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The Man In The High Castle Season 4 Review (Series Finale): Who Wins In The Battle For America?

As the fourth (and final) season begins, the Nazis are trying to use a portal to escape to other dimensions. Juliana Crane (Alexa Davalos) goes through and ends up in a world where the Allies won, and where the man that was just trying to kill her (John Smith, played by Rufus Sewell) is taking her to the hospital. This John is is a traveling salesman. Thomas is also alive and well in this versuib if reality. 

The Nazis plan to map out and control the multiverse (which is bad news for everyone). Apparently one can only enter a different universe if they dont already exist in it? How do these rules come about?

Meanwhile Helen (Chelah Horsdal) has taken the two girls and gone to her brothers farm in the neutral zone. The death of son Thomas was too much to bear. John arrives to talk her into coming back. She says "no" so he takes the girls and leaves. 

On the Pacific coast, Tagomi is killed off screen. Apparently the actor (Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa) had other projects. He joins the ranks of Joe Black and Frank Fink who are also dead. Since we're dealing with multiple realities though, they (or a version of them) could reappear). The Japanese use Tagomi's death as an excuse to crack down on a group called the BCR (Black Communist Rebellion). We meet Belle and Elijah who are part of the group. Kido (Joel de la Fuente) is in charge of finding the killers. The stakes are very high. The Japanese are well aware that the Nazis are advancing into the neutral zone. It's just a matter of time before they attack the Japanese. 

Wyatt and Lem escape the Nazis in Denver but many of the contraband films are destroyed and weapons confiscated. They team up with the BCR. 

Over the course of 10 episodes, things begin to change. Helen reluctantly goes home so she can be with her girls. She is being closely monitored by the Nazis. It's going to be very difficult for the family to regain it's status. Their youngest daughter has been completely brainwashed by the Reich. The older daughter begins to question what's really going on. After the John in other world is killed, "our" John ventures there. The two girls were never born in the alt-world. John vows to save Thomas (he has signed up for the war) by bringing him back to Earth Prime.  

Juliana who has been the catalyst from the beginning of the series sets her sights on John one last time. Despite initially being the main character, she has gradually taken a back seat to John. It is fitting the the two should have one last encounter. 

The Japanese eventually agree to leave the US. The BCR hopes to start their own state. John makes some drastic decisions. He slaughters J Edgar Hoover and his men when they accuse him of disloyalty. He kills Heinrich Himmler (acting Fuehrer) who told John he was the son he never had. He gives the order to launch bombs. Luckily theyre stopped by the second in command. And he becomes North American Fuehrer.  

On a train headed for the Poconos, John finally breaks down and tells Helen what he saw in the other world. Helen confesses that she spoke with Juliana and got the key to his desk. There she saw the films and his books about the death camps.  Helen doesnt agree with bringing Thomas to their world. They have royally screwed up their lives and Thomas should stay where he is. That is his best chance of happiness. 

TBH, I wasnt that happy with the ending. I know Phillip K Dick's works are always ambiguous but I was hoping for a little more. Helen dies in the train derailment (thanks to the Resistance's bomb). John shoots himself when Juliana finds him.  The Resistance gets to the portal. It is now glowing and many, many people are coming through. Hawthorne walks towards it in the hopes of finding another version of his wife. 

It seems that the portal is permanently open. What does it mean for the fight against the Nazis? Wont they pack up whoever is left and attack this new world? Or maybe all the alt-world people the Nazi killed are returning? Does that gives the Allies a fighting chance? Either way, it seems the battle for American is far from over.    

Grade: 4 1/2 Monsters (out of 5). Nazis, multiverses, and high family drama. "The Man In The High Castle" definitely has a lot to offer. What America might look like if the Reich HAD won WWII is a horrifying premise. Add to that multiverses where different versions of each character has made different choices and are living different lives. Mind blown. Over four seasons, we saw how everyone tried to adapt to their reality. Some survive (or even flourish) inside the system (the Smiths, Kido, Tagomi, Childan). Some fight against the system (Juliana, the BCR, Frank Fink). The production values of "TMITHC" are excellent. The uniforms and the Nazi imagery are chilling. There are also a number of excellent performances. John Smith (Rufus Sewell) is definitely a standout. I also enjoyed his interactions with wife Helen (Chelah Horsdal). In the Japanese occupied territory Joel de la Fuente played the ruthless Kido. Yes, he is a violent killer but there is a heart way down in there somewhere. In fact, all the main characters on this show are people who has done horrible things.  

Season 4 dragged a bit. I wanted to see more of the multiverses instead of time spent on the usual conflicts. I wont give away the ending but if you know Phillip K Dick, you have an idea what's in store. Criticisms aside, I still enjoyed this crazy and thought provoking show.         

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April 4, 2020  
The Man In The High Castle Season 4 Review (Series Finale): Who Wins In The Battle For America? Reviewed by GMonsterTV on 6:55 AM Rating: 5 As the fourth (and final) season begins, the Nazis are trying to use a portal to escape to other dimensions. Juliana Crane (Alexa Davalo...

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