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Killing Eve Season 3 Review: Still Fun But I Fear The Romance Is Gone

Originally airing on BBC America and AMC, all 3 seasons of "Killing Eve" are currently available on Hulu.  See my previous reviews here The show is based on the Villanelle novel series by Luke Jennings. Each of the show's seasons is headed by a different showrunner. The first was series creator Phoebe Waller-Bridge. She now serves as executive producer. The second was Emerald Fennnel. and the third was helmed by Suanne Heathcote. 

When we last left Eve, she has been shot by Villanelle-- presumably because Eve wouldnt run away with her but who knows why Villanelle does anything?. Eve has physically healed but mentally she's a mess. She currently works in the kitchen of a Korean restaurant. Meanwhile Villanelle is in Spain freshly wed to a woman she met at the airport. She is not sure if Eve is alive or dead. A wedding crasher named Dasha shows up. She is Eve's old handler. The two have a knock down drag out fight at the wedding reception, Needless to say, there will be no honeymoon for the new couple. 

Eve and Kenny reconnect. He has also quit MI6 and is an investigative journalist for an online site..Unfortunately Kenny is working on a story about the money trail of The Twelve. Bad idea! When Eve goes to see him at work, he is pushed or jumps (we're not sure which) off the roof to his death. Carolyn is her usual stoic self. Fiona Shaw is wonderful her role. Carolyn might be as much of a psychopath as Villanelle. Her touchy feely daughter Geraldine (Gemma Whalen) arrives to stay with her. They mix like oil and water. 

Eve agrees to work with Jamie and Bear to try to figure out what happened to Kenny. Meanwhile Villanelle is disillusioned with her life. She wants to be promoted to a Keeper so she doesnt have to keep killing people. Eve and Villanelle have an interesting encounter on a bus.

Everyone is playing their own game this season. Konstantin wants to escape with his daughter Irina to Cuba. The plans are side lined when she runs over her step father with the car. Dasha wants to go back to Mother Russia to be with her son. Who knows what Carolyn is really up to. Her new boss Paul is also suspect. Niko has moved to Poland and seems happy. That is until Dasha shows up, shoves a pitch fork through his throat and frames Villanelle for the deed. Somehow he survives. The poor guy should get as far away from Eve as possible.

Villanelle heads to Russia to meet her birth family. I had wondered about her backstory. It seems her family was scared of her from an early age. That's why her mother put her up for adoption. Her mother asks Villanelle to leave. Villanelle doesnt take rejection well. She kills her mother and burns down the house. The only two family members left and her brother and half brother (whom she leaves money for so he can go to an Elton John concert). 

Villanelle gets a new assassin-trainee named Felix. They dress up as clowns for a children's birthday party in order to get close to their mark. Felix fails to kill the guy so Villanelle offs them both. Yes indeed "Management Sucks". Villanelle later butts heads with her new Twelve boss Helene. She also asks Carolyn about switching sides but Carolyn doesnt seem interested. It seems Villanelle is stuck in a dead end job with no way out. 

In the end, Dasha is dead in a hospital bed (after being hit in the head with a golf club by Villanelle and then stomped on by Eve). Konstatin has a heart attack but leaves the hospital against doctor's orders. It turns out he was the one on the roof with Kenny. Konstantin says he was trying to recruit Kenny to work for The Twelve in order to protect him. I'm not so sure. Carolyn shoots Paul through the head but spares Konstantin because she cares for him. There is suspicion he is Kenny's father. 

In the finale scene, Eve and Villanelle agree that they bring out the worst in each other. They turns their backs and agree to walk out of each other's lives. But those two whacky kids cant quit each other. They each turn around at the last minute.   

Grade: 4 Monsters (out of 5). Season 3 is fun but I fear the romance is gone. I definitely enjoy aspects of the show (Villanelle as a clown, Dasha vs Villanelle, the ice queen Carolyn etc). I"m just not sure where else they can go with this story. I recall also having said the same thing at the end of season 2. I'm not really interested in The Twelve story line. I'm here for the Eve/Villanelle dynamic. Unfortunately they didnt get much screen time together this season. Yes, they are still obsessed with each other. But are they ever going to make a go of a relationship? How would that even work since Villanelle tried to kill Eve previously? These two are not going to ride off into the sunset together.  

Don't get me wrong. Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer are definitely deserving of all their awards for this show. Sandra Oh has a- 2019 Golden Globe, 2019 SAG, and 2019 Critics Choice Award.  Jodie Comer has a 2019 Primetime Emmy and 2019 British Television Academy Award. I just wish they had more to do this time around. 

"Killing Eve" has been renewed for a season 4 but due to Covid-19 it is indefinitely postponed. Given that they shoot in a number of European locations, I can image it's a logistical nightmare. Would I be happy if the show ended after season 3? I think so. But I have been with "Killing Eve" since day 1 so I'll stick around until the bitter end. I cant' help thinking though that "Killing Eve", like Villanelle, would be better off quitting while they're ahead. 

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November 28, 2020
Killing Eve Season 3 Review: Still Fun But I Fear The Romance Is Gone Reviewed by GMonsterTV on 6:36 PM Rating: 5 Originally airing on BBC America and AMC, all 3 seasons of "Killing Eve" are currently available on Hulu.  See my previous reviews...

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