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Wayward Pines Season 2 Episode 1 Review: Where Can "WP" Go From Here? (Season Premiere)

"Wayward Pines" returned this week with an episode entitled "Enemy Lines". Last year I voted "WP" number 3 on my list of best TV shows (behind only "The Returned" and "Hannibal"). See GMonster's Top 10 Television Shows Of 2015 for more details. 

Will season 2 be able to live up to it's predecessor? The jury is still out for me. Season 1 covered all three books by Blake Crouch so there's no original source material left. Many of the main characters were killed off in season 1. Ethan (Matt Dillon) heroically sacrificed himself to save the town. The leader of the group (David Pilcher) was finished off by his sister Nurse Pam (played by the fabulous Melissa Leo). I thought Megan Fisher (Hope Davis) was AbbieChow but she's back and in a wheelchair.  

The main mystery was also solved in season 1. Last year we followed Ethan as he tried to figure out why he was trapped in this strange town. The big reveal was...wait for it... everyone is actually in the year 4029. Abbies have taken over the world. These people are all that is left of the human race. Great fun (since I didnt see that coming) but where can we go from here?

Season 2 opens with doctor Theo Yedlin (Jason Patric) being unthawed. Kate has been shot and she needs a surgeon. Theo runs around trying to figure out what's happening. Sound familiar? He comes across an area in the woods with lots of blood and spent cartridges. That can't be good. 

I still think telling the survivors the TRUTH is the best way to go. Yes I know the Group A residents went crazy and destroyed the town. Then the same thing happened with Group B but I dont buy that reaction. Telling the citizens about the Abbies would give everyone a common enemy... but no one asked me.  On a side note, why is there only one doctor among the hibernators? Poor planning David Pilcher! You're not so smart after all are ya? 

Ben (remember he's Ethan's son) is leading the resistance against the First Generation (ie Mrs Fisher's students). It's been at least three years since the happenings of last season. Ben is public enemy number 1. We know this because his photo is the largest on their bulletin board. 

Jason (egged on by Megan and new girl Kerry) is trying to keep people in line but I'm not sure he has a clue.  I am happy to see Kacey Rohl join the cast. She seems to be everywhere on TV these days ("Once Upon A Time", "The Magicians", "Hannibal" etc.) She's great to watch on screen.  

Nazi-esce soldiers harassing the townsfolk. There's a "reckoning" (ie public execution) in the town square. (which was reminiscent of Juliette Lewis in season 1). These people aren't messing around. 

Theo finds his unthawed wife and whispers to her that something is wrong with Wayward Pines. We see in flashbacks that Sheriff Pope (Terrence Howard) visited the couple in the distant past and recruited Theo with his talk of "evolutionary transition". I'm not so sure Rebecca willingly went along with the plan.    

Mrs Fisher harasses Kate at the hospital. They chat and then Megan attempts to inject Kate's IV bag with something. Kate stops her and says "We were capable of so much but now it's your world, your future. I don't want part of it". And with that, Kate slits her own throat. Wow, I didnt see that coming. I guess Carla Gugino had other projects she needed to get to. 

In the final scene, an unconscious Theo is put in a truck and sent out into the woods. Abbies attack the vehicle. That would be quite a shock to wake up to. Abbies throw themselves at the town's perimeter fence but are driven back since it's electrified. What's Theo going to do now? I doubt he'll be eaten since he's the main character now.   

Grade: 3 Monsters (out of 5). To be honest I was a bit bored with the premiere. But I haven't given up yet. Season 1 was so good that I'm willing to give season 2 another look. I just dont know where they can go given all the mysteries were solved last year. Do you agree? 

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May 29, 2016
Wayward Pines Season 2 Episode 1 Review: Where Can "WP" Go From Here? (Season Premiere) Reviewed by GMonsterTV on 8:43 AM Rating: 5 "Wayward Pines" returned this week with an episode entitled "Enemy Lines". Last year I voted "WP" number 3...

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