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Killing Eve Season 2 Review: Not Sure Where To Go From Here?

Season 1 of BBC's "Killing Eve" was a delight. Watching killer-for-hire Villanelle (Jodi Comer) and reluctant MI6 operative Eve (Sarah Oh) circle each other was a sight to behold. They consistently chewed up the scenery and everyone around them. See my previous reviews here

Last years cliffhanger had Villanelle and Eve laying in bed together. It looks like Eve is going in for a kiss but nope. She instead STABS Villanelle and flees the building. Ouch! Love hurts.

Season 2 follows Villanelle's recovery. Of course she's not going to die. There are only two main characters on this show and one is not nearly as interesting without the other. As Villanelle recovers, Eve searches for her. A very sick Villanelle is taken in by a creepy dude named Julian. Lucikly she manages to kill him and escape. That dude was very weird. 

Eve has a new team and there's a new female assassin in town. She's known as "The Ghost". Uh oh, Villanelle isnt going to like the competition. Eve tries to get closes to Villanelle by putting a hit on herself. Really bad idea! Oh and Villanelle has a new handler named Raymond. He seems much more dangerous than Konstantine. 

Much of the story this season centers around a guy named Aaron Peel. He becomes the head of a multi million security corporation after his father Alistar Peele was assassinated. They convince Villanelle to go undercover as "Billie" to get close to his sister. Villanelle going through potential accents/personas was a lot of fun. 

Peel invites Billie to travel to Rome with him. Eve listens in on their covos and is jealous. Things turn dangerous. We learn that Pelle takes women to his estate in order to torture and kill them. Eve dresses as housekeeping and enters the building to try to save Villanelle but she has already offed Aaron. 

They attempt to escape but Raymond ALMOST kills Villanelle. Eve saves her by axing the guy-- only to find out that Vilanelle could have shot him at any time. She wanted Eve to kill Raymond so they would be bonded. 

The women escape into the Roman ruins. Villanelle wants to run away together-- maybe to Alaska. Eve, not so much. This infuriates Villanelle who shoots Eve and leaves her for dead. Uh oh.    

The supporting cast includes: 
  • Carolyn (Fiona Shaw)- She is Eve's boss but cannot be trusted. Who knows what she is really up to. She may or may not be in the Twelve (a nefarious global organization).   
  • Konstantin (Kim Bdina)- Villanelle's handler. He had a secret relationship with Carolyn. He also has a cheeky daughter Irina that Villanlle kidnapped for a while in season 1. Those were some great scenes. 
  • Eve's long suffering husband Niko (wen McDonnell). Villanelle doesnt keep her distance and approaches Niko on several occasions. Given her jealousy, I wasn't sure he was going live. She eventually offs one of his colleagues/potential girlfriend Gemma.  
  • Hugo (Edward Bluemel)- the young, irritating, new team member meant to replace Kenny. I'm really not sure about the scene where Eve slept with him as a replacement for Villanelle. And Eve later left him for dead to run save Villanelle. We're not sure of his status going into next season.  

What is Eve's and Villanelle's relationship status? It's COMPLICATED. They're obsessed with each other. Eve is one of the few people that Villanelle hasnt killed. Eve has pretty much lost everyone due to Eve. Eve risks life and limb to try to save Villanelle. Then Villanelle shoots her. I guess they're even now since Eve stabbed her at the end of season 1. Have no fear, Eve is not dead. They made several mentions this season of her wearing her bulletproof jacket. We also didnt see any blood. She's just playing dead or has temporarily been knocked unconscious.  

Grade: 4 Monsters (out of 5). While I continue to LOVE the interactions between Eve and Villanelle, a bit of the thrill is gone. The writers seem to have painted themselves into a corner. There's really not much of anywhere to go. Maybe if they branched out and showed us more about the Twelve etc. But no matter what happens I'm in for the long hall since I'm Team Villaneve. 

Also, congratulations to Sandra Oh, Jodie Comer and Fiona Shaw on their Emmy nominations this week. I'm glad all these ladies are getting  some of the credit they deserve. 

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July 19, 2019

Killing Eve Season 2 Review: Not Sure Where To Go From Here? Reviewed by GMonsterTV on 7:12 AM Rating: 5 Season 1 of BBC's "Killing Eve" was a delight. Watching killer-for-hire Villanelle (Jodi Comer) and reluctant MI6 operativ...

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