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Once Upon A Time Season 7 Episodes 1-6 Reviews: A New Compelling "Big Bad"?

For those who don't know, "Once Upon A Time" underwent a soft reboot in season 7. Gone are Emma, Snow, Charming, and Belle (as well as other supporting characters). Back are Regina, Hook and Rumple. They have all moved to Hyperion Heights (a Seattle suburb). It's a long way from Storybrooke, Maine. Young Henry has been replaced by an older actor. The show has also moved from Sundays to Fridays (which is typically the kiss of death for TV shows). 

In the season 7 premiere, a girl (Lucy) shows up at Older Henry's door. She declares herself to be his daughter. Her mother is Jacinda (Cinderella). Regina is now named Roni and owns a bar. Hook (now Rogers) and Rumple (now Weaver) are police officers.

Of course no one remembers who they are thanks to the umpteenth curse . Actually it's the fifth one (if you're still counting).  Enough already! Can't ya progress the story without the continual curses? This is getting WAY old. The show also follows the familiar flashback format. Half the time is spent in present day and half in some enchanted realm. 

The big bad this season seems to be Lady Tremaine (Cinderella's Evil Stepmother). In Seattle, she is going by the name of Victoria Belfrey. Tremaine is seriously nasty to everyone including her daughter Ivy/Drizella. She also has a mysterious person locked in the basement. Hmmm. 

In the first six episodes we get to know the various new characters, what they're like in the real world and in FairyTale Land. They include:

  • Lucy- serves the same function as Young Henry did in earlier seasons. She is a true believer even when it defies all reality. 
  • Jacinda/Cinderella- Life is rough for a single mother-- especially when she's being continually bullied by Victoria. Luckily she has a bestie to help her. Since their place of employment (Mr Cluck's) burned down, they're refurbing a food truck and taking it on the road. 
  • Sabine/Tiana- Cinderella's BFF. We see some of her FTL backstory. There is an interesting twist though. Tiana's mother tells her she doesnt need a prince to save her. Tiana can save herself. You go girl! 
  • Victoria/Lady Tremaine- Besides terrorizing the citizens of Hyperion Heights (especially Cinderella), she's trying to revive her dead daughter Anastasia. How is she going to accomplish this?
  • Ivy/Drizella-  Initially seen as under the thumb of her mother, Drizella knows WAY more than she lets on. In fact, she's the one who cast the latest curse. And where did she learn her magic skills from? Regina of course. 
  • Tilly/Alice- she is a police informant. Tilly is labeled mentally ill but actually is one of the first to notice something is awry. Alice continually talks in riddles so it's hard to decipher. 
  • Emma- makes a brief appearance thus far this season-- just long enough to tell Henry that she is preggo. She also heals a mortally wounded version of Hook. She and the "real" Hook exit through a magical portal. FakeHook is the version that goes to Seattle. That's probably not a good explanation of the situation. You'll just have to watch it. 
  • Belle- also makes an appearance in the episode entitled "Beauty". She and Rumple live out a happy existence in the Edge of Realms. She dies of old age and Rumple is devastated. We also see their son Gideon again. 
  • Roni/Regina/Evil Queen- At the end of episode six, Regina remembers who she is (thanks to a drugged drink from Drizella). The sad part is now she has to keep Henry away from his true love Cinderella or everyone Regina loves will die. Can this poor woman EVER have her happy ending? Even when she tries to do good, it rarely works out. Her only mistake here was in supporting Drizella-- someone that reminded Regina of herself as a young girl.  

Grade: 4 Monsters (out of 5 total) I had initially said "OUAT" should have ended in season 6. See my reviews here I'm still sticking with my opinion. But, after watching six new episodes, I have a glimmer of hope there might be something worth coming back for. Drizella could be a compelling "Big Bad". Let's hope she and Regina go toe to toe. And I seriously hope there's enough juicy scenes for Lana Parrilla to have hung around for. She's the only reason I've continued to watch this show. 

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November 12, 2017
Once Upon A Time Season 7 Episodes 1-6 Reviews: A New Compelling "Big Bad"? Reviewed by GMonsterTV on 10:41 AM Rating: 5 For those who don't know, "Once Upon A Time" underwent a soft reboot in season 7. Gone are Emma, Snow, Charming, and Bel...

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