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Defiance Season 3 Episode 11 Review: Prepare For More Purple People Eaters

When we last caught up with "Defiance", Nolan and Irisa were on their way to execution (or a prison camp) in Brazil. They get as far as Oklahoma City when something (read Kindzi) attacks the convoy. In "Of A Demon In My View: Berlin finds bodies strewn everywhere and Irisa trapped under a beam. Will Berlin leave her there? She previously left Irisa seizing in the snow as payback for killing Tommy. This time Berlin helps. Irisa falls to the ground holding her head. She cant feel Nolan (through her arktech link) anymore.

So We Hated Each Other And Now We're BFFs?

Kindzi has Nolan back in her lair. She's always had a soft spot for the guy. She wants to have sex with and/or eat him. I'm not sure in which order. She successfully removed the arktech from his brain after Yewll advises against it. They have sexy times. Kindzi offers to make pancakes. What is it with Omec and pancakes? They just love em! Nolan decides he wants to escape instead. Kindzi doesnt like her men leaving before she's done cuddling. She says "You disappoint me" and "now you're just food". 

I Find You Both Sexually Attractive & Tasty

Meanwhile Kindzi is keeping Omec Daddy under wraps but draining just enough of his blood to make him weak. Yewll must obey her (because of the control stem planted in her neck) but she manages to tell Kindzi exactly what she thinks of her. You go Yewll! 

You Are Hereby Grounded For The Rest Of Eternity

Irisa and Berlin head to the gulamite mine in search of Nolan. Nolan escapes before he is eaten and released T'evgin. The Omecs fight. We think T'evgin has her under control but nope. Kindzi stabs him the neck and then cries about it. Go figure. That is one confusing purple lady.  

Flashback to 1978 when the Omec were in deep space looking for a home. Something finally comes on the radio. It's "Rocking Robin" from the 1950s. The ship is so far away, it took 20 years for the signal to reach them. After a funny little alien dance, they're off to Earth.

Kindzi appears to be preparing T'evgins body for burial. She does a chant and then pulls out T'evgin's heart and eats it. Yuck!  Is T'evgin really dead? I would say "yes" since Kindzi ate part of him. But remember when Nolan freed T'evgin it looked like there was a tank with a replica of someone in it. My hope is that T'evgin was somehow cloned. He is too great of a character to let leave so early.  

Amanda and Berlin quickly make up. What was the point of Berlin leaving in the first place? That seemed like a waste of time. 

Who Is Playing Who Here?

The Tarrs didnt have much to do this week. Stahma and Datak bicker while playing cards. She assures Datak that she loves only him (and not T'evgin). Alak is referenced but we dont actually see him. Datak wants his crew to defend Stahma to the death is necessary. They are still hurting from last year's betrayal so they're not too enthusiastic. Remember Datak offed his sansloth servant amongst others. Stahma asks Andina to weave with her. I assume she plans to have her marry Alak and use her to see baby Luke. That Stahma is always up to something.  

Wake Up Sleepyheads

And in the final scene, Kindzi returns to the ship and awakens her fellow Omec. She gives a rousing speech about them taking what is rightfully theirs. We also find out what happened to Samir and Datak. Yewll drugged them (along with lots of others). They're on the Omec ship where they will be served as the next meal. 

That Datak just cannot catch a break. What's happened to him this season? He's was almost stoned to death. He had his arm blow off and now he's next on the menu. I do love to see Datak in peril though. He's so much fun to hate. 

Next week the Dread Harvest begins.    

Favorite Quotes:
  • "But my heart is reserved for you... always."- Stahma to Datak about her relationship with T'evgin
  • "You disappoint me."- Kindzi to Nolan after he tries to leave post sexy times. 
  • "Hello Nolan's daughter"- Kinzi to Irisa. Haaaa, she refuses to call Irisa by her name. 
  • "You disappoint me" and "now you're just food"- Kindzi to Nolan when he tries to escape. 
  • "I think it's you that's broken. I dont know if its a result of a trauma or if you're born a sociopath but there's a screw loose in that head of yours...You make me sick and that's the truth."- Yewll to Kindzi
I Love Yewll. I Just Wish She Had More To Do On This Show

Grade: 4 Monsters (out of 5). A slower episode but that's OK. It's leading up to the final two episodes of the season. Next week the Omecs are coming. Look out citizens of Defiance! 

On a side note: I really appreciate all the cast live tweeting during the show. It makes it SO much more fun. Their comments are hillarious. It's worth checking out just to hear Jaime Murray talk about Stahma's magic chivo and Julie Benz talk about Amanda's side braid of justice (if nothing else). 

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August 16, 2015
Defiance Season 3 Episode 11 Review: Prepare For More Purple People Eaters Reviewed by GMonsterTV on 8:55 AM Rating: 5 When we last caught up with "Defiance", Nolan and Irisa were on their way to execution (or a prison camp) in Brazil. They get ...

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