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"What We Do In The Shadows" Season 3 Review: Where Do Our Favorite Vamps Go From Here?

Warning: Heavy Spoilers Ahead. Turn back now if you havent seen season 3 of "What We Do In the Shadows". 

When we last saw our favorite vampires (Nandor The Relentless, Nadja of Antipaxos, and Laszlo Cravensworth), they were on trial in front of the Vampiric Council for killing Baron Afanas. But their lives were saved by Guillermo during several assassination attempts (with an assist from energy vamp Colin Robinson). We learned in last season's big reveal that Guillermo is a descent of Van Helsing and thus is the sworn enemy of all vampires. After most of the vamps in the Tri State area are offed after attacking them, our group is invited to join the council. They get to hang out in the cool vampire HQ and has the assistance of the Guide (since she comes with the place).

In the meantime the group locks Guillermo in the basement of their house until they can determine hisr fate. They dont realize that he breaks out of his cage each night to dutifully go about his chores (removing dead bodies, etc). In the end, they decide to let Guillermo live and make him their bodyguard (but he still does everything he did as a Familiar).  

Season 3 has the Staten Island vamps branching out in new directions. Nandor spends much of the season looking for love. First he rekindles his relationship with old flame Gail. She has been breaking his heart for centuries. Next he has his eye on a woman that working at his health club. Then he meets the mysterious leader of an ex vamp cult. Nandor also begins to question the meaning of his (eternal) life. He threatened to do something really extreme-- vampire slumber. But ends up not going through with it. 

"WWDS"has become famous for it's guest cameos. Nothing can top last seasons's famous cinema vamps (Tilda Swinton, Danny Trejio, Evan Rachel Woods, Wesley Snipes, Paul Ruebens, etc) .Guests this time around were still fun. We had: 

  • Scott Bakula ("Quamtum Leap", "Star Trek Enterprise") he was assumed to be a vamp since his last name is close to Dracula.  
  • Donal Logue ("Game Of Thrones', "Sons Of Anarchy" etc) an actor vamp and portrait painter who is between gigs
  • Cree Summer ("A Different World") a scam artist running a vampire cult/wellness center
  • David Cross ("Arrested Development") is a visiting vamp named Dominicus the Dreadful

Remember all the ruckus caused by Baron Afanas' death? Well it turns out he wasn't so dead after all. After Guillermo opened the curtains on the stoned vampire and charbroiled him, the others buried him the yard. He was alive the whole time (but now only has a charred upper torso and one arm). He's taken in as a member of the crew. Let's hope he doesn't remember the details of his almost-death. 

The group finds the Sire is locked in the vampire HQ. He is the original vampire so if he dies all the other vamps will croak as well. Of course they forget to feed him. The Sire escapes and goes on the lamb. They eventually track him down and promise not to lock him up again. The Sire, the Baron and the Hellhound take up house. They advertise themselves as an AirBnB to lure unsuspecting travelers in. The three make a happy (if somewhat unconventional) family. The scenes of them on the coach together are hilarious. 

In one of the most surprisingly developments of the season, Colin Robinson dies. Lazlo discovers in some texts in the vampiric HQ that energy vampires all die on their 100th birthday (but he keeps the news from Colin). The rest of the group struggle with how to process the events since vamps arent very good with human emotions. 

The season finale could have served as a series finale. Nandor decides to travel the world and agrees to take Guillermo with him. Nandor would FINALLY turned Guillermo into a vamp when they reach Nandor's ancestral homeland. Nadja is offered a promotion if she traveled to the UK to be on the national vampire council (instead of just the local one). Lazlo had sworn never to go back to England so it's a rough sell. As they are ready to seal themselves in their coffins for the long journey, Lazlo pulled a fast one. He throws Guillermo in the second coffins with a bag of Oreos and some Pedialite. This way Nadja won't be alone on her journey.Of course, Nandor doesn't know this and leave on his adventures alone. Lazlo reveals why he did what he did. It seems that out of Colin Robinson's dead body has sprouted a baby. It's literally a baby with Colin's face CGIed on it. Too freaky. I guess Lazlo feels he has a duty to help the child and thus stays behind. Despite all the screaming and cursing about it, the vamps do have some feelings deep down inside. 

Grade: 5 Monsters (out of 5). Excellent! This kooky TV show continues to be a delight. With only 10 X 30 minute episodes per season, "What We Do In The Shadows" is a super fast watch. The vamps display more humanity this season. Nandor looks for love and meaning in his life. Colin Robinson learns some surprising developments. Nandor and Nadja struggle to co-lead the local vampiric council. Guillermo continues to protect THESE vamps at all costs (even though he has killed almost every other vampire in the tri state area).  The season finale could have served as a series finale as we see the characters scatter to various different locales. The good news is our favorite vamps will be back for  a season 4. I cant wait to see what new adventures await. 

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November 3, 2021

"What We Do In The Shadows" Season 3 Review: Where Do Our Favorite Vamps Go From Here? Reviewed by GMonsterTV on 3:38 AM Rating: 5 Warning: Heavy Spoilers Ahead. Turn back now if you havent seen season 3 of "What We Do In the Shadows".   When we last saw our fa...

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