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House Of Cards Season 4 Episodes 9 Thru 13 Reviews: We Make The Terror (Season Finale)

The final episodes of season 4 are dedicated to the political maneuverings of Frank and Clare (who have resolved their marital differences) as the Democratic National Convention draws near. 

Frank's chief Republican rival Will Conway seems to have all the right moves. The Conways are young, beautiful, have cute children and lots of social media skills. They are using data from a search engine called Polly Hop to help them win the election. That part was a bit boring. 

The Conways know Thomas Yates started a book about the Underwoods but it was never published. They want the dirt. Yates is no dummy and plays both parties against each other. He ends up back with the Underwoods (and has a "Frank approved" affair with Claire). How long before she chews Tom up and spits him out? On a side note, the breakfast scene with Frank, Tom and Claire was super fun. Frank doesnt find it awkward in the least.

Tom Hammerschmidt (who was Lucas Goodwin's boss at the Washington Herald) continues to investigate his claims. We know they're all true and that Frank killed Zoe to keep her quiet. Tom finds a pizza owner who IDs Meechum as being outside Zoe's apartment on numerous occasions. Tom also visits Janine (Zoe's old coworker) but she's a mess. She in no way wants to be involved--especially Zoe and Lucas are both dead. 

Frank biggest Democratic opponent US Solicitor General (Heather Dunbar) looks promising in the beginning but is down for the count. The Underwoods manage to connect her to would be assassin Lucas. Too bad. I really enjoyed her scenes. 

Frank pretends to back Security of State Cathy Durant for his VP (but is playing her all along). She doesnt go down without a fight but the Underwoods are just too good at this game. The scene where Frank threatens Cathy with a letter opener is excellent. I thought for a split second he was going to kill the Secretary of State in the Oval Office. I wouldnt put anything past Frank. Luckily Cathy survives but now fully grasps what Frank is capable of. Claire uses the tragedy of her mother's death for all it's worth (despite the fact Claire and Elizabeth hated each other). Claire is eventually nominated for Vice President. 

Frank's lapdog Doug continues to try to dig up dirt on Leeann Harvey. He doesnt want to share the Underwoods with anyone else. He tells Seth to find something or he's fired. Seth one ups him by telling Leeann about Doug. She confronts him saying there isnt any dirt to find. Meanwhile Doug's newest obsession is the wife of the guy that died because Frank was bumped up on the liver donor list. Does Doug genuinely care about Laura? I have no idea since the guy is such a creeper. 

Jackie and Remy take off together for parts unknown. The Underwoods had previously blackmailed them (by threatening to reveal their relationship). Will these two kids have one of the few happy endings in "House Of Cards"? I hope so.  

Freddy (the BBQ guy) makes another appearance. He's been working groundskeeping, maintenance, floral design and I'm not sure what all else at the White House. Frank still thinks they're best buds. Freddy tells him off. Yeah Freddy! I was hoping he would punch Frank in the face but I guess that's too much to ask. 

A hostage crisis develops. The Miller family is kidnapped by ICO (a thinly disguised ISIS) sympathizers. They want a terrorist (Yusuf Al Ahmadi) released from Guantanamo and they will only negotiate with Conway (much to Frank's chagrin). Claire has secret talks with Yusuf. She thinks she can broker an agreement and that Ahmadi is not a true zealot. But she's wrong. Conway's negotiations also start off well but he makes a tactical blunder. Will tells the kidnappers he regrets having killed people while in the military. You can bet the Underwoods will use that against him come election time. 

Frank meets privately with Hammerschmidt to talk him out of publishing the story. Tom doesnt buckle under pressure. He has done his homework by connecting the dots thanks to Remy, Jackie, Walker, Dunbar and countless others. All hell is about the break loose for the Underwoods. Given the gravity of the situation, Frank is immobilized with fear saying "I dont know how we will survive this story". This is one of the few times we've ever seen Frank deflated. 

Claire comes up with a plan. They will declare war on the terrorists to distract the American public. Frank coldly says "We dont submit to terror. We make the terror". As James Miller is beheaded via a live Internet feed (the wife and daughter were successfully freed), everyone grimaces at the brutality of what they're witnessing. That is everyone except the Underwoods. They are completely void of emotion as they both stare directly at the camera and into our souls. Claire has now broken the fourth wall along with Frank. And end scene. 

Any guesses as to what will happen next year? Will the Underwoods win the White House. Has Claire really forgiven Frank or is she playing a LONG game? Would she get elected VP only to knock her husband off later? Remember he nearly died of a gunshot wound this season. Given what we've seen before I wouldnt put anything past this ruthless couple. 

Favorite Quotes:

  • "I'm done trying to win our people's hearts. We can work with fear."- Claire
  • "We don't submit to terror. We make the terror."- Frank
  • When Hannah Conway asks Claire if she ever regrets not having children, Claire replies with "Do you ever regret having them?"
  • "I dont know how we'll ever survive this story."- Frank to Claire. 
  • "You're corrupt. You destroy everything in your path."- Hammerschmidt to Frank. 
  • "That's the first time you lied to me since you stopped lying to me."- Tom to Claire. 
  • "ICO will be destroyed. We are at war... Soldiers will die. Civilians will die. We will be confronted with the most horrific aspects of humanity but we will triumph."- Frank's speech to the American people

Grade: 4 1/2 Monsters (out of 5). A  great season overall. Some of plot lines were far fetched (like a husband/wife ticket) but who cares. Some were a bit boring (like the search engine, Doug's love life and Claire's talks with Yusef) but I dont care. The diabolical duo is still great fun to watch. This season focused more on Claire and her bid for power. I thought that we might sympathize with her after seeing more of her back story but not such luck. Claire and her mother Elizabeth are both as cold as ice. Also the beginning episodes were a little slow but after Frank is shot, the story moved into high gear. I can't wait to see what havoc the Underwoods wreak in season 5.  

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March 27, 2016

House Of Cards Season 4 Episodes 9 Thru 13 Reviews: We Make The Terror (Season Finale) Reviewed by GMonsterTV on 9:27 AM Rating: 5 The final episodes of season 4 are dedicated to the political maneuverings of Frank and Clare (who have resolved their marital differe...

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