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Channel Zero No-End House Finale Review: The Hollow Girl

We've come to the end of an EXCELLENT season of "Channel Zero". The show has set a new standard for what horror TV could (and should) be. See my previous reviews here

In episode 6, "The Hollow Girl" Jules finds the No-End House has resurfaced in Quebec. She makes a beeline to the city. Who does she find standing in line? It's none other than sneaky Seth. Jules is determined to get Margot out of the house once and for all.  

It's been a year since they parted ways. Margot is of course still living with The Father. He reluctantly feeds off her selected memories (but only to avoid starving). Margot remembers nothing of the outside world. The only memories she has left are of her father, Seth and Jules. What does she spend her time doing in this alternate universe? Apparently reading, having sexy times with Seth, and the occasional swim. The Father takes care of the house and stares at a blank TV. What a strange existence. 

Jules is of course apprehensive of Seth. As soon as they return to the fake neighborhood, Seth drags her into an abandoned house. There is the big orb we've seen repeatedly trying to suck out her memories. It seems to be in part filled with her regrets over abandoned Margot after father died. Jules is absorbed and we think she's a goner. But nope, she emerges intact and is none the worse for wear (other than being covered in blood). 

Jules tells Margot they have to leave. Interesting the Father now agrees. That's a big change from back when he followed her into the real world to suck out her brain. 

Seth of course does not agree with the plan. In one of the most interesting scenes of the series, Seth and Margot are at the cul de sac where his fake family is confined. There are five identical houses around the circle. Inside each is a woman that Seth lured into the house. All their memories have been erased except for the ones of Seth. Very freaky. This is what Jules has to look forward to. Seth tells Margot "I did love you. I do love you. I just loved them first". You've got a funny way of showing it dude. 

What is Seth exactly? I guess he's not the creator of the house (as I originally thought). He's more of a procurer. He lures people inside it for the house to eat. Margot suggests they try to shut the door or burn the house down so no one else can be harmed. Seth is having none of it. He declares the house a beautiful living organism that Margot doesn't appreciate. 

In the end, Margot releases Seth's fake family who surround and feed on him. Game over Seth! She then reluctantly stabs her father (with his blessing and Jules' help). In the final scene Margot and Jules pass through the exit door. 

Hmm. What did we learn from "No-End House"? Sacrifice is sometimes necessary for those you love. The Father sacrificed himself twice for Margot-- once when he killed himself for the insurance money and again so Margot could leave the house. After abandoning Margot in her time of need, Jules redeemed herself by going back into the house to save her BFF. We also learned that sometimes the memory of events (even the painful ones) are to be cherished-- since without them we have nothing. 

Grade: 4 3/4 Monsters (out of 5). A fitting finale for an awesomely creepy show. "No-End House" will definitely be on my "best of" list this year. I still have so many questions though. How was the house created and by whom? How long has it existed? How can it be destroyed? And why did we not learn more of Jules' backstory? We know practically nothing about her. I guess we'll never know the answers but that's OK. I'm satisfied with a fitting and happy ending for Margot and Jules. They deserve it after that. 

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October 28, 2017
Channel Zero No-End House Finale Review: The Hollow Girl Reviewed by GMonsterTV on 8:21 AM Rating: 5 We've come to the end of an EXCELLENT season of "Channel Zero". The show has set a new standard for what horror TV could (...

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