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Wentworth Season 4 Overview: One Of The Most Shocking Finales in TV History

Yes, This Is How I STILL Feel!!!

It's been over a month since I finished season 4 of "Wentworth". Yes, I'm still in mourning. No, I dont plan to "get over it" anytime soon. If you havent watched "WW" yet all I can say is... grab a box of tissues. It's going to be a bumpy ride. 

When we last saw our favorite Australians, Governor Joan Ferguson (ie "The Freak") had set the prison on fire to mask her killing of Jess because the crazy chick had stolen Doreen's baby. Bea and Franky risked their lives to save the child and even pulled Joan out of the flames in the process. If you need more of a fresher, check out my reviews at Wentworth Seasons 1-3 

There are numerous storylines in season 4. I'll only hit the highlights here. The prison has finally been repaired. Bea, Liz, Maxine, Boomer, and Doreen return to their home. The Red Right Hand ladies are there as well. They include Kaz (RRH's ringleader) and Allie (more on her later). A new inmate named Sonia also arrives. And against all logic, Ferguson is now an inmate at the prison she once governed. Is there only one women's prison in all of Australia or what?

After last year's events, Joan spent some time in a mental asylum. That is until she had a sexual relationship with her therapist and then blackmailed him into releasing her. Pamela Rabe continues to expertly portray a villain unlike any one we've ever seen. In 2015 I voted the Freak the best female character on television. See the full list at Top 10 Most Intriguing Women On TV. She is even more ruthless here. Just when I think she can't possibly be any more ruthless, conniving and psychotic, she is.   

In other stories, Maximum discovers she has breast cancer. She initially keeps the news from the others but eventually agrees to undergo surgery. To complicate matters if she goes off her hormones her male characteristics will return. She has her sperm smuggled in from the outside (it was on ice in hopes of having a child later). Maxine and Boomer plan to have a baby together. 

Franky (who was paroled) and Bridget are still in the honeymoon phase. That is until Vera finds out about their relationship. Franky is forced to move out and contemplates starting a new life elsewhere. In the meantime she's working at Legal Aid. This is an excellent job for Franky. Who knows the system better? 

A new guard (CO Jake Stewart) arrives at Wentworth. He seems all innocent at first but Jake is a sneaky snake. He plays everyone like a fiddler. He saddles up to Vera (who is now governor). He recognizes she's lonely and in need of a little TLC. He also cons Will on several occasions. Besides Jake is a first class jerk and he has a gambling problem. He's in danger of being killed by some baddies if he doesnt return their money. Against his better judgment, he takes a job from Joan (which involves murder). Talk about a pact withe the Devil! Meanwhile poor Vera is still clueless about her new bo. 

In one of the nicest surprises of the season we witness a burgeoning relationship between Bea and Allie (ship name #Ballie). Bea is not used to trusting anyone. Allie is quite flirtatious. Is Allie conning Bea for Kaz or does she really have feelings for Bea? In true soap opera fashion, the couple get together, break up and get back together. Allie starts doing drugs when Bea rejects her. Excellent scene in the bathroom where a distraught Allie says "I miss you Bea...I can still feel you...I love you." 

Bea helps Allie go cold turkey and get off of drugs. If ya hold someone's hair while they vomit in the toilet, it's DEFINITELY true love. I cant recall a pairing with better onscreen chemistry than Bea/Allie (ie Danielle Cormack/Kate Jenkinson). Can you?

In one of the two most shocking scenes of the season, Joan learns of Bea and Allie's secret kitchen rendezvous. Joan acquires some drugs. She then tests them on herself to determine exactly how long before they take effect. The Freak takes advantage of Kaz's jealous of Ballie and the fact that she wants to be Top Dog. Kaz creates a diversion and Joan slips the drug into Bea's juice. Later Bea succumbs in the utility closet. Everyone else is out protesting Maxine's treatment by the prison. That is everyone EXCEPT Ferguson. She waits for the drug to render Bea helpless. 

She then slowly and deliberately proceeds to drown Bea in the kitchen sink. She tells Bea "This is my gift to you". An EXCELLENT scene and truly frightening to watch. Luckily Mr Jackson tells Kaz who really shopped the RRH thus resulting in their imprisonment. Kaz had always believed it was Bea. Instead Joan did the deed. Kaz and Allie rush into the kitchen. Kaz pulls Joan off of a drowning Bea. Allie screams for someone to press the panic button. Just a reminder, It's part of the prisoner code to NEVER press the button. Allie gives Bea CPR until Will arrives to help. Kaz shoves Joan's hand in a vat of burning oil. The episode ends with the audience having no idea if Bea lived or died. 

In the next episode she has recovered though. Wow, that was quick. I thought she'd have brain damage or amnesia or something. Bea in fact doesnt remember anything about the events. She thinks Kaz put Allie up to killing her. Luckily Bea eventually comes to her senses. Bea is tired of being Top Dog. She relinquishes her position to Kaz after being cornered about ratting out the other prisoners drug activities. 

Bea and Allie share an intimate night together. Thanks to the #BuryOurGays trope we know one or both of these poor ladies is going to die soon. Happy Lesbians = Dead Lesbians in TVLand.

And it doesnt take long. Allie and Bea are curled up together in bed. Allie gets up early to hit the showers. Bea is still asleep. NOOOO! REALLY BAD IDEA!!! As Allie brushes her teeth, Joan sneaks up behind her. She gives Allie a hot dose in the neck. Is Allie dead??? Curse you Freak!!! 

Next Bea enters the shower room and finds Allie in the corner with a needle in her arm. Bea presses the panic button. The guards rush Allie to the hospital. It's not looking good. Bea thinks Kaz attacked Allie so she beats the crap out of her. Nope, it wasnt her. Kaz is as devastated as Bea. It's when Joan walks by and says "my condolences about Allie-- collateral damage" that Bea knows for sure. Joan attacked Allie to keep Bea from testifying against her. Joan is knocking off anyone/everyone possible so she can beat her rap. No witnesses = Joan's a free woman.

She's even gotten her fangs into Jianna's son.Remember Jianna is the pregnant girl Joan had a thing for years ago in her old prison. Jianna was killed by the other prisoners after they learned she was favored by Joan. Will was Jianna's social worker the so Joan blames him for the whole thing (cause she's CRAZY). Shayne refers to the Freak as "Auntie Joan". That makes me vomit a little in my mouth. Bea gets a message to Franky. Frank hunts the kid down and takes the gun away from him. My guess is the cops will catch Franky with the gun. It's a violation of her parole so back to Wentworth she'll go.  

Maxine calls Bea from the hospital with some VERY BAD news. There's nothing the doctors can to help Allie. She is going to die. Maxine holds the phone up to Allie's ear as Bea uncontrollably sobs and chokes out "You just fly. You be free. And you wait for me. You beautiful girl". If that scene doesnt get ya, you dont have a beating heart. Danielle was BEYOND EXCELLENT in that scene. It still gives me chills. 

Bea then convinces Vera to let her get close to Joan (supposedly to record her on a hidden phone). That way Joan can be sent back to jail. But Bea has another secret plan. I think Bea's original intention was to kill Joan in revenge for what she did to Allie. Bea is already serving life in prison so what else does she have to lose? But Joan somehow wrestles the screwdriver away from Bea. Bea then throws her body against it. She's trying to make sure Joan goes back to jail for her murder. Joan is at first puzzled but then gets with the program and stabs Bea OVER and OVER and OVER again. 

The camera pulls out to reveal Bea lying on the ground in a pool of her own blood, Bea looks up at the sky. She sees two clouds that looks like seahorses. This is a sign that she and Allie will be together in the afterlife. Bea smiles and says "I win" and then dies. Will and Vera stand over her body. Joan just stands there with a bloody screwdriver in her hand. And across town Allie is flat lining. But just as Bea passes Allie opens her eyes. And end scene. What the F$@#$%????  So Bea died and Allie awakened at the exact same moment. This is some serious Romeo and Juliette (or in our case Juliette and Juliette) shit. I go lay down a while to process my feelings. 

Grade:  5+ Monsters. Absolute perfection. I have sung the praises of "Wentworth" since the beginning but season 4 set the bar impossibly high. I dont think there's any way they can top this year. The finale was one of the best I've seen on television. Everything about it was stellar-- the acting, the writing, the directing, the editing, the sound. You name it. If Danielle Cormack doesnt win ALL THE AWARDS this year, there is no justice. Plus when has a show ever killed off THE main character? I cant think of one. And no Jon Snow doesnt count. Is it a trick? Surely the writers wouldnt do such a thing to us... or would they?

I kept praying that Bea still might be alive (despite all those stab wounds and the large pool of blood). My theory was that everything that happened AFTER Joan tried to drown Bea was a dream. Bea had actually been in a coma all along. She wakes up and then the story takes a decidedly different turn. But now I've finally come to the realization that Bea is truly dead. 

I now think this is the perfect ending for Bea. Her story arc has come to an end. She entered the prison a scared and battered woman. She lost her daughter Debbie (who was here only reason for living). Heartbroken she sought revenge and eventually became Top Dog. This season allowed Bea to feel love for the first time. What an unexpected bright spot in her otherwise dismal existence. Bea knew very well she would never leave prison alive. Joan was correct when she said Bea she would die old and alone. This really was the only way Bea could take her fate into her own hands. With Allie gone, there was nothing else for Bea to fight for. We all have to go sometime. I just hope I get to choose the way I go out like Bea did.    

While my heart is broken, I will continue to tune in next season for Allie and for someone/anyone/everyone to seek revenge on the Freak. But fair warning "Wentworth"-- if you kill off Allie too, I can no longer continue our relationship. Plus I may fly to Australia and chase you around with one of those poisonous snakes/spiders y'all have so many of. Let's hope it doesnt come to that. 

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September 10, 2016
Wentworth Season 4 Overview: One Of The Most Shocking Finales in TV History Reviewed by GMonsterTV on 3:45 PM Rating: 5 Yes, This Is How I STILL Feel!!! It's been over a month since I finished season 4 of "Wentworth". Yes, I'm still in m...


  1. Omgg thank you so much. i took a few year break from the show and when i came back i forgot so much i was confused, your over view was so clear and understandable/ thank you so much