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The Walking Dead Season 7 Finale Review: We're Going To War!

We've come to the end of another season of "TWD". "The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life".was an OK finale-- not the best but definitely not the worst I've seen. That distinction goes to last year's finale. We waited all year for Negan only to see him in the last few minutes. That sucked! Yes, the season 7 premiere made up for it somewhat... but still. 

At this point an all out war is inevitable. The communities of Alexandria, Hilltop, the Kingdom, and the Scavengers ban together to take on the Saviors. Last week TeamRick stole all the guns from the ladies of Oceanside (and invited them to join the fight). Sasha has been captured after an ill fated attack on the Sanctuary. 

The first 45 minutes of this episode feature Sasha is various scenes. We see her with Abraham. We see her in the dark listening to an ipod. We see her sitting on a stump with Maggie. We see Negan chatting her up in a cell. Everyone knows Sonequa Martin-Green has a new TV show "Star Trek: Discovery" (which I'm anxiously awaiting). The question is what will they do with Sasha's character? There are three options: 1. She'll wander off possibly to return at a later date. Remember Heath? Yep, he's on "24" now. 2. She'll be in peril at the end of the season and we'll have to endure yet another cliff hanger. Or 3. They'll outright kill her. The writers go with option #3. 

Negan delivers Sasha to Alexandria in a coffin. Why? I have no idea. Apparently Negan likes to make dramatic gestures. What he doesnt realize is that while inside Sasha ingests Eugene's poison pill. When Negan opens the coffin ZombieSasha is inside. She lunges but Negal gets away. She eats some other guy's face. This whole scene seems contrived to me. I dont buy the character (who was previously a fierce warrior) would choose to off herself in this fashion. What did Sasha accomplish by killing herself? Nothing really except the surprise gave the Alexandrians a chance to fight back. 

I must say I didnt see the doublecross of the Scavengers coming. Jadis makes a side deal with Negan. We should have known when she said "We dont bother. It is not our way". Those"filthy garbage people" can't be trusted. Jadis blew her chance at sexy times with Rick. Ewww I dont even want to think about that.   

The most tense moment of the episode comes when Negan had Rick and Carl on their knees AGAIN. Rick gives his usual "Im going to kill you" speech. Dude, less talking and more killing! Negan draws back to hit Carl in the head with Lucille. Just then Shiva the Tiger leaps onto the scene and eats someone. Shiva is this episode's MVP.  

I was worried for a few minutes that Michonne might be the next to go. Surely they wouldnt kill two women of color in the same episode would they? I also dont buy that Michonne cant handle herself in a fight. She has survived way too to be beat to a bloody pulp by some garbage woman.  On a related note, how many times is Rick going to get shot and survive? Jadis shoots him in the side and pushes him off something high... but he just walks it off. Seriously? Rick, you are no Chuck Norris. 

Reinforcements arrive. Hilltop and the Kingdom arrive guns a blazin. They drive back the Saviors and the Garbage Eaters. The Saviors retreat. Is Dwight TeamRick or he just playing everyone? Eugene says he's definitely Negan but who knows what's actually going on under that mullet. 

And in the finale scene, Maggie does a voiceover about how Glenn brought everyone together as a family. "From Atlanta to my daddy's farm to the prison to here, not as strangers but as family". Question-- how far along is she? Cause she doesnt look preggo at all.

Grade: 4 Monsters (out of 5). An OK finale that was stretched to almost two hours due to an EXCESSIVE number of commercials. I know Sasha had to go but I dont like the way it happened. There were also NO ZOMBIES (besides Sasha). Did they use the zombie budget up last week?

Let's hope October brings a new improved "TWD".  Showrunner Scott Gimple says season 8 will have better pacing "TWD" season 8  This was one of my chief complains in season 7. If not, I'll only be tuning in for the premiere and finale. And I'm sure I'm not the only one.  

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April 5, 2017

The Walking Dead Season 7 Finale Review: We're Going To War! Reviewed by GMonsterTV on 5:44 AM Rating: 5 We've come to the end of another season of "TWD".  "The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life". was an OK finale-- ...

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