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"You" Season 3 Review: Crazy Has Become A Bit Dull

Season 3 of "You" is currently streaming on NetFlix. The show is basically a love story told from the perspective of a stalker. We first meet Joe (Penn Badgley) as he stalks Beck (Elizabeth Lail) through the streets of New York. Lots of murders ensue. In season 2 he heads to LA. Joe (now going by "Will") meets another "perfect" girl. This time it's Love (Victoria Pedretti from "The Haunting Of Hill House"). She recently lost her husband to cancer. People from Joe's past show up. There are again lots of murders. Joe eventually finds out Love is even crazier then he is. He almost offs her but she screams she is pregnant.  

When we last see Joe and Love, they have settled into life in the suburbs with baby son Henry. Love and her mother swear the baby is Love's reincarnated twin Forty. Yes, this family has some crazy names. Life in Madre Linda could be perfect but not for our killer couple. We know it's only a matter of time before the craziness begins again. 

SPOILER ALERT: Turn back now if you havent watched season 3 of "You". 

And sure enough, no one has learned from their mistakes. Joe becomes infatuated with next door neighbor Natalie. The feelings may be mutual. Love (a trained chef) is looking to start a bakery. Natalie (who is a real estate agent) shows her a property. Too bad Love offs her in the basement Joe helps dispose of the body.. Natalie's husband Matthew is determined to find out who is responsible for his wife's death. 

Joe's next obsession becomes librarian Marienne (Tati Gabrielle from "The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina").. He wants to escape with Henry and live happily ever after with he and her daughter. Marienne has no idea who she's dealing with.  

Love meets Matthew's college student son Theo. They start having sex because, remember, she's as cray cray as Joe is. 

Next door neighbors Sherry (Shalita Grant) and Cary (Travis Van Winkle) Conrad decide they want to swing with the Goldbergs. That doesnt work out well. The Conrads end up in the glass cage in the bakery's basement. These two are the highlight of the season for me. They are hilariously self involved. 

Joe tells Love he wants a divorce. It doesnt go well. Unbeknownst to Joe (and us), Love has been growing Wolfbane in their garden. This is how she offed her first husband. Love puts a small amount of poison on the knife that Joe plans to kill her with. Joe becomes paralyzed. But the trick is on her. Joe previously took some of Carey's adrenaline to counteract the effects. Just when Love is about to slit his throat, Joe recovers and injects her as well. This time it's with a legal dose. He then chops off two of his toes (that scene was hard to watch) and sets the house on fire with Love inside. Based on the clues left by Joe, authorities believe Love killed him. Joe gives Henry to a nice couple (Joe worked with Dante at the library). Not sure how they can just pop up with a baby but whatev. 

When we last see Joe he is in Paris looking for Marienne. She said previously she would like to take her daughter there. Let's hope for Marienne's sake, he doesnt find her.   

Grade: 4 Monsters (out of 5). At this point, Joe and Love's antics have become a bit dull. I've lost count of how many people each has killed. Don't get me wrong. There were definitely some exciting moments in the season. But the show lagged in the middle. On a positive note, watching Love go from a kind quiet person to a homicidal maniac is truly frightening. Victoria Pedretti  continues to be compelling in everything she appears in. Neighbors Sherry and Cary were also great fun. They deserve their own spin-off. "You" has been renewed for a season 4. What new trouble will Joe get himself into next time around (and how many people will tune in to watch him)?  

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November 20, 2021

"You" Season 3 Review: Crazy Has Become A Bit Dull Reviewed by GMonsterTV on 6:25 AM Rating: 5 Season 3 of "You" is currently streaming on NetFlix. The show is basically a love story told from the perspective of a stalker. We...

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