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Humans Season 3 Premiere Review: In Time, The Humans Will Accept Us

"Humans" is back after a 1 1/2 year absence. The joint AMC and British Channel 4/Kudo offering began in 2015. See my reviews  here Synths (short for synthetic appliance) are human-like robots who serve society in a variety of ways--- menial tasks, dangerous jobs, sex surrogates, child care, companions for those with little/no human contact, etc. They are so lifelike that they can sometimes only be detected by their green irises. 

Seasons 1-2 had the self aware synths finding each other and trying to figure out what to do next. As is always the case, some want to peacefully coexist with humans (Max) and some hate them (Niska initially). But even Max will be tested when his girlfriend Flash is lynched while hunting for supplies Some synths want the same rights as humans. 

We also explore other synth stories. Karen (who is now secretly raising a synth child named Sam) and Odi (who ended up killing himself off screen). Leo is the son of David Elster (who developed the consciousness code). Leo is the world's only human/synth hybrid. All the original self aware synths (Mia, Niska, Max) were also created by David. We also meet the Hawkins family. Mother Laura eventually becomes a snyths rights lawyer. Daughter Mattie is at first resistant to synths but later picks up the cause.  

They struggle with the question of whether to upload Elster's consciousness code into the global synth network (so ALL synths can become self awareness). It doesnt go as planned though and only affects a few random synths. 

Season 3 begins one year after the events of the season 2 finale. All synths gained consciousness in an event known as "Day Zero" Some 110,000 humans are killed as a result. When synths stopped working, planes fell from the sky, cars crashed, children were left unattended, etc. The snyths are now exiled to ghettos. One of which is called the Railyard. Mia acts as their spokesperson. 

Orange eyed synths are now being used instead of greenies. They can not gain consciousness so are no threat to humans. Laura has joined a government committee (the Dryden Commission) that will determine what to do about the Anomalous synths. Did they say there were only ~520 left at this point? I'm not sure if that is correct. Laura gets an orange synth named Stanley. Their interactions are pretty humorous at times. 

Mattie agonizes over the ramification of her releasing the code (since now she's a mass murdered and all). Leo is still in a coma and clinging to life. Remember Hester stabbed Leo in the head at the Hawkins home after asking him which part was synthetic. This is after Hester terrorized poor Laura. Mia gave her life to save them. Saving her was the reason for releasing the code.   

One can not help but see the plight of the synths as they compare to today's political climate the US and UK. It's all about fear, bigotry and ugliness. "Others"--be they immigrants or synths--are viewed as less than human. If they are less than us, do we have to worry about their suffering? Millions of synths "died" since Day Zero but that doesnt compare to the 110,000 humans that were killed. Some people (such as Joe Hawkins) choose to live in gated communities free of synths. The local bar with synths and humans mixed is bombed (injuring Niska's girlfriend Astrid). "Humans" now seems more relevant to our lives than ever.   

Grade: 4 Monsters (out of 5). A good start on what looks like an interesting season. I hope they can keep it us. Season 2 was a bit boring at times (so I stopped reviewing it weekly). With eight episodes per season, "Humans" is relatively quick watch. Emily Barrington as Niska continues to be a standout. She is a delight to watch. 

For a chuckle, check out this "Humans" one off that was done for a Stand Up To Cancer fund raiser. Greg is a replacement synth. It is freakin' hilarious: Greg The Replacement Synth 

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June 17, 2018
Humans Season 3 Premiere Review: In Time, The Humans Will Accept Us Reviewed by GMonsterTV on 1:56 PM Rating: 5 "Humans" is back after a 1 1/2 year absence. The joint AMC and British Channel 4/Kudo offering began in 2015. See my revie...

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