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12 Monkeys Season 3 Review: One Person For Seven Billion Lives?

SyFy dropped all ten episodes of season 3 over three days in May 2017. This was done in hopes of increasing viewership (since the weekly SyFy viewing numbers were low). The season is currently available on Amazon (but not Prime). The SyFy website says it is available on Hulu (but season 3 has since rotated off). 

For those unfamiliar, "12 Monkeys" is not a lazy watch. It requires major work to follow. There is talk of time loops, paradoxes, cycles, and resets. Is it possible that everything is predetermined? If so, nothing the group does will in any way alter the outcome. But this doesnt stop the good guys (or bad guys) from trying. 

In 2017 a plague (released by a group called the Army Of The 12 Monkeys) destroys most of mankind. James Cole (who is from 2043) time traveled back to try to prevent the disaster. He also attempts to save Dr Cassie Railly (who left a message that those in the future recovered). As the series progresses the two travel to various times to reset history. Obviously tit's not as easy as it sounds. The couple (aided by Jones, Deacon, Ramsey, etc) are continually thwarted by the Monkeys who have their own agenda. They're trying to destroy time for some bizarre reason.   

There are several methods of time travel:

1. The splintering device Jones created
2. Red tea is used by the 12 Monkeys
3. Titan- this is the gigantic industrial time machine used by the Monkeys
4. Splintering injections (also created by Jones)
5. Time vests are introduced in season 3. The glowing buttons give them a cool steampunk effect. 

At the end of season 2 our gang is again separated. Remember they were previously at Titan. Cole and Jones are now back at their facility. Jennifer is splinted to WWI. Cassie is in 2163 and is being held captive by the 12 Monkeys. They call her "Mother" because she is preggo. And her son turns out be... The Witness. Eeek!

Cassie reluctantly gives birth to the child. He is taken away from her raised by the Guardians (specifically Magdelina). We see the boy (Athan) grow up as he is whisked from time to time to avoid detection. Athan falls in love. Eliza dies. Distraught, he creates a time suit to try to save her again and again (607 times to be exact). He becomes so bitter that he wants to destroy time. We feel for the guy but that's still severe.  

Much of season 3 deals with a mother's unconditional love. Cassie will do anything to protect Athan (even if he is meant to destroy the world). There are several other parallel stories: Jones will do anything to protect her daughter Hannah. Ramsey will do anything to save his son Sam.  

The final episode is an all out battle between parents trying to protect their child, those
trying to save humanity by killing him (Jones) and the Monkeys. In 1959 Cassie, Cole and Athan are at the House Of Cedar and Pine (where he was conceived). Jones and Hannah arrives. Jones believes taking the life of one person (Athan) in exchange for seven billion is a reasonable trade. Then Titan shows up. Oops Mallick appears to be a baddy after all. The love shack is burned down. Cole, Cassie, Jones, and Deacon arrive at Titan just in time to see Olivia stab her brother the Pallid Man dead. Girl has been playing the long con in order to find the Witness.    

An injured Athan splinters to London 2017. Jennifer saves his life and helps him recover. Athan says whatever symbols she is feverishly drawing is her new mission now. Is Jennifer the key to everything? I think so.  

Athan returns to Titan help fight off the Monkeys. Athan says he thought he was the "sad lonely demon at the end of time" but it was actually Olivia all along. She finds it hard to believe but soon warms to the idea. She slits his throat and takes control of the group vowing to do what Athan could not-- destroy time. Remember, Olivia is something more than human. She was raised in a box and is super strong. So dont underestimate her. 

The group returns to the facility in the future. Cole says "They're Coming For Us". It's the beginning of the end.  

The final scene of the season is a flashback to Cole's father reading him a book. There is a piece of paper with a poem and picture inside. It's from Cole's mother. Can we safely say she is/was primary? If so, who do you think she is? Could she be Jennifer? That would be WAAAAY crazy. But not unsurprisingly given the twists we've already seen. 

Favorite Moments Of Season 3 Include:

  • The 1980s caper to steal the Word Of The Witness was great fun!
  • Jennifer's rendition of "99 Luftballoons" was delightful. I simply LOVE Jennifer. 
  • Olivia's impersonation of Jennifer in the Tale Of The Word Of The Witness is spot on.
  • Magdelina was one scary and ruthless chick. Excellent job by Hannah Waddingham.  
  • Ramse killing his son was horrifingly painful (as well as his death at Cole's hands).

Grade: 5 Monsters (out of 5). While I love "12 Monkeys" in any format I think the show is better suited for a weekly release (instead of dropping it all at once). We need time to digest and discuss the heady topics. Regardless, "12 Monkeys" remains the best time travel show on TV. 

So what did we learn in season 3? Athan is not the Big Baddie after all. He is primary and wrote the Word Of The Witness but he is NOT the Witness. The Witness is in fact Olivia. Olivia has done a complete 180 this season. She went from the most devoted follower of the Witness, to being completely disillusioned, to now taking her rightful place as the Witness.  

Luckily SyFy has renewed "12 Monkeys" for one more season so we can see what trouble Olivia wreaks. How do you think the series will end? I wouldn't be surprised if it ends right where we wee in episode 1. That might be fitting. This is a time travel show after all. 

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January 18, 2018
12 Monkeys Season 3 Review: One Person For Seven Billion Lives? Reviewed by GMonsterTV on 8:07 PM Rating: 5 SyFy dropped all ten episodes of season 3 over three days in May 2017. This was done in hopes of increasing viewership (since the weekly...

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