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Wentworth Season 7 Review: Still Delivering Gut Punches After All These Years

I thought after seven years the Australian prison drama "Wentworth" might be slowing down. The last season completed on Foxtel and is currently available in the US on NetFlix. I'm happy to say I was very wrong. "Wentworth" continues to deliver emotional gut punches. One of the best things about the show is, like "Game Of Thrones", anyone can die at any time. Past seasons have proven absolutely no one is safe. 

HEAVY SPOILERS AHEAD: Turn back now if you havent seen this season. 

When we begin season 7, Rita had killed Marie's henchman/henchwoman Dragovic to protect her sister Ruby (because if Ruby gets another blow to the head she might die). Just a reminder that Rita was an undercover cop embedded with a motorcycle gang. She was sent to prison to investigate Marie. Rita has now been abandoned by the police due to her actions. 

Meanwhile Marie (drug kinpin, madam and all around low life) has been sentences to 15 years for manslaughter so she isnt going anywhere soon. She still doesnt know that Ruby is the one that killed her son Danny (but it was because he raped her girlfriend). Marie's outside crew has abandoned her. Her only support is Ali. They currently have a relationship even though in the past Ali worked for Marie as a hooker and Marie got her hooked on heroin. Definitely a bad influence. Marie also has a secret relationship with prison guard Will. That woman gets around. 

Vera is very pregnant. She cuts down her hours and makes Will temporary governor. This is AFTER Will tried to resign. Linda Mills is made deputy governor (and gets a bit more  air time this season). Jake wants to be a part of her daughter's life. Vera is not so sure. 

Dr Miller, the new staff psychiatrist, arrives. He seems to be on the up and up and actually cares about the prisoners. A new guard named Sean Brody is also introduced. He worked with Jake previously at the men's prison. That guy is bad news.  

The effects of dementia continue to progress for Liz. Boomer (who is up on parole soon) does the best she can given the circumstances. She has Liz make a bucket list of things she'd like to do. Liz asks Boomer to help end her life when the time comes. Boomer is obviously against the idea. We also meet Boomer's mother May. This tells us a lot about how Boomer ended up the way she did. Frankie pays a brief visit to see Liz (but Liz doesnt recognize her). 

Kaz and Marie try to kill each other at every turn. Both want to be top dog. Kaz's angry outbursts continue to cause her problems inside. Remember Kaz last poisoned Marie's gear with rat poison--almost offing her. Kaz is strictly anti-drug and views herself as a protector of women. Then Kaz tried to blow up Marie with a homemade bomb. Then Marie tries to poison Ruby. I'm losing count of how many times they've tried to off each other.  

Ray continues to pine over Rita. She eventually gives in and they schedule a prison wedding. We of course know that wont work. As he arrives for the big day two guys on a motorcycle ride up and shoot him dead. Very sad. 

Marie is blackmailing some high up official and says she will release photos on him in compromising positions if he doesnt get her out of jail. We dont learn who the person is until the end. This is my only complaint about the season. There has to be easier ways to spring her other than a breakout. Things dont go as planned. The prisoners are taken hostage by Sean, Marie and two guys pretending to be medics. Sean threatens to shoot anyone/everyone.  Vera is also taken prisoner. And of course she goes into labor. Very bad timing.  

I wont go into specifics of how the season ends. You should watch it for yourself. The finale is one of the best yet. Suffice to say, there are a number of deaths. It wouldnt be "Wentworth" without em. 

Grade: 5 Monsters (out of 5). Wonderful! "Wentworth" is probably the best TV show you're not watching. I still dont understand why Americans arent as mad for it as Australian viewers. Even after seven seasons, the show continues to be must see TV. One of the best things about it is, like "Game Of Thrones", anyone can die at any time. This makes the stakes much higher. We also grow to care about the characters. We root for them and hurt when they hurt. The finale is excellent! Make sure you watch till the very end though. There's a delightful little surprise. And have no fear, the gals from "Wentworth" will for sure be back for a season 8 and 9 (20 episodes total). Cant wait!

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October 5, 2019
Wentworth Season 7 Review: Still Delivering Gut Punches After All These Years Reviewed by GMonsterTV on 7:26 AM Rating: 5 I thought after seven years the Australian prison drama "Wentworth" might be slowing down. The last season completed on Foxtel...

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