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Crisis On Earth-X Review: DC's Latest Crossover Event

CW continues it's pattern of having one crossover episode per year that spans all it's DC properties-- "Arrow", "The Flash", "SuperGirl" and "Legends of Tomorrow". This has proven quite successful since we get to see our favorite superheroes interact with each other. Disclaimer: I only watch "SuperGirl" and "LoT" regularly so I may be a bit sketchy on the mythology of the other shows. "Crisis On Earth-X" begins on "SuperGirl" 308. It then continues on "Arrow" 608 (it's 100th episode), "The Flash" 408 and "Legends Of Tomorrow" 308.  

Barry West and Iris Allen are getting married. They have invited a number of other DC guests. Everyone travels to Central City. Kara and Alex visit from National City, Oliver and Felicity visit from Star City, Sara and Mick visit from whatever time they're currently in. Cisco (Vibe), Caitlin (Killer Frost), Joe, Wells and other familiar faces are also in attendance. One potential sticking point is that not all of these characters exist on the same Earth-- but more on that later.  

Of course the wedding doesnt go smoothly. Baddies from Earth- X arrive. On their planet, the Nazis won WWII. There's an alternate version of Arrow (Dark Arrow), SuperGirl (OverGirl), and Prometheus-X (Tommy Merlyn, Oliver's currently dead BFF). The REAL Reverse Flash (Eobar Thawne) is also there somehow. The Guardian (Jimmy) shows up with a Captain America type shield but he's quickly killed. I assume he's taking the place of Uncle Sam from the comics. Oh, and on Earth-X Oliver is the Fuehrer and Kara is a General and they are married. Interesting... 

The bad guys are on our Earth to steal a Prism from STAR Labs. It can be used to create a neutron bomb. Metallo arrives. He gets the upper hand and our guys are all transported to concentration camps on Earth-X (except Kara). It turns out OverGirl is dying. Dark Arrow intends to use the Prism to generate red sunlight to incapacitate Kara. He will then remove her heart and give it to OverGirl. Oh dear. 

The crew is about to be executed but Citizen Cold (Earth-X's Snart) rescues them. The Ray is also there (not to be confused with our Ray-- ie Atom). There's a portal to get home but oops, Doppelganger Winn wants to blow it up. 

Everyone eventually gets back to our Earth. Cold/Leo and The Ray come along for the ride. Martin Stein (one half of Firestorm) was mortally wounded back on X and dies. We have known for some time that Victor Garber was headed back to Broadway--so it was not a surprise but still a touching moment. Jax is obviously devastated. I was hoping Gray would retire to spend time with his daughter and grandchild but alas, it was not meant to be.  

The final battle is a good one as all the superheroes join the fight (Ray, Nate, Amaya, Zari, etc). Dark Arrow is eventually killed by Green Arrow. OverGirl is carried into outer space by SuperGirl before she goes nuclear. The rest of the Nazis are defeated. The Ray heads back to X through Cisco's portal but Leo decides to stay in our world for a while. Will we see more of Cold with the Legends? That would be interesting given that he's a hugger. Also The Ray is supposed to have his own show on CW Seed?  

Everyone heads back home. Since Barry and Iris were never officially wed, Diggle ends up performing the service in a park. Felicity and Oliver get in on the action and are married as well. Surprise!

So how many Earths are there in the DCU? There are 53 earths total. Not all have been used in the comics yet. And yes, it is confusing. There's Earth-0 (also called New Earth) plus Earth-X plus another 51 (I think). There's also an Earth Prime (which became Earth-33). Earth-247 does not currently exist because it was an alternate timeline. Earth-X is of course where the Nazi wedding crashers came from. Note:it doesnt have a designation in the official multiverse map here Earth-1 is where the rest of the CW superheroes reside except SuperGirl. She is from Earth-38. There is no Flash, Arrow or Legends on her Earth.  

Best Parts of the Crossover Include:
  • Sara and Alex get drunk and hook up for a one night stand. They later kick Nazi ass together. Who can ask for more?
  • Mick walking around in a frilly housecoat was hilarious. Favorite quote from him is "Best wedding ever" (after they're attacked by Nazis). 
  • Kara singing at the wedding was a nice touch. Remember Melissa Benoist was on "Glee". 
  • Flash from the past, William Katt from the "Greatest American Hero" serves as the minister. 
  • Felicity's "I HATE Nazis" is a callback to Indiana Jones. Girl, I too hate Nazis!
  • Earth-X's Leo and The Ray have a thing for each other. Will this be elaborated on in the future? What is their ship name-- Rold, Cay, LeRay?
  • Other characters that appeared in the crossover include the Red Tornado and Mister Terrific. Who exactly was the caterer that talked to Barry before the wedding? Word is it's one of his descendants but who exactly? 
  • Why did Flash just let Eobar walk around after their final fight? I didnt think he would kill him but shouldnt he put in jail... or something?
  • The people of Earth-X could probably use some help from our superheroes. Hopefully since OverGirl, Dark Arrow and Reverse Flash are gone, General Winn will have a much easier time of it. 

Grade: 5 Monsters (out of 5). Excellent! A totally fun crossover with just the right amount of everything. I very much enjoyed seeing everyone interact as well as the snappy one liners. This year's crossover was much better than the previous Dominators (although they're pretty cool too). I especially enjoyed the earlier "Legends" episode where a young Ray adopted a baby Dominator (much to it's mother's chagrin). 

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December 2, 2017
Crisis On Earth-X Review: DC's Latest Crossover Event Reviewed by GMonsterTV on 7:28 PM Rating: 5 CW continues it's pattern of having one crossover episode per year that spans all it's DC properties-- "Arrow", &quo...

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