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Luther Season 3 Review: A Slower Season But Excellent Finale

Season 3 of "Luther" continues it's pattern of having a much shorter run time than traditional shows. Season 3 is four episodes total (as is season 2). Season 1 has six episodes. These compressed seasons mean there's no room for filler (which is a good thing to me). I simply dont have the time or patience for long winding "fluff" episodes.

"Luther" is known for it's graphic depictions of murder. They include some of the scariest scenes on TV. Standouts include: Lucien Burgess (likes to drain women's blood every 10 years), Graham Shand (a taxi driver who kills young women, the scene where he attacks an escort through a bathroom door is very "Shining-esque"), and the twins (especially the office killing spree).   

Having said that, stories in season 3 weren't as compelling as others. The two crime stories involve: 1. A seriously creepy dude (Paul Ellis) who has a foot fetish. He hides in women's houses (sometimes under their beds). He kills them and then leaves the victim wearing a strange mask and wig. 2. A vigilant killer (Tom Marwood). He's cleaning up the streets after his wife is raped and murdered. He captures a pedophile (Terrance Corran) and takes a social media poll to see if the guy should be executed. Luther of course saves the day in both cases. 

In the other big story George Stark, Erin Gray (remember her from last season) and Justin (temporarily) team up to take Luther down as a dirty cop/killer. Why George has such a bee in his bonnet for Luther, I have no idea.  There's also a new love interest for John (Mary Day). They are involved in a fender bender and later hook up. George tries to dissuade her from dating Luther (saying she'll end up dead like the rest). 

While I though vigilant Tom would become a "case of the week" he instead takes an interesting turn. Marwood kidnaps a poor pregnant woman so her husband (a hospital doctor) will kill his wife's murderer. Tom then turns on the police. He kills Ripley in cold blood. Then goes after Mary. Luckily George and Erin are around to help her escape. 

In the final episode things go bat shit crazy. John is arrested by the Anti-Luther team. This is just stupid. We know Marwood killed Justin. Anywho that doesnt last long. In a shocking move, a person in a gas mask attacks the car John is in. And the assailant is none other than... wait for it... Alice. She wants Luther to run away with her. Where has Alice been all this time? "Here and there" she says. She got married to a guy in San Paolo. "Some girls grow up wanting ponies. I always wanted to be a widow". Haaa. How I have missed you Alice!

Tom finds the safe house (err apartment) where Mary is. He kills George and seriously wounds Erin. Alice tries to help her escape but eventually Tom catches both women on the roof. In a VERY tense sense, he makes Luther chose which person will live. Luther stalls and stalls but eventually is forced to give an answer. "Alice" he says (which we think means save Alice). Instead he says "Alice, shoot Alice". But Mary goes for the gun and Alice stabs Tom in the throat with a nail. That girl is forever resourceful. 

After the smoke has cleared, Luther goes to see Alice in the police van. Surprise, it's Mary instead. This gives Alice a little time to escape. John and Mary share a tender moment. Luther hobbles away. How many times has this guy been shot and/or stabbed in the leg? It seems like a LOT. He and Alice meet on a bridge. We dont know where they're off to next. One thing is for certain though. It wont be boring.   

Grade: 4 1/2 Monsters (out of 5) Although the stories this season werent as compelling as earlier ones, I continue to be hypnotized by Idris Elba's magnetic presence. The introduction of the Anti-Luther squad felt forced to me (but I know the writers need to create drama). The finale was excellent though. Very suspenseful! One of the most interesting parts of this show is that it questions what Luther has to do in order to bring killers to justice. What murky gray area must he exist in? And does that put him on the side of good or evil? I personally dont care if he's a little evil to protect the public from the baddies. Am I in the minority? 

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December 7, 2017
Luther Season 3 Review: A Slower Season But Excellent Finale Reviewed by GMonsterTV on 6:08 AM Rating: 5 Season 3 of "Luther" continues it's pattern of having a much shorter run time than traditional shows. Season 3 is four epi...

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