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House Of Cards Season 2 Episodes 3-7 Recaps: Shake With Your Right Hand But Hold A Rock In Your Left

There are no names for the individual episodes in "House of Cards". Instead the first one in season 2 is labeled "Episode 14". I dont know about you, but this makes it hard for me to keep track of where I am. This recap covers episodes 4-7 (which are labeled 16-20).  

Here's the latest goings on:

Claire and Frank were scheduled to do a live interview with Ashley Banfield on CNN. However the government lockdown caused by a mysterious powder prevented Frank from attending. Ashley asked Claire about rumors of an abortion. Claire said yes she had had one but it was because she was raped while in college. The perpetrator is General Dalton McGinnis who Frank recently pinned stars on. This creates a national media frenzy. 

There is some truth in what Claire said but also a number of lies. The truth is she was raped by the general (as were a number of other women). The lie is that she had not gotten pregnant as a result. She had three abortions previously. They were because she/Frank did not want to have children. And the one in question happened five years after college. This sets them up to be easily blackmailed as we later see. 

Much of these episodes is spent with Frank, Raymond Tusk, Mr Feng (and the Chinese) and President Walker locking horns over a selarium plant deal in China and the Port Jefferson Bridge project. Selarium is apparently used in air conditioners. Frank is expertly driving a wedge between Raymond and Garrett. He's a very smart man. I can barely keep track of what he's up to. One funny scene was when Frank was scheduled to throw out the first pitch at an Orioles game. Raymond turns off the power in the stadium and threatens shutdowns in several states (routine maintenance ya know).  

Frank is still conspiring with Doug and others to take down Lucas (before it can be revealed that Frank had an affair with Zoe and then killed her). He is set up by Gavin (ie Heronymous) who is being forced to do this or he himself will be sent to jail. Gavin has a guinea pig named Cashew. I thought Cashew was a goner. And yes, that's the most upsetting thing I've seen on this show so far. Kill everyone you want but dont hurt Cashew!

The authorities try to get Lucas to take a plea bargain but he wants to go to trial so Frank can be exposed. Tom Hammerschmidt agrees to investigate and write a story. He even visits Frank. There is no evidence however to support Lucas. He just looks like a crazy person. Janine visits Lucas in prison but the FBI has threatened her too. 

Seth Grayson arrives on the scene. He visits the widow of the doctor that performed Claire's abortion and gets his journals. He then goes to the Underwoods and says he wants to work for them. In exchange he wants Conner Ellis out. What does Seth have against Conner? And it turns out Seth is really working for Remy (who is trying to get the dirt on Frank/Claire for Raymond). 

Raymond has been funneled campaign money through a casino owner (Dan Lanigan) for a number of years. Basically he has stacked the Congress. He is now supporting the Republicans instead of the Democrats. Those political attack ads were fun. 

Doug is in love with Rachel Posner (who is currently hiding in Baltimore). Remy and Jackie (the Majority Whip) are having an affair. Claire is driving a wedge between Mr and Mrs Walker. She tells Tricia she doesnt trust Christine (because she had an affair with Peter Russo who was her boss). Tricia wants Garrett to fire Christine. Some of the Walker's marital troubles become evident at a dinner party. 

Frank visits a reenactment of a Civil War battle in which is great grandfather was killed. He refers to the war as "The War of Northern Aggression". He secretly meets with Mr Feng there. Frank and Claire are often seen jogging. I wonder if this will play a more central role in the future. Jogging alone is a very high security risk.  
Favorite Quotes:

  • Ashley asks Claire if she terminated the pregnancy. After a long pause Claire says “If I said yes, my husband’s career would be in jeopardy. My faith would be questioned, my life would be threatened. But I won’t feel ashamed. Yes, I was pregnant and yes, I had an abortion.” Robin Wright is one hell of an actress. That was a very powerful scene. 
  • "Shake with your right hand but hold a rock in your left."-Frank
  • "Why not just ask me when I decided to stop strangling peoples pets."- Frank to Hammerschmidt. Incidentally Frank did kill someone's pet in season 1. 
  • "Presidents who obsess over history obsess about their place in it instead of forging it"- Frank to Garrett. 
  • "The White House is finite. Your marriage is for life"- Claire to Tricia. 
  • "Any pugilist worth his salt knows when someone is on the ropes, that's why you throw a combination to the gut and a left hook to the jaw"- Frank. 
  • "You may have all the money Raymond but I have all the men with guns"- Frank to Raymond. 
  • "Do you know how Grant defeated Lee? He had more men. That's all. And he was willing to let them die. It was butchery, not strategy which won the war. I have the federal government of the United States of America. Your money doesnt intimidate me"- Frank to Mr Feng. 

Grade: 4 Monsters (out of 5). So far I'm liking season 2 even more than season 1. I just hope I meet anyone in real life like the Underwoods (or I will run screaming in the opposite direction). There are 6 more episodes to go. Each season has 13 episodes total. 

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