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"Love, Death & Robots" Season 2 Review: The Robots Are Coming And They "Will Hunt You Down Until Your DNA Is Eradicated From The Planet"

The newest season of NetFlix's "Love, Death & Robots" just dropped on NetFlix. Season 2 (with 8 episodes) is less than half the size of season 1 (which had 18 episodes total). That's fine with me. As long as they're entertaining segments (and no filler) I'm happier with a smaller time investment. 

Below are the 8 episodes and my brief thoughts on each: 

  1. Automated Customer Service Insanity ensues at the retirement community as a woman (Jeanette) and her little dog battle a "Vacuubot" (ie evil Roomba) that's intent on destroying her. Trying to call automated customer service does nothing to help (and the wait time to speak to an actual human is 6 HOURS 14 minutes). The automated assistant suggests she distract the bot by sacrificing  the dog to it. Uh, NO! She does distract it temporarily by throwing a basket full of laundry (which it stops to fold). Jeanette is eventually able to stop the robot thanks to an assist from next door neighbor Bill. He is tasered by the bot in return. Jeanette shotguns the robot. But even that doesnt stop the craziness. Customer support says her info has been forwarded. Now every bot in a 200 m radius is out to "hunt you down until you DNA has been eradicated from the planet". OR if she wants to pay to be whitelisted, that will stop them. She rejects the offer. Jeanette, Bill and her little pooch drive off into the sunset in a golf cart with a ton of bots in hot pursuit. This is my absolute FAVORITE of season 2.  We've all been there (but hopefully not with a killer robot). It's clear this has happened before. The company doesnt really care about the woman's safety. They just want their money. (any way they can get it). And that's what is really infuriating. I think I'll stick with vacuuming myself.  
  2. Ice- Brothers Sedgewick and Fletcher are on some ice planet where everyone is genetically modified so they have special powers. Sedgewick is not. The others make fun of him and call him "extro". They head out across the ice to see some Frostwhates breach. They have to run really fast so the ice doesnt crack beneath them. Fletcher hurts his leg. Sedgewick carries him thus gaining the other's respect. We later learn that Fletcher fakes his injury on purpose to help Sedgewick. Visually interesting but not at the top of my list. The story was fine but needed and extra kick.   
  3. Pop Squad- In the future, humans are immortal. This leads to overpopulation. Having children is strictly forbidden. Any children that are found by the police are killed. Detective Briggs tracks down a woman with a child living in a run down building. She begs him to save the child's life. He struggles with the morality of his job so he lets them live. But his partner arrives and sees what has happened. Both Briggs and his partner end up dead. This one reminded me a bit of "Altered Carbon" (probably because the rich were immortal in that too). It would be interesting to see more of this world.   
  4. Snow In The Desert- A man named Snow is on a desert planet. He is being hunted by lots of people.  The reason is he has regenerative powers that make him immortal. And of course everyone wants that. I'm sure life is lonely for someone who lives forever. A woman named Hirald saves him but is shot. But the jokes on them. She is actually part cyborg so she is immortal as well. These two kids are perfect for each other. Another example of showing that living forever isnt all it's cracked up to be. Instead it would be very, very lonely.   
  5. The Tall Grass- During a break in a train ride, a guy gets out to smoke. He sees some lights in the tall grass and goes to investigate. Bad idea. Those lights are coming from a bunch of teethy monsters. Luckily the conductor comes to his rescue and drives them away with a torch. The conductor has run into these beasts before when the train broke down. This one has a Polar Express vibe (due to the train). it also reminded me of Stephen King's "The Tall Grass". If ya dont know what's in there, it's best to stay out.  
  6. All Through The House- Two kids anxiously await Santa on Christmas Eve. Instead of seeing a jolly guy in red, a monster descends the fireplace. He looks like something out of "Pan's Labrynth-- with hands on the side of his head. He eats the cookies and drinks the milk. He determines the kids have been "good" and regurgitates some presents. The boy says its exactly what he wanted. The girl says "what would have happened if we were bad?" My second favorite episode of the season. This is a super fun twist on the Santa myth. I would like to see this guy traumatizing children throughout the land.   
  7. Life Hutch- A pilot crash lands on a planet and is able to access something called a "life hutch". But the robot that maintains it goes wild and tries to kill him. He's eventually able to trick it into offing itself and sends a message for someone to rescue him. This segment benefits from the presence of Michael B Jordan (as Terenece). This shows how humans can adapt based on "thinking outside the box" (with is something robots cant do). "Life Hutch" a fun episode but there just isn't enough of it.   
  8. The Drowned Giant- Told from the perspective of a local scientist. A big naked human washes up on shore. Everyone is enthralled by it. The townspeople comes every day to walk around on it. The body begins to decompose over time. Townspeople start sawing off parts and taking them away. Months later he can still see the remnants around town. One of the bonies hangs outside the butcher's shop The giant's penis is now part of a circus side show but it's labeled as coming from a whale. The townspeople's attention moves onto other stuff. One of my favorites. A very creative and totally bizarre twist on the Gulliver's Travels Story. We never know if the man is really big or if the people are just tiny. This one definitely highlights the "death" part of the show's title.  


Grade: 4 3/4 Monsters (out of 5). An excellent second season. My favorites include "Automated Customer Service", "All Through The House" and "The Drowned Giant". I think I enjoy segments with a humerus bend the most. I also appreciate that this season is much abbreviated from the first (so it's not as much of a time investment). 

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May 30, 2021

"Love, Death & Robots" Season 2 Review: The Robots Are Coming And They "Will Hunt You Down Until Your DNA Is Eradicated From The Planet" Reviewed by GMonsterTV on 7:28 AM Rating: 5 The newest season of NetFlix's "Love, Death & Robots" just dropped on NetFlix. Season 2 (with 8 episodes) is less than hal...

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