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Scream Queens Episodes 12-13 Reviews: The Red Devil Killer Is... (Season Finale)

We have finally reached the end of "Scream Queens". If you're like me, you probably gave up obsessing over the identity of the Red Devil Killer (besides Boone and Gigi). Instead I settled back and enjoyed the ride. The two parter provided lots of great fun regardless of it's conclusion. 

"Dorkus" begins with Pete confessing to Grace that he murdered only Roger (or was it Dodger), Boone and the police officer in the mall. He also shot Chanel in the arm with an arrow. He only did so because he was forced to by the Devils. Besides, the Greek system has been responsible for some 104 deaths since 1970. The Devils only killed a few people. Right when Pete was about to reveal RD's identity, he is stabbed in the back. Pete does manages to get out that it's one of the KKT sisters before he expires. 

Next we pick up after Number 1's abusive email to the Chanels when they didnt show up to drown Dean Munsch in the school's pool. The Red Devil forwards her copy to everyone at school and then it goes viral. Chanel plans to kill herself because of the bad press. Her plan is to buy an asp and have it bite her. It's turns out to be a garter snake wearing a yellow, red and black sweater. Hilarious! Suspiciously, Zayday shows up and gives Chanel a pep talk. I'm not sure what that's about.

The Red Devil shows up at the sorority house but it turns out to be another fake out. It's a pizza delivery guy who has explosives strapped to his chest. The time runs out and the poor man's innards are strewn everywhere. 

Over at Wes' place, he and Dean Munsch have "the best sex of his life" thanks to his excellent playlist. He actually just keeping her busy so Grace/Zayday can sneak into her house and check the sister's transcripts. They find one girls who has a fake social security number (123-34-56789), lists her home address as Sesame Street and says she graduated from Sweet Valley High. Wes ends up getting it bad for Cathy. She says they cant be together unless he makes Grace go bye bye. 

To improved her public reputation, Chanel plans to fake apologize to Melanie Dorkus and then post it online. The Chanels head over to Melanie's house. Her face is badly disfigured. The plan goes awry when Chanel declares Melanie is the killer and tries to kill her with a pair of scissors. At the last second by Zayday and Grace. They reveal that Hester is the true killer.

Everyone returns to the sorority house. There they find Hester on the floor with a heel in her eye. She accuses #5 (back from her fake Tinder hookup) of being the Red Devil.

Fast forward to the winter semester. In "The Final Girl(s)" Zayday (president) and Grace (vice president) are now running a kinder/gentler sorority. They are joined by treasurer Hester (who is still wearing an eye patch). It's just temporary though since she knew exactly where to stab herself so as not to damage the optic nerve. Flashback to the Hester/Boone growing up in a mental hospital. Gigi begins training the two children to be killers (after she stops crying over her sister's death). Hester steals her signature neck brace from a fellow mental patient. The dean lets her into Wallace University as part of their diversity initiative. 

Police Chief Hemphill shows up at the sorority house. Everyone accuses everyone else (as usual). Hester looks like she wont get away with the crimes but just then her (supposed) mother and father arrive. They are CIA agents... who sometimes moonlight as actors in order not to blow their covers. Next #5's parents arrive. Hester convinced them to say Gigi gave baby Chanel #5 to them to raise (IF they promised to enroll her in Wallace and pledge KKT). 

Hester convinces everyone that #3 is also responsible for the killings. The proof: 1. She is Charles Manson's daughter; and 2. A psychiatrist (fake of course) says she has a split personality known as Dirty Helen. Next is #1. She purchases items (including a crossbow and lawn mower) at Home Depot. She also killed Ms Bean back in episode 1. The Chanels are arested by police strippers. 

Chad and Denise finally break up. Denise leaves for the FBI training center in Quantico. That was a hilarious scene. Chad starts a vague charity in memory of the dead Dickie Dollar Scholars. 

Dean Munsch writes (sorta) a best selling novel called "New New Feminism". The premise is "Women Are Better". Can't say I disagree with her. Cathy later confronts Hester (who she knows is the REAL killer). Hester says she didnt kill any of the deceased except for Pete (and he was a murderer anyway). Munsch threatens to turn Hester in. Hester counters that, if so, Cathy will go to jail for: 1. Covering up Hester's mom's death in the bathtub; and 2. Killing her own ex-husband. Remember Feather went to jail for that crime. They eventually agree to a truce.  

After a speedy trial where the Chanels defended themselves, they are found guilty. It probably didnt help that they threatened to kill the jurors if they found them guilty. They are paraded in front of the press to the theme from the "Breakfast Club". The girls end up in an asylum for the criminally insane. This is the same hospital that Gigi, Hester and Boone were in. The Chanels actually thrive in the environment. They eat as much as they want, #5 gets a personality (thanks to lots of drugs), #3 starts an affairs with one of the nurses and, Chanel is voted asylum president. In the final scene, #1 lays down to sleep when the Red Devil appears above her. Is she killed? We'll have to wait to see in season 2 (if there is one).  

Favorite Quotes:

  • "You cant kill people from a loving and positive place."- Grace to her Dad about her feelings towards Pete.
  • "You're quoting "Nietzsche"? You're already a murderer Pete. You dont have to be a douche as well."- Grace. 
  • "You rich dumb hos are going downtown."- Police Chief Hemphill to the Chanels. 
  • "I just have to be honest. I find Grace unbearably annoying."- Munsch to Wes. I agree. 
  • "I promise I will never bang anyone the way I banged you."- Chad to Denise after she breaks up with him. 
  • "I'm a hot, rich, skinny chick. That means I'm entitled to a jury of hot, rich, skinny chicks."- Chanel to Judge Joe Brown. 
  • "You three are the worst human beings I have ever encountered."- the judge to the Chanels. 
  • "There is no more judgement, no more popularity contests, no more social medial pressure to be the meanest. And most importantly, there were no more boys to stay skinny for."- Chanel about the jobs of asylum living. 

Grade: 4 3/4 Monsters (out of 5). The finale was all I had hoped-- lots of silly scenarios and an improbable conclusion. I'm going to miss this crazy little show. Is there any possibility for a season 2? 

On a side note, I'm surprised so many people survived to the finale. I thought we would have 1-2 characters left in the end. Instead, we have all the Chanels (except #2), Grace, Zayday, Wes, Cathy, Chad and Denise still alive and kicking. 

I'm also hoping there are some serious awards for the cast. Thus far, Jamie Lee Curtis has been nominated for a Golden Globe for "Best Performance By An Actress In A Television Series- Comedy or Musical"). I'm hoping Niecy Nash nets some as well. She was a breath of fresh air and funny as hell.  

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December 13, 2015

Scream Queens Episodes 12-13 Reviews: The Red Devil Killer Is... (Season Finale) Reviewed by GMonsterTV on 7:49 PM Rating: 5 We have finally reached the end of "Scream Queens". If you're like me, you probably gave up obsessing over the identity of...

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