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Westworld Season 2 Premiere Review: These Violent Delights Have Violent Ends

Season 2 of  "Westworld" begins with an all out blood bath as Delores seeks her revenge on the guests. She now remembers the 30 years of degradation she has been forced to endure. Plus she also has Wyatt's "personality" in her head so there are obviously some anger control issues. 

Maeve is still at the command center trying to find her "daughter". She forces Lee to help her. Charlotte (who has a number of secrets up her sleeve) is hiding with Bernard and a group of other survivors.

Below are what I see as the most pressing questions of the season:
  1. How Many Parks Are There? In the premiere, Lee tells Maeve that her "daughter" is in park 6. Does that mean there are at least five other parks? In the 1070's movie there were three parks-- WestWorld, MedievalWorld and RomanWorld. FutureWorld was adding in a later movie. We'll get a peak at ShogunWorld next week. I can't wait. 
  2. Where Are The Parks Located? Westlworld requires a massive amount of land (not to mention if there are other parks). Some have suggested the show takes place on another planet. Since the Chinese army appears this week, odds are they're on a BIG island (or islands) off the cost of China. They could be in the future though which takes us to question number 3.   
  3. How Many Time Lines Are In Play? This is definitely the most perplexing question There were three last season. We saw a young William and Delores only to later learn that he is also the much older Man In Black. In this week's episode we again have at least three different times. First Dolores and Bernard interact in what I think is the past. Next is what happens RIGHT AFTER the finale dinner. Third is when we fast forward and find Bernard staring at a LOT of drowned hosts. 
  4. What Is Bernard's Status? No one knows for sure at this point. In the flash forward, Bernard says he killed them all. Uh, how did that happen? Can the hosts even drown? And Bernard is not a reliable narrator because: 1. He's having memory issues; and 2. He is in fact a host himself. We're not sure where his allegiance lies. He may be playing a long game. Also dont the team that is rounding up hosts know Bernard is one? Remember the woman who had a card with his pic on it? Those cards typically arent used in war for people you're supposed to save. They're used for targets.  
  5. Who Has Free Will? This is the source of much debate. Delores has free will. I would suggest Maeve does as well but as you'll remember from last year's finale she was told that even her escape plans were scripted. Does anyone else? 
  6. Where Is Ford? Ford speaks to the Man In Black through young Ford. However, you can bet your butt that his essence was uploaded in more than one place to prevent them from easily wiping him out (especially since the evil MiB shot the boy in the back). 
  7. What Is Charlotte Hale's End Game? In the premiere she tells Bernard Delos wont send a rescue party until the "package" is delivered. And that package is Peter Abernathy (currently MIA). He has all of Ford's intellectual property uploaded into him. He know the actor playing Peter (Louis Herthum) has been upgraded to season regular so expect much more of him. And what is Charlotte really up to? Is she a host as well. I think there is much more to her than meets the eye. Also what's up with those freaky faceless "drones". Are they stealing DNA and memories from guests in order to replicate the rich patrons and take over their lives? Or are they going to be sold to guests to use when their own bodies fail (ala "Altered Carbon")? 
  8. Will The Man In Black Win His Game? This is the most uninteresting part of the story in my opinion. I dont really care. I understand his importance in helping the story unfold in season 1 but there's plenty enough going on this year without focusing  on him. Plus if he's the owner of Delos doesnt he know everything that is going on in the park anyway? The dude needs to get a different hobby besides hanging out in WestWorld all the time.   

Grade: 4 3/4 Monsters (out of 5). A great start to a new season. There is so much detail you have to watch each episode at least. "Westworld" is one of those shows that you enjoy talking about almost as much as seeing it. I'm personally hoping the hosts take a crack at conquering the outside world. Now, that would be some good TV viewing. 

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April 28, 2018

Westworld Season 2 Premiere Review: These Violent Delights Have Violent Ends Reviewed by GMonsterTV on 6:20 PM Rating: 5 Season 2 of  "Westworld" begins with an all out blood bath as Delores seeks her revenge on the guests. She now remembers the 30...

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