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Fear The Walking Dead Season 3 Finale Review: What A Perverse Family You Have

Proctor John hit the nail on the head when he said to Alicia "What a perverse family you have". The Clarks continue their familiar pattern of causing mayhem everywhere they go. It happened at the hotel, Cecilia's place, the Colonia, the Ranch and now the dam. Well "technically" the Ranch wasnt their fault since Troy led the zombie horde that destroyed the place. The family is however responsible for their poor decisions and reckless behavior. I guess we cant beat them up too much. Their counterparts over on "The Walking Dead" dont have a better track record. In fact, theirs might be worse They have managed to destroy the farm, the prison, Woodbury and Alexandria. All I know is, if I saw any of these folks coming, I'd head in the other direction STAT. But enough about that. Here's what happened in the rest of the finale. 

After being the sole survivor of the carnage at the Broke Jaw Ranch, Alicia needs some alone time. She quickly meets up with another kick ass chick. I think her name is Diana (but I'm not sure). The two decide to travel together for a while. Their adventures are short lived. A carload of dudes attacks them. Diana suffers a nasty injury. Alicia takes her for medical attention. There she meets Proctor John. He's the head of the motorcycle gang that Strand tangled with at the bazaar. John needs an operation. Alicia will assist. If she doesnt (or if he dies during surgery) Alica will be killed. More on them later. 

While Alicia is on her new adventures, Madison, Strand, Walker, Crazy Dog and Ofelia head to meet up with Daniel. Unfortunately it is revealed that Ofelia was bitten when clearing out the air duct during the ranch's zombie attack. She dies right before Daniel arrives. He is obviously distraught. I think the writers should have let her reunite with her father before croaking. That would have been more dramatic. But no one asked me. 

Nick meanwhile is hanging back at the bazaar. He spends time gathering zombie heads. Apparently the brain stem (err, locus coeruleus) is like speed times infinity. Nick shows Troy his cover-yourself-with-blood-to-avoid-getting-eaten-by-the-infected trick. I still dont understand Nick's relationship with Troy. The kid is a psychopath that tried to kill everyone and will again. I know Nick is a junkie and likes to live on the edge but, like the rest of his family, Nick has VERY poor decision making skills.  

The one thing Nick does right is warn Lola and crew that Proctor's gang is preparing to invade. Strand will secretly let them into the dam in exchange for being made administrator? That seems a bit lame to me. We never know exactly where Strand stands. He seems to have a soft spot for Madison though. Otherwise the guy will screw anyone that gets in his way.  

Upon hearing of the imminent attack, they decide to rig the place with C-4 explosives. Troy, Madison and Nick work beneath the dam.  Troy tries to smooth things over with Madison. Remember, pre-zombie invasion, Madison had previously exiled him to the wilderness. She tells him all is forgiven. Lies! Madison takes a hammer and bashes Troy in the head. I cant say I saw that coming. Someone should have seriously done that long ago. It was just a matter of time before Troy killed again.   

John's men storm the dam. They kill Efrain. Strand lies saying he killed Lola. She later wakes up but is killed as she attacks the men on top of the dam. Strand tries to get Nick and Madison to safety but fails. Nick takes the detonator from Strand. Either his mother, sister, and Strand get safe passage OR he blows the place up. They quickly leave in a boat. 

Walker and Crazy Dog had previously headed North to locate other survivors from their tribe. They end up across the hill and snipe a few of the motorcycle gang members thus leveling out the odds. Nick hits the detonator trigger. Daniel finds him. I assume the two escape. Daniel at least has to live long enough to pay back Strand for shooting him in the face. 

Meanwhile the dingy Strand and the ladies are in, is sucked under the dam as the water is released. Madison nearly drowns but has a vision of Travis. She makes it to shore. Strand and Alicia are MIA . The good news is the locals (who previously were without water) have plenty for now.  

Grade: 4 1/2 Monsters (out of 5). A good solid finale. While past seasons drug on at times, season 3 was (for the most part) a success. There were several instances when I thought a member of the core group (the Clarks, Strand or Daniel) might croak. It could have be Madison--given the extensive Christmas flashbacks. Or Alicia since Madison kept seeing her tombstone. I assume they'll all be back for season 4. We could get surprised though. Travis' death came as quite a shock.  

I must say I thought the battle for the dam would last longer. Not that I'm complaining. It is time to move on to new territory. The internet seems to think it will be Houston (and that is where "FTW" and "TWD" will crossover). Perhaps Abraham with meet the Clarks during his "pre-Atlanta" days. He had mentioned traveling with his wife and child before Rick met him.  

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October 23, 2017
Fear The Walking Dead Season 3 Finale Review: What A Perverse Family You Have Reviewed by GMonsterTV on 9:43 PM Rating: 5 Proctor John hit the nail on the head when he said to Alicia "What a perverse family you have". The Clarks continue their fami...

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