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The Returned Season 2 Episode 5: Mme Costa

This week we finally learn what happened to the mysterious Mrs Costa. The episode begins 35 in the past. Mrs Costs did not die during the first dam collapse. She arrives at her house on the hill to find Victor drawing. It's a picture of Mrs Costa and her dog Titus. Mr Costa says the children at school are all afraid of Louis/Victor. He shows her more pictures. They are of the dam collapsing but they were drawn BEFORE it happened. Later Titus runs out into the lake barking at something. Mrs Costa goes to retrieve him but falls through the ice and drowns. We then see a flash of Victor's drawing. It is Mrs Costa dead under the water.

In present day, Victor tells Mrs Costa they have to help Julie. He had a vision of her jumping off the dam. They are initially blocked by the horde (please call them "the domain" now) but Victor grabs Mrs Costa's hand and walks calmly through them without incident.  

Meanwhile Julie is at the hospital visiting Victor's father who is in a coma. He apparently used to be one of her patients. A kind nurse gives Julie a place to stay at the hospital. Ophelie tells Julie that all the police offers are dead. She fails to mention that one is missing. Mr Lewanski wakes up.

Simon and Adele take baby Nathan to the church and ask the priest to help them escape. They are hiding from both Lucy and the police. Baby Nathan is baptized. His head doesnt spin around... so I assume he's not the devil. Good to know. 

Audrey appears at Jerome's house and tells him where the other deadies are hiding. He goes to the Helping Hand to talk to Audrey's mother. But stupid Sandrine tells Pierre. Really bad idea lady! They drag poor Audrey back to the center as she begs for her mother.

And in the final scene, a bound Milan opens his eyes at the bottom of the lake. We knew we hadn't seen the last of him. The guy is REALLY hard to kill.  

In other news:
  • Esteban has turned into an emotionless zombie. Is it because his parents committed suicide? He later joins the horde. Camille says they are his family now. 
  • Berg's father is the kindly dead man that helped Claudia back home after the horde beat her
  • There are a series of underground tunnels under the lake. This is how the town keeps flooding. 
  • Camille and Virgil share a kiss. Oh, young dead love. 
  • Lucy visits Alcide. She wants baby Nathan. She says Alcide holds everyone's fate in his hands. 
  • Toni awakes in his cabin to find eight silent women staring at him. Are these all Serge's victims? Giving Serge's reaction, I'm going with "yes".  

Grade: 4 Monsters (out of 5). The answers keep coming at a slow, slow drip.  Will Victor and Madame Costa be able to save Julie in time? Do Victor's drawings CAUSE events to occur or is he just a precog? If Julie dies I'm going to be seriously upset. She continues to be the most lonely sympathetic character (in a show CHOCK FULL of lonely sympathetic characters). I'm seriously rooting for her to have a happy ending with Laure (or Ophelie or someone).

On an unrelated note, I took way too much delight in watching Mme Costa stomp her way through the snow and almost fall on numerous occasions. Get some sensible shoes lady. It's winter time in the French Alps. No need to make a fashion statement. 

The Returned Season 2 Episode 5: Mme Costa Reviewed by GMonsterTV on 12:03 PM Rating: 5 This week we finally learn what happened to the mysterious Mrs Costa. The episode begins 35 in the past. Mrs Costs did not die during t...

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