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America Unearthed Season 2 Episodes 6-8 Recaps: Pyramids in Wisconsin

Below are the latest episode overviews for "America Unearthed". They are from the H2 website and Anything in italics are my notes. If you missed these shows the first time, some are available on the History website, Amazon Instant Video or your local cable provider. See my other reviews here America Unearthed

Episode 6:  Lost Tribe of Menehune
America's 50th state has a "little" mystery that's persisted since ancient times; did an ancient race of tiny people called Menehune really exist? Scott Wolter can't resist weighing in on the possibility while on vacation with his family in Hawaii, and as he discovers, geology could be key in solving the mystery.

The Menehune in Hawaiian folklore are said to be a race of small (descriped as dwarf size) people who were excellent craftsman and lived in the forests far away from other people. Some translations assert that the "menehune" were actually commons or those of "lower status" in the civilization and the term does not refer to their physical size. There are reports however of "little people" in various native cultures around the world. Could the Menehune have been such a tribe that is now extinct? See additional info here Little People In Mythology 

Episode 7: Secret Blueprint of America

What might Washington D.C. have in common with ancient sites like Stonehenge? It is thought by some to be constructed using an ancient unit of measurement called the megalithic yard. Thought to be used by some of the greatest civilizations of all time, this antiquated unite of measure could be the key to understanding the hidden meaning behind D.C.'s streets and structures. Scott Wolter investigates whether its use in the design plans of our nation's capitol created a sanctuary for people practicing goddess worship; people, like George Washington himself.

I wasnt very interested in this episode since much of the information had been previously reviewed on "History Decoded" or similar shows. 
Episode 8:  The Underwater Pyramids
Scott Wolter receives a tip that there are pyramids at the bottom of a lake in Lake Mills, Wisconsin. As he investigates, he learns local legend suggests they were built by Aztecs and over time, they've been buried as land and water have shifted. Could the Aztecs really have a connection to the American Midwest? Scott dives into the mystery, quite literally–taking a personal submarine called a Fugusub down to the depths of Lake Mills to investigate the underwater pyramids. His quest then leads him to other sites in the Midwest including the pyramids in nearby Aztalan State Park. Could it be more than coincidence that the park shares the same name as the legendary ancestral home of the Aztecs? In the end, the key to proving whether there's truth in the legend of Aztecs in America could be in the discovery of shared practices, symbols and language between north and south of the U.S. border.

One of the theories posited is that the Aztecs originally came from the US and then went south into Mexico (instead of the other way around). Some 200 maps made between 1500 and 1847 show the "ancient home of the Aztecs" being in the US Southwest and the Great Salt Lake in Utah.  After the US/Mexican War these references disappear from maps. There is also a shared language (Nahuatl) that is shared between speakers in Canada, the US and Mexico. 

Scott divers in the lake but does not find anything. He believes the rocks there were caused by glaciers and not pyramids. He visits a site called "Aztalan". Ancient people there built a settlement similar to what Aztecs did in Mexico (with plazas, corn worship, burial mounds and human sacrifices). Scott believes these natives were the Mississippians (who disappeared around 1500). Is it possible they traveled West and then South and became the Aztecs? If so I'm still confused about where all these groups originally came from. Did they travel across the Bering Strait from Asia to Alaska and then head south? 

Grade: 4 Monsters (out of 5). If you think any great revelations are going to be made on this show, you're going to be disappointed. It usually just raises interesting questions that we havent thought of before. "America Unearthed" is paced similarly to other shows of this type in that a small amount of new information is stretched across an hour by continually repeating what we already know. Menehune and Underwater Pyramids were two of my most favorite episodes to date. I knew nothing about these topics.  

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America Unearthed Season 2 Episodes 6-8 Recaps: Pyramids in Wisconsin Reviewed by GMonsterTV on 8:46 AM Rating: 5 Below are the latest episode overviews for "America Unearthed". They are from the  H2 website and Anything in i...

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