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Top 18 Horror Tropes Every Fan Knows

If you've watched ANY horror films you're familiar with at least some tropes. Below are 18 of the most common in the genre. Yes, some of these should be retired for good because we all know what is going to happen next.   

  1. The Final Girl- The "Final Girl" is probably the most popular horror trope. Viewers can usually ascertain who the FG will be in first 10 minutes of any movie. She's smart, pretty (but not overly so) and virginal. Examples include: "Halloween" (Laurie Stroud is the ultimate final girl), "Alien" (Ellen Ripley), and "Nightmare On Elm Street" (Nancy Thompson).   
  2. First Person Killer Perspective- Seeing the killer sneak into a home from his/her/it's viewpoint adds a whole new dimension of terror. Examples include: "Black Christmas" (the first slasher movie), and "Halloween" (the opening scene is from six year old Michael Myer's perspective). 
  3. Death By Sex- If you have sex during a horror movie or arent a virgin, odds are you'll die a horrible painful death. Examples include: "Friday The 13th". "Scream", "Halloween", etc. Note: "Scream" is the first major break with the requirement that the final girl be a virgin).    
  4. Abandoned Locations- Feel free to gather several of your closest family, coworkers or acquaintances and head for the neared abandoned castle, mental asylum, orphanage, old home or warehouse. Examples include: "Session 9", "The Shining", "The Haunting" and "House On Haunted Hill".  
  5. Hiding In Stupid Places- This trope is related to the "abandoned locations" entry above. Besides traveling to isolated locations where no one hear you scream, stupid people often manage to trap themselves at said locations so there's no chance of rescue. Why are vics continually running into either the attic or the basement (where there is obviously no escape from the killer)? And if they're not there, the victims are most likely under a bed or in a closet. Dude, that's the first place the killer always looks. Examples include: "Psycho", and "Black Christmas". 
  6. Lots And Lots Of Blood- The hero can suffer numerous stabbing and/or gunshots, bleed excessively all over the place and still rally in the end. Examples include: Most horror movies. 
  7. Jump Scares- Yes, we're all programmed for jump scares at this point. Here's a novel idea. How about NOT including any lead up music? That way we'll really be frightened when something happens. Examples include: Pretty much all horror movies. 
  8. No Cell Phone Reception (Or The Battery Is Dead)- All horror movies occur in locales where there is no cell reception so you're on your own buddy. Examples include: "The Strangers", "Jeepers Creepers", and "Drag Me To Hell". 
  9. Back From the Dead- Just because it looks like the killer is dead, doesn't mean he is. Expect him to resurrect at the last minute to take one more stab at offing the final victims. This is why you should never shoot the perp just once. Always "double tap" or more. Examples include: EVERY SINGLE HORROR MOVIE. 
  10. Tripped By...Something- Women in horror movies inexplicably fall down a lot. And it's often while they are scantily clad. Why? I dont know. My advice ladies, is to wear some sensible shoes (preferably steel toed). That way even if you do fall down, you can still kick the crap out of the killer. Also stop looking behind you and screaming as you run. That might be part of the problem. Examples include: "Friday The 13th" and "Halloween". Basically, any slasher movie.  
  11. Your House Is Built On A Cemetery (And/Or Indian Burial Ground)- No one knows the history of the house until the trouble starts. Then they must either go to the library and search microfiche or visit an old person who has vital "intel" on the house's past. Examples include: "Poltergeist" and "Amityville Horror"     
  12. Car Won't Start (Or Don't Have Keys)- Doesnt this happen at the most inopportune times? What to do? First, check under the visor (keys are most often there). Next, take off running See the "sensible shoes" reference above. Examples include: "Cujo", "Halloween", "Scream", and "Jeppers Creepers".  
  13. The Calls Are Coming From Inside The House- This trope doesnt apply much these days thanks to cell phones They were still good for some scares years ago. Examples include: "Black Christmas" and "When A Stranger Calls". 
  14. Let's Split Up- If anyone suggests this, don't EVER do it. It is derived from the Scooby Do gang (although they all managed to never get killed). Examples include: Pretty much every horror movie ever. 
  15. Mirror, Mirror- When in a horror movie, never ever open the medicine cabinet because when you close it the killer/demon/vampire/clown will be behind you in the mirror. Examples include: "Candyman", "An American Werewolf In London", "The Ring", and "Nightmare On Elm Street". 
  16. Surprise Killer- If the killer is not some random psycho that we dont know, they are most likely the person in the movie we LEAST suspect. That's why I'm suspicious of everyone (no matter how minor their role). Examples include: Well, I cant tell you or it would ruin the surprise. 
  17. Killer Kids- Sure they seem all innocent but killer kids could pop up at any time. They might be possessed by a demon or they're just an evil little munchkin. See also the "Surprise Killer' entry above. Examples include: "The Good Son", "Bad Seed", "Village Of The Damned" and of course "Children Of The Corn".   
  18. I'll Be Right Back- If you say this you're guaranteed NOT to be right back. Just keep your mouth shut, stay with the group and dont have sex with anyone. Examples include: "Scream", "Fright Night" and "Evil Dead'. 

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Top 18 Horror Tropes Every Fan Knows Reviewed by GMonsterTV on 3:26 PM Rating: 5 If you've watched ANY horror films you're familiar with at least some tropes. Below are 18 of the most common in the genre. Yes,...

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