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The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 3 Review: Thank You Glenn

"Thank You" follows the away team as they try to get back to Alexandria to warn the others of the coming zombie hoard (since Morgan isn't bothering to). 

Daryl on his motorcycle and Sasha and Abe in a car try to lead the main zombie group out of town. Rick, Michonne, Glenn, Nicholas, and a bunch of red shirts try to stay in front of the rogue zombies. They are initially some 30 minutes ahead but various people hurt themselves and have to be carried. Isn't that always the way it is? Do they leave the injured to fend for themselves or help them? This is one of the central questions of "The Walking Dead". 

Rick takes off to help Carl and Judith. Michonne and the others hide in a pet store for a while. Glenn's plan is to start a fire to distract the walkers. Nicholas volunteers to show him where the feed store is. Big mistake...but more on that later.

Michonne's team makes a break for it. I thought Michonne was a goner when the zombies had her foot while climbing a fence. Thank goodness she made it. But not everyone else is so lucky. In the end, the only survivors are Michonne, Heath and an injured Scott and they're trapped on the other side of a river. Dead are Annie, David, Sturgess and I'm not sure who else. 

Rick is getting a cardio workout this week for sure. He keeps running at full steam. He encounters walkers in the road and quickly dispatches them. His hand is cut. Uh oh. Did Rick get bitten? Please, no God! My heart can't take it. Next Rick finds a RV and takes off down the road. But being an RV, it quits. While he's trying to get it running again, some guys blitz him out of nowhere. He manages to shoot them. Then several others sneak up around the side of the vehicle. He machine guns them. It looks like they're dead but did they all get shot in the head? If not, they'll be back soon. Damn Wolves! Morgan should have killed all of them last week. As Rick desperately tries to get the RV restarted (you could really see the desperation on his face-- great acting!) walkers emerge from the woods and descend upon the vehicle. It's not looking good for Rick.

In the most heart breaking scene of the episode, Glenn is relying on Nicholas to help him navigate the town. And that mistake seems to have cost Glenn his life. The two become trapped on a dumpster surrounded by zombies. There is no way out. Nicholas zones out and shoots himself in the head thus knocking both he and Glenn onto the ground. Zombies surround them and start pulling out intestines. We see Glenn screaming. Is there any chance Glenn could still be alive (as a number of people are asserting)? Nicholas did land on top of him. Could the zombies have eaten Nicholas but left Glenn alone? Remember he survived in season 1 by smearing zombie guts all over himself to disguise his scent. Still, zombies dont seem like very discriminate eaters--so how could he keep from being bitten? 

If Glenn is indeed dead, what does this say about life during the zombie apocalypse? He always tried to help people and give them a second chance even when they obviously didn't deserve it. I'm looking at you Nicholas! Glenn was one of the best examples of what it means to be compassionate and human. And without that, what's the point of living?

Favorite Quotes:

  • "You have to keep going. No waiting, no hiding. Something's in front of you. You kill it."- Rick. 
  • "They're coming."- Michonne. 
  • Michonne: "You have a wife Glenn." Glenn: "That's why I'm doing this."
  • "I'm supposed to be delivering pizzas."- Glenn. 
  • "We all have a job to do."- Glenn. 
  • "Good luck dumbass."- Glenn to Rick. This is a callback to when they first met in season 1. 

Grade: 5 Monsters (out of 5). "The Walking Dead" is seriously knocking it out of the park this season. It's been non stop action. I just hope Glenn through some miracle is still alive.

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October 28, 2015

The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 3 Review: Thank You Glenn Reviewed by GMonsterTV on 6:55 AM Rating: 5 "Thank You" follows the away team as they try to get back to Alexandria to warn the others of the coming zombie hoard (since...


  1. i think those callbacks to season 1: "dumb-ass," that shot from above, walkie-talkies, etc. were hinting that he might survive smothered in nicholas under the dumpster. if he can stay calm & not speak. i'm going to keep hoping. i'm wondering how rick is going to survive.

  2. I REALLY hope you're right. I too refuse to believe Glenn is dead until we see Zombie Glenn... which would be horrible to see.

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