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Fear The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 8 Review: Children Of Wrath (Mid Season Finale)

If you've read my previous "FTWD" reviews, you know I've had some serious issues with show in the past. We're at the season 3 half way mark (with 16 episodes total). So far, I'm enjoyed the ranch story line much more than the boat or the hotel or the Crazy Cult Lady. The mid season finale was actually a two parter-- "The Unveiling" and "Children Of Wrath".    
The residents of the Broke Jaw Ranch have a conflict with the nearby Black Hat Reservation. The tribe wants the militia to share water with them. Jeremiah refuses even though he stole the ranch in the first place. In Jeremiah's defense, he says it was bought fair and square (which I doubt). We later learn that the older Otto killed both Qaletaqa Walker's uncle (for messing with his cattle) and his father (when he came looking for his brother). Madison later returns Walker's father's skull in hopes of keeping the peace but it doesnt work. The want Jeremiah's instead.    

Enter Ofelia. When we last saw her she was wandering the desert trying to get back to Sante Fe to find her finance. We know she encountered Jeremiah but arent sure what transpired. In a flashback we learn Otto gave her some water and wouldn't take her back to the ranch since there aren't any "brown people" there. Grrrr. She's near death. Walker finds Ofelia and nurses her back to health. 

Fast forward and a beaten Ofelia is lying at the front gate of the ranch. She's allowed inside thanks to help from Madison. But things are not as they appear. Ofelia puts something in the camp's coffee. People starting turning immediately. Nick is sickened but not critically. Madison chases down Ofelia and beats her to learn what the drug is. It turns out to be anthrax. Apparently Ofelia didnt 1. Know what it was or; 2. That it would really kill anyone. I'm not sure what to believe. 

We FINALLY learn something of Madison's past. We've seen her previously as a mostly emotionless hardass who will do anything to protect her children. Now we learn why. Madison's father was a corrupt councilman back in Alabama (and also a drunk). Everyone in the town loved him but at home he was a monster. He beat his wife on numerous occasions. One day Madison had had enough and shot him dead while he slept. Wow, that explains a lot. 

While Madison has proven she'll do whatever is needed, she at time makes very bad decisions. She attacked the Walker camp in order to free Alicia (who was being held hostage). Lots of people on both sides died. We seem to look the other way when it's "red shirts" who are killed. If Madison could gets some more smarts to go with those big balls she might have a chance. 

Madison tries to convince Jeremiah to do the right thing before he gets everyone else at the ranch killed. The Black Hats have them surrounded. She advises Otto to kill himself but the old man refuses. Madison struggles with killing him herself. Sure he's a murderer and a racist and a wife beater and a drunk. But he also took her family in. Without him, they might not have survived. Thus are the tough choices during the zombie apocalypse. 

Before she can make a decision, Nick storms him and shoots Jeremiah the head. They stage it as a suicide. Who's going to believe that? Madison secretly takes Jeremiah's head to Walker. Will this appease the Black Hats or will there be more trouble to come? Will Madison, Nick and Alicia leave the ranch since they're on the wrong side of this war? Remember, in the season premiere Walker's group killed Travis by firing on the militia's chopper. Will the Otto brothers (Jake and Troy) discover what the Clarks did and harm them before they can leave? 

Elsewhere Strand finds the Abigail and has a little toast before burning it and setting off. Danial is currently MIA. These two are so far removed from the main action that it's hard to be invested in their stories (paltry though they might be). And is Luciana ever coming back or is she gone for good?

Grade: 4 1/2 Monsters (out of 5). I hope "FTWD" has FINALLY found it's niche. This is the best first half season of the series. While there still are few zombies at times, the character development makes up for it. I dont just want to see people fight zombies. I want to care about the people fighting zombies. And that wont happen unless we learn more about them both pre and post apocalypse. "Fear The Walking Dead" returns to AMC on Sunday September 10. 

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July 23, 2017

Fear The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 8 Review: Children Of Wrath (Mid Season Finale) Reviewed by GMonsterTV on 9:07 PM Rating: 5 If you've read my previous "FTWD" reviews, you know I've had some serious issues with show in the past. We're at t...

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