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Once Upon A Time Season 5 Episodes 3-5 Reviews: Less Camelot And More Swan Queen

I have confessed numerous times that I only watch "OUAT" for Swan Queen. Having said that, "Siege Perilous" and "The Broken Kingdom" were pretty boring. I know we need filler but I'd much rather it involve Emma and Regina. Luckily we got our wish with "Dream Catcher".

The overarching mystery this season is what happened in Camelot that turned Emma into the stone cold Dark One and made her wipe everyone's memories. Oh yeah and Merlin is a tree and King Arthur is a bad guy. 

In "Siege Perilous" David and Arthur go on a quest to find the Crimson Crown (a toadstool they can use to communicate with Merlin). Where do they come up with this stuff? Anyway, I'm glad it gives David something to do for a change. David gets the toadstool but almost drowns in the process. We think Arthur might leave him but he helps him escape the water knights. The bad news is the toadstool is missing. Arthur asks David to join the Round Table in Lancelot's spot. The only problem is Lancelot is not dead. He appears to Snow and warns her about Arthur. Also Arthur had the toadstool after all and adds it to his box of stuff (which they call a "reliquary"). 

Back in Storybrooke, Arthur says the magic bean that will help them get back to Camelot in gone. All clues point to Grif who is eventually captured. Arthur later visits him in jail. He's the one that put Grif up to the everything in the first place. Grif pays for his loyalty with his life. Meanwhile Dark Emma has Excalibur hidden in her basement. She's not having any luck breaking it out of the stone... so she kidnaps Rumple (who is now awake from his coma).  

Next up is "In The Broken Kingdom". Some time in the past, Lancelot and Guinevere find a secret underground chamber. The Dark One is unleashed. He offers Guin some magical sand in exchange for Lancelot's life. She accepts. Guin and Lancelot kiss. Guin heads back to the castle but Arthur is hip to her betrayal. He uses the sand on Guin. No wonder she is so obedient and loving to him. Arthur "magic sands" the rest of the kingdom as well. He vows to do whatever it takes to protect Camelot. 

In present time Camelot, Arthur confides to David that he is trying to recover both parts of the broken sword. He plans to then use it to kill Merlin and become all powerful. David tells Arthur he'll help him make Excalibur whole. Arthur reveals his true colors but psych! It's not the real dagger. The Charmings have fooled him. But the joke's on them when Guinevere "magic sands" them. They try to convince Regina to help save Emma by reuniting the dagger and sword. Lancelot is thrown into jail where he meets Merida.  

Back in Storybrooke, Emma is still working on that sword. She has pulled out Merida's heart. Well, that's never a good sign.  

In "Dreamcatcher" Emma uses one to see how Merlin was turned into a tree. It's something about The Dark One destroying the only woman Merlin ever loved. The Dark one then snatches one of his tears and turns Merlin into a tree. We dont know the identity of this Dark One...yet.  

Emma tells Regina that the Charmings are under Arthur's spell. Regina and Emma team up to release Merlin. Regina suggests that "the tear of a lost love" will release him. Regina isnt sure how much to trust Emma. She eventually agrees to relive the trauma of when Cora killed Daniel. After it's over Emma apologizes profusely saying she had not idea of the horrible event in Regina's past. The two should have hugged it out...but alas. Anyway the tear doesnt work. It's because Regina has been able to more past the pain (and I would like to think found Emma). 

Meanwhile Henry, who is sweet on Violet, tries to get closer to her. Violet's father does not approve because Henry can't ride a horse and doesn't know how to handle a sword. Violet later upsets Henry by saying she just wants to be "friends". He goes back to his two moms and cries on their shoulders. Poor kid! Regina takes one of his tears and uses it. That does the trick. Merlin is back to human form. Arthur is none too happy but cant do much at this point. The spell on the Charmings is lifted. Merlin can release Emma from the Dark One but she has to want it.  

In Storybrooke, Emma has Merida out in the woods trying to turn Gold into a hero (so he can pull Excalibur out of the stone). While Emma is out of the house, the others find she has Excalibur and the dagger in the basement. Regina uses a dreamcatcher to see that Emma is the reason Violet rejected Henry. Both Regina and Henry are furious with Emma. That's no way to treat your child.  

Favorite Quotes:

  • "Because you've moved on and found true love"- Emma to Regain about why the tear didnt work. What she didnt add is who she found true love with... EMMA. 
  • Emma: "This is going to be intense. Last chance to back out." Regina: "I can take it."
  • "Goodbye Ms Swan"- Regina. "Dont Ms Swan me!"- Emma.  
  • "If I'm the one on the moral high ground you've fallen quite a ways Ms Swan"- Regina.
  • "Be careful . Love is a weapon. Love is a weapon Dearie. The most dangerous weapon of all which means the pain you should worry about isn't the kind inflicted by a broken sword but the kind that comes from a broken heart."- Rumple. 
  • "It's not like she rode off on a unicorn. She got sucked up by a vortex of evil."- Regina about Emma. 
  • Merida: "In my land people (well men) don't think a woman can lead." Emma: "Oh, not just in your land." 

Grade: 3 1/2 Monsters (out of 5). I liked episode 5 but the other two were pretty meh. I also dont care about the Emma/Hook scenes. I say more Swan Queen and more angst all around. 

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October 29, 2015
Once Upon A Time Season 5 Episodes 3-5 Reviews: Less Camelot And More Swan Queen Reviewed by GMonsterTV on 9:26 PM Rating: 5 I have confessed numerous times that I only watch "OUAT" for Swan Queen. Having said that, "Siege Perilous" and &quo...

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