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12 Monkeys Season 2 Episodes 4-6 Reviews: Time Travel Makes My Head Hurt

In "Emergence" Ramse heads back to 1944 to try to help Cassie and Cole (who look like they were blown to smithereens when Tommy was "paradoxed" with a knife made out of his own sternum). We learn that the Witness is trying to destroy time itself by sending the Messengers back to kill all the Primaries with a bone from their future dead self). Tommy is for sure dead and Jennifer may be next. Apparently Jim Morrison was also a primary? Too funny. 

The female Messenger (Vivian) also survives the blast. On her deathbed she tells her son that he will "set things right". We do not see his face then but he later turns out to be the Pallid Man. Yep we guessed that one. The dude was wearing black suits at an early age. And let us not forget, Vivian gave birth the man who in the future would oversee her birth so she could later go back in time and give birth to him. Trippy stuff!  

The gang tells the FBI agent who helped them about time travel. He's the one that leaves the photo (and I assume rent) at the Emerson hotel for Cole/Cassie to later find it. Is he related to this story in some other way though? I'm suspicious of everyone on this show. 

In the future, after some hesitation, Jones with the help of Old Jennifer drinks hallucinogenic tea and begins to understand the true nature of time. I'm glad she gets it because I don't. This time travel stuff makes my head hurt.  

We see Olivia at the beginning of "Bodies of Water". The Witness tells her to find Cassie and "prepare her". In 2044 Cole meets an older Jennifer. That was a fun scene. Cassie heads back in time and finds Jennifer at the Emerson Hotel (of course) with her friend Stacy (who turns out to be an undercover Monkey). 

The sequence with Jennifer cruising around town to the intro music to the "Mary Tyler Moore Show" theme was great fun. She's trying to stay on track by taking her meds, avoiding stress and adopting a pet turtle (who apparently lives a long time too since we see him in the future). 

It's no secret that these two ladies dont particularly like each other. This should be interesting. Jennifer sees a strange chick everywhere. She looks like the girl from "The Ring". It turns out to be her mother (who tried to drown her in the tub). But we still dont know the woman's true identity. Is she someone we've already met. Cassie and Jennifer bond over both losing their mothers at an early age. 

Jennifer discovers the "Word of the Witness". It's a map with everyone's names and dates on it. It says she will die on September 23, 2044. Oh dear. At least that's a ways away. She also sees the name of another primary from 1975-- Kyle Slade. She had previously told Cassie about him.   

Olivia gives Cassie some psychotropic tea again and a nice bath. What is it with this weirdo and her baths? Luckily Jennifer rescues her but not before Cassie sees the face of who may be the witness. It's her old boyfriend Aaron (who Cole let burn to death in a fire). Say what? I'm confused. 

Anyway, Jennifer has had enough of Olivia's shenanigans and stabs her with a knife. We think she's dead... but nope. She must be a hard one to kill. The Pallid Man drinks the Red Forest tea and the Witness tells him it's his birthright to take over the mission from Olivia (so he does).  

In "Immortal" Cole and Ramse head to New York in 1975 to save Kyle from being killed by the Messengers. The only problem is Kyle's a serial killer. Oops. He says he's killing people who are Primaries so the Army cant sacrifice them. Always with the good intentions. He also "claims" to know who the Witness is. 

Cassie (who is still in 2016 with Jennifer) continues having visions of Aaron. Aaron says destroying time is a good idea-- it defeats Death, people can be with their loved ones forever, etc. But this is not Aaron after all (and I assume its not Cole even though we get a flash of him). It's the Witness trying to get Cassie on his team. Why is Cassie so important? I still dont know. 

Ramse manages to hunt down Cole at Slater's place. Slater is obviously bonkers. There are body parts everywhere. He is painting Monkey pics in blood. The "Witness" he has imprisoned is actually the second Messenger. Ramse already killed the first one while rescuing Slater's latest intended victim (Victoria Mason). The police close in and blow the place up but tripping one of Slater's wires. Cole and Ramse dispose of him and the other Messenger. I thought they weren't supposed to kill the guy (Slater)? But whatever. The temporal storm in 2044 has been abated for a while longer. 

Cassie gets some R&R. When she awakens Jennifer has gone but left her a note. It reads "You still have plenty of fight left. You take yours to the future and I'll take mine to the streets. J.G."  But it doesnt look like things are going to be that easy for Cassie. The Witness appears and disappears in a split second. We're sure it's him because Jennifer drew the same picture as a child. She and Cassie discussed it at her house. Cassie's eyes turns all black (just as the Witness's did). Uh oh. I shudder to think what this means. 

Favorite Quotes:

  • "Hey look, it's Time Jesus."- Deacon to Cole. 
  • "You have no idea how exhausting it is being crazy."- Jennifer. 
  • "You are a pain in the ass in any time period."- Cassie to Jennifer. 
  • "I'm the monster."- Jennifer about herself to Cassie. 
  • Jones: "Mr Cole and Dr Railly are lost in time. This anomaly is threatening to destroy us all. I dont have time to break on through to the other side with you." Jennifer: "Jim Morrison. Primary."
  • "Primaries are living breathing gears in times wristwatch."
  • "Strange things are afoot at the Circle K."- Jennifer. 
  • "He made it sound almost beautiful."- Cassie to Jennifer about what the Witness said. 
  • "You still have plenty of fight left. You take yours to the future and I'll take mine to the streets. J.G." 
  • "Someday the Atlas is going to shrug."- the Immortal. 
  • Olivia: "What do you want from me?" Witness: "Find Cassandra Railly. Prepare her." 
  • "If they sacrifice one more primary. Game over. Dogs and cats living together. Mass hysteria."- Jennifer to Cole. 
  • "I hate time travel."- Cassie. 
  • "This is what happens when you play God and you dont know your lines."- Jones. 
  • "Let him in. No beginning. No ending. No death."- Olivia to Cassie about the Witness.
  • "You know what the one difference between you and my mother is? I get to say goodbye to you."- Jennifer before killing Olivia.  
  • Pallid Man: "Trust me with the cycle. Put me in charge. I will make sure it's done." Witness: "Yes, it is your birthright." Pallid Man: "the Witness has spoken."
  • Ramse: "You're all leap, no look little brother. You're going to get yourself killed." Cole: "You're crazy about me, just admit it."
  • Cole: "I know that look." Ramse: "What look." Cole: "The look that says you're about to father another child and change the course of history." 

Grade: 4 3/4 Monsters (out of 5). Excellent! "12 Monkeys" remains one of the best shows on television. With these episodes we got a number of answers (as well as new questions). Stopping the plague was just the tip of the iceberg. Now we have to worry about the Army's plan to stop time itself (whatever that means). 

I love the episodes with Jennifer. She continues to be one of the best parts of this show. I'm glad Cassie's character has been allowed to mellow a little since the beginning of the season. Yes, she has reason to be angry but I dont like Mad Cassie.

"Immortal" felt a bit like a "Primary Of The Week" episode but I dont care. The show is otherwise stellar. 

I could do without the Deacon story line. It's kinda boring. Plus why would the guy hang around after Cole and Ramse left him to die? Does he have nowhere else to go? I will give him credit though. He's one tough SOB.  

What are you guesses as to who the Witness is? I think I've guessed every possible person on the show (Cole, Cassie, Sam, Jones, Dr Ecklund, etc) but I seriously have no idea. It could also be a father/mother of one of our characters. 

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May 30, 2016
12 Monkeys Season 2 Episodes 4-6 Reviews: Time Travel Makes My Head Hurt Reviewed by GMonsterTV on 7:24 PM Rating: 5 In "Emergence" Ramse heads back to 1944 to try to help Cassie and Cole (who look like they were blown to smithereens when To...

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