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Legion Season 3 Review: All Ya Need Is Love (Series Finale)

"Legion" originally aired on the FX channel and is currently available on Hulu. See my previous reviews here   

When we first meet David Haller WAY back in episode 1, he is in a metal hospital. Fellow patients include Lenny and Syd. Both will play a big part later in the show. Given David's fragile mental state, we're not sure what is real and what's not in his world.  

David had a rough childhood. His parents were afraid of him. His father is Charles Xavier. We know him as Professor X from "The X Men". Did David inherit his father's psychic abilities? Yep. We also learn this season that mother Gabrielle has a history of mental illness (from her mother and grandmother). And if that isn't a bad enough combination, an evil entity named Farouk has been inhabiting David's mind and body since childhood. David definitely has a full plate.     

This season David he reimagined himself as a cult leader. His followers are very Masony and call him "Daddy". He keeps them hooked by drugging them with his psychic powers. David's an angry dude who is looking for the love he never had. That would be OK except he also has the ability to destroy the world at the flick of a wrist. We've also seen David kill scores of innocent people and sexually assault Syd. We're not dealing with a nice guy.  

David meets a young woman named Switch. She is a time traveler. David uses her to rewrite history including seeing his parents from when he was a baby and confronting Farouk. David and the others are chased around by some time eaters who keep screwing everything up.  

Lenny was sadly missing for much of this season. At least she gets touching send off involving the daughter she never knew she wanted and healing her relationship with her mother. I wished we could have seen more of her. I also enjoyed seeing Jean Smart and Jemaine Clement again. This time as parents to Syd in the Astral Plane. And I always enjoy the Loudermilk siblings Cary and Kerry.  

In the end, David and his father reach a comprise with Farouk. Surprisingly, there is no knock down drag out final battle. Kerry and Syd are seriously outnumbered while defending baby David from the time eaters. Switch's Father reveals that they are fourth dimensional creatures. She tells him she has one thing to do before they leave. She saves Syd, Kerry, Gabrielle and baby David. She tell Syd she will be reborn but will forget this life. Remember Syd has already had TWO childhoods besides this. One was in the astral plain with Melanie and Oliver. Kerry remains an old lady after the time eater battle. She can no longer refer to her brother Cary as 'old man". David will also revert back to his earlier self. This time he will grow up knowing that he is loved. And what better ending can you ask for?   

Grade: 4 Monsters (out of 5). The imagery on "Legion" is like nothing else on TV. It makes the viewer feel like they're on a strange trip. Dan Stevens is great as the emotionally stunted and possibly mentally ill David. Aubrey Plaza also gives a knock out performance as his BFF Lenny. The rest of the cast is stellar. It's great to see Melanie (Jean Smart) and Oliver (Jemaine Clement) together on the Astral Plane again. And Navid Negahan has a great presence as Farouk.  

I would have given the show a higher score but the eight episodes of season 3 really dragged at times for me. Perhaps if I had watched the show weekly (instead of all at once) I would have felt differently. All in all, I still enjoyed this trippy show and it's crazy characters. The finale ended precisely as it should have. I found it surprisingly touching. Or maybe I'm just getting soft in my old age.  

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April 12, 2020

Legion Season 3 Review: All Ya Need Is Love (Series Finale) Reviewed by GMonsterTV on 4:24 PM Rating: 5 "Legion" originally aired on the FX channel and is  currently available on Hulu. See my previous reviews  here    When ...

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