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You Season 2 Review: Crazy Has A New Zip Code

This season Joe (now going by the name "Will") has moved to LA. It's a whole new world where everyone is obsessed with their personal appearance, social media presence, and stardom. Joe initially has good intentions and tries to stay away from the ladies (so as not to kill them). A woman named Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti of "The Haunting Of Hill House") quickly catches his eye. She has a codependent druggie twin brother named Forty. Their parents are wealthy self absorbed people who drag their children to wellness weekends. They also own the store where Love and Joe work. 

Quinn is a talented chef who is reluctant to get into a new relationship. She is a widow whose husband died of cancer. Joe thinks Love is the "perfect girl" and begins his typical stalking. Unfortunately Candace (now going by the name Amy Adam) arrives in town. He thought he has killed her pre-Beck. She somehow survived and dug her way out of a grave. She is determined to bring Joe to justice. She plans to warn everyone (especially Love) about him.Candace also hooks up with Forty so she can get closer to the group. 

I have no idea how many people Joe has killed at this point but we get a number of flashbacks that somewhat explain his behavior. An eight year old Joe shot his abusive father (who continually beat his mother) He was then sent to a boys home. So Joe had already killed one person before he met ex Soviet prison guard Moody (and his Plexiglass book humidor). Joe even recreates it in a rented storage locker. And just like in New York, it doesnt take long before someone is trapped inside.   

Joe puts the real "Will" into the cage. Joe assume his identity but has part of his finger chopped off when a loan shark comes to collect. Joe gets the severed finger back. In retaliation Joe kills Jasper and runs his though the store's meat grinder. 

Joe makes friends with a pair of sisters that live is his building-- Delilah (who is a reporter) and Ellie. Fifteen year old Ellie was being preyed on by celebrity comic Hendy (Henderson). He likes to drug, rape and take pictures of underage girls. He even did the same thing to her sister.. Joe uncovers the truth and kills the guy in his "secret" room. He tries to stag the death as a suicide.   

Delilah gets too close to the truth about Joe so he locks her in the box. He doesnt plan to kill her though. She has on timed handcuffs to give him enough time to head to Mexico City. But Forty forces him to work and the screenplay he is writing based on Beck's book. Forty doesnt know Joe is the one that killed Beck and framed her psychiatrist. Forty slips four does of LSD into Joe's drink. When Joe recovers, Delilah is dead and he doesnt know if he killed her.  

Candance eventually traps Joe in he box with Delilah's body. She calls Love to show who who he really is. Joe seems to give up on thinking he's the innocent party is all her confrontations (which would be a step in the right direction if he wasnt a crazy person). In an unexpected twist, Love kills Candance. She then saves she is the one that killed Delilah. And furthermore she is the person that killed Forty's babysitter when they were children. She was molesting him. Their parents made it look like a suicide. Joe has met his match cause's she's as psycho as he is. Love says she never saw the real her. When Joe does, I think he wants to run screaming away. He looks like he might kill her but Love yells that she is pregnant. 

Will they live happily ever after? Nope. Forty learns to the truth and travels to prison to visit the imprisoned doctors (but he refuses to help). Next he holds a gun to Joe's head. Will Love sacrifice her brother for the man she loves? It's sorta looking that way but then Delilah's cop boyfriend shows up and shoots Forty dead. The family uses their legal team to frame Forty for Candace and Henderson's deaths. Ellie, at the suggestion of Joe, heads to a different state so she can stay out of trouble. That's several problems solved. 

In the finale scene Joe heads home to his pregnant wife and mother in law. They have a house with a white picket fence in suburbia. Will they live happily ever after? It's doubtful given they are both multiple murders. Joe spies a next door neighbor sunbathing and reading a book. Looks like he's back to his old obsessive hobby.    

Grade: 4 Monsters (out of 5). Season 2 of "You" is produced by NetFlix (instead of the Lifetime channel). The move from NY to Los Angeles is a welcome change. LA culture is practically another character. Penn Badgley continues to hit it out of the park as Joe/Will. He goes through every possible emotion in his role. We sympathize with Joe at times but am never fully in his camp given his horrible behavior. Victoria Pedretti is equally great as his love interest who is strangely named "Love".  This season is not as twisty as the first but I still enjoy seeing what kind of trouble our favorite stalker gets into. Let's just say he's met his match this time around.  

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January 12, 2020

You Season 2 Review: Crazy Has A New Zip Code Reviewed by GMonsterTV on 4:38 PM Rating: 5 This season Joe (now going by the name "Will") has moved to LA. It's a whole new world where everyone is obsessed with the...

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