight lipped about her part in the plan. She has no delusions of returning. 

I'm Just Gonna Take A Little Nap

Back on earth Stahma and Amanda exchange words as Stahma bandages Amanda's wounds. These two have a very contentious relationship (and rightfully so since Stahma killed Amanda's sister Kenya). Stahma complements Amanda but can she be trusted? I'm never sure. Amanda is in a semiconscious state when Omec arrive and drag everyone outside. One hovers over Amanda but decides she's "spoiled meat". Amanda somehow drags herself outside (blood dripping from her wounds at each step). The remaining citizens are being herded into the back of a truck. Amanda shoots the three Omec in the head and collapses into Stahma's arms. Apparently Omec (like zombies) can only be killed with head shots. I was SERIOUSLY worried Amanda was going to die. On a side note, is anyone else shipping Amanda and Stahma now?     

Kindzi arrives on the ship and sees what the four are up to. She and Nolan fight. The slapfest was a bit hokey at times but we'll let it slide. Right when Kindzi is about to kill Nolan, she says "You're no better than me" and that he's a "natural born predator". Nolan agrees and stabs her in the head with her own knife. He then throws Kindzi into the propulsion system where she is ripped to pieces. Well, that's one way to make an exit. I still think the buildup to the All Mother's demise should be been better. First she wont die no matter how many times she's shot. Now she's beaten in a fist fight. 

The plan is close to completion. Irisa however decides at the last minute that she wont return to Earth. She doesnt want to kill a ship full of beings (including children). Come on Irisa. Get a grip! The Omec want to eat you. Nolan surprisingly agrees but he has a trick up his sleeve. He stuns Irisa with the Omec taser and puts her in the return pod. He will stay, (along with Yewll) and take the ship far, far away from Earth. Perhaps they can show the Omec there is another way. I personally doubt it (but no one asked me). They travel through worm hole after worm hole into deep space. Those were fun graphics. 

On earth ix weeks later, the citizens rededicate what's left of the St Louis arch to Nolan. Irisa says in a voice over that Nolan always wanted to go into space and now he has his chance (plus hes still wanted by the VC for murder so nows a good time to skip town). He also wanted to be a good father and Irisa confirms he's the best. We see Amanda has survived her injuries. Thank goodness. She continues as mayor (although she misses Nolan). And end scene. 

The New Joshua Nolan Arch

Favorite Quotes:
  • "I am uncomfortable with the reality that the person I most admire, the woman I respect more than any other, despises me."- Stahma to Amanda.
  • "You coddle that kid of yours."- Yewll to Nolan when he takes Irisa's place to save the Omec ship. 
  • "Stick it to me sailor"- Yewll to Datak on plugging the last of the ship's lines to her (thus ensuring this is a suicide mission).
  • "You stupid piece of schtak"- Yewll to the Omec ship. 
  • "It's entirely possible I've done this before."- Yewll on her plan to destroy the Omec ship.  
  • "You're a real person with enormous honor and infinite soul."- Datak to Yewll after he learned of her suicide mission. Remember, last week when he was in a cage, he said "you have no soul". 

Grade: 4 3/4 Monsters (out of 5). And excellent season (and possible series finale). The only reason I didnt give it a "5" is because of the fake-ish fight scenes between Kindzi and Nolan (and that Irisia's decision to save the Omec ship seemed contrived in my book). Other than that, it was perfection. 

I'm glad Yewll finally got to be center stage. I just love her character! The redemption of the conniving Datak was super fun. Stahma continued to kill it in every scene. And Kindzi was an amazing addition. She was sexy and scary and compelling all at once. Great job by Nichole Galicia!  

And I've said it several  times before but the live tweeting by the cast makes the show even more enjoyable. Watching Jaime Murray (Stahma), Julie Benz (Amanda), Nichole Galicia (Kindzi), Trenna Keating (Yewll), Jess Rath (Alak), Tony Curran (Datak), Kevin Murphy's (producer), David Peterson (writer and language creator), Stephanie Leonidas' (Irisa) and Anna Hopkins' (Berlin) trade snarky comments takes "Defiance" to a whole 'nother level. Favorite topics include: the side braid of justice, Stahma's magic chivo, and the Omec obsession with pancakes. 

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August 30, 2015
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Fear The Walking Dead Episode 1 Review: Slow Descent Into Chaos (Series Premiere)

Thus begins the zombie apocalypse. Flu like symptoms have been reported in five states and numbers of people are missing. In Los Angeles, a student named Tobias brings a knife to school. When guidance counselor Madison asks him about it, Tobias says Nobody's going to college. Nobody's doing anything they think they are anymore." Madison believes the authorities will tell them if something is wrong. Uh...maybe not. 

Across town heroin addict Nick Clark seems to know the score. He wakes up in an abandoned church/drug den to find girlfriend Gloria chomping down on some guy. He escapes by running down the middle of the street and is hit by a car. Obviously junkies dont make the best decisions. 

Nick's mother Madison and her boyfriend Travis visit Nick in the hospital. But no one believes him...cause he's a junkie. Travis is curious enough to head over to the drug house where he finds lot of blood on the floor. He later brings Madison to the same spot. Maybe Nick isnt so crazy after all.

Meanwhile Nick's sister Alicia is busy being a high school student. She is supposed to meet boyfriend Matt in the park so they can run away together but he's MIA. Either he's in the doghouse or he's already a zombie. Odds are he's a zombie since he's black and we all know black guys dont fare well in horror movies. On a side note, can someone please make a show where the black guys survive and everyone else bites it?

Nick escapes the hospital and goes looking for Calvin. Was the heroin laced with something? Maybe PCB? What would cause these hallucinations? We also see Madison and Travis visit Calvin in the hopes of finding Nick. They apparently dont know he's a dealer. Calvin takes Nick to the reservoir and pulls out a gun. Nick kills the guy in self dense. Later he brings Madison and Travis to where the body was. But Calvin is gone. Well actually he's now a zombie who comes really close to chomping Madison's arm. The parents dont know what to think. At least Nick has half a brain. He runs over Calvin several times. And yep he's still moving but definitely dead. Better get in the truck and drive away quickly...

Favorite Quotes:
  • "Nobody's going to college. Nobody's doing anything they think they are anymore."- student Tobia to Madison when she confiscates a knife from him. So far, Tobias is the smartest person on this show. 
  • "You need to spend less time online. If there's a problem we're going to know about it. The authorities will tell us."- Madison to Tobias. Keep thinking that lady and see how that works out. 
  • Madison (after seeing Calvin, shot, run over and still kicking): "What is happening?" Travis: "I have no idea."

Grade: 3 1/2 Monsters (out of 5). "Fear The Walking Dead" set a record for the biggest cable viewership in history so it definitely has the audience's attention. There are only six episodes in season 1 (so not a lot of time to get us rooting for the characters and their survival). Having said that, the 90 minute premiere was a little slow at times. It would have benefited from being an hour long instead. I know we have to set up the characters but we really needed a few stellar zombie moments to keep us coming back. As you recall the first episode of "The Walking Dead" had Rick awakening from a coma and wandering outside to find walkers everywhere. Now that's how to start a show. But regardless, I'll be sticking around to see what becomes of the Clark clan cause I just cant resist a zombie apocalypse. 

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August 29, 2015
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Hannibal Season 3 Episode 12 Review: Is Hannibal In Love With Me?

"The Number Of The Beast Is 666" begins with Will in a therapy session with Bedelia. Sure a confirmed killer might not be the best option for a psychiatrist but she's the only person (besides Will) who has been behind Hannibal's "veil" and lived to tell about it. Will is having visions of all the women in his life as murder victims (and he's the killer).

Will and Bedelia discuss the wives of Bluebeard. I dont know much of them but apparently all of them died except the last one who inherited his booty. That's when Bedelia says she WISHES she was Lecter's last wife. Hint, hint.  Bedelia finally encourages Will to contemplate what we've all known for three years. He says "Is Hannibal in love with me?" Duh, ya think?

Get A Clue Will!

Jack visits Hannibal in his cell. They trade barbs about Lecter being the Devil and Will being the Lamb of God. Hannibal insinuates that Will is the one Jack should be watching. What are the odds of Will going cray cray and wiping everyone out? I dont think they're high. And while I will agree with Jack that Hannibal may be "the Devil", the dialogue is all a little too mythology heavy for me. Perhaps this is an attempt to set "Hannibal" up for "Silence Of The Lambs" territory-- should the show continue for a season 4 and if they get the rights to the book (which they dont currently have).    

You Guys Are Seriously Outmaneuvered (& Outclassed) By Hannibal

Meanwhile Hannibal toys with Chilton by refuting his book in a recent scientific journal. This is after Frederick wrote the book to prove that Hannibal was insane (in order to save him from the death penalty). It is SO easy to get Chilton riled up. 

Jack, Will and Alana know they're running out of time. The moon will be full again soon. They have Freddie do a "Tattler" article saying the Tooth Fairy (they refuse to call him the Red Dragon) is sexually impotent and the result of an incestuous relationship. Will believes the Dragon will retaliate against him. Instead Francis kidnaps Chilton and is torturing him when Reba unexpectedly shows up with soup. Uh, very bad timing Reba. Francis locks her in a closet and eventually tells her he is the "Great Red Dragon". Poor Reba. I REALLY hope she survives but it's not looking good.

In the most gruesome scene of the episode, the Dragon bites off Frederick's lips. Ewww! Francis then sends him in a flaming wheelchair back through town. This is the second time the flaming wheelchair has been used. The first was when Jack/Will faked Freddie's death. In the book Freddie was a "he" instead of a "she" and did in fact die as a result of his encounter. 

In this telling a crispy Chilton somehow miraculously survives the second flaming wheelchair. As you recall he was almost killed twice previously (both at the urgings of Lecter). First Gideon gutted him. Next a woman shot him the face. Either Hannibal REALLY doesnt like Chilton (or he has the worst luck of any person on the planet). 

One set of Frederick's lips are sent to Hannibal (who promptly swallows them). The other set goes to the FBI. Jack and Alana interrogate Lecter about them. He of course enjoys the whole situation immensely. 

No Touching Please!

Will visits Frederick (who is understandably a mess). He blames Will for what happened to him. In the photo Freddie took for the "Tattler" article, Will has his hand on Chilton's shoulder. Frederick (and Bedelia) assert this was the signal by Will (perhaps subconsciously, perhaps not) to the Dragon that Chilton should be his next victim. At least Chilton is able to tell Will that the Dragon is holding a blind African American woman named Reba hostage.  I hope there arent many people who match that description around. 

Next week is the series finale. How should it all end? Hannibal cant die (in case, by some miracle, the show gets picked up elsewhere). My guess is Hannibal will keep his promise to Alana and eat her. He may do the same to Bedelia. What are the odds of Will surviving? I think he has to stay around too... just in case. I personally would like to see a fight to the death between Hannibal and Will in which they both end of dead. That would be a perfect ending in my book.  
Favorite Quotes:

  • "Is Hannibal in love with me?"-Will. "Could he daily feel a stab of hunger for you and find nourishment at the very sight of you? Yes. But do you ache for him?"- Bedelia. 
  • "I am not a man. I have become 'other' and am more than a man."- the Red Dragon to Chilton. 
  • "If you play, you pay."- Will to Bedelia. 
  • "You may as well have struck the match. That's participation. Hannibal Lecter does have agency in the world. He has YOU."- Bedelia to Will. 
  • "You could have provided anything that Chilton could have. That would have been your lip I was tasting...again."- Hannibal to Will. 
  • Frederick: "What am I doing here?" Red Dragon: "Atoning, Dr Chilton."
  • "You set me up. You knew it. You put your hand on me in the picture l like a pet."- Chilton to Will. 
  • "Fate has a habit of not letting us choose our own ending, Frederick."- Hannibal. 

Grade: 4 1/2 Monsters (out of 5). A suspenseful episode which leads us to the finale. Post your bets now as to who (if anyone) will be left standing. 

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August 24, 2015
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Sense8 Episodes 10-12 Reviews: You Are No Longer Just You (Season Finale)

It took me a while but I finally made it to the end of "Sense8". Overall, I have to say I really liked it. The premise is very interesting. Eight people in different locations all born on the same day. After being "birthed" as a cluster by Angel (a dying sensate), they are able to communicate telepathically and tap into each other's skill sets. This comes in handy when several face life threatening situations. Not to mention, the evil Mr Whispers and the BPO (including Yrsa) want to kill them all.

Jonas And The Evil Mr Whispers

I'm a bit fuzzy on the specifics of how sensates came into existence. Jonas explains it to Will via a data dump but I didnt catch it all. Something about limbic resonance, psychellium and evolution. Not that this affected my ability to enjoy the story.  

Shooting "Sense8" was a MAJOR endeavor given it's filmed in nine different locations-- San Francisco, Chicago, Seoul, Mumbai, Nairobi, Mexico City, Berlin, London and Reykjavik (which is absolutely beautiful). No small feat. The dramatic arc of the story might have benefits from a few less stories though. Eight is just too many to care about (and keep track of) all at once. The last two episodes almost entirely dealt with the sensates trying to save Riley from Mr Whispers which provided a reason for everyone to band together. 

My Vote For Favorite Couple Of 2015

I also appreciate how everyone's sexuality is dealt with. People are just who they are. The others dont treat Nomi any differently because she is transgendered. She's in fact one of the heroes of the story (devising plans and hacking into various companies as needed). And her relationship with Amanita is my absolute favorite part of the show. I wish someone loved me as much as those two love each other. Likewise Lito continually professes his love for Hernando. He worries about his career options if outed but we never doubt his feelings are genuine.   

That brings me to another point. There was some warning earlier in the season that sensates should not pair up because their feelings are too overwhelming given their psychic connection. This holds true of our two inter-sensate couples. Will and Riley fall deeply in love. Will moves heaven and earth to save her (even to the point of sacrificing himself). Kala and Wolfgang also fall deeply in love even though they are from vastly different backgrounds. More on that later.  

Here's where we leave the eight at the end of the season:

Don't You Know Van Damme Never Loses?
  • Capheus is supposed to turn over a little girl to the Superpower gang (so boss Githu can retailate against her father for killing his sister). In the best fight sequence of the season, Capeus (with the help of Sun) goes full "Van Damme" and kills most of his attackers. This is followed by a great highway chase sequence. 
  • Sun is due to be released from prison thanks to help from her father. Instead, she is visited by her brother who says their father killed himself. We all know it's a lie. Joong-Ki killed Kang-Dae before he could send his son to jail. But have no fear. Sun will have her revenge. I love Sun! She is a serious bad ass. 
  • Kala can not go through with her prearranged marriage to Rajan. She instead loves Wolfgang. We already knew Wolfgang was tough but we didnt know he killed his father while a teenager. He also does not shy away from putting lead into others (including his uncle and cousin). Kala looks completely shocked. Will she be frightened away? 
  • Lito decides he's not afraid of being outed as gay anymore. He goes to Joaquin's house, beats him up and leaves with Daniela. Lito then goes to his estranged boyfriend Hernando's apartment and says he's made a BIG mistake. They get back together. Yeah!
  • After escaping from the hospital earlier in the season, Nomi remains on the lamb and is assisted by girlfriend Amanita. I've said it before but N & A are my favorite couple. There are always there for each other (no matter what).    
  • Season 2 ends on a cliffhanger with the sensates on a boat riding off into the sunset. Of course they're not all physically on the boat. The only ones actually there are Riley, Will and Lito (I think). Riley has Will sedated since he previously made eye contact with Mr Whispers (which means Whispers can find their location by tapping into Will's thoughts). How they can get around this in season 2 without giving Will a brain transplant? I have no idea. Also kudos to the actors portraying Riley and Will. Great emotional scenes! I could really feel their desperation and pain. 
And They Rode Off Into The Sunset

Favorite Quotes: 
  • "I cant leave her."- Will about Riley.
  • "You are no longer just you."- Jonas. 
  • "Do I know you?"- Will. "Yes, we had sex"- Lito, referring to the sensate orgy scene. 
  • "Shit, four guards."- Will. "Is that all?"- Sun before she opens a can of kick ass some guards.  
  • "Sometimes you make a mistake. You've got two choices: you live with it or you fix it."- Wolfgang
  • "Men cannot stand to see a beautiful car in trouble. Its a primal instinct."- Nomi to Will about how to sneak into the facility where they're holding Riley. 
  • "I have this feeling. I'm going to have a really good day today."- Cephaus. 
  • "The real violence, the violence I realized was unforgivable, is the violence we do to ourselves when we're too afraid to be who we really are."- Nomi. 
  • "They'll be hunted, born and unborn."- Jonas.
  • "In the end we'll all be judged by the courage in our hearts."- Hernando.  
  • "I take everything that I'm feeling, everything that matters and I push it all of it into my fist and I fight for it."- Sun. 
  • "At a certain point I realized there's a huge difference between what we work for and what we live for."- Nomi. 
  • "In this country sometimes the only place you can find a brave and honest woman is in prison."- prisoner to Sun. 
  • "The bed keeps you in the slum. The flat screen (TV) takes you out."- Cephaus.
  • "Call me bitch one more time and I will kill you."- Sun as Cephaus. 
  • "May Jean Claude protect you."- Nix to Cephaus. 
  • "In my book, safety has always been highly overrated."- Amanita. 
  • "Impossibility is a kiss away from reality."- Nomi. 
  • "What is human? An ability to image, to love or grieve? If so, we are more human than any human ever will be."- Jonas. 
  • "This is what life is: fear, rage, desire, love. To stop feeling emotions, to stop wanting to feel them is to feel death."- Sun.

Grade: 4 Monsters (out of 5). Kudos to "Sense8" for such a creative globe trotting project. It really shows that no matter how different we seem on the surface, we all want the same basic things in life. I especially appreciate the Wachowski's depiction of transgendered people and same sex couples. 

NetFlix has green lighted "Sense8" for a season 2. Where will we find the sensates and Mr Whispers next? I'll definitely tune in-- if for no other reason than to watch Sun kick ass. 

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August 23, 2015
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Defiance Episode 12 Review: All You Can Eat Buffet

After killing daddy T'evgin, Kindzi wastes no time in waking up the other Omec aboard the space ship. And they are a hungry bunch. The first victim is a poor Irathi woman. Nolan and Irisa spy on the events from a hill. Nolan tries to shoot Kindzi but apparently eating Daddy's heart has made her immune to bullets. She was bad before, but now she's REALLY, REALLY bad. 

And This Is Another Fine Pickle

Yewll has gathered a number of snacks for new arrivals. She has no choice due the implants Omec control stem. We're also reminded that the Indogenes were genetically engineered to be slaves. Yewll does her best to protect Datak and Samir. She has a soft spot for the Casti (for some reason). Datak eggs her on saying the waiting to die is killing him and she has no soul. When the Omecs try to eat him, Datak has a trick up his sleeve. He has a sharp spike hidden in his artificial arm. He stakes Uno in the head and then runs off. They lose him in the woods. Yewll is relieved. She will take the injured Omec for medical treatment and loads him in the back of her truck. 

We Dont Have Time For The Blaming Game

Amanda confronts Stahma about not telling them earlier about the orbiting Omec ship. Stahma reminds Amanda that she's the one that let T'evgin into town in the first place. Amanda has a little breakdown but Nolan comforts her. They share a kiss. Finally! I hope those two kids get together. 

The Last Lady I Cozied Up To Tried To Eat Me

Nolan and Amanda stop Yewll on the road. Amanda knows Yewll is acting squirrelly (well, more than usual). She sees something on the back of her neck. Yewll says its a mole. Amanda pulls it out and Yewll is free. She promptly takes Amanda's gun and empties it into Uno in the back of the truck saying "Looks like mamma's got her groove back". I just love Yewll! She is going to wreck havoc on the Omec in a big way.  

Stahma goes to Luke's house saying she's worried about Datak. Alak confronts her about being a horrible manipulative person. She eventually leaves saying she loves him and only wants what's best. He will try to escape with Luke. Alak and Andina kiss but he says it's too soon. Just then, an injured Stahma breaks through the door. She yells "run" because Kindzi is RIGHT behind her. 

Kindzi snaps Andina's neck (so much for her hooking up with Alak) and wipes the floor (literally) with Stahma. Alak hides with the baby but it starts to cry alerting Kindzi. She and Alak fight over Luke but the Omec ends up with the baby. And in the final scene, Kindzi stares down at Luke the way you might look at a nice baked chicken. Well this cant be good. 

You Look Delicious

Favorite Quotes:
  • "If you can figure out how to say 'Please dont eat me in Omec' let me know."- Berlin to Irisa when she wants to try to reason with the Omec. 
  • "Looks like mama's got her groove back."- Yewll after the Omec control stem was removed. She's out for revenge now. 
  • Amanda: "What's that on the back of your neck?" Yewll: "That's just a mole. I should really have that looked at."
  • "Leave the ginger. Take me instead."- Datak to Yewll. 
  • Kindzi: "Youre Stahma's mate." Datak: "I'm also the last person you'll see before you die."
  • Datak: "Yewll, answer me you shyster." Yewll: "A shyster is a disreputable lawyer. I'm a disreputable doctor."
  • Kindzi: "We need more food. Bring me another one." Yewll: "You might want to keep your voice down. The key to effective mass murdering is to keep your victims in th edark as long as possible."

Grade: 4 3/4 Monsters (out of 5). "The Awakening" was a great penultimate episode. Yewll and Datak are back in the mix. The Tarr family is in peril as Kindzi threatens to eat baby Luke. Nolan, Irisa, Amanda and Berlin are determined to fight for the town. Well, Irisa wants to talk it out instead. 

What do you think will happen next week? Please let me know in the comments. I keep hoping T'evgin will, by some miracle, return. And dont count the sneaky Tarrs out. They have escaped from many a tight situation before. 

As of this writing, "Defiance" has not been renewed yet. Let's hope this isnt really "the end". I cant image a Friday without Stahma and her magical chivo.    
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Hannibal Season 3 Episode 11 Review: Im Just About Worn Out With You Crazy Sons Of Bitches

In "And The Best From The Sea" Will, Jack and Alana FINALLY figure out what we already knew-- that Hannibal has been in communication with the Tooth Fairy/Red Dragon/Francis Dolarhyde and that Hannibal is urging him to commit more unspeakable murders.

I Keep Rooting For These Two Kids But It's Not In The Cards

Francis has an imaginary fight with the Red Dragon and beats himself up. That was interesting to watch. Reba finds Francis in the dark room and tries to comfort him. He cant be with Reba even though he loves her. Frank says "I'm afraid of what the Dragon will do to me if I do not serve her up." Will poor Reba make it till the end of the season? 

Hannibal gives the Red Dragon Will's home address and says "Save yourself, kill them all!" That Hannibal is a piece of work. I think he wants Will's family out of the way because he is jealous of them. He wants Will all to himself. Hannibal says its because he wants everyone to be their best and Will is not at his best when he's with his new family. Yeah, whatever. Not buying it. Next we see Frank camped outside the house. It's a full moon. Uh oh. Luckily Molly is no dummy and hears him enter. She sends Walter out a window. They eventually flag down a motorist whom the Dragon promptly shoots dead. Molly is also injured but she manages to drive away. 

Yep I'm A Bad Ass

Great scene! Red creeping around in the dark going room to room was very effective. One thing I am confused about though is why he brought a gun. He had stabbed everyone else previously.Why did he change his MO? And I greatly underestimated Molly. That woman is a lot tougher than she looks.   

Will visits Molly in the hospital. She's going to be OK but it was a close call. Will is seriously pissed at this point. He says "I'm just about worn out with you crazy sons of bitches." I vote Will takes justice into his own hands and wipes out the Dragon and Hannibal (after of course torturing him first). But I think Will still has too much of a moral compass for that. I just hope he morally doesnt get him (and his family) killed in the end.   

Payback's A Bitch

Francis calls Hannibal again but this time Jack and Alana are listening in. Hannibal quickly tells Dolarhyde that "they're listening". The Dragon knows they are on to him. Hannibal is restrained in a straight jacket and a "Silence Of The Lambs" mask. Alana has instructed the orderlies to remove everything from his cell (including his toilet). Alana says "You're not the only one that keeps their promises Hannibal". He will now lose the one thing he treasure most... his dignity. If I was Alana I'd be worrying about what he plans to do to me after he escapes. She might want to change her identity, looks and move to another country QUICKLY.   

Run Away With Me Will (After I Have Your Family Murdered)

Favorite Quotes:
  • "When you close your eyes Will, it is your family that you see?... They're not my family Will and I'm not letting them die. You are."- Hannibal to Will. 
  • "You threaten me and yet you do not threaten me."- Francis to Reba. 
  • "I'm afraid of what the Dragon will do to me if I do not serve her up."- Francis to Hannibal about Reba. 
  • "Jack Crawford, fisher of men"- Will (because he is so NOT happy about being suckered into working for the FBI again). 
  • "Save yourself, kill them all"- Hannibal to the Red Dragon before he visits Will's house.
  • "You're not the only one that keeps their promises Hannibal."- Alana to Hannibal when she takes all his possessions from the cell. 
  • "Dont you crave change Will?"- Hannibal. 
  • "I'm just about worn out with you crazy sons of bitches."- Will to Hannibal. Definitely my favorite quote of the episode (if not of the whole season). 
Grade: 4 3/4 Monsters (out of 5). I loved the home invasion scenes. Very suspenseful. It concerns me that Alana and Jack so underestimate Hannibal but hey, that makes for a good story. There are only two episodes left in the series (unless by some miracle "Hannibal" is picked up elsewhere). How will it all end? Start placing your bets now. 

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August 20, 2015
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