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Once Upon A Time Season 5 Episodes 22-23 Reviews: Let's Bury Hell And Move On (Season Finale)

The two parter "Only You" and "The Untold Story" brings an end to the latest season of "Once Upon A Time." I must say I was disappointed in the story lines of both 5A and 5B. I only watch "OUAT" for two reasons: 1. Lana Parrilla and 2. SwanQueen. Both were in short supply recently. Plus how many memory wipes and trips between realms can we take? 

I had high hopes for the Underworld. Unfortunately it looked just like Storeybrooke except with a weird red filter. Hades (with his flaming blue hair) proved less than frightening. So was Hades (the place, not the god) actually purgatory? It wasnt Hell because that was downstairs. And what's up with his relationship with Zelena? Very strange. 

Cora was back again. I'm not sure why since her issues with Regina were already resolved. I wasnt into teenage Hercules whatsoever. I had hoped Hook would stay D-E-A-D (since he has zero chemistry with Emma IMHO). Instead he lives while Robin Hood saves Regina and dies. Boo!

Rumple is still up to his usual sneaky behavior. Belle is currently stuck in a box. Rumple has promised their unborn baby to Hades. Well, that cant be good. I enjoyed seeing a few of the old characters return such as Cruella, Peter Pan, Mulan and the Blind Witch. I could have done without the Enchanted Forest/Camelot folk though (Arthur, Merida, Violet, and the Merry Men). They never really struck a cord with me.   

The good news is Regina and Zelena make up (at least for a while). Zelena's baby is now named Robin (after her father). Nice touch. On a related note, it's rough being a child on "OUAT". Baby Neal has been abandoned while his parents Charming and Snow go on umpteen adventures. After Robin's death, his son Roland gets sent back to Sherwood Forest to live with the Merry Men. I shudder to think what Zelena will do with Baby Robin. 

Red (ie Little Red Riding Hood) and Dorothy from "The Wizard Of Oz" become a couple when Red wakes up Dot from Zelena's spell with "true love's kiss".  Many SwanQueen shippers saw this as a poor substitute for our favorite (albeit imaginary) couple. I'm still glad ABC was brave enough to go there though. If the comments are any indication, they faced lots of backlash from angry conservatives.   

Henry temporarily traps the Storeybrooke characters in the Land Of Untold Stories because he doesnt believe in magic anymore. Sorry but I dont buy all those New Yorkers being moved by his speech and making wishes. Have you actually met any New Yorkers? They're not going for that. We are introduced to Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. I did enjoy Mr Hyde and hope to see more of him next year.  

Regina takes some serum (that Jekyll gave to Snow) and is separated from the Evil Queen. Regina pulls out EQ's heart and crushes it-- but the Queen pops up elsewhere. She vows to make Regina pay. This should be good. 

Favorite Quotes:

  • "Every time it looks like we can be happy, magic just comes in and wrecks it."- Henry. 
  • Emma: "My parents, Hook and your sister were pulled through some sort of portal." Regina: "Again?" My thoughts exactly. 
  • "When you're upset, we follow you to Hell. When I'm upset, I get a time out."- Regina to Emma. 
  • "The Evil Queen is in me always trying to get out."- Regina. 
  • Charming: "But you can fix it right?" Zelena: "But of course. Do you happen to have any duct tape?"
  • Emma: "We need a plan." Regina: "I have one. I still have a fist and Gold still has a nose."
  • "I like the darkness. It's as much a part of who I am as the light."- Rumple. 
  • "My first impulse is to rip his [Hook's} heart out because it's not fair that he survives and Robin doesnt but I didnt because now I know it's wrong."- Regina. I say do it anyway. It will make you feel better.  

Grade: 3 1/2 Monsters (out of 5). Season 5 was a letdown for me. Hades turned out to be a bust for the most part. Many of the plots and characters were rehashed. It's time to leave Hades in the past and move on to next season. I am excited about the introduction of Regina and the Evil Queen. Please don't let me down "OUAT".  

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May 29, 2016
Once Upon A Time Season 5 Episodes 22-23 Reviews: Let's Bury Hell And Move On (Season Finale) Reviewed by GMonsterTV on 8:02 PM Rating: 5 The two parter "Only You" and "The Untold Story" brings an end to the latest season of "Once Upon A Time."...

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