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Lost Girl Season 5 Episodes 6-8 Reviews: Did Bo Just Save The World Or End It?

Well fellow "Lost Girl" fans, we're in a holding pattern until next year when the second half of the fifth (and final) season arrives. Why they chose to split it up, I have no idea. It kinda feels like they're punishing us loyal followers.. but no one asked me. 

Episode 6 "Clear Eyes, Fae Hearts" has Bo and Tamsin going undercover as cheerleaders to investigate the murders of some ball players. Lauren does drug testing in the locker room. Too bad she cant enjoy the view. They eventually discover that the lead character is a descendant of Hercules (since we're all about ancient mythology this season). Tamsin eventually ditches her poms for a football uniform and wins the game. Fun episode. I especially enjoyed watching Tamsin terrorize her cheer leading competition and Lauren's locker room interactions.  

Enough With The Symbol Already

Lots of craziness happened in episode 7 "Here Comes The Night". Zeus and the Ancients caused a blackout. This unleashed the big bad fae that Evony told Lauren to keep at the clinic. It turns out to be Eros (Evony's ex). What's that line about a woman scorned? Evony got her revenge by frying him in the end. Meanwhile the oracles (egged on by Horatio/Hera) appear to our favorite faes as person's they love most. Dyson dreams of Bo. Vex dreams of Mark (that was a surprise). Bo dreams of Dyson and Lauren. Are you ever going ot pick sides? 

Bo and Lauren has real life sexy times (not the fake kind everyone else had). Yeah! Tamsin's little valkryie heart is crushed. Not Yeah! At the end of the episode Tamsin tells Bo she loves her. Bob's responds with "I love you. I do... but not like that". She tries to let her down gently. Tamsin leaves and Bo blows out the candle daddy Hades sent (only to have it relight itself). Side Note: Elizabeth/Zee/Zeus is a woman while Horatio/Hera is a man. Not sure what they were shooting for but it was a little confusing. 

Episode 8 "End of Faes" has Team Bo crashing an Ancients party. Well, its not really crashing since she got an invite and she's the guest of honor. Tamsin moves out of Bo's place but reluctantly joins Dyson, Lauren, Mark and Bo at the party. Elizabeth/Zee/Zeus is the hostess of the party. She is also Bo's aunt.  Bo must be emancipated from Daddy Dearest (Hades) or the world will be destroyed. She must cut his handprint out of her chest with the correctly chosen dagger/sword. This is going to hurt. Bo also tells Lauren that she wants to get back together but they dont have time to discuss further. 

We learn that the girl we've seen in several episodes is named Iris. She is more powerful then Zeus or Hera. She and Mark have sexy times. That Mark sure does get around. Iris wants to go with the parents of the dead girl's body she stole. The father comes home and is obviously confused. She greets him by ripping out his heart.She then rips off her bracelet, yells "something's happening" and runs out the door. Mark is greeted (and by "greeted" I mean "stabbed") by the man's wife. 

Someone Is A Very Close Talker

Zeus and Tamsin have a little heart to heart on the balcony. Tamsin is upset over Bo. Zeus offers relationship advice. Tamsin decides Zee is out to get Bo and threatens her. Zeus retaliated with a lightening bolt. Tam Tam better not be dead or we riot! 

Didnt You Know All Teenage Girl's Have Demons Inside Of Them? 

Meanwhile Iris is in the park turning flowers and cops into dust. Bo's hand turns black when she touches Iris. Iris has an evil god known as a Nyx inside of her. Trick tells Bo it can only be contained inside a special box. Bo just happens to have one from Pops Hades. How convenient. Bo goes home but Zeus is making away with it. I love a good evening gown cat fight. Zeus eventually gets locked in a room. She tells Bo NOT to open the box. Bo has a vision of Daddy Dearest. He is Eric Roberts. And in the last scene Bo turns the crank on the box (while Zeus yells noooo) and light appears.. end scene. Did Bo just save the world or end it? 

Another super fun episode. I especially enjoyed Lauren doing poison testing on Bo's drinks and the oracle eyeball punch. I'm trying that at my next Halloween party.   

What Are The Odds Of This Being A Really Bad Decision?

Favorite Quotes:
  • "Bust out your pom poms Tam Tam. Its time to flirt some intel out of a bunch of horny linebackers"- Bo to Tamson.
  • Dude: "You're a tall glass of water arent you? I could drink you up." Tamsin: Try Gatorade asshole." 
  • "Mesmer me shocked. You have a crush on Teen Wolf"- Evony. 
  • "Only in the darkness can we see the light"- the three Oracles. 
  • "Of course the serum is behind a bush. When will I learn?"- that Evony is hilarious. I would gladly watch a spinoff of her just being snarky.
  • "Takes an ancient to kill an ancient"- Evony to what's left of Eros after he's struck by lightening.  
  • Bo: "Where are you going?" Tamsin: "Where ever the universe takes me... well Motel Six and then where ever the universe takes me."
  • Trick: "The Aegis shield. Mythology says you're never without it." Zee/Zeus: "No glove, no love."

Grade: 4 Monsters (out of 5). Fun episodes. I enjoy them best when the snark level is high. My only complaint is the beginning of episode 7. It is supposed to be dark but I initially thought something was wrong with my TV. It was all green and hazy. Luckily I figured it out before I start messing with the settings. 

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June 19, 2015
Lost Girl Season 5 Episodes 6-8 Reviews: Did Bo Just Save The World Or End It? Reviewed by GMonsterTV on 7:40 PM Rating: 5 Well fellow "Lost Girl" fans, we're in a holding pattern until next year when the second half of the fifth (and final) sea...

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