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GMonster's 10 Most Intriguing TV Characters Of 2015 (The Women)

What is about a TV character that reaches out and grabs ya? Obviously it's great acting and great writing but sometimes there's just a little something extra. Below are my picks for the most intriguing women on television in the past year. The men's edition will follow soon. See also the top television shows of the past two years here: 2015 Top 10 TV Shows and 2014 Top 10 TV Shows 

Honorable mentions include (in no particular order): Bea Smith and Franky Doyle from "Wentworth", Jemma Simmons from "Agents Of SHIELD", Chanel #3 (ie Earmuffs, ie Sadie Swenson) and Dean Munsch from "Scream Queens", Crazy Eyes (ie Suzanne Warren) from "Orange Is The New Black", Annalise Keating from "How To Get Away With Murder", Jessica Jones and Jeri Hogarth from "Jessica Jones", Santanico Pandemonium from "From Dusk Till Dawn", Dr Lauren Lewis from "Lost Girl", Mary Sibley and Countess Marburg from "Salem",  Nomi and Amanita from "Sense8", Elizabeth Jennings from "The Americans", Lagertha from "Vikings" and Warren and Addy from "Z Nation".

And now, on to the top 10 list:

10. Trish/Patsy Walker- Rachel Taylor- "Jessica Jones"- NetFlix- While Jessica is the lead character (after all, the story is named after her) I have become completely fascinated with Trish Walker. Trish is dependable, loving, and scrappy. She will do whatever it takes to keep her adopted sister safe (even if it means putting her own life in danger). I cant wait to see more of Trish (and Jessica) in season 2. See my "Jessica Jones" reviews here: Jessica Jones Reviews  

9. Kara Danvers/Kara Zor-El- Melissa Benoist- "SuperGirl"- CBS- I had my doubts about "SuperGirl" originally. I'm happy to report that I was dead wrong. SuperGirl is sooo adorkable that she grows on you immediately. Besides the obligatory alien threats, there's an overbearing boss, a caring sister and two guys fighting for her affections. Kara Danvers is the absolute opposite of Jessica Jones. Kara is happily neurosis-free and doesnt show any signs of being an alcoholic. See my "SuperGirl" reviews here: SuperGirl Reviews 

8. Peggy Carter- Hayley Atwell- "Agent Carter"- ABC- Peggy Carter is Captain Marvel's love interest/gal pal. With no superpowers, Peg must reply on her wits to thwart the bad guys (while at the same time dealing with her macho coworkers). In season 2, Peg (along with her trusty sidekick Jarvis) moves to LA . I'm sure they'll be getting into all sorts of trouble. See my "Agent Carter" reviews here: Agent Carter Reviews  

7. Stahma Tarr- Jaime Murray- "Defiance"- SyFy- "Defiance" may be canceled but that hasnt stopped us for fantasizing about Stahma Tarr. Just when I thought I couldnt love Jaime Murray any more, Stahma arrives in Defiance. She's the subservient wife of Datak. Casti wives must know their place and Stahma's place is on top. I wont ruin the plot for you but suffice to say it's the quiet ones ya have to watch out for. Also the Casti concepts of nudity and personal space are both interesting and hilarious. I would love to see a spinoff show on just the Tarr family. See my "Defiance" reviews here: Defiance Reviews

6. Lizzie Borden- Christina Ricci- "Lizzie Borden Chronicles"- Lifetime- I assumed this series would follow Lizzie as she tried to restore her good name after the tragic deaths of her parents. Boy, was I wrong. Instead what we got was a campy, hilarious horrorfest as Lizzie slashes her way through Falls River and several surrounding town. Her poor distraught sister Emma is along for the ride. Christina Ricci is excellent as Lizzie. She has just the right amount of doe faced innocent and abject evil. See my reviews of "Lizzie Borden Chronicles" here: Lizzy Borden Reviews

5. Carol Peletier- Melissa McBride- "The Walking Dead"- AMC- Of all the survivors, Carol is the person who has grown the most over the past six seasons. Once an abused wife, she is now the backbone of the group (doing whatever it takes time and time again). Carol is continually underestimated by newcomers and uses their mistaken perceptions to her advantage. And let us not forget that Carol single handedly saved the rest of survivors from a horrible fate at Terminus.  AMC, do not even think about getting rid of Carol or the zombies and I will surround your offices and stare meanly at you. See my "The Walking Dead" reviews here: The Walking Dead Reviews

4. Sarah, Cosima, Alison, Helena, Rachel, etc, etc- Tatianna Maslany- "Orphan Black"- BBC America- In case you didnt already know, Tatianna plays every major character on this show. Each clone has their own distinct personality and mannerisms. It's great to see Tatianna FINALLY getting some recognition for her talent during awards time. While the boy clones seemed a little flat in season 3, the show still have gobs of potential. I cant wait to see what they come up with next. See my "Orphan Black" reviews here: Orphan Black Reviews

3. Dr Bedelia du Maurier- Gillian Anderson- "Hannibal"- NBC- Hannibal's therapist started out as a hapless victim but quickly became something much more. In the final season, she is whisked away to Europe. Is Bedelia Lecter's traumatized prisoner or a willing participant in his macabre game? The jury is still out on her true intentions. One thing is for certain. Gillian Anderson gets more beautiful with each passing year. I suspect she has a pact with the Devil. See my "Hannibal" reviews here: Hannibal Reviews

2. Regina Mills/The Evil Queen- Lana Parrilla- "Once Upon A Time"- ABC- Regina hasnt had a great lot to do this season (the story line has been "meh" at best) but her character is still one of the best on television. Regina continues to be utterly fascinating. She's horrible and evil but she's also brave and loving. We see in flashbacks what changed her from an innocent young girl into the monster who ruined countless lives. In present day Storybrooke, Regina strives to be a better person (thanks to the love of her son Henry and Emma Swan's faith in her). If Regina doesnt get her happy ending, I will seriously riot. I just hope the writers return to the formula that made "Once Upon A Time" such a success--- scenes with Regina and Emma and lots and lots of drama. Long live SwanQueen! And no, I dont care if it ever becomes canon. It's already canon in my head. See my "Once Upon A Time" reviews here: Once Upon A Time Reviews

1. Governor Joan Ferguson- Pamela Rabe- "Wentworth"- NetFlix- I can't say enough good things about this show (which is an Australian import). Governor Ferguson arrived at Wentworth in season 2 and continues her reign of terror throughout the next two years. She is physically imposing and delights in playing mind games. Her controlled demeanor barely conceals the sadistic monster underneath. Joan's own words are shocking and poignant: "They call me a freak, an abomination, an anomaly, a monster. They fear me because I make the difficult decisions-- the decisions nobody else has the courage to make. They're right be afraid. I will remove any and all obstacles in my path...for the greater good." Governor Ferguson is hands down one of the best female villains I've ever seen on television. If Rabe doesn't win every imaginable award for this character, there is no justice in the world. See my "Wentworth" reviews here: Wentworth Reviews

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