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The Walking Dead Season 7 Episodes 5-7 Reviews: Less Gibber Jabbing, More Doing

"The Walking Dead's" mid season finale is tomorrow. As I've said in previous reviews, I'm not thrilled with this season. Sure the premiere might be one of the best episodes in "TWD" history. However, the rest of the season has some major problems. By only focusing on one group per episode most of the time, the momentum has slowed to a crawl. They should spend some time each episode seeing where everyone is-- Carol/Morgan and the Kingdom, Daryl/Negan and the Saviors, Maggie/Sasha and Hilltop, and the Alexandria crew. But no one asked me... so here we are. 

In "Go Getters" we FINALLY catch up with Maggie/Sasha (who we had not seen since episode 1). Both are still working through the loss of Glenn and Abraham. Maggie's baby is safe for now but she needs to stay in Hilltop for observation. Gregory is still the community's leader and is just as much of an ass as we remember him being. He doesnt even bother to learn anyone's names. 

Simon and some Savior henchmen set walkers lose in Hilltop at night (or so we think). Maggie, Sasha and Jesus singlehandedly dispatch them. If the TV show follows the comics, Maggie will become the leader of Hilltop soon. Enid also makes her way from Alexandria to Hilltop and is joined by Carl. Jesus and Carl stow away on the Savior truck so they can locate the hideout. What could possibly go wrong with that plan? 

In "Swear" we catch up with Tara and Heath (who left last season for a supply run). IRL Alana Masterson was off having a baby. Heath and Tara get separated during a walker attack. Tara falls into the river below. When we last see Health he's surrounded by zombies. Did he survive? We're not sure since Corey Hawkins is starring in the new "24" series. 

Tara washes up near an isolated community of women. Apparently all their men were taken/killed by the Saviors. To be honest I had forgotten all about Tara. I'm not sure why a whole episode was dedicated to her. Anywho, the women typically kill intruders on sight. Luckily Cindy (the granddaughter of the leader) takes a liking to Tara and helps her escape before they off her. After ANOTHER close encounter with some zombies on a bridge she makes it back to Alexandria. Eugene breaks the news to her that Doctor Denise is dead. How sad. It seems like eons ago when Denise took an arrow to the eye.

Mental note for later: Tara saw that the Oceanside ladies were heavily armed. If the Alexandrians need guns/ammo this is the place to go.  

In "Sing Me a Song" Carl and Jesus arrive at the Savior headquarters. Carl takes out a few guys before he's captured. Negan spends a LOT of time talking to him. He forced Carl to show him his missing eye... which makes Carl cry. And he makes Carl sing to Lucille. Way to bully a kid ya big loser!

We're hearing way too much from Negan. He's a regular Chatty Cathy. Yes he likes the play mind games but, the more he talks, the less menacing he becomes. A good villain knows to let his actions speak for themselves. 

Elsewhere Rosita and Eugene head out together. She tells him he's useless. Yes I have my issues with Eugene but he is the only one that knows how to make bullets so lay off. Spencer is out stealing stuff from a dead guy in a tree stand. Michonne kidnaps one of Negan's people. Rick and Aaron are also out scavenging.  

In what was the scariest moment of the episode, Negan takes Carl back home to Alexandria. He then hangs around wasting time until Rick returns. Negan finds Baby Judith. When he picked her up, my heart stopped. Negan wouldnt kill a baby... or would he? I guess we'll have to wait till the next episode to find out. 

So going into tomorrow night we have Rosita, Michonne, Maggie, Sasha and Carl bent on revenge. Will they be able to put a plan into place before the winter break? Negan is getting WAY TOO COZY with Baby Judith and Carl. Rick may have a meltdown when he returns. I'm hope he's smarter about it then the last time. 

Grade: 3 3/4 Monsters (out of 5). Sorry "TWD", you're leaving something to be desired. Sure the premieres (and the finales) are typically great. But get it together! We need some excitement in between. Also, why are the episodes so long? Seriously what can you tell in 90 minutes that you couldnt tell in 60? I know AMC wants to make as much advertising revenue as possible but if the show sucks, no one will be watching it anyway. And if a show about zombies can't keep me awake, something is seriously wrong. 

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December 10, 2016
The Walking Dead Season 7 Episodes 5-7 Reviews: Less Gibber Jabbing, More Doing Reviewed by GMonsterTV on 7:16 PM Rating: 5 "The Walking Dead's" mid season finale is tomorrow. As I've said in previous reviews, I'm not thrilled with this s...

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