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Agents Of SHIELD Season 4 Finale Review: It Doesn't Get An Better Than This

I always liked "Agents of SHIELD" but I never felt it was Must-See-TV until the Aida/Framework story lines. They are the best thus far. Too bad they couldn't last a bit longer. I'm really going to really miss Aida's shenanigans.

But back to the story. The mid season finale has Aida sending everyone to a computer generated reality called the "Framework". Her plan is to control everyone and eventually make herself human. 

Seeing what becomes of everyone in the Framework is highly entertaining. May is a high ranking Hydra agent. Mack is living her his daughter Hope (who is dead IRL). Fitz is a rich scientist who runs this world with help from her girlfriend Aida/Ophelia. She is Director of Hydra. Coulson is a conspiracy prone teacher. Dont trust the soap! 

Daisy and Grant Ward are an item (but in this world Ward turns out to be a good guy). We cant ever get away from this guy, can we? You think he's gone for good but he keeps popping back up. Simmons is presumed dead (along with a number of other SHIELD agents). Inhumans are the enemy in this world and they are mercilessly hunted/ experimented on. Most people are brainwashed by Hydra but a few secretly rebel and join the Resistance (lead by an Inhuman Mace). Stakes are high because if you die in the Framework. you're really D-E-A-D. This proves true for Mace/The Patriot. He did go out like a hero though. 

While Coulson, May, Fitz, and Mack were inserted into the Framework against their will, Gemma and Daisy voluntarily enter to save them. Gemma and Daisy convince everyone (except Fitz) that they are in a computer generated world. They eventually escape by jumping into a pool of molten lava (or something like that). Mack stays behind because he can not bear to leave his daughter. Yo Yo enters the Framework to try to talk him out before it's too late. 

Meanwhile in our world, Aida makes a 3D copy of herself. She has the power of several Inhumans (thanks to the Darkhold). She also makes several copies of Anton Ivanov/The Superior. Uh oh. This can't be good.  

Aida experiences for the first time what it's like to be human. The scene on the beach with Fitz was a nice one. You almost feel sorry for her. I say ALMOST. She tells Fitz she loves him. He doesnt reciprocate since he loves Gemma. Aida doesnt take the news well. She goes bat shit crazy. Her first broken heart may be the destruction of the world. She plans to make Fitz, Gemma and SHIELD pay! Excellent acting by Mallory Jansen. She effortlessly bounces between evil villain, love starved woman, and serious nut case.  

Aida's demise occurred in the penultimate episode "The Return" when Ghost Rider temporarily transferred his powers to Coulson. He sends her to Hell via the Darkhold. Robbie then heads back to keep the book from getting into the wrong hands again. What bargain did he and Coulson make though? Robbie says "I dont envy you". Not sure what that means.  
In the finale "World's End" Ivanov meets with General Talbot and other government officials. He plans to use the Darkhold to get rid of Inhumans. But it's all a ruse. LMD Johnson shoots Talbot. He somehow manages to survive.  

Over in the underground base, Coulson and May battle copies of the Superior. Coulson actives his arm shield and slices off one of the Superior's face. Way cool! Coulson and May again dance around the fact that they have feelings for each other. Are those two kids ever going to get together? 

Let's not forget about Holden Radcliffe (who started this whole thing thanks to his inability to let go of Agnes and his quest for eternal life). Both Holden and Agnes' bodies have been destroyed IRL so they can not leave the Framework. We see Holden sitting on the beach with a glass of wine. He says "This is how the world ends, not with a bang but a..." and his glass falls to the ground before he can finish. The Framework is officially closed for business. 

In the final scenes the team heads over to the diner for some well deserved R&R. That doesnt last long as they're all gassed, freeze framed, and kidnapped by some mysterious organization. Coulson wakes up and looks out the window. He's in deep space. Any ideas where? And what about the rest of SHIELD. Are they on the same ship?

Grade: 5 Monsters (out of 5). Other than the Aida/fFramework stories being over too soon, the the second half of season 4 was perfection. Highlights include the battle to determine who was a LMD and time spent in the Framework. 

Mallory Jensen (who played Aida) SERIOUSLY hit it out of the park. I wish we could see more of her. Kudos also to Elizabeth Henstridge (Gemma Simmons).  Her best scenes include: killing a LMD Fitz, determining it Daisy is an android, refusing to give up on Evil Fitz, and LMD Gemma being killed by Aida. Great performances! 

What's up with Coulson being a prisoner in space? Luckily "Agents Of SHIELD" has been renewed for another 22 episode season so we wont be left hanging. This year is going to be tough to beat. I can't wait to see what "AoS" has in store for us.  

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May 29, 2017

Agents Of SHIELD Season 4 Finale Review: It Doesn't Get An Better Than This Reviewed by GMonsterTV on 7:13 PM Rating: 5 I always liked "Agents of SHIELD" but I never felt it was Must-See-TV until the Aida/Framework story lines. They are the best ...

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