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Orphan Black Season 5 Overview: Sestras Are Doing It For Themselves

"Orphan Black" has drawn to a close. After playing at least five characters weekly (con artist Sarah, queer scientist Cosima, suburban mom Alison, uberbitch Rachel and Sarah twin/would be clone assassin Helena). Tatiana Maslany will finally get a WELL DESERVED break. Let's not forget she played Crystal, Beth, MJ, Tony, etc as well. I continue to be amazed by her ability to create and keep track of these character. They are each individuals with different looks, speech patterns and mannerisms. Give the woman another Emmy immediately!

So where did we end? I at times got bogged down with the mythology of the show. There's the Dyad Institute, Topside, Proletheans, and Neolutions. Who can even keep track? Here's a nutshell overview:

All the girls were created as Project Leda while the boys were created as part of Project Castor. They are genetically siblings. Everyone is the offspring of Siobhan's bio-mom Kendall (because she's a chimera). Dont ask. 

There are health issues among all the clones. The girls are supposed to be infertile. However Sarah gave birth and Helena has twins. Sarah's daughter Kira has some sort of psychic ability. Did we ever learn the specifics of it? I dont think so. Cosimo was close to death several times. The boys fared even worse with most of them eventually glitching and dying. Dr Coady murdered the last Castor (Mark) as a sort of mercy killing. TBH, I was never really into the Castor story line (and would have rather the time be spent on finding more Leda's... but no one asked me). 

"Orphan Black" has always been a story about family (biological and chosen), identity, choice and girl power. I'm happy to report that all the sestras (Helena's pronunciation of the word "sister") made it out alive. I was seriously worried they were going to kill one or more of the primary characters, In the end they all settled down to a life of endless possibilities. Helen and her twin babies live in Alison and Donnie's garage. The children were originally tagged as Purple and Orange but later got actual names-- Art and Donnie. How sweet. 

In season 5 the sestras went up against P.T. Westmoreland (who started this whole mess). Yes there were casualties along the way. They include: Dr Coady (killed by Helena), Gracie, Mark (already mentioned), PT himself (via an oxygen tank to the head courtesy of Sarah), etc. The most gripping death was of course bad ass foster mom Siobhan. She was killed by Ferdinand doing what she has always done-- protecting the sisters. Of course she got her revenge and offed Ferdy at the same time. 

Luckily my favorite couple of Cosima and Delphine (ship name Cophine) made it out in one piece and got their happy ending. They continue to be one of the healthiest examples of a same sex couple on TV (despite all the craziness happening around them). The only thing that would been better is a Cophine wedding. Alas, it was not meant to be.

The clone supporters also fared well. Brother-sestra Felix is doing well and had an art show in New York. Art and his wife are going to adopt clone Charlotte. And you already know about Delphine and Donnie. 

Rachel eventually comes through and shares a list of 274 more Leda clones around the world. Cosmina and Delphine are off on their mission to cure them all.

In one of the final scenes, Helena reveals that she's written a book about them and called it "Orphan Black". The other sestras (Sarah, Cosima, Alison) gather round as she reads. And life is as it should be.  

Gracie: 4 1/2 Monsters (out of 5). A great finale to an excellent show. I've said it many times before but the ability to keep so many characters (portrayed by the same actor) in play is genius. And the multi-clone scenes were a delight. See clone dance party and clone dinner as examples.I suspect we wont see anything like "Orphan Black" on television for some time to come. 

I'm sorry to see all the clones go but I think we've gone as far as they could with the story. What is the possibility of a followup say in five years? I'm super interested to see what becomes of Helena's kiddies. Given how active #CloneClub is, I have no doubt they can make it happen. 

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August 19, 2017

Orphan Black Season 5 Overview: Sestras Are Doing It For Themselves Reviewed by GMonsterTV on 3:24 PM Rating: 5 "Orphan Black" has drawn to a close. After playing at least five characters weekly (con artist Sarah, queer scientist Cosima,...

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