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3% Series Overview: If "Hunger Games" Took Place In Brazil

"3%" is one of NetFlix's latest offerings. The series is at first glance a Brazilian "Hunger Games". In this dystopian world, resources are scare. The most worthy 3% live a privileged existence. The rest exist in squalid conditions inland. Each year a number of twenty-somethings are allowed to participate in the "Process" to see if they are special enough to move to the Offshore. There are a series of tests--logic, team activities, etc. The characters are literally fighting for their lives. There are a number of deaths along the way.

The primary characters include:  
  • Michele- a small girl who is much tougher than she looks. She has a secret agenda.
  • Fernando- is in a wheelchair but still determined to pass the Process. He and Michele form a close bond. 
  • Joanna- probably the most fierce female contestant. Joanna has secrets of her own.  
  • Rafael-  he will seriously do anything to be selected. 
  • Marco- comes from a long family of "3 percenters" so is expected to pass no matter what.  

Ezequiel (the head of the Process) has secrets of his own. A woman named Aline is sent to observe him. She cannot be trusted. We later see in flashbacks that Ezequiel's wife Julia has a son who is still inland. Julia has a breakdown and wants to see the boy. She tries to escape but is stopped by Ezequiel. She then commits suicide. Ezequiel is haunted by her memory and covertly visits the child. Aline will definitely use this as ammo against Ezequiel. She wants his job after all. I personally have no idea why anyone would want that position. It's horrible. 

There's also a group called The Cause who wants to destroy this social system. Who among the applicants is a hidden terrorist? Is The Cause just or maybe a bunch of sore losers who didnt pass the test. If they do destroy the system will that really help all the inlanders? 

In the end, what do we learn the 3% universe? Not that much really. We dont see the Offshore. We only see the staff and family members that have passed over. Does the Offshore even exist? 

How are successful candidates selected? I was never really sure. It's all a big mind game. Many have had to do heartless things in order to survive. Is that the moral of the story-- the strongest survive? The show's mantra is "you each create your own merit".

Luckily we'll be able to find out more since the show was renewed for a season 2.  

Grade: 4 Monsters (out of 5) Although "3%" initially appears to be the Brazilian equivalent of "Hunger Games", the story and acting is actually much better. Just look past the cheap production values. "3%" was made on a shoestring budget. The characters and their struggle are what's worth coming back for. 

It's not lost on the audience that the show takes place in Brazil. The country has one of the largest income gaps in the world. Sao Paolo may already be participating in it's own Process. It has the select rich living in guarded communities/high rises and a large mass of the underclass living in shanty towns. I'm sure the rich feel they deserve their money but seriously? I still believe there's enough wealth to provide basic living conditions (food, water, shelter) for each person. Unfortunately that seems to be a very radical idea.  

"3%" is definitely worth a watch. And with just eight episodes, it's a quick view. Just turn on the captions (unless of course you speak Portuguese).  

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December 16, 2016
3% Series Overview: If "Hunger Games" Took Place In Brazil Reviewed by GMonsterTV on 7:08 AM Rating: 5 "3%" is one of NetFlix's latest offerings. The series is at first glance a Brazilian "Hunger Games". In this d...

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