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Good Behavior Episodes 1-5 Reviews: Watch This Show Immediately!

I stumbled upon TNT's newest offering "Good Behavior" after watching a review on AfterBuzzTV. Thank goodness I did. "Good Behavior" may be my new favorite TV show. It's smart, suspenseful and the leads are sexy as hell. Most of us probably know Michelle Dockery from "Downtown Abbey". The role of Letty is a complete 180 from Lady Mary. Letty is  MUCH more flawed and thus infinitely more fascinating.  The story is based on a series of novellas by Blake Crouch of "Wayward Pines" fame. That definitely makes it worth a look. "Wayward Pines" season 1 was excellent. Let's not talk about season 2 which was not Blake's fault.    

"Good Behavior's" premiere "So You're Not An English Teacher" begins with Letty stealing anything not nailed down in a high end hotel. She overhears a man ordering a hit on his wife. She scopes out the hitman (Javier) and they have a wild night together. She awakens early and makes a beeline for the target. After a little convincing, the wife accepts that she is in danger. But instead of leaving, she pulls a gun on both Letty and Javier. She gives Letty the $50,000 for the hit and tells her to leave. The poor woman has made a fatal mistake.  

We learn Letty was just paroled from jail. She has a parole officer (Christian) who she keeps dodging. Letty tries to visit her son Jacob (who is 10 years old) but her mother (Estelle) has sole custody due to Letty's alcohol, gambling, drugs, stealing and other addictions.  

Letty has hit rock bottom. She uses most of the cash to buy meth and prepares to end her life. Right when we think Letty is a goner, Javier busts in and flushes her drugs. Instead of killing her, he makes Letty work for him. Uh oh. This should be interesting.  

Javier's next hit (a man on a golf course goes slightly awry and the wife is killed as well. Javier and Letty drive though several states in a stolen Tesla with two bodies in the trunk. When Letty has a chance to escape, she doesnt. Eventually Javier lets her go but gives Letty his cell number. 

She heads to her hometown but cant manage to stay out of trouble despite herself. Letty's high school friend takes her in but then catches Letty kissing her husband (who she imagines to be Javier). What Letty was really doing is convincing the guy he has a drug problem and to get help. There is a confrontation at their high school reunion. Letty's mother happens to be there (with a lawn care guy she's dating) and defends Letty. In a heartbreaking scene, Letty asks Estelle why everything in her life goes horribly wrong. No one has an answer. Letty is forced to leave town again. 

In episode 5 "Beautiful Things Deserve Beautiful Things" we meet Javier's sister Ava. Previously we had only known him as a lone wolf hitman. Obviously there is much more going on than meets the eye. Javier tells his sister he is a personal chef. They discuss their father. There's lots of bad blood. The only person that speaks to Javier in his family is Ava. 

Meanwhile Christian is told by his jerky boss that if he doesnt find Letty in 24 hours he's fired. He traces her down in Savannah. They pull a fast one on some employees stealing from the hotel where Ava is manager and then split the cash. It looks like Christian's days as a parole officer are over. Let's hope following Letty's lead doesnt put him in jail.   

Grade: 5 Monsters (out of 5). Perfection! I am quickly becoming convinced that there is nothing Michelle Dockery can not do. She and Juan Diago Botto have great chemistry together. Don't think too much about the reality (or morality) of the situations these two find themselves in or you'll ruin the fun. Just sit back and enjoy the ride. And with only 10 episodes we're already halfway through.    


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December 11, 2016
Good Behavior Episodes 1-5 Reviews: Watch This Show Immediately! Reviewed by GMonsterTV on 11:08 AM Rating: 5 I stumbled upon TNT's newest offering "Good Behavior" after watching a review on AfterBuzzTV. Thank goodness I did. "...

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