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"Wentworth" Series Finale: An Explosive Ending To Australia's Most Popular Drama

After 100 episodes "Wentworth" ended on Australian television in October 2021. The entire series is currently viewable on NetFlix. The show has won a number of awards including: 7 Logies-- Outstanding Drama in 2015, 2018 and 2019 as well as Most Popular Drama in 2018. Individual awards have gone to Danielle Cormack, Pamela Rabe and Celia Ireland. The show is wildly popular internationally and has spawned four spinoffs-- Netherland's "Cellblok H", Germany's "Block B", Belgium's "Gent-West" and Turkey's "Avlu" (which is also on NetFlix). "Wentworth's" premiere was also Australia's most watched drama EVER.

The series originally focused on the life of new prisoner Bea Smith. From season 5 onward, it became more of an ensemble story. Other notable characters include: Franky, Doreen, Liz, Maxine, Kaz, Sonia, Jacs, as well as prison staff: Erica, Matt, and Bridget, See my previous reviews here 

SPOILERS AHEAD: Stop here if you havent seen all of season eight. 

Season Eight is comprised of 20 episodes divided into two parts Some people refer to the second half as season 9-- but it's officially still 8. We're introduced to new staff members Ann (Jane Hall) and Dr Miller (David de Lautour). We also meet several new prisoners. There's Lou (Kate Box) and her partner Reb (Zoe Terakes). Reb is transitioning. Allie (who is top dog) immediately clashes with Lou. We also meet Judy (Vivienne Awosoga). She is being sent to the US on terrorism charges 

Late in the season Sheila (Marta Dusseldopr) arrives. She has a past with Lou and Reb. And of course Joan Ferguson (Pamela Rabe) is back after being buried alive in a coffin but somehow miraculously surviving. She claims to have amnesia and is going by the name Kath Maxwell. Vera and Will think it's all an act. Remember pre-amnesiac Joan was plotting to steal Vera and Jake's baby Grace. 

In the second half of the season people immediately start dropping like flies. Sheila kills Reb in his sleep because she believes Lou killed the head of the True Path cult (and Sheila was in love with him). Then Lou kills Sheila by slipping her poison. She and Marie hold a weight bar on Sheila's neck. That's what finally does her in. 

Joan uses new prisoner Eve as a plaything. They have shared history. Eve was in Blackmoor Prison while Ferguson was a guard. In the end, Eve loses an eyeball when she goes up against Joan. 

Rita goes to see her dying father. Then she's back to prison with sis Ruby. The prisoners later find out Rita was an undercover cop--and of course they all hate cops.  

Lou thinks Allie stole the money Reb was saving for gender reassignment surgery. But in reality it was actually Judy. In a shocking turn of events, Judy is also the person that stabbed Allie in the shower and left her permanently paralyzed. Boomer continues to try to get pregnant. Marie (who turned over a new leaf) saves Ruby from Lou's gang but is stabbed to death in the process. Remember Lou blamed her for Reb's death as well. 

In the finale Lou (along with Judy's outside contacts) have arranged for a bomb to go off. She hopes to kill the prison staff since she blames for Reb's death.She also plans to escape after the bomb detonates. Ann knew about the bomb but let it into the prison anyway. She is desperate to stick it to Judy (because she believes Judy was responsible for her daughter's death. 

When the bomb goes off, all hell breaks loose. Ann (who is cray cray) runs into Vera but thinks now is the perfect time to off her. But surprise! Joan appears behind Ann and snaps her deck like a twig. I think this is Joan's preferred method of killing (since we've seen her daydreaming about it often).   

Judy is dead thanks to a piece of debris to the chest. Boomer, Rita and Ruby are all safe. Rita captures Lou before she can get over the prison fence. The only person that is missing is Allie, The writers teased Allie's death several times this season. I definitely thought she was a goner-- especially when she saw a bright light and said "Bea". How sad. But it turned out to be a fireman instead. Allie lives. Yeah! After Bea, Allie is my favorite character. 

My only complaint about the finale is the 180 degree change in Joan Ferguson. She has been stalking Vera for several seasons. Why would she come to her rescue now? After saving Vera and saying "A child needs it's mother", she disappears into the night. While it definitely seems out of character, maybe they're leaving room for a "Wentworth" spinoff with the Freak. If that happens, I'm SOOOO in. 

Grade: 4 1/2 Monsters (out of 5). I will definitely miss "Wentworth". It is one of the best "women in prison" series EVER IMHO. The only other show that comes close is Spain's "Vis A Vis". Yes, I also enjoyed "Orange Is The New Black" but "Wentworth" takes it to a whole 'nother level. It always keeps you on your toes by adding new characters and shocking events. "Wentworth" also has what I consider to be the best female villain E-V-E-R- Joan Ferguson (aka The Freak). Pamela Rabe can do no wrong in my book.   

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December 26, 2021

"Wentworth" Series Finale: An Explosive Ending To Australia's Most Popular Drama Reviewed by GMonsterTV on 10:14 AM Rating: 5 After 100 episodes "Wentworth" ended on Australian television in October 2021. The entire series is currently viewable on NetFlix....

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