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GLOW Season 3 Review: The Ladies Take Vegas By Storm

This time around the ladies of "GLOW" have moved to Las Vegas. Over 10 episodes we watch the very large cast try to balance their jobs and personal lives. And show business is such a fickle business. They could be canceled at any time. That's a rough way to live.    

Debbie (aka Liberty Belle) struggles with being away from her young son. She flies back to LA as often as possible but its rough on everyone. She plans to leave the show at one point. The situation is somewhat resolved when she brings baby Randy to Vegas with her. Debbie later meets a wealthy man named Tex and they start a relationship. 

Ruth (aka Zoya The Destroya) breaks up with Russell after they become separated by distance. She auditions for a role in Justine's movie (which they finally got backing for after much rejection). Justine wants Sam to direct it. Sam also officially adopts Justine. Ruth doesnt get the part and is devastated. She and Sam have always had feelings for each other. What she doesnt know is Sam recently suffered a heart attack and may not be long for this world.  

The group takes a cathartic trip to the desert Jenny (aka Fortune Cookie) reveals the hardship she has been through while escaping the Khmer Rouge. She and Melrose have a tussle but reconcile. Melrose starts a "relationship" with Paul--who turns out to be a gigolo. 

Bash and Rhonda (aka Brittannica) are married. She initially married him for a green card but grows to love him. Rhonda even gets the approval of his overbearing mother Birdie (which isnt an easy task). She is played by the always wonderful Elizabeth Perkins. Birdie informs the couple that Bash has just inherited $40 million from his late grandfather. Initially ecstatic about their good fortune, their marriage starts to hit the skids as Bash seems to lose interest. Rhonda secretly hires Paul (Melrose's boyfriend) to spice up their love life. But Bash has too good a time with him and the plan backfires. In the end they reconcile (despite Bash questioning his sexual orientation). He wants them to start a family. We're not sure how Rhonda feels about this.  

The introduction of Geena Davis is one of the best parts of this season. Sandy Devereaux St Clair is an events planner at the Fan-Tan (the hotel where GLOW performs). She gives the group a 9 month extension on their contract. Bash and Rhonda bankroll another of her shows-- Rhapsody. They try to increase ticket sales by updating it with female BMX stunt bike riders. Sandy is not so sure. They eventually pull their funding.   

Then gang meets a drag performer named Bobby Barnes. Debbie agrees to produce his yearly AIDS fundraiser-- called the Libertine Ball. Many of the GLOW ladies perform. The standout is Sandy who arrives in her ex showgirl outfit. You go girl! The night is tragically cut short after some homophobes set fire to the club. Luckily everyone escapes.   

Sheila (aka She Wolf) has one of the biggest transformations of the season. After taking an acting class she finds her true calling and burns her wolf costume (which was her safety blanket) in the desert. 

Arthie (Beirut the Mad Bomber) and Yolanda (aka Junkchain) finally acknowledge their feelings for each other. But they break up when Arthie is shamed of who she is. They end up reconciling after the Libertine Ball.  

Tamme's (aka the Welfare Queen) back problems continue to plaque her. Because she is in so much pain, they decide to all switch characters for one night-- resulting in one of my favorite episodes. I just wish Tamme had more to do this season. 

Carmen (aka Machu Picchu) and Cherry (aka Junchain/Black Magic) team up to make some money mud wrestling. This is because Cherry is $5000 in debt to the casino for losing at craps. Keith leaves Vegas after a fight with Cherry. So the show has to get a new referee. Eventually Cherry and Keith reconcile and decide to start a family and consider adoption.  

Other characters who didnt get much to do this season include: Reggie (aka Vicky The Viking) and Stacey and Dawn (aka Ethel and Edna Rosenblatt/ Ozone and Nuke)

Debbie eventually becomes disillusions with Tex because he just views her as window dressing for his meetings-- and not an equal business partner. She steels a deal to acquire a TV station from right under his nose. She and Bash now have a TV station on which to air "Gorgeous ladies Of Wrestling". OK, this is probably the end of her relationship though.  

Everyone is leaving town for the holidays. Carmen says she's had enough and plans to join her brother. Debbie tells Ruth about the TV station and that she wants Ruth to be the director of GLOW. Ruth is not as happy as Debbie had hoped. I'm not sure what, if anything, will make Ruth happy. She seems to be a lost soul. And that's it folks until next time. Season 4 has already announced but it will be their last-- so let's hope they go out with a bang. 

Grade: 4 Monsters (out of 5). I enjoyed seeing the ladies from GLOW in their new home in Las Vegas. This show continues to focus on important topics in a 1980s setting. These include: equal pay, home/work life balance, racial issues, ageism, homophobia, following one's dreams, etc. But despite the sometimes heavy topics, the show always has a feel good vibe. My favorite scenes were the Freaky Friday one (where they all changed roles) as well as the Christmas Carol episode. GLOW has been renewed for a fourth and final season. I think this is just the right amount of time. It will enable them to reenact the GLOW television show (that I used to watch back in the day) and give good character arcs and sendoffs to the characters.  

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October 27, 2019

GLOW Season 3 Review: The Ladies Take Vegas By Storm Reviewed by GMonsterTV on 12:36 PM Rating: 5 This time around the ladies of "GLOW" have moved to Las Vegas.  Over 10 episodes we watch the very large cast try to balance t...

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