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The Purge TV Series Episode 1 Review: Blessed Be America, A Nation Reborn

'The Purge" is a 10 part TV series airing on the USA channel. The timeline for it and the four movies is as follows:
  • "The Purge"- Released in 2013. Takes place in 2022 (so during the fifth Purge). The weakest of the series but sets up the framework for this universe. Ethan Hawke stars as James Sandin--a father trying to protect his family when things go horribly wrong. Dante Bishop also appears. He'll see him again in the next three movies. 
  • "The Purge: Anarchy"- Released in 2014. Takes place in 2023. The action hits the streets. A growing resistance forms of those who think the Purge should be repealed.  
  • "The Purge: Election Year"- Released in 2016 on the 4th of July. Takes place in 2040 so is the latest in the series. The immunity for government officials has been revoked which leads the main character (a senator) fighting for her life. She leads the charge for repealing the 28th Amendment.  
  • "The First Purge"- Released in 2018. This is a prequel and takes place in 2014. As denoted by the title, the Purge concept is tested on Staten Island. The NFFA declares it a success (despite the truth) and begins to offer the program nationwide.  
  • "The Purge: TV Series"- Released in 2018 and takes place sometime around 2028- 2029 (between the second and third movies).  
The premise of the series is pretty simple. In 2014 a group called the New Founding Fathers of American (NFFA) overthrows the US government. They instate the 28th amendment (which makes all crime including murder legal during a 12 hour period from 7 PM to 7 AM once per year). The idea is that if anyone can do anything they want during that time, they'll be law abiding citizens the rest of the year. The NFFA boasts of their success. After all the unemployment rate is 1% and crime rates are well low-- so it must be working. The truth is minority communities, the poor, mentally ill and homeless are disproportionately targeted during the Purge. The Purge cleanses the country of the people the government doesnt want to support. The government even sends secret death squads to ensure enough people are being murdered. 

  • ALL crime is legal. Kill anyone you want except for government officials ranking 10 or higher. They are exempt. 
  • The police, fire and other emergency departments will NOT respond during the Purge. 
  • Class 4 weapons or lower can only be used-- so no WMDs people!
  • If you do NOT wish to participate, shelter in a fortified area and do not leave under any circumstances.  
  • There are several Purge-free zones such as hospitals. 

I'm excited to see where the TV series leads since we have 12 hours to investigate this world. In the first episode we meet Gabriel Chavarria (a Marine who is looking for his sister Penelope who plans to sacrifice herself as part of a Purge cult). Their parents were killed during the first Purge.  There's also Jane (a business executive who is hiding some secrets), and Jenna and Rick (a couple who attend a NFFA event in pursuit of a business venture).  In flashbacks we see they had a three way with what I think is the host's daughter Lila Stanton. You can be that will bite them in the butt later (and not in a good way). More characters will be introduced in succeeding episodes.  

Other Notes:
  • When the alarm sirens blare, the Purge has begun. Whoever came up with that sound deserves a raise. It's truly frightening (and is seared into my brain at this point). 
  • Emergency Broadcast System Message: "This is not a test. This is your Emergency Broadcast System announcing the commencement of the annual Purge sanctioned by the US Government. Weapons of class four and lower have been authorized for use during the Purge. All other weapons are restricted. Government officials of ranking 10 have been granted immunity and shall not be harmed. Commencing at the siren, any and all crime (including murder) will be legal for 12 continuous hours. Police, fire and Emergency Medical Services will be unavailable until tomorrow morning at 7 AM when the Purge concludes. Bless be our New Founding Fathers and America... a nation reborn. May God be with you all."   
  • Check out the Purge Shopping Channel at for all your purge needs including: emergency candles, Purge cake toppers, stain remover and body armor. Great marketing gimic!

Grade: 4 Monsters (out of 5). It's too early to tell but so far I'm enjoying the series. Several have complained the show is slow and/or watered down for television. Some of those critics didnt like the movies either though. I'm a die hard fan so am willing to wait and see. Now, if we're in the same place in episode 10 that we are in episode 1 then, yes, that will be a problem. 

The TV show (like the movies) has some great visuals. The killing of poor Arthur by silhouetted murderers with axes and clubs was truly frightening. The guys in bunny costumes was also a nice touch. I look forward to more freaky outfits in the future. 

"The Purge" also provides social commentary on current American culture. What is our complete obsession with violence and especially guns? I ask knowing that I am one of "those" people-- and no i dont know why. 

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September 8, 2018

The Purge TV Series Episode 1 Review: Blessed Be America, A Nation Reborn Reviewed by GMonsterTV on 6:16 AM Rating: 5 'The Purge" is a 10 part TV series airing on the USA channel. The timeline for it and the four movies is as follows: "T...

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