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Slasher Season 3 Review: "Solstice" Is The Best Season Yet!

Season 3 of "Slasher" is now available for viewing on NetFlix. Just to catch you up to speed-- "Slasher" is a Canadian horror anthology. That means the stories each season are not connected to each other.  Season 1 (" The Executioner") stars Katie McGrath (of "SuperGirl" fame). Sarah and her husband are trying to evade the serial killer who offed her parents (and ripped Sarah from her mother's womb) many years ago.  Who can really be trusted in this town? See my review here Season 2 is titled "Guilty Party". This one is about people in an isolated cabin who get picked off one at a time. Of course, everyone in the group has lots of secrets. See my review here 

The latest season is titled "Solstice".  A masked killer named "The Druid" is stalking all the residents of an apartment building and killing them in horrifyingly grizzly ways. I originally thought "Why dont they just leave"? But it turns out, all the events occur within one day-- the summer solstice (hence the title). That doesnt leave much time to figure out what's happening.  

Detective Roberta Hanson is on the case after the first person is killed. He's party monster/ drug head Kit. He's a hottie that likes to go shirtless and wears devil horns. We see in a series of flashbacks that Kit had relationships with a number of people in the building. When Kit is stabbed and running through the halls, no one will help him. These people are harsh! 

It's now one year later. The Druid is killing Clayborne Apartment residents since they did nothing to help Kit. This seems a bit sketchy to me since the Druid is the one that killed Kit in the first place. But whatever. I'll roll with it. The residents include:

  • Dan- a racist alcoholic and his nympho daughter Cassidy
  • Angel- A gay guy who has feelings for Joe
  • Frank- A guy with criminal connections who is abusive to his wife Kate but treats his daughter like a gem 
  • A lesbian couple (Justine and Amber) and their two teenage kids Jen and Connor. Justice posted a picture of Kit's body online. This lead to some serious harassment. 
  • A social media obsessed woman (Violet) and her long suffering boyfriend (Joe)
  • Kaili- A lonely high school teacher 
  • Saadia- a Muslim girl who lives in the building with her parents. They are away visiting her brother. 
  • A coffee barista Xander and his VR obsessed wife Amy

Grade: 5 Monsters (out of 5). If you're expecting extensive character development, look elsewhere. If you, like me, are in it for the kills, you'll like "Slasher". Season 3 is the best thus far IMHO. The show attempts to make a point about our social media obsession. I'm not sure it completely hits home. But it is disgusting to watch people pretending to lead exciting lives online only to be completely miserable in the real world.  The eight episodes of "Solstice" are chock full of craziness. It's sexy, it's violent and I loved it. The final reveal of the killer/killers is well worth the wait. Just look past the fact that the "Druid" looks like someone straight outta "The Purge".   

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May 25, 2019

Slasher Season 3 Review: "Solstice" Is The Best Season Yet! Reviewed by GMonsterTV on 11:33 AM Rating: 5 Season 3 of "Slasher" is now available for viewing on NetFlix. Just to catch you up to speed-- "Slasher" is a Canadi...


  1. That last episode hade me shook it was such a plot twist and how never mind I didn't want to spoil it do you guys who hasn't watched the last episode of it.