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Castle Rock Season Finale Review: A Great Season But I Want To Know More!

Hulu's newest original offering "Castle Rock" explorers a new part of the Stephen King universe. In ten episodes we learn about the tragic town and it's inhabitants. See my initial review here Obviously the comments below are just my personal opinions. I have no idea what's ACTUALLY going on in "Castle Rock". 

Some viewers have complained about the slow burn of the series but I thoroughly enjoyed the character development. Everyone in this Maine town has a secret-- especially the main characters: Henry Deaver, his mother Ruth, retired sheriff Alan Pangborn,  and Henry's psychic friend and possible love interest Molly (who is played by Melanie Lynsky who was in King's haunted house thriller "Rose Red"). 

In 1991 an eleven year old Henry is discovered on a frozen lake. He has been missing for 11 days but has no memory of what happened. In present day, we learn Warden Lacey is keeping someone known as "The Kid" locked inside a cell in a hidden part of Shawshank Prison. The Kid is portrayed by Bill Skarsgaard who is Pennywise The Dancing Clown in the remake of King's "It". We initially dont know anything about his past (but bad things seem to follow him). Lacey believed him to be the Devil and he was instructed by God to lock him up. One thing is for sure, The Kid has not aged a day in 27 years.

Episode nine's reveal that there are AT LEAST two Henry Deavers blew my mind. So Henry and The Kid are the same person just from different realities. The Kid desperately wants to return to his home to his wife, new baby and his work (Alzheimers research). When Henry was missing for those eleven days, he too was locked in a cage in The Kid's universe (but this time by Matthew Deaver instead of Lacey). That is IF The Kid's story can be trusted. The jury's still out for me.  

We get a super intriguing scene when The Kid takes Molly into the woods. They see lots of different people from multiple realities and timelines. Is this why the town has so many problems? In a voiceover, Henry says "It wasnt me. It was this place. That's what we say. But that's a story too. It doesnt change a thing." 

The finale was a bit of a letdown since there are no answers to pretty much all of our questions. I've listed the big ones below. In the end, Henry refuses to believe The Kid. Fast forward one year, Henry stays in Castle Rock and takes other cases (besides his previous death penalty gig). And in a surprise twist, Henry has The Kid locked up in the same cell in the now abandoned Shawshank Prison. Henry says "Every one in this town has some sin or regret, some cage of his own making. And a story. A sad one about how we got this way." 

Remaining Questions:

  • How long has Ruth known about time traveling/alternate universes? And how much of what is happening to her is Alzheimers and how much is something else? She tells Molly that she wants to jump from the bridge again in order to see Alan. Ruth tells Molly they have had the same conversation many times before. "Alan's dead. Alan's alive. I've been here before. I'll be here again. You and me on the bridge."
  • The Kid asked to meet Henry at the cemetery. We see a tombstone that says "Baby Deaver Boy". I think this is supposed to be The Kid in this reality?  
  • When Henry and The Kid are struggling with a gun in the woods, for a split second , The Kid transforms into some withered creepy creature. Is this how he really looks? 
  • And, now, for the most important questions of the series. Can The Kid be trusted? Is he really from another dimension? What if he really is some sort of demon? He has a wicked smile after Henry leaves him for the last time. 

"Castle Rock's" Death Toll= 11+. Let me know in the comments if I missed anyone. 

  • Warden Dale Lacy- commits suicide by tying a rope around his neck and driving into the aforementioned lake. 
  • Warden Theresa Porter- Dale's replacement. She is run over by a busload of prisoner's after freaking because she found a carved soap statue of herself (which we assume was done by The Kid).
  • Matthew Deaver- Technically killed by a young Molly, we later learn Henry pushed him off a cliff. Matthew was planning to kill his mother Ruth. Matthew, who was a minister, thought he could hear God in the woods. Note: Henry and his son Wendell also hear the same buzzing. 
  • Nameless family- husband kills wife and then himself while The Kid quietly sits on their roof. 
  • Guard Dennis Zalewski- Killed after mowing down several guards. We assume he was under the control of The Kid at the time. 
  • Odin- Drives a big RV that has an anechoic chamber (which blocks out all sound). He purposefully deafened himself to hear the sound of God (which he refers to as the schisma). "All possible pasts. All possible presents. Schisma is the sound of the Universe trying to reconcile them". I think Odin's interpreter Willie knocked him off (since he didnt want to suffer the same fate as Odin). 
  • Alan Pangborn- Mistakenly killed by Ruth while she was hiding from The Kid. Alan had been in love with Ruth for years. They finally get together after Matthew's death (and live a happy life despite Ruth's illness). 
  • New Murder B&B owners Gordon and Lilith -Gordon is by Jackie Torrance while they were attacking Henry. They already murdered the first two customers of their horror themed bed and breakfast before Henry arrives. 
  • Ruth Deaver (Sissy Spacek, who was also in King's first hit movie "Carrie")- We learn she has died in the show's fast forward. She is buried alongside Alan (how touching). 
  • Molly- This one is a bit of a cheat. Molly dies in the alternate universe according to The Kid. 
  • Miscellaneous prisoners, guards, mental patients and current and past citizens of Castle Rock.  

Grade:  4 1/2 Monsters (out of 5). An excellent first season of "Castle Rock" definitely has me coming back for more. I would have given the shows 5 Monsters if it had stuck the landing. Unfortunately the finale left myself and many others frustrated. Looks like we'll never get answers since "Castle Rock" is an anthology series. 

Hopefully there will be some tie-in with season 2. Maybe it's something with Jackie (the niece of Jack Torrance from"The Shining") since she appears in the closing credits. Jackie is writing a book called "Outlook" and is heading out West to "where it all began". Hmmmm.

Among all the great actors, Sissy Spacek particularly stands out. I see lots of awards in the future for her portrayal of Ruth Deaver.  I hope she's back in season 2 in a different role.  

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August 13, 2018
Castle Rock Season Finale Review: A Great Season But I Want To Know More! Reviewed by GMonsterTV on 8:05 PM Rating: 5 Hulu's newest original offering "Castle Rock" explorers a new part of the Stephen King universe. In ten episodes we learn ...

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