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Game Of Thrones Season 8 Review: A Mixed Bag

After eight seasons and 73 episodes "The Game Of Thrones" is no more. In my opinion it's a mixed bags of positives and negatives. Some people feel strongly otherwise. The online petition to have HBO rewrite season six has more than a million signatures. That's a lot of unhappy people. I'm not in favor of such things though. This is the end.  What is done, is done. 

Here's my breakdown of season 6: 


  • White Walkers Attack- The battle against the White Walkers was epoch. This should have been how the series ended (or at least the next to the last episode). 
  • Red Witch- The end of the Red Witch was great. She twice saved everyone's rears by lighting the place on the fire. By morning, she did exactly what she said she would do. She walked outside, took off her necklace and died a (very) old woman. 
  • Night King- The end of the Night King is another great scene as Anya and Bran team up to take him down once and for all (thus killing all the other walkers in the process).  
  • Tyrion Survives- Tyrion somehow manages to stay alive even after plotting his Queen's death and being arrested for treason. We should have know that the guy who survived Cersei, Jamie and their evil offspring, wasnt going down. Tyrion even becomes the Hand of the new King Bran The Broken. 
  • Brienne Survives- Brienne, who was knighted before the Battle of Winterfell, now serves as the "Lord Commander of The Kingsguard" in service of King Bran. Glad she managed to stay alive as well. 
  • Cleganbowl- In a great battle these two brothers (Sandor "The Hound" and Gregor "The Mountain") go at it. The Mountain finally loses his helmet and we see he is a pretty ugly zombie dud. He is impossible to kill. The Hound finally impales him through his head. Luckily he finishes the job by pushing both of them to their deaths off the top of the Red Keep and into the fire below. 
  • The Iron Throne- The Iron Throne is no more as it was burnt to the ground by Drogon's breath. Just as well since so many people have been killing each other over the thing. 
  • Starks Rule The World- Bran is in charge of the now Six Kingdoms. Sansa will rule over a now independent North. Arya is off to new adventures in the West (will there be a spin off?). Jon Snow is back at the wall (I know it's his punishment for killing Daeny but I'm not sure why he's there since the walkers are gone).  This means the Starks are currently in charge of most of the known world. Ed Stark would be proud. 


  • Cersei and Jamie's Deaths- After all the horrible things Cersei has done, she anticlimactically dies in a rubble heap in the arms of her twin brother/baby daddy. There should have been a hand to hand battle between Cersei and Dany for the fate of the known world. Or Arya should have attacked her. I would have gladly taken either. 
  • The White Horse- After somehow evading death on the streets of King's Landing, Arya encounters a white horse which she rides to safety. Seriously? What's that about? 
  • Daeny's Abrupt Trip To Crazy Town- Yes, Daeny has proven she was ruthless in the past. However, I'm just no buying her abruptly turning on Jon Snow and torching the whole city. It's like they had to make her evil to give Jon Snow a reason to kill his Aunt/lover. I also dont buy that Cersei gave up that easily. She doesnt care how many people have to die to get what she wants. And everyone seems to forget that Daeny saved the North. Without her army, they would all be white walkers right now. I did enjoy Drogon carrying her off to parts unknown. Of course if he were a better watch-dragon she wouldnt be dead now. I personally would have preferred to see Daeny and Jon rule jointly... at least for a few. Yes, I know. Wishful thinking. 
  • Jon Snow- After all the buildup about Jon Snow's lineage, it didnt mean a hill of beans in the end. And why is he going back to the Night Watch? Half of the wall is missing after the dragon attack. And the wildlings are now are peace with everyone. At least he gets to pet Ghost. 
  • Grey Worm- After Daeny's death, why didnt Grey Worm kill Jon Snow immediately? 
  • The Finale-The ending didnt do it for me. It was all very anti-climatic. The pacing seemed all wrong. And that meeting to determine the new King/Queen of Seven (now Six) Kingdoms was a bit of a snoozer.  
  • Not Really A Negative- This is more of a question. Did Bran (ie The Three Eyed Raven) know exactly what was going to happen all along? If so, could he have saved a lot of lives by TELLING SOMEONE/ANYONE? 

Grade: 4 Monsters (out of 5). Season 8 was a mixed bag of positives and negatives. I MUCH enjoyed the epoch White Walker battle but it should have been the final episode. It is the fight for the survival of humanity after all. I'm also glad the Starks are now in control of most of the known world. However, Cersei and Jamie needed a better ending. Daeny needed a different ending. And I'm perplexed about Jon's ending. The pacing of the final six episodes was also rushed which lead to issues. However, if I were the Three Eyed Raven i would say it ended as it should. And for those who are extremely unhappy with this ending, there are still the books-- should we live long enough for GRRM to finish them. 

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May 25, 2019
Game Of Thrones Season 8 Review: A Mixed Bag Reviewed by GMonsterTV on 3:05 PM Rating: 5 After eight seasons and 73 episodes "The Game Of Thrones" is no more. In my opinion it's a mixed bags of positives and n...

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