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Lost Girl Episode 6 Recap: Death By Opera

We have entered yet another alternate reality on tonight's episode of "Lost Girl" (which was entitled of "All The Gin Joints"). Lauren is busy packing boxes when Evony shows up with pizza and beer (which we all know is shorthand for "let's have sex"). She gives Lauren a bunch of old journals from Einstein, Marie Curie, etc. She insulates they were all Fae. Just as we had always suspected, everyone of any importance in the world is either 1. Fae or 2. Alien. 

There is talk of human experimentation, blah, blah, blah. Evony gives Lauren the keys to the Dark Fae Medical Facility. What is Evony REALLY up to? Lauren says she doesnt trust her... and neither do I.  Before she leaves, Lauren kisses Evony. That girl has got some moves. Lauren/Karen later pulls tape off her lip and puts it in a petri dish. Is she gathering Evony's DNA? If so, for what purpose? Cause I know a better way to do that. 

In the second story line (yes, I know this is really the FIRST story line but I like the Lauren/Evony one better) Yanka is a Russian opera singing bird Fae. Her songs evoke memories (and sometimes kill people). That must be rough on ticket sales. Yanka is being held captive by some rich dude named Bamber. She says Bo told her to come to the Dal but Bo has no memory of where they met. Another guy (Marcus) shows up and tries to activate her necklace to blow everyone up but that doesnt work. Yanka wants her freedom since someone is always try to own her-- you know bird in a gilded cage and all that. Yanka sings a death song and kills Marcus (and almost everyone else). Then she dies in Bo's arms. I thought the actress who plays Yanka looked familiar. She is Freddie on "Hannibal"-- Lara Jean Chorostecki. 

And the long awaited smooch between Kenzi and Hale finally happens. A little jealousy works wonders (the bird and Hale have a past). And I hope Hale's bleeding from the ears is not permanent. 

In the final scene, Yanka leaves something for Bo. Is it an amulet? She remembers an upsetting memory but we dont know what it is. Dyson and Bo get naked and knock boots. Bo wont look at him. Is she supposed to kill him? We've already seen about all the craziness possible on this show... or have we? And just then, the Una Mens show up. People (err Fae), didn't you see the tie on the door knob? That means stay out. They say they didnt come for Bo. This time they've after Dyson. He goes all creepy face. The Una Mens go all creepy face back. Looks like there will be a stareoff next week. 

Favorite quotes and observations:
  • "Doctor's Log star date 4365.3- sitting on couch with Evony, AKA the Morrigan, who seems suspiciously human"- Lauren/Karen.
  • “Weird this doesn’t smell like koolaid”- Kenzi about Evony's beer and Lauren being wooed over to the Dark side. 
  • "To the beginning of a beautiful... something"- Evony to Lauren after she kisses her. 
  • "To it... beginning"- Lauren. OK but we dont know what "it" is. 

Grade: 3 1/2 Monsters (out of 5). Not my most favorite but something has to be a filler. There are seven episodes left in this season. 

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Lost Girl Episode 6 Recap: Death By Opera Reviewed by GMonsterTV on 7:11 AM Rating: 5 We have entered yet another alternate reality on tonight's episode of "Lost Girl" (which was entitled of "All The Gi...

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