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Hunters Episodes 2-4 Reviews: Baby's Got Back

I thought I would have lost interest by now but "Hunters" is keeping me coming back for more. The fourth episode is the best to date IMHO...but more on that later. 

In "Messages" we learn that Regan is an alien. Can she be trusted? I'm not even sure she knows. We also learn that hunters communicate both telepathically and with clicking sounds. They have messages hidden in some soundtracks (hence the whole McCarthy being a DJ thing). 

McCarthy leaves a duck with a bomb in it at an outside market. Lots of innocent people are killed. He wants the body of another alien (Robert Slavich) returned or more people will die. But the ETU doesnt negotiate with terrorists. There's apparently also a mole in their department. It can't be Regan. That would be far too simple. 

McCarthy has sexy times with some blonde lady (is it Abby?) in the shower. Thanks SyFy for Julian McMahon's butt shot! I wouldnt be opposed to seeing more. 

In "Maid of Orleans" has the crew spending much of their time in the jungles of Colombia. They're looking for the aliens heroine operation. The drugs are used to fund their terrorist activities. Hmm this plot sounds familiar. This part was a bit long but the reveal of the injured alien was cool. 

The dead woman McCarthy lead Flynn to last week is not Abby (thank goodness). The woman has a mysterious hole in her back. It appears the aliens are extracting spinal fluid from heroin addicts and using it to get high. Say what? 

Flynn questions is Abby could be an alien. After all, Stavich's wife didnt know he was one. That is IF we can believe her (since she was in on the bomb plot). Regan saves Flynn from being blown up by ripping the woman's throat out. Best not to get on the wrong side of Regan! 

In the final scene, McCarthy takes something and puts it into the chest of a cloaked figure. Is that how hunters really look? And did McCarthy just stick Regan's skin that he tore off her arm in there? Eeekkk! 

Back at ETU headquarters, Regan tells the higher-ups that the injured alien got away but she actuality just let him go. She draws Jackson the symbol that the hunter mentally communicated to her. What does it mean? 

In "Love and Violence" we see some of Regan's back story. Her parents were aliens and were attacked by someone/someones. Regan manages to escape but doesnt know much about herself. She floats aimlessly around, doing drugs and having meaningless sex until they is arrested and encounters Jackson. 

Flash over to McCarthy who is having a three way with two ladies (one of whom doesnt survive). Regan and Flynn track the couple to a hotel. They find Tasha in the bathroom throwing up MASSIVE amounts of some alien something. Let's call it "tissue" for lack of a better word. The scene is both gross and cool.   

McCarthy is taken into custody and tortured with sound. Aliens are very sensitive to sound. Flynn also stabs him in the ear with a pen.  McCarthy says torture doesnt work on him and doesnt work well on humans either. He might have a point--- no pun intended. 

Meanwhile the goo covered alien ends up having a baby... through her back... That was one craziest scene. Love it!

McCarthy says he must touch his partner and the child or they will die. Tasha expires before he can get there. McCarthy asks to hold the baby. They undo his shackles. That was a really bad idea. He looks at Regan and says "I wont let them have another one" and then snaps the baby's neck. Wow, that was rough to watch. 

Meanwhile Flynn has rushed to a storage locker. This is where McCarthy told him to look for Abby. Flynn opens the freezer. Abby is in there are looking most definitely dead to me-- unless aliens can regenerate themselves.  

Alien Autopsy: 

  • Aliens that dont look like humans are called "Quinns". How many different alien species are there? 
  • Hunters have very sensitive ears and they dont like jump rope. 
  • In the flashbacks we never see Regan's mother. What's up with that? 
  • Don't mess with Regan people or she'll rip your throat out. I am enjoying the character very much. The way she turns her head is very lizard-like. 
  • Hunters just cant resist chomping on bunnies. You'd think they're cute little faces would slow them down-- but i guess not. 
  • The whole jungle expedition felt like "Predator" didnt it? We've already been there and done that. 
  • Briggs hates all hunters because one killed her boyfriend/husband/partner in Afghanistan. Will we see more of Briggs back story as well? I hope so. 

Grade: 4 Monsters (out of 5). Is "Hunters" the best show on television? No, definitely not. In fact,a number of reviewers are seriously panning it. Why all the hate? I'm enjoying it thus far. The actors are very pretty. We get to see what an alien looks like (although there may be other varieties). And the alien baby birth was the nastiest and coolest thing I've seen in some time. It was also surprisingly touching. We definitely need more episodes like "Love and Violence" to keep everyone coming back for more.  

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May 9, 2016
Hunters Episodes 2-4 Reviews: Baby's Got Back Reviewed by GMonsterTV on 8:14 PM Rating: 5 I thought I would have lost interest by now but "Hunters" is keeping me coming back for more. The fourth episode is the be...

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