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"Warrior Nun" Season 2 Review: A Bigger, Badder Nun Fightin' Season

After a two year absence, season 2 of "Warrior Nun" is currently viewable on Netflix. It is based on a 1990s comic book "Warrior Nun Areala" by Ben Dunn. 

At the beginning of the series we see Ava Silva (played by Portuguese actress Alba Baptista). She became a quadriplegic after being in a mysterious car crash that killed her mother. She then dies-- but not for long. Some nuns rush into the room with a sister who is not looking so good. They remove the "halo" from her back and insert it into Ava. This not only resurrects Ava but also gives her special angel powers. Ava joins are nuns of the OCS (Order of the Cruciform Sword). They are a secret sect sworn to protect the world from demons. They have mad ninja skills and are also handy with a variety of weapons-- especially swords and crossbows.  

Season 1 was criticized for being slow and very exposition heavy. I'm happy to report that season 2 is better in every way. In fact, it was at the top of NetFlix's most watched list for some time.

The series is filmed in Spain which makes for some very cool visuals. You dont find buildings like this in Canada (where many movies are filmed). There is attention to every detail including the conflict/interplay between science and religion (specifically the Catholic Church). One is depicted as red, the other as blue.   

When we last saw our favorite nuns, the angel/demon Adriel was unwittingly unleashed from the Vatican's basement by Ava. He sets out to gather followers (partly by manufacturing a series of plagues and then saving people from them) so he can create his Kingdom on earth. Adriel's followers are known as the Firstborn Children. Father Vincent (who was the nuns' mentor) joins Ariel's cult. Sister Lilian (who was supposed to be next in line for the halo before Ava got it) also goes to the dark side.  

Ava and Beatrice hide out in Switzerland.  There's lots of romantic tension between the two (ship name Avatrice). Other characters we see this season include: Sister Yasmine, Mother Superion, and Sister Camila. Shotgun Mary is mysteriously absent. Initially presumed dead, she is now apparently "lost" (whatever that means). We also meet Miguel (who is a member of the Samaritans). Jillian is still trying to use the Arc to get to her son Michael in another dimension. We later learn that Miguel is actually an older version (time works differently in the other realm) of Michael. 

We have an interesting assortment of baddies. There's wraith demons, Tarasks (high level demons) who are really big and like to stab people. 

At the end of season 2 Ava uses the Crown of Thorns to enter Adriel's realm and encounters Reya (who protected Michael in the other realm). Adriel is very afraid of Reya. Is Reya God? I think so but not sure. Ava doesnt let the others know but she must sacrifice herself and uses the embedded Halo to set off the Dividium in Michael's chest. But that plan doesnt work. Lilith who had turned to the dark side for most of the season kills Michael. Ava then summons the Tarasks. Reya comes into our realm and stops the monsters in the nick of time. After a tearful goodbye with Beatrice, Ava kisses her. A mortally wounded Ava is sent to Reya's realm in hopes that she can revitalize but not before each nun tells the other she loves her. Oh, the feels! 

But wait, there's more. In a post credit scene we see a heart broken Beatrice leaving the Order (since Ava is gone). The divinium sword starts to glow. Is this a message that Ava is OK? What could that mean for a season 3? Remember Lilith told Ava and company that a big battle between Heave and Hell is quickly approaching.  

Grade: 4 1/2 Monsters (out of 5). "Warrior Nun" is a fast watch with just 8 episodes (down by 2 from season 1). The cinematography and sets are beautiful. The nun fight scenes are tons of fun. The relationship between Ava and Beatrice is touching. The story is compelling.. I would have like to have seen a season 3 but unfortunately it's not meant to be. As predicted, NetFlix canceled the show. They are notoriously rough these days on YA , women lead and LGBTQ+ series (even when they, like "Warrior Nun", have a loyal fan base). Incidentally, fans of "Warrior Nun" are known as "Halo Bearers". I'm sorry we won't see more of our fighting nuns but I'm happy we at least got a season 2 and Avatrice was made canon. 

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January 7, 2023

"Warrior Nun" Season 2 Review: A Bigger, Badder Nun Fightin' Season Reviewed by GMonsterTV on 2:09 PM Rating: 5 After a two year absence, season 2 of "Warrior Nun" is currently viewable on Netflix.  It is based on a 1990s comic book "War...

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